My Beautiful Teacher – Chapter 271

Chapter 271: Untrustworthy

Mo Yangzi was a brilliant disciple of the Kunlun Sect which was divided into five pavilions- Intercalary Metal pavilion, Giant Wood pavilion, Sky Fire pavilion, Profound Earth pavilion, and Feeble Water pavilion.

The five pavilions were ranked according to the Arts of Five Ways, namely, metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. Mo Yangzi was a part of Sky Fire pavilion and had practiced a fire-attribute body strengthening method called “Sky Fire secret techniques”.

The two balls of red flames floating above his shoulders quickly split into a total of nine balls of flames and began to circle around him.

Mo Yangzi flicked his sleeve as he activated Sky Fire secret techniques. A small, golden-red seal flew out of the wide sleeve opening.

The small seal flew into the sky and began to expand after coming into contact with the wind. Soon, the small and inconspicuous seal turned into a enormously huge seal that bloated the whole sky.

There were many life-like images of swimming red dragons carved on the seal in such a manner that they seemed to be lying coiled on it.

Seeing Mo Yangzi throwing out the seal, some knowledgeable cultivators around him immediately let out cries of surprise.

“Admonishing Flames of Nine Dragons Seal!”

Admonishing Fire of Nine Dragons Seal was a famous magical weapon of Sky Fire pavilion’s elder. No one thought that he would give it to his beloved disciple.

Admonishing Flames of Nine Dragons seal was a sixth-tier magical object, which meant that ordinary cultivators were incapable to use it. Although Mo Yangzi was at the initial phase of Nascent Realm, it was still far from easy to him to properly control the seal.

The huge seal rotating in the sky gradually floated over to the place right above Qin Chao. At the same time, the nine balls of flames floating over Mo Yangzi at once drilled into the huge seal. The nine dragons carved on it promptly opened their eyes and began to hover over the seal as though they were brought to life.

Qin Chao winkled his brows as he felt a very fearful pressure.

Putting aside the fact that Mo Yangzi himself was two realms higher than him, the magical object alone carried a terrifying coercion. As such, Qin Chao couldn’t help feeling uneasiness in his heart.

“Be careful. Admonishing Fire of Nine Dragons seal is very strong. Once the nine dragons are brought to life, its might increase to an immeasurable extent.”

Hu Ke standing behind Qin Chao warned him. She had lived for quite a long time and was knowledgeable about many things.

“No worries, if he has got that seal, then I also have a defensive magical object!”

The difference between the practice level of the two was quite big, and Mo Yangzi had also chosen to boost his attack with the magical object. Qin Chao knew that it’d be nigh impossible to withstand Mo Yangzi’s move only relying on Diamond Body.

Therefore, he took out Yin-Yang Bell without any hesitation.

At the moment, Qin Chao was already a devil of Foundation Construction level. As a result, the realm of Yin-Yang Bell had risen a bit too and now it had become a third-tier magical object.

The black bell flew out before gradually turning into a large, jet-black bell; there was a pair of Yin-Yang fishes drawn on it.

The expressions of all the cultivators changed when they saw the bell.

“Yin-Yang Bell!”

“My god! I’m pretty sure that’s none other than Yin-Yang Bell!”

“It’s… the famous weapon used by Rhodes!”

Even if they haven’t seen it with their own eyes, the cultivators present at the place had heard about Yin-Yang Bell, a terrifying, defensive weapon, in the many legends of the Cultivation World.

Chen Qing smiled coldly as she tightened the grip on her sword.

“Humph! So you really are a surviving disciple of that old guy Rhodes. Just in case you luckily manage to live through the attack of the seal, I, Chen Qing will make sure to put an end to your life.”

“Chen Qing, you frigid woman! We’ll soon find out who kills who!” Qin Chao cursed as he got enraged after listening to her words.

The people in the surrounding had a changed expression on their faces.

