My Beautiful Teacher – Chapter 268

Chapter 268: Chen Qing displays her prowess

“Just a greenhorn of Foundation Construction stage.”

Hu Ke didn’t pay too much attention to this disciple from Shu Mountain Sect. Only those practitioners who had cultivated up to Magical Power level could be considered true experts, and although the disciple before her eyes was handsome and had a haughty attitude, he was clearly nowhere close to the level of an expert.

“Senior Brother, I’ll assist you!” Chen Yu also unsheathed her Dark Moon Sword as she took a step forward. At the same time, the sword in her hand flew into the air, preparing to launch the second move of the Guided Martial Sword technique.

Chen Yu had yet to learn Streaming Fire Sword, so Sword Clones was her strongest offensive move at present.

The two of them initiated their attacks together, quickly unleashing a vast momentum.

Over ten sword images rained down from the sky and blocked Hu Ke’s escape routes. Simultaneously, blazing flames flew toward her while making whistling sounds, as if wanting to burst her into pieces.

“Heaven and earth know no bounds, Universe’s law borrowing technique! Go!” Hu Ke still didn’t show any signs of panicking. She took out a charm once again and threw it before her.

However, the Charm Armor technique didn’t seem to have the same effect as before against these attacks as they managed to come into contact with her body. Especially, the sword carrying the flame triggered an explosion on her body, giving rise to raging flames.

“Humph! Let’s see how you survive this time.” Xu Renfeng sneered as he called back the Crimson Sun Sword and put it into the sheath.

“So powerful! As expected of a Shu Mountain Sect disciple!”

“It’s certainly a matter of prestige for a sect to have two young disciples capable of exterminating the evil for the good of others!”

“That Guiding Martial Sword technique is very powerful without a doubt!”

The two disciples felt elated listening to everyone’s praise.

But soon, all the people shut their mouth when the flames dispersed away.

It was because Hu Ke was still standing all safe and sound without any injury on her body, but a big tree at a nearby place behind her had completely burnt black. It looked as if someone chopped at it randomly until it got into that miserable state.

Just now in that instant, the charm shifted all the potential damage to her on that tree.

“Substitution technique…” Jiu Zhongdian drank some wine from the bottle gourd in his hand before clicking his tongue in astonishment. “Didn’t think that guy would teach her so many minor but practical magical techniques.”

“How, how come this is possible…?” Xu Renfeng widened his eyes in disbelief. He was a young expert of Shu Mountain Sect, full of high spirit and vigorousness. He had never suffered such a blow to his pride before.

He had already lost once against Qin Chao, but it was unthinkable to him that he wouldn’t be able to beat a zombie woman!

Chen Qing caught sight of the absentminded look on her martial nephew’s face.

Her expression changed for a bit. She stretched her finger and pressed it against the acupuncture point of his back.

“Feng’er, kill this evildoer will all your strength!”

Immediately, Xu Renfeng felt enormous amount of power gushing into the acupuncture point of his back for a short moment.

He at once stretched his finger and pointed it toward Hu Ke.

“Person and Sword Unification, overrun every fortification. Doubly Propelled Sword!”

A sword aura flew out of his finger and headed in Hu Ke’s direction at a very fast speed.

Hu Ke couldn’t help but panick this time as the charms were only effective against people that had lower realm than her. The charms will greatly lose their effect when facing an opponent of higher realm.

Both Substitution and Charm Armor techniques would be unable to ward off an attack of Nascent Realm level!

Xu Renfeng had a smile on his face. “That’s right. So long as I continue to practice and learn even more profound sword techniques, there’s nothing in the world I wouldn’t be able to do!”

But suddenly, a black figure rushed at him from his blind spot with its palm ready to hit at him.

At the moment, Xu Renfeng had put all his physical strength into this move, so he was unable to dodge in time.

Chen Qing standing behind him promptly raised her head to look in the direction of the figure.. She hurriedly prepared her palm to meet the attack from the densely white, jade-like palm.

“Bang!” A muffled sound rang out like that of a thunderclap inside a cave. Shu Mountain’s sword technique was invincible but their palm technique wasn’t anything special, and considering the fact that Chen Qing had no time to prepare for resisting the palm attack either, she was bound to be at a disadvantage. Her face immediately turned pale as she continuously took three steps backward to stabilize her body.

And because she separated from Xu Renfeng, the Doubly Propelled Sword move also got canceled.

The body of the attacker also flew back due to the force of impact, but they somersaulted in the air and safely landed on the ground.

When the person raised their head, Su Ji gasped and Fa Xiang silently recited Buddha’s name.

It was none other than Qin Chao!

Although he had hidden his face with black scales, Su Ji had seen him this way before. Even though other people didn’t know about him, Su Ji and Fa Xiang were well aware of his identity.

“Why is this guy here? Didn’t father make an arrangement with us that we aren’t allowed to meet for an year?!”

Tears welled up uncontrollably in Su Ji’s eyes at the sudden appearance of Qin Chao, the person she had been thinking about all this time.

Other cultivators beside her also let out surprised voices.

Who was Chen Qing? The third flower out of the seven, titled as the Icy Glistening Fairy. She was one of the strongest people in the Cultivation World, nearing the last phase of Nascent Realm.

For such a person to be forced back by the palm of an unknown masked man was enough to make his name popular in the Cultivation World for a while, no matter whether he was injured or not in the process.

“It’s you again…” Chen Qing felt her palm hurt a bit. Just now when her palm hit against his, she sensed thirty percent of her attack power transferred back to her.

Combined with the power of his own palm, Chen Qing almost failed to resist the attack.

“You people are really shameless to bully a young girl in large numbers.” Qin Chao knew that Hu Ke was a zombie, but he didn’t know about her age.

