Atelier Tanaka Volume 1 Illustrations

60 thoughts on “Atelier Tanaka Volume 1 Illustrations

    1. Robbini

      Tanaka probably won’t be without a girlfriend or more forever, we should learn from his example instead, even when things go awry.

      And if that doesn’t work, assassinate the one with the same role as Allen in secret.

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      1. I think your might be wrong, I’m afraid geek just keep encountering more and more unattainable women. I don’t want it to be true but it feels like the theme of the story at this point.


          1. Janus99

            Chapter 102??? Since the project is dead and that I really want to know the rest right now, could you please explain with more details what you mean?
            Will Sophia (or any other girl) be added to Allen harem with the MC ending up with nothing? Did they really have group sex or was there some fucked up reasons behind the sounds the mc heard? what about the princess?
            If you ever have this message, spoil me to your heart content, I won’t regret it don’t worry.


    2. mojo

      Meh, I think the only reason he has no girlfriend is not that he is ugly but that he is a menkui (面食い; it’s someone who judges a person by their looks rather than their personality or character. Which is ironic that he only cares about good looking woman yet complains that people judge him for his looks. It’s twice as pitiful is that he is smart enough to recognize all these hot babes personality flaws but doesn’t care. Personally I think you get what you give. If he sincerely liked and treated women on their personality rather than looks a woman out there would reciprocate. Maybe she would be gorgeous maybe plain looking, but if the goal was to have a significant relationship rather than just tap some hot ass, then that wouldn’t matter. In short, I think he deserves to be single and I have no sympathy for him. I’m single too, but I know my flaws and don’t bitch it’s everyone else’s fault when clearly it’s on me.

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  1. Rahman

    Well, as someone who has read the raw, I have a complex feeling for the series.
    It’s like the character attitude are very realistic and the author like to teasing the reader but because of the realistic attitude of every character, it’s kinda become tug-of-war for my feeling for the series.

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    1. Janus99

      Since the project seems dead, would you mind spoiling me about what you mean? I mean, about the relationship between the mc and the other characters, I have the feeling for example that Allen will have another pussy soon (the waitress) and that Ester will never be with him. I’m also curious about the princess and other characters, but I don’t understand Japanese….


  2. Most of the illustrations are great. The last one really is unnecessary…..
    My eyes my eyes!!!!!!!

    On a serious note.
    Take care bro….
    It’s really weird, I get out of the hospital and you fall ill.
    Wish you good health.


    1. I know xD

      Thanks man.
      Wasn’t feeling that well since early June but I have a chance to play Pokemon Go from bed now ^^;
      (really glad there are Pokestops very closeby without having to go out)


      1. High five! I’m back home. My arthritis started again with the change in the climate. Unfortunately all the pokespots need me to get out of the house. Iv also to wait till the pains and the swelling go down. Now I’ll be reading LN all day long. Happy but painful yes.

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      1. gG

        Thank you very much for considering it. The other series on your blog are on my back log so I haven’t gotten around to them yet, but I really appreciate the effort you put into this series! Are the files only available in AZW3 format? I had never tried using that format yet compared to epubs or pdfs so I do not know the difference.


        1. No worries. I might have figure out a way to do it now. I’ll replace all the images here this coming Saturday 🙂
          (hope I don’t forget. Will need to remind myself about this)

          Yes AZW3 is the format from Amazon so if I want it in any other format, I’ll need to convert it or rip the contents out.

          That image link you posted might be from the manga I guess. Haven’t check it out yet myself.


  3. Epic mistakes so far:
    1-didn’t tell the guard he lost his possessions got accused of suspicious.
    2-Not harbor any ill will for the lesbian that betrayed him and later even help her …facepalm*
    3-Staying in a town where he can get sentenced to death just by being suspicious.
    4-Buying a house so soon without knowing sh*t about this kingdom or if he will even stay .
    5-Kicked the ghost out of the house without listening to her or even thinking of using it ( could be a nice guarding dog, i mean ghost)
    6-Helping the girl by offending a noble with a huge pride, the girl got lucky she didn’t get ripped to pieces afterwards since he didn’t kill the noble. Yes guys like this are more dangerous alive.
    7-Going on a subjugation with a weak and lazy harem-maker.. seriously ? he could’ve said hes at least healer lev 3 and join a veteran party, i mean hes a middle aged man for f*ck sake.
    8-Joining a school for kids, come oooooooon! the noble is like a magic otaku, use him to learn everything about magic and even politics of the kingdom.
    9-Not leaving it to the noble to get mercenaries or people he knows for the dragon subjugation, if he wanted to kill those pig-party members he could just do so, no1 would care since this kingdom is a mess.
    10-Giving the harem-maker another girl ….facepalm *
    We can only conclude that hes doing this to himself, or rather the author is forcing us to believe that hes helping people at the cost of his own happiness. Hiding hes a healer that can even cure deceases is counter productive, since its his strongest point that could allow him to earn all the money he needs also idk if this is a plothole but cant he cure pretty much everything.. why not cure the princess instead of going dragon subjugation….i think we are only reading this serie cuz hes op and for the hope that someday he will shine despite being ugly.

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    1. 5. The ghost almost killed you, and you will talk to her?
      6. He is drunk and an idiot we know that.
      7. He knows no one else but you do have a point here.
      8. He only wants to learn Alchemy.
      9. He asked the magic noble, but it seems that he is also overconfident with himself and didn’t invite anyone else which is indeed pretty stupid.

      And finally did you really read the story?
      The illness is not a disease but a curse. Once you healed someone, they will indeed get better for a while but after that the backlash will be greater and they will die faster.


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