My Beautiful Teacher – Chapter 274

Chapter 274: Conflict of the two Buddhas

When it made its appearance, the firmament and universe seemed to have experienced a jolt. Soon after, all the people were stupefied to suddenly see a shining gigantic sword falling down from the sky.

It was a hundred meters long; looking like a crashing Boeing 747 airliner as it fell towards Qin Chao while making a whistling sound.

“Heaven-chopping Sword!” Chen Qing finally cried out the name of the Ninth Move. The sky seemed to have split into two halves by the gigantic sword as it proceeded to chop at Qin Chao.

Qin Chao’s heart was beating crazily, ‘Is it even possible for me to block this move?’

‘Even if an expert of Nascent realm would be crippled even if they survived when facing this move; let alone me who’s only at Foundation Construction stage!’

The might of the gigantic sword was so powerful that even Rhodes would have a change in expression before it.

“Evildoer, let’s see if you can still escape from this incoming calamity!” Killing intent flashed in Chen Wing’s beautiful eyes. The corners of her mouth raised into a grim smile, as if taunting Qin Chao.

Qin Chao was certainly at a loss as to how to deal with this situation. He wasn’t some Saint (reference to: Saint Seiya) nor a cockroach. It was impossible for a ‘sudden rise from the pits of hell’ scenario to play out in his case.

He had no means to block the gigantic sword! If he couldn’t come up with some way to defend himself, he would really die at this place.

The Yin-Yang Bell and Diamond Sutra had yet to become powerful enough to withstand the sword.

Qin Chao had no choice but to change his location at a rapid pace. In the blink of an eye, he reached at the the top of an abandoned school building.

However, the sword continued to follow after him, and with a “bang” crashed into the building. Immediately, rubble flew in all directions as a very big hole opened in the previously good-looking building.

In the instant the gigantic sword came chopping at him, Qin Chao swiftly leapt away from the building and landed on the ground again.

“It’s no use dodging its attack.” Chen Qing smiled mockingly, “Heaven-chopping Sword will keep on chasing after you; it won’t return to its sheath till it takes you down.”

Won’t return to its sheath till it takes you down!

Qin Chao’s eyebrows shot up as he noticed something. Without any delay, he rushed forward in Chen Qing’s diection.

At this moment, Chen Qing was using her whole strength to arouse the true element in her, supplying energy to Heaven-chopping Sword. Both of her juniors at once jumped forward when they saw Qin Chao coming over to her.

“Get lost!” Regardless of the rule, Xu Renfeng and Chen Yu unleashed their Rainbow Swords at the same time, attempting to force him back.

Qin Chao flicked down the Crimson Sun Sword with his own, and then, slapped away Chen Yu’s Dark Moon Sword with his right hand strengthened with Diamond Palm.

When being possessed by Netherworld’s Poison-Spider, he had no need to fear the two Shu Mountain’s disciple of Foundation Construction stage.

“If I’m going to die, I’ll take you to hell along with me!” The two disciples looked on with a dumbstruck expression as Qin Chao suddenly reached out his hands and tightly held Chen Qing’s delicate body before rolling down on the ground.

As he held the soft and fragrant body in his arms, his nose inhaled the pleasant smell of Chen Qing’s body; it wasn’t as strong as Yuan Meng’s, but was also very alluring.

Chen Qing was a bit on the thin side; her body felt so soft as if she didn’t have any bones. If he could die together with such a beautiful woman, he wouldn’t feel lonely even in hell. Qin Chao thought of it as a very good idea, but there was no way the party would be willing to go along with his wish.

“Evildoer, let go of me!” Chen Qing shouted in a lovely voice. Her heart was beating wildly on suddenly being held tightly by Qin Chao.

The Icy Glistening Fairy had a high cultivation level and a bad temper. In Shu Mountain Sect, there wasn’t even one person who would dare to act even a bit wantonly with her. Moreover, Chen Qing held an unspeakable disgust towards men; there were so many of them who wanted to pursue her in order to become Cultivation Companions with her, but were all defeated by her sword.

And now, a man was actually holding her in her arms; his strong manly smell affected her mind, causing her to feel shame as well as anger.

Feeling her rage, the gigantic Heaven-chopping Sword also issued a series of dragon roars as it came chopping at the two on the ground.

