My Beautiful Teacher – Chapter 275

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Chapter 275: Snake Demon and Shu Mountain

The person who had fallen out of the golden light area was none other than Qin Chao.

There was a trace of blood at the corner of his mouth, and his eyes had lost their luster for a brief moment.

Hu Ke promptly rushed over to him in order to check up on his injuries.

Su Ji was feeling especially flustered in her heart. She so wanted to be the female zombie to be able to stand by Qin Chao’s side without the slightest scruples.

But if she were to go to him right now, it not only wouldn’t help in any way, but instead would cause harm to him.

If people were to know that practitioners from the Upright side and Devil side wanted to be a couple, it would arouse their wrath and they’d kill Qin Chao straightaway without bothering about rules.

“*Coughing*, I’m all right…” Qin Chao was helped up to his feet by Hu Ke. He wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth as the unswerving luster returned to his eyes.

The golden light slowly dispersed, revealing the stately body of Fa Xiang.

His perfectly fine monk robe was a bit tattered here and there at the moment. Looking carefully, one could also find some bloodstains at the corner of his mouth.

Prajna Palm was indeed strong, but Diamond Palm had a a particular ability- returning damage.

Every time Fa Xiang struck at Qin Chao with his palm, Diamond Palm would cancel off forty percent power of his attack, and the remaining sixty percent attack damage would be shared equally -thirty percent each- by the both of them.

However, Qin Chao’s cultivation was a lot lower than his opponent, so in the end, he was sent flying by the latter’s palm strike.

But Fa Xiang wasn’t in a good condition, either. He had suffered the same extent of injuries as Qin Chao.

“Amitabha Buddha!” He may be injured internally at the moment, but Fa Xiang had plenty of true element; sufficient enough to run his Buddhist power. When he spoke aloud the name of Buddha, all the people felt their heart sober up and calm down.

Qin Chao felt startled in his heart, ‘This Fa Xiang is amazing. Despite his injuries, he still possesses so much lung power.’

“Benefactor really have some skills, worthy of this poor monk’s admiration.” Fa Xiang put his palms together to greet Qin Chao. “Song mountain’s Baotai Temple concede its defeat. I’ll have to ask other capable experts to come subdue this devil.”

He took two steps back while speaking, and returned beside Su Ji.

“Senior Brother, are those injuries serious?” Su Ji asked Fa Xiang but he remained silent.

‘Are those injuries serious?’ He felt agonized in his heart as he was very clear that her question wasn’t concerning the him but Qin Chao.

“Now that the person from Song mountain is done, I’ll be the next.”

Under the gazes of everyone present, Bai Jiaojiao turned into a white light and reached at the center of the place all of a sudden.

“You little demon don’t have any say in the matter with your humble cultivation of Foundation Construction.” Chen Yu just couldn’t get along with Bai Jiaojiao, and resultantly, she shouted holding her Dark Moon Sword.

“I’m representing Misty Peak, why can’t I participate in the battle?” Bai Jiaojiao glanced sideways at Chen Yu.

“What can you do with your lowly power? Be tactful and withdraw to the side. Your snake demon Senior Sister should be the one facing him.”

“Haha, little girl, look who is talking.” Bai Jiaojiao laughed in a lovely voice with a hand on her waist. She pointed her sword in the other other towards Chen Yu, “You don’t even seem to be at Foundation Construction. If you still have the nerve to come here, then what reason do you have to prevent me from participation?”

“Snake demon, don’t push your luck too hard!” Seeing Chen Yu on the verge of crying, her Senior Brother stepped forward as he coldly shouted while bringing his Crimson Sun Sword to the side.

Chen Qing didn’t say a thing and only looked on with cold eyes. Just a while ago she had used Heaven-chopping Sword, and forcefully unleashing and canceling the move had caused her to suffer significant injuries. The meridians in her body were on the brink of shattering, but fortunately, she could still employ her elemental aura to firmly protect them, preventing herself from directly becoming a disabled person.

But she couldn’t make use of her true element for a period of time, otherwise she would have a very tragic end.