“Who is Chen Qing?! The Icy Glistening Fairy who’s as beautiful has flower. Moreover, her temperament isn’t good enough to ignore such remarks. Any normal person would fawn on this strong, beautiful woman from Shu Mountain Sect. Just as expected of a follower of devil’s ways, he can surely shoot his mouth off.”

“You won’t be getting the chance to face her attack.” Mo Yangzi said in a cold voice as he activated his magical object.

The enormously huge seal in the sky shook for a moment and then the nine giant dragons covered in blazing flames flew out of the seal while letting out cries. They flew so fast toward Qin Chao as if competing with each other to see who gets to bite him first.

The hard, cemented ground got scorched when several of them grazed past the ground. It clearly displayed the frightening power of the flames around the body of the dragons.

Qin Chao also started to sweat. The dragons had yet to come in contact with his body, but the heat of their flames had begun to surround him.

Su Ji covered her mouth with her hand in astonishment, trying hard not to shout.

Mo Yangzi’s attack was incomparably strong. Su Ji could also feel the burning hot sensation even though she was standing afar. She was worried whether Qin Chao would be able to endure the attack confronting it head-on.

“Damn it. I should’ve given all of my defensive Buddhist beads to him. He might have survived through this time’s crisis by relying on such fraudulent means.”

Qin Chao turned around his head as if he felt Su Ji’s anxiousness and secretly winked at her.

Su Ji immediately felt relaxed in her heart upon seeing his wink.

They had an indescribable understanding between them.

Qin Chao winked at Su Ji to tell her not to worry about him as he was going to be all right.

“You bad guy, hold on as much as possible, okay? …If you couldn’t persevere till the end, I’ll run away with you even if I get expelled from the sect.”

Qin Chao activated Yin-Yang Bell. The huge black bell flew rapidly over to the place above him before the dragons could come near, covering him and Hu Ke within it.

They could still see the surroundings until just a moment ago with the help of the moonlight, but now both of them were completely enveloped in darkness.

The black bell was so thick that they could no longer hear the nine dragons roaring outside.

Qin Chao and Hu Ke were shut inside the bell where they could only hear the breathing sounds of each other.

“Bang, bang!” Something seems to be constantly striking at the huge bell.

“You are Rhodes’ inheritor?” Hu Ke’s beautiful eyes emitted an ineffable lustre in the darkness as she stared at Qin Chao.

“That’s right.” Qin Chao replied. He sized up the beautiful female zombie with his night vision, “I feel more curious about you. Since you’re a zombie, have you sucked others’ blood?”

“I didn’t choose to become a zombie.” Hu Ke had a playful expression in her eyes. “During those times when I was just a black corpse and a white corpse, I knew nothing at all and was only driven by my instincts. You tell me, did I suck others’ blood or not?”

“…” Qin Chao fell silent. He had no idea whether it was the right decision to save the female zombie.

“Why would a follower of devil’s ways be concerned about the lives of common people?” Hu Ke became curious. “I’ve never seen any other person as unlike a devil follower as you.”

“You’re also the first zombie I’ve seen, you know.” Qin Chao said. “I don’t know whether I should regret saving you.”

“You’ll find out for yourself.” Hu Ke let out a light laughter. “There’s just one thing I’ll tell you about me. I’m a surgeon and have saved much more people than I ever killed.”

Qin Chao was flabbergasted to discover that a zombie was helping the dying and healing the injured as a surgeon.

But soon after, he calmed down as he realized something. Wasn’t he, a devil follower, working as a security guard in a university?

Suddenly, the Yin-Yang Bell started to shake intensely. After making a series of buzzing sounds, it instantly turned into balls of black light before dispersing in the air.

The ability of the Yin-Yang Bell was limited at present due to the low cultivation level of Qin Chao. It was a bit too much to expect it to withstand the attack of such a powerful magical object in its current state.

However, it still managed to resist the attacks of the majority of dragons. There were only three fire-covered dragons left in the sky that were coming toward Qin Chao at a very fast speed.

Yin-Yang Bell had taken a significant amount of damage, rendering it impossible to summon it for a short while.

Qin Chao wrinkled his brows as he pushed Hu Ke away from him. Then, he prepared himself to use the power of Netherworld’s Poison-Spider.

He had to face one move of the representatives from the eight great sects. If he couldn’t even resist the attack of the first person, his situation would become completely hopeless.

Fortunately, his body was still possessed by Netherworld’s Poison-Spider which could let his cultivation level reach Magical Power stage for a short time. If that wasn’t the case, just using Yin-Yang Bell wouldn’t have been enough to block the attack of even one fire dragon.

“Go!” Qin Chao jerked his hands. Countless white spider threads flew out and quickly weaved a thick spider web before him.

The remaining three fire dragons collided with the spider web and rapidly burned it into ashes.

Soon, the energy of the two of them got fully exhausted. They disappeared in the air by the time they successfully burned a hole in the spider web to pass through.

But the last fire dragon still managed to pass through the opened hole without exhausting its energy and crashed onto Qin Chao’s body.

At the same time, densely white flames ignited over his body; it was Netherworld’s Yin fire. When the two flames with different natures collided against each other, they made crackling sounds of repulsion.

Simultaneously, Qin Chao began to channel the Diamond Sutra within his body in order to withstand the assault of the fire dragon.

Kunlun Sect’s fire-attribute magical arts had an incomparably strong offensive power.

Qin Chao felt his internal organs receiving some injuries when the fire dragon crashed onto him.

At the moment, his entire body was covered in golden-red flames.

“Humph!” Mo Yangzi snorted as he flicked his sleeve to retrieve Admonishing Fire of Nine Dragons seal floating in the air.

“The devil has already died. Ms. Chen need not take the trouble to finish him.”

“That’s his well-deserved end.” Chen Qing laughed lightly, but felt some displeasure by the outcome. She didn’t get to kill Qin Chao personally which didn’t sit well with her.

There were tear stains at the corners of Su Ji’s eyes. She was suffering an unspeakable pain in her heart.

“Did, did he really die from that attack?”

“Didn’t he tell me that he’ll be all right? Then how did things turn out this way?”

“Qin Chao, you bastard! I ask you to come out unscathed from that fire!”

“Female zombie, it’s your turn now.” As soon as Mo Yangzi finished his words, everyone’s gaze shifted to Hu Ke.

“He hasn’t died yet. Why’re you talking about dealing with me?” But Hu Ke smiled in response. “I think we should abide by the arrangement.”

“Don’t spout nonsense.” Xu Renfeng said. “That person is about to turn into ashes. How can he be alive after something like that? Evildoer, you better accept your punishment obediently!”

“Accept my punishment obediently?” Hu Ke couldn’t refrain from laughing out loud. “Do you take me for an idiot? Could it be that all the people from Shu Mountain are retarded like you?”

“Evil thing, you’re asking for death!” Xu Renfeng’s eyebrows jumped as he promptly took out his Crimson Sun Sword. The sword elongated and turned into a rainbow before flying toward Hu Ke’s head.

But suddenly, a black beast claw stretched out of the blazing red flames and grasped Crimson Sun Sword.

Soon after, a ridiculing voice drifted into the ears of everyone present.

“Sunce I’m still alive, why’re you preparing to attack Hu Ke? Don’t tell me the eight great sects are completely untrustworthy.”

“What?!” Mo Yangzi widened his eyes. People from other sects also let out cries of surprise one after another.

“This person hasn’t died yet? It was Sky Fire that Mo Yangzi used, you know?! Is there even something in this world that Sky Fire is unable to burn?”

On the contrary, Su Ji felt her heart calm down as she tried to hold in her tears of pleasant surprise.

“This guy’s really all right… He didn’t deceive me. He truly pulled off what he told me.”

“Why’re you still alive?” A hint of panic could be seen in Mo Yangzi’s pupils as he asked the strange man whose body was covered in flames.

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