It definitely required a very long time for a black zombie to turn into white before reaching the level of a hopping zombie, and then lastly evolve into a flying one.

But it wasn’t like he could openly say something along the lines of – “You people are really shameless to bully a granny.”

The zombie beauty behind him looked completely unlike an old woman, so Qin Chao didn’t feel it right to say such contrasting words for her.

If she looked somewhat old and ugly, he might not have felt any issue with describing her as a granny. But quite contrarily, she was as beautiful as a flower.

“As an evildoer yourself you want to stand up for this zombie, correct?” Chen Qing said as she looked coldly at Qin Chao. “In that case, I’ll eliminate the two of you together.”

While speaking, she took out the sword on her back. Qin Chao felt slightly apprehensive when he saw her getting ready to fight.

“Wait a moment!” He at once stretched out his hand.

“If you want to leave some words before your death, make it quick.” Chen Qing said impatiently.

“I haven’t come here today to fight with you people.” He was speaking the truth as the objectives behind his arrival were to protect Su Ji and solve the issue occuring due to the cadaverous aura.

It was precisely because of the Zombie King that so many casualties had happened in such an inexplicable manner in the neighborhood close to the school.

He had boasted to Ai Xiaoxue before coming here that everything would be settled by today. “Damn it, even if there’s so many cultivators gathered here, I’ll complete my task no matter what.”

He would rather die than make a fool of himself in front of her.

However when he reached here, he discovered that a beauty was being attacked by people from Shu Mountain. Despite being told by Li Baishan that she was just a zombie, he couldn’t stop himself from getting involved in their fight to save her.

“She’s a zombie and I’m a Devil practitioner. Fundamentally, we’re of the same kind.

He couldn’t look on idly and let a person like her die in such a fashion. Furthermore, no sign of ferociousness had appeared on her face all this time.

He got the impression that she should be a kindhearted Devil practitioner.

Therefore, even though there were so many people from the Upright Sects present at the place, he still stood up for her without thinking much about the consequences. He didn’t even hesitate to directly exchange blows with Chen Qing even at the risk of suffering internal injuries due to it.

It was a fact that Chen Qing didn’t specialize in palm techniques, but she had quite a rich amount of elemental aura within her body. Upon receiving the blow from her palm, Qin Chao’s internal organs were thrown in disorder. A mouthful of blood surged forth up to his throat which he swallowed down with sheer willpower.

Hu Ke was a tad dumbfounded at the sudden appearance of the masked man, feeling stunned in her heart.

“Why would a human save a zombie like me?”

A figure surfaced in her mind all of a sudden. Back then the young Daoist had also stood up before her to block the sword of a woman.

“You think blabbering that nonsense would change anything?” Chen Qing said coldly holding her sword. “When you dared to appear here, you had already lost your chances of going back alive.”

“Hol, hold up!” Su Ji became flustered. As a fellow person from the Cultivation World, she had a very good understanding of Chen Qing’s strength.

“Even Senior Brother Fa Xiang would be no match for her, an expert that has reached Nascent Realm’s last phase.”

“Has Qin Chao gone mad? Does he have a death wish trying to go against someone with Chen Qing’s caliber?”

“My friend, I don’t know where you’ve come from, but I’d ask you not to interfere in our matter.”

Su Ji acted coldly as she spoke to Qin Chao.

“Humph! Isn’t Song Mountain Sect constituted of baldies? When did a nun appear among them?” Qin Chao also acted in a pretty realistic manner as he spoke to Su Ji with a disdainful attitude. “Today, I came here for a woman and now I have found her.”

“Ah! What a lecherous devil!”

“Just what you’d expect from a follower of devil’s ways, openly saying such words without any shame!”

Everyone started to shout out their criticism while pointing at Qin Chao.

On the contrary, Su Ji’s eyebrows jumped in surprise, “Am I the one he’s talking about?”

“But just from where did he get to know regarding the unusual situation of Guangyuan School?”

“It’s of no use wasting time to talk with a devil. Getting rid of him straightaway should be the only thing that needs to be done!” Chen Qing had gotten very impatient by now, and suddenly her sword flew up into the sky.

“Sword Clones!”

It at once transformed into several hundred sword images after reaching well high into the sky, blitzing the place where Qin Chao was located.

“Evil Monarch’s Waning Moon Slash!” Qin Chao chose to directly counter the attack. He unsheathed the Evil Monarch’s Sword and swung it horizontally toward the sword images.

A black crescent moon flew into the sky, smashing the sword images in its way. But there were simply too many of them and Qin Chao didn’t have the option to dodge them as he had to ensure the safety of the zombie woman behind him.

“You can fight without worrying about me, you know. I’ll be fine.” Hu Ke was a very wise woman. She could see that Qin Chao was concerned about her, so she let him know that she would be all right.

“This woman is really attentive.”

“Got it, then I’ll go all out I guess.” Qin Chao laughed loudly as the Evil Monarch’s Sword in his hand emitted an intense radiance.

“Sword Clones!” He let go of the Evil Monarch’s Sword in his hand. Immediately, tens of sword figures shot up toward the sky and collided with Chen Qing’s sword images.

His sword clones didn’t have the same strength as Chen Qing’s, but all the people around him couldn’t help change their expressions.

“Even a devil like him can use the Guided Martial Sword technique?!”

“How is it possible for an outsider to learn the most important and treasured skill of Shu Mountain Sect?!”

The faces of the three from Shu Mountain had changed expressions too. Although they knew about it beforehand, they felt quite infuriated seeing it once again. It was nothing short of a matter of dishonor seeing a devil use their treasured skill.

“Go die!” Chen Qing’s killing intent grew even denser as the thoughts of dishonor crossed her mind. While carrying her sword in one hand, she stretched two fingers of another hand as she rushed over to Qin Chao aiming right at his chest.

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