After practicing cultivation method, the elemental aura in one’s body could be transformed to true element. It was only possible to use magical objects and magical arts by employing the true element. But Qin Chao had Innate Devil Body, and thus the true element he possessed was much more abundant compared to others. Coupled with the fact that he didn’t have to use his mind to circulate elemental aura in his body, as it was carried out automatically, the recovery rate of his true element was extremely fast.

He had a battle with Fa Xiang just a while ago but he had already recovered quite a bit by now.

“Miss Bai, then I’ll have to ask you to be my opponent.” Qin Chao knew that Hua Niang didn’t want to fight with him, and thus sent Bai Jiaojiao who desired to see the world plunged into chaos.

Moreover, as Bai Jiaojiao was also at Foundation Construction similar to him, and there wasn’t much difference in their cultivation level. But while being possessed by Netherwordly Poison-Spider it was pretty easy for him to deal with her.

In fact, Hua Niang also knew that despite them both at the same cultivation stage, Bai Jiaojiao’s strength was far inferior to Qin Chao’s.

However, she was afraid that if she were to fight with him and hold back her strength, people from other sects would eventually find out about it. On the other hand, if she were to go all out, she was also afraid of forcing the terrifying Rhodes to make his appearance.

These people from prestigious sects treated Qin Chao as a little devil, but actually they had no idea that he was a horrifying bomb that could go off at any time.

“No way!” But Chen Yu and Xu Renfeng were not in the mood to let Bai Jiaojiao fight Qin Chao. Especially, Xu Renfeng was quite adamant about it. His eyes moved in circles before he spoke loudly, “All the sects have sent their strongest representatives until now, so how could we allow a junior like her to deal with him? Don’t tell me that Misty Peak and the sinful devil practitioner have made a hidden deal?!”

Xu Renfeng recalled Misty Peak’s Cloud-net Sleeve shielding the evildoer when they were on the top of the building a few days ago.

“Enlightened Xu, do not make unfounded and malicious attacks upon us!” Hua Niang was startled, ‘As expected, it still caused trouble even if I sent Bai Jiaojiao.’

“Senior Sister, don’t bother with these rabid dogs!” Bai Jiaojiao said in an specially rude tone. She spoke to Hua Niang, “Even after getting defeated they still have the nerve to bark madly here.”

“Snake demon, taste my sword!” Chen Yu had never been cursed in such a manner. In Shu mountain, as she was Chen Qing’s niece, she was always pampered and indulged, spending her days like a young princess.

But now that she was cursed so harshly, it was naturally impossible for her to endure such behavior with that temper of hers.

She shouted in a delicate voice as she threw up the Dark Moon Sword in her hand.

“Go to hell, evil spirit! Sword Clones!”

The Dark Moon Sword floated in the air and turned into over ten sword images before they fell down towards Bai Jiaojiao.

“Bring it on!” A light flashed in her eyes as Bai Jiaojiao drew her silvery sword. ‘Although I don’t have any powerful offensive magical art, my master has given me this sword which possesses a fatally powerful magic.

‘Once I activate this magic, a disciple from Shu mountain would also get crippled even if they survived the attack!’

But then at this time, a familiar figure stood in front of her.

“Wall-esque Sealing!” A huge multicolored sleeve enlarged vertically, at once separating Bai Jiaojiao and Chen Yu from each other.

When the sword images fell on the multicolored sleeve, they didn’t even leave as much as a scratch; only a few white specks appeared on it.

It was Misty Cloud-net Sleeve, the unique skill of Misty Peak. It could attack as well defend, and was made specifically for female practitioners.

What’s more, Hua Niang had practiced this skill to the point of perfection. Even Chen Yu’s aunt couldn’t break through Hua Niang’s Cloud-net Sleeve, let alone Chen Yu whose cultivation level was several levels below hers.

Qin Chao was actually feeling a bit surprised in his hear. He believed that Hua Niang had only reached at Magical Power stage, but now it seemed that she was also at Nascent stage.

‘Did this snake demon achieve a breakthrough some time recently?’

“Even if you’re a disciple from Shu mountain, you shouldn’t talk nonsense and blacken the unblemished reputation of our Misty Peak.” Hua Niang spoke while retracting her big sleeves before bringing her hands behind her back. Her body emanated an immortal aura as she stood at the place.