“Come on! We’re going to die together!” Qin Chao laughed loudly without the least bit of fear. ‘So what if I die? At worst, this Bro just have to rush inside the city of Pure Land, get rid of that damn mindless Rakshasa King, and then I’ll become a free and unfettered Great Ghost King!’

On the other hand, Chen Qing was scared stiff by Qin Chao’s fearless attitude.

‘This man is truly not afraid of death!’

But Chen Qing didn’t want to die along with such a sinful devil practitioner. She still wanted to do a lot of things, and also wanted to achieve Golden Body, overcome tribulation, and Ascend- becoming an immortal.

‘I, Chen Qing, want to be the strongest expert of Shu Mountain Sect; so how can I allow a little devil practitioner like you drag me down with you?!’

After collecting her thoughts, Chen Qing grit her silvery teeth. The Heaven-chopping Sword was about to fell down on the two of them when it abruptly came to a stop.

“Bang!” Instantly, the Heaven-chopping Sword transformed into a light illuminating the whole sky; similar to a brilliant firework going off in the sky, making it appear quite beautiful and dazzling.

The people on the ground were all dumbfounded.

‘Even Shu Mountain’s Icy Glistening Fairy lost to him?’

‘Good Heavens! This man is such a godly devil! He dares to do anything he wants! At the time of imminent peril, he didn’t hesitate to even tightly hold onto Chen Qing!’

Jiu Zhongdian was also one of those who couldn’t help but admire Qin Chao’s judgment ability. ‘On the verge of death, he was able to make out that his sole opportunity to live through the crisis was to be present beside Chen Qing. If this man were to grow up, he would become a fearful existence…’

“You won!” Since Chen Qing had forcefully mobilized the Heaven-chopping Sword as she was yet unable to use it with her own power, she had suffered internal injury around her abdomen. She endured the pain while chiding Qin Chao in a chilly voice, “Why have you still not let go of me?”

“Release my Martial Aunt!” Xu Renfeng seemed to have gone crazy as he rushed forward holding his sword covered in raging flames.

It was Streaming Fire Sword, the strongest move Xu Renfeng could execute at present. Apparently, he wanted to exert his utmost strength to deal with Qin Chao

“Evil Monarch’s Waning Moon Slash!” Qin Chao didn’t even turn over his head as he brandished his sword to release a black crescent moon, which split open the ground on its way while drawing near Xu Renfeng at an extremely fast speed.

A deep ditch formed on the ground by the crescent moon; Xu Renfeng also had a great change in expression watching it getting closer and closer to him.

He promptly dispersed the flames on his sword before placing it vertically in front of him. A golden sword image flew out of the sword to withstand the attack.

When the crescent moon struck on the sword, cracks ran across the entire defensive circle formed around Xu Renfeng; it was only after that did the moon change its course and flew into the sky.

‘So, so strong…’

Xu Renfeng was left stunned as he held onto his sword, ‘It has been no more than a few days time since we had a battle last time, so how did this man become so powerful all of a sudden?’

‘Last time, he was only strong enough to defeat me after much difficulty.’

“Seems like we lost the opportunity to go together to hell.” Qin Chao said appearing a bit regretful. Then, he reluctantly released Chen Qing’s delicate body.

Chen Qing gave him a chilly glare before turning around. The moment she turned around blood trickled down from the corners of her mouth.

Heaven-chopping Sword was very powerful, but she was still not at the level where she could display such superb techniques. Her internal injury was no light and she needed to recuperate for quite a while to recover from it.

“Shu Mountain Sect was also defeated, who will be the next?!”

With the Evil Monarch’s Sword in his hand, Qin Chao stood at the place like an invincible War God.

After seizing four victories in a row, his momentum was getting stronger. Unexpectedly, no one dared to look him in the face for a moment.

“Amitabha Buddha, in that case allow this poor monk be the fifth opponent.”

Everyone look over to the direction of the voice. It was Fa Xiang who had stepped out to participate in the next battle. He stood before Qin Chao like a Golden-bodied Arhat (=a “perfected person”).

” Benefactor, do you dare to face this poor monk’s move?”

Su Ji felt nervous in her heart. She was planning to be the next opponent and didn’t expect her Senior Brother to be a step ahead of her.

‘He still wants to battle with Qin Chao?’

