My Beautiful Teacher – Chapter 277

Chapter 277: The Backstage Manipulator

Let’s talk about it again when I’m actually dead.” Qin Chao gave her a contemptuous look.

“People say that we demons are the ones that are are most devoid of  conscience, but in my opinion you’re even worse than us.” Rosy rolled her eyes disdainfully. “You better behave yourself, or you and your lover might end up dying at this place.”

Qin Chao’s brows shot up, “What do you mean?”

“Are you stupid?” Rosy said as she pointed to his head, “Have you forgotten to increase your intelligence along with your strength or what? Just think it for yourself. Ai Xiaoxue is an ordinary police officer, and a specially arrogant person to boot. Why would she be willing to act humbler and come seeking your help on this matter?”

“You mean… some other person guided her to do so?” Qin Chao wasn’t a fool either. He soon realized that there was something fishy going on.

“Hmph! Don’t you find it strange that why today, of all days, there’s so many people gathered on the school grounds? Could it be simply a coincidence?”

Rosy said with a cold tone as she looked at the cultivators below, “No ones know for sure when exactly the Zombie King is going to revive. And that Hu Ke, why would she also arrive here on this day, not sooner or later?”

“Rosy, don’t beat around the bush.” Qin Chao really disliked those who went around in circles, taking forever to get to the point.

“Who could it be other than…” Halfway through her words, Rosy’s beautiful eyelashes blinked for a moment, after which she said in a slightly flustered manner, “Oh no, that Daoist priest seemed to have discovered me. You’ll get your answer soon. It won’t be late to make the promise to sell your soul at that time!”

With that, her entire body turned into black smoke and split into several parts before disappearing into thin air.

On the other side, Drunk Daoist, Jiu Zhongdian glanced in Qin Chao’s direction. Although he still looked a bit tipsy, his eyes were gazing fixedly as if he could see Qin Chao floating high in the sky.

At this time, even Qin Chao didn’t know how to get back into his body and his Moon-soul could only wander around in the air. ‘That damn Rosy. Since she was the one who pulled my soul out of the body, how dare she forget to stuff this brother back into it?!”

Jiu Zhongdian waved the horsetail whisk in his other hand lightly to prevent others from noticing his action, “Dust to dust, earth to earth… oh lost soul, return to the place where you rightly belong…”
Suddenly, Qin Chao felt a very strong suction power pulling him towards his body.

Currently, his soul was moving downward little by little from a hundred meters up in the air. As his gaze swept over the entire school, he noticed a lot of black figures lying in ambush at the south-east corner of the grounds.

No different from what Rosy said, there was really someone pulling the string from behind the scenes!

“Hmph! Weren’t you behaving quite wildly a moment ago? Now look at you struck dead by the Heavenly Lightning!” Seeing the body of Qin Chao burnt black like coke, Xu Renfeng coldly remarked holding his sword. The corner of his mouth was raised up in a sneer.

“What are you acting proudly about?!” It didn’t matter to Bai Jiaojiao whether Qin Chao was alive or dead. Her Senior Sister was the only one she actually cared for. “It’s my elder sister who finished him off, so what reason do you have to be so excited? Could you be any more shameless.”

“Snake Demon, I see you have a death wish!” Killing intent erupted from Xu Renfeng’s eyes; Chen Yu by his side also drew her Dark Moon Sword. The pair of Brother and sister was dying to slay the Snake Demon to give vent to their anger.

“Enough. Both of you shut your mouths!” Chen Qing scolded them in a chilly voice causing the duo to stop in their tracks. For some unknown reason, she didn’t feel the least bit comfortable in her heart even after watching the evildoer struck dead by the lightning.

On the contrary, she felt as though she had lost something. ‘It maybe due to the fact that he didn’t die at my hands and I’m still unable to fully accept such an outcome.’

Su Ji bit so hard on her lip that blood trickled down from it.
Her eyes were red as she looked at each and everyone present at the place. She wanted to burn their faces in her mind, the people who forced Qin Chao to his death. The day she overcame the Lightning Tribulation and became a greatly powerful being, she would kill them all with her own hands in order to avenge Qin Chao!

‘Qin Chao, you rest at ease. I’ll head over to accompany you as soon as I’m done with taking revenge for you. If we can’t be cultivator companions in this world, then we’ll become a ghost couple in the hell!’

“Alright, now that the guy who stood up for you is dead, it’s about time to deal with you.” Xu Renfeng didn’t pay heed to Bai Jiaojiao any longer and instead turned around to look at Hu Ke who was standing dumbfounded in the place.

“As a being of the same kind, there’s no doubt you’ve come here to awaken the Zombie King. I, representing the Heavenly Law, will carry out the execution of the evil.” Xu Renfeng spoke striding forward.
But then at the next moment, a horsetail whisk appeared from the side blocking his way.

“Why’re the youngsters these days so impatient?” The crowd shifted their gazes to the source of the voice. It was Jiu Zhongdian who was apparently drunk a little while ago. He was holding a horse whisk in one hand, and a bottle-gourd wine in another as he said, “He isn’t died yet.”

“He isn’t dead?” Xu Renfeng loud aloud at his words. “Drunk Daoist, you’ve truly grown old for you to be unable to make out what’s right before your eyes.”

He pointed to the charred-black body of Qin Chao, “Take a look at him. How can anyone survive after personally experiencing the great might of Heavenly Lightning?! Besides, that guy is a lowly and sinful devil cultivator. He hasn’t even reached the Magical Power stage.”

“Indeed, that boy has clearly turned to coke!”

“Drunk Daoist has always been a crazy one. Now even his words have stopped making sense!”

