My Beautiful Teacher – Chapter 270

Chapter 270: One move per person

Let’s talk about the Netherworld’s secret methods before coming to the overpowering Diamond Sutra magical arts.

Back then in the past, Rhodes was able to defeat great and mighty experts of the world after practicing Netherworld’s secret methods to great success stage. He not only had the powerful Netherworldly Devil’s Palm at his disposal, but he also had the assistance of Netherworld’s Summoning Art whose potential was immeasurable.

Furthermore, his famous magical weapon, Yin-Yang Bell, was a defensive magical weapon, which helped him make up for the lack of defense.

He was a devil god who had almost become a nightmare of the Cultivation World. Carnage unfolded at every place he passed by.

The great sects were still in a better situation as Rhodes would only occasionally find trouble with them due to their large manpower.

It was actually the small sects that had to suffer tragically because of Rhodes as he would start a massacre whenever he would visit them; men were killed and women were raped.

In the end, Rhodes attracted so many people’s wrath that even the hermit expert of Song Mountain’s Baotai Temple, who was about to become a Buddha, had to leave the mountain to personally deal with the infamous devil god.

Baotai Temple was one of the Upright Sects that was looked down upon by other sects because it had no particularly strong offensive magical art. If it was not for the fact that the monks of Baotai Temple were at a very high cultivation level and it had a large number of disciples, it would have most probably lost its status and reduced to a second-rate sect.

The situation remained the same before the old monk of Baotai Temple made his public appearance. People naturally got astonished by his exceedingly great strength, but the entire Cultivation World felt even more shocked to see the effect of the Diamond Sutra which was no different from a cheat-like ability.

An individual could become very close to an immortal and indestructible existence after practicing it to the great success stage. During their battle, no matter how Rhodes attacked the old monk, it didn’t hurt him in the least and instead caused him internal injuries due to the rebounding shocks from his own attacks.

However, although the old monk remained undefeated, he didn’t have any powerful offensive magical art to break through Yin-Yang Bell and deal direct damage to Rhodes.

Eventually, Rhodes ran away miserably after getting severely injured from an attack of his own.

That was the characteristic of the Diamond Sutra, you could only deal damage to the opponent if they attacked you. It was only after practicing it to the third stage, called Swinging Diamond Axe, that you could freely hurt your opponent without any restriction, as the body of the practitioner would become incredibly sharp like a diamond.

Unfortunately, Rhodes had Yin-Yang bell which was a supreme defensive object. Even an extremely strong monk like him was unable to breach its protection cover.

The old monk used Diamond Palm to defend and Netherwordly Devil’s Palm, Rhodes’ own magical art, as an offensive means via damage-reversal. Therefore, Rhodes had no choice but to escape after getting significantly injured. Eventually, he fell into a trap laid down by people from the Upright Sects. A large number of them surrounded him and he lost his life fighting against them.

Anyone of the two palm techniques was so fatally tempting to the cultivators that they would go crazy to get their hands on it.

But right now the thing that terrified them the most was to see the same person using both of the palm techniques.

Everyone present at the place got nervous watching Qin Chao employing the two palm techniques to repel his enemies. It was only Su Ji who was