My Beautiful Teacher – Chapter 262

Chapter 262: Brother Qin Chao

“Incidents?” Qin Chao’s eyebrows jumped quickly, “You’re talking about that time when I broke Liu Ye’s and his lackeys’ legs?”

“That’s not it!” Ai Xiaoxue said in her heart, “Is this guy acting dumb?” She continued, “Recently, many people residing around Guangyuan School had died in an inexplicable manner. By the time we discovered the deaths, their dead bodies had already turned into old corpses, as if they had died a very long time ago.”

“What?” Qin Chao was surprised at the information, “Such things have been happening during my absence from the school these days?!” Continue reading


My Beautiful Teacher – Chapter 261

Chapter 261: Come have some coffee

“I’m sorry, but Qin Chao doesn’t work here any more.” Inside the security guard cabin at the front gate of Guangyuan School, a black-faced man spoke sweetly to Ai Xiaoxue while twisting his thick waist. “He’s already done with us, so you’ve made this trip in vain.”

“He doesn’t work here?” Ai Xiaoxue smoothly ignored the way the security guard spoke, and her eyebrows wrinkled at the unexpected information. “Then, do you know where he works now?”

“How would I know?!” Said the man, rolling his bewitchingly charming eyes, “This guy has no conscience. He ran away without telling anything, and left us here worrying about him.” Continue reading

My Beautiful Teacher – Chapter 259

Chapter 259: Misty Cloud-netted Sleeve

At the moment, he was facing an unprecedented crisis.

Qin Chao didn’t expect that his attempt to save Hu Lili would lead to so many things. But he didn’t regret making the choice to protect her, as it was the only way to ensure that he would continue to see her around even in the future.

“She didn’t do anything wrong, and being a fox demon doesn’t justify killing her!” Continue reading

My Beautiful Teacher – Chapter 258 Wow, a Fairy!

Chapter 258: Wow, a Fairy!

Qin Chao had his reason to run over to this place after venturing out of his way to save Hu Lili right under the noses of the two disciples.

He wanted to find out how well he would fare against the two disciples with all the magical arts he had practiced so far.

Guiding Martial Sword technique would be a good choice for that purpose, but it would be meaningless to use here as his opponent was even more versed in it. Especially, the fourth move used by that Xu Renfeng was supplemented by flames, and had clearly displayed its formidable strength by repelling away his Rainbow Sword with slight effort. Continue reading

My Beautiful Teacher – Chapter 257 Sword Battle

Chapter 257: Sword Battle

“Why did he save me? Is he also from a Devil Sect?”

Hu Lili’s imagination was running wild trying to infer the truth of the situation.

“It’s quite unlikely for that to be the case. The six Devil Sects may seem like a united group but they never get along with each other, resulting in endless open and hidden conflicts. Each of them tries to expand the scope of its power, constantly scheming to swallow up the other. Only when those Upright Sects initiate an attack against them, will they temperorarily abandon their struggles and unite together to resist them.” Continue reading