“He is quite old after all, it’s nothing surprising for him to have gone senile.”

The people in the surroundings had begun to make various comments when a scene left all of them flabbergasted.

They saw the body which seemed identical to a big lump of coke starting to move all of a sudden.

As though breaking out of a cocoon, the black shell of coke was shattered to pieces by the person concealed inside.

Soon after, Qin Chao’s intact body walked out of it. Black flames flickered over his body, and his burnt and tattered clothes had recovered to their former undamaged state. He appeared fresh and new as if he had reborn.

His shining eyes were full of vigour, completely unlike someone who had been struck by lightning.

Qin Chao jerked his arms, releasing purple lightning from his body which afterward transformed into a floating dragon rushing above and soaring into the night sky.

The thunderbolt flashed through the dark night sky, evoking fear in everybody’s heart.

Qin Chao felt very relaxed after forcing out the lightning. Thousands of pores on his body have opened up and he was in a pretty comfortable state.

The internal injuries he had suffered had also healed in the blink of an eye.

“What’s going on here?!” With a frown, Qing Xiu looked at the evildoer who was still wearing a black-scaled mask. “Why do I feel that he has become even stronger than before?!”

“Hua Niang!” Xu Renfeng shouted grasping his sword, “You snake demon, didn’t you secretly help that evildoer increase his strength by such a big margin?!”

“What nonsense!” Bai Jiaojiao stepped forward and rudely yelled at him. “Stop with your slanderous accusations! My Senior Sister had executed the genuine Five-Lightning Execution technique. If you don’t believe it, how about having a taste of it yourself?!”

“Hmph! We’ll see about that. When I’m done slaying this evildoer, I’ll settle accounts with you snake demons.” Having finished his words, Xu Renfeng turned round to look at other people.

“It’s been proven truth in our previous investigation that the people from Misty Peak has colluded with Rakshasa Sect and turned traitors. After dealing with the matter of Zombie King, we, the followers of Shu Mountain Sect, will be going to Misty Peak to seek clarification from their Sect Head! Now, who’s going to come forth to put this evildoer in his place?!”

“Xu Renfeng, you believe you guys from Shu Mountain Sect are very intelligent?” Qin Chao sneered listening to his words. His voice could be heard quite clearly in the night time, “I’m afraid that you’re not informed enough related to the matter with the Zombie King.”

“Evildoer, what do you mean?” Xu Renfeng asked with a frown, apparently noticing Qin Chao was hinting at something given the choice of his words.

“You didn’t sense that we’ve been already surrounded by others?”
Qin Chao spoke before filling up his lungs with air and shouting, “My friends hiding in the shadows, how long are you planning to stay there?”

Qin Chao’s voice resounded throughout the grounds for a long time. But even after quite a while, no other sound could be heard except the rustling of the falling leaves.

“Evildoer, what kind of trick are you trying to pull here?” Unaware of the reason behind him shouting the words, Xu Renfeng thought that he was only trying to bluff his way out of the predicament.

“You still won’t come out…?” Looking at the patience shown by the ambushers, Qin Chao couldn’t help but smile coldly.

‘To covertly plan out everything so meticulously, could they be intending to capture all the Upright Sect followers at one fell swoop?’ Qin Chao didn’t stay idle as he guessed the reason behind the arrival of the other party.

Absorbing the lightning power had immensely raised his strength from Foundation Construction initial phase to last. He was just in need of an opportunity to stride past the threshold and reach Magical Power stage.

But it was very difficult to take this final step as one had to possess enough comprehension ability for successfully accomplishing the feat.

Once he entered the Magical Power realm, Qin Chao would have an even deeper understanding of the magical arts he had learned, thereby, increasing their powers to the levels of a Major Magical Power.

All he was using at present were Minor Magical Powers. The might of a Major Magical Power was a lot greater than that of another.

So long as one didn’t understand the Magical Power realm, they would forever remain ignorant of the true methods to use their magical arts.

Presently, Qin Chao was rightly forging ahead towards this realm.

“Since you’re not willing to come out on your own…” Qin Chao raised his left palm and thickly white flames popped up on it. “Then I’ll need to ask you nicely to have you do so.”

The next moment, the center of his palm brightened with white rays of light.

“Netherworld’s Devil Palm!”

Followed by Qin Chao’s cry, an enormous, black palm mark at once flew straight ahead as it struck the corner area.

“Boom!” The black palm mark smashed right into the abandoned buiding causing it to collapse with a loud rumble. Su Ji said inwardly, “We were in fact planning to tear them apart, but now that it has already been taken care of we also managed to save the expense for demolition.”

‘Qin Chao’s Netherwold’s Devil Palm is quite impressive for demolition work…’

The ground shook for a brief while, as everyone looked at the place where the building had collapsed.

They saw black figures jumping out one after another and appearing before them under the night sky.

All of them were dressed in black robes and looked pale, giving the impression of being zombies and evil spirits who had crawled out of the graveyard.

The air they were breathing was also very cold; every time they exhaled, their breaths would appear white in color.

Some experienced and knowledgeable cultivators immediately cried out in alarm. “It’s Yama Sect!”

“So it’s Yama Sect, those devil cultivators! Oh Heavens! Why would they make their appearance here?!”

“Darn! They must have come for the Zombie King!”

“Hmph! It’s just a sect of the devil cultivators who’re incapable to pose a threat to us yet. We don’t have anything to be afraid of!”

As the crowd was feeling apprehensive about the sudden appearance of outsiders, a black-robed man wearing a fanged ghost mask took a step forward.

“It’s good to see all you Daoists gathered here. This Great One has been awaiting you for a long time!”

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