“Since you’re denying my words, go fight with that devil!” Xu Renfeng was in no mood to back down. He said in an aggressive manner, “Otherwise, I would have no choice but to doubt that there’s something shady going on between you guys!”

“How ridiculous!” At this time, Qin Chao spoke in a cold voice, “Instead of stepping up to battle with me, you prestigious sects have begun a dogfight between yourselves. Xu Renfeng, you seem to like shouting a lot, so how about exchanging blows with me?”

While speaking, Qin Chao brandished his Evil Monarch Sword.

Xu Renfeng slightly trembled upon hearing his words.

“Hmph, evildoer, we Shu mountain have already battled with you once. We have no plans of obtaining any unfair advantage over you.” Xu Renfeng said with a very elegant demeanor. He said after taking two steps back, “Your next opponent will be from Misty Peak.”

“In that case, I’ll exchange a blow with this young master.”

Hua Niang felt helpless in her heart. She flung her sleeve as she was about to step ahead.

“Hold on right there!” At this moment, Xu Renfeng again interrupted her with his words.

“Fellow from Shu mountain, why do you keep on saying this and that?” Even Jiang Yifan couldn’t put up with his attitude. He reprimanded Xu Renfeng, “If you want, go up and fight in place of Misty Peak. I’ve been constantly hearing you shouting for a while now.”

“Enlightened Jiang, there’s things you are unaware of!” Hearing Jiang Yifan’s scolding, Xu Renfeng didn’t get angry and instead spoke in self I justification, “This Misty Peak representative want to use Cloud-net Sleeve to deal with the evildoer. Hmph, you believe we’re ignorant. The strongest magical art of Misty Peak is Five-Lightning Execution. If you really didn’t made any shady deal with him, why are you not using Five-Lightning Execution?”

Hua Jiang’s expression changed as she promptly explained, “Young master Xu must be joking, Hua Niang is a demon cultivator. Although it’s possible to use Five-Lightning Execution, what a demon cultivator fears the most is none other than Heavenly lightning. If Hua Niang uses Five-Lightning Execution, she might also suffer damage from that.”

“As someone from a prestigious sect, it’s unavoidable to sacrifice yourself in order to eradicate evil!” Xu Renfeng said holding his sword, “Don’t tell me you people from Misty Peak are nothing but cowards who are greedy for life and afraid of death?”

“You moron, why the heck are you speaking so much nonsense?!” Bai Jiaojiao by Hua Niang’s side couldn’t hold in her anger any longer, “You’re free to go ahead if you are prepared to sacrifice your life! We’ll give our Misty Peak’s quota to you! In my opinion, you’re the one greedy for life and afraid of death!”

“Humph!” Xu Renfeng was an intelligent person, there was no way he would throw away his life, “I’m not someone who would cling to life and fear death, I only want to examine whether you Misty Peak have some sort of shady relation with this devil!”

“Shady your sister!” Bai Jiaojiao rudely cursed.

“Little snake demon, you dare curse me, a Shu Mountain Sect disciple?!”

“So what? I’ll even curse your whole family! Your parents must have used poor quality contraception means to give birth to a moron like you!”

“Oh my goodness, you’re going too far now!” Disciples from Shu Mountain would get very few opportunities to come down the mountain, so it was their first time seeing someone curse in such a fashion. Bai Jiaojiao was able to learn this cursing style only after wandering in the city for a long time

If she wasn’t a girl, her cursing would have been even harsher.

Xu Renfeng wasn’t able to endure any further, and threw the sword in his hand into the sky. Soon after, the surface of the sword started burning with red and fiery flames.

“Streaming Fire Sword, exterminate this evildoer!”

Bai Jiaojiao was radiant with joy, ‘Nice, I was waiting for you to make the first move.’

Just when she was preparing to draw her sword, a slender white hand grasped her wrist and pushed it down, making her unable to unsheathe the sword once again.

“Gust!” While grasping Bai Jiaojiao’s wrist with one hand, Hua Niang used another to flick her sleeve.

A fierce wind blew ahead of her all of a sudden; it swept up Xu Renfeng’s sword before sending it back in the direction it came from.

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