‘My Senior Brother is at Nascent realm while Qin Chao has only cultivated up to Foundation Construction.’

‘Although he’s making progress at a lightning fast speed and will very likely surpass my Senior Brother in next two years, he isn’t strong enough to face him at present!’

“Hahaha, of course, I dare!” Qin Chao felt tranquility in his heart looking at Fa Xiang on the other side.

No matter what, he couldn’t forget his ties with the Buddhist sect. Even though Fa Xiang had always wanted to kill him, he harbored no grudge against this monk.

Because Fa Xiang’s purpose behind that was to protect Su Ji, not to make her forcefully become his own possession.

Despite being a devil practitioner, Qin Chao could still tell apart right from wrong.

“Alright, I won’t hold back my strength then.” Fa Xiang spoke in a calm manner as he continuously moved his fingers to make Buddha-seals.

Aryacalantha seal, Outer Lion seal… There was still one that Qin Chao was unfamiliar with- Vajrayana Great Hand seal. Fa Xiang regulated his power to the strongest state before executing his move.

His cultivation had already reached the standard of Nascent realm’s initial phase. Now after supplementing his power with the magical seals, his strength increased by a decent margin.

“Since you’re from a Buddhist sect, I’ll use Buddhist arts to battle with you.” Looking at the great rise in Fa Xiang’s magical power Qin Chao didn’t show any fear, and instead was overflowing with heroism.

He stretched his right palm as it glowed with golden radiance.

It was Diamond Palm- the number one defensive magic technique. Qin Chao’s boldness came from this superb skill, which he thought of relying on to face Fa Xiang’s attack.

“Good, as benefactor is using Diamond Palm, I’ll make use of Prajna (=great wisdom) Palm. Let this poor monk see how far you have practiced your Buddhist arts!”

Fa Xiang leaned his body forward while speaking, his monk robe fluttering in the wind with a “huuuhuuu” sound.

The two of them were standing tens of meter apart from each other, but Fa Xiang covered such a distance in the blink of an eye.

His palm emitted a golden light as he struck it towards Qin Chao.

Unwilling to be outdone, the golden light on Qin Chao’s palm became stronger by a bit. He let out a shout, his right palm meeting Fa Xiang’s.

The palms of the two people came in contact for a brief time.

Momentarily, golden light brightened the whole area.

It appeared as though a hydrogen bomb had detonated in the air. The grounds shook for a while and two golden shadows of Arhats suddenly appeared in the sky.

The two Arhats were a hundred meters tall; one looked dignified like Buddha while another malevolent. The two of them were also exchanging palms similar to the two on the ground.

The golden light covered the entire campus, causing everyone present to shut their eyes.

‘So strong Buddhist powers!’

Almost all of them thought of the same thing.

They were not surprised to see Fa Xiang having such a power, as he was a genius of the Buddhist sect who had practiced Buddhist arts from a young age and so it was natural for him to possess such a strong Buddhist power.

However, they couldn’t come to understand why a sinful devil practitioner possessed so powerful Buddhist power. ‘Could it be that devil practitioners these days are also trying to nurture a merciful heart?,’ they wondered to themselves.

‘Yeah right, as if that could be true!’

But no matter whether they believed it or not, the fact was there for everyone to see.

Even if the Arhat that had emerged behind Qin Chao had a malevolent appearance, it was still an Arhat without a doubt!

There were countless monks practicing in Song mountain’s Baotai Temple, but there were no more than a few who could practice to the extent to become capable in projecting a Golden-bodied Arhat from their bodies! One couldn’t just rely on their cultivation strength to accomplish this feat, it was essential to have Buddha’ nature, root, as well as predestined affinity with him.

Other people may not realize why a devil practitioner like Qin Chao could have a Golden-bodied Arhat, but Hu Ke was very clear about the reason behind it.

He was willing to sacrifice his own life to rescue her, whom he hadn’t even met before. This little bit of similarity with the nature of Buddha made him entirely worthy of being a living Arhat.

Then, when everyone was still in a panicked and confused state, the two huge Golden-bodied Arhats suddenly disappeared into thin air and the golden light filling the whole sky dissipated gradually.

A figure abruptly appeared from the area enveloped in golden light. It crashed headlong onto the ground like a football that had been kicked away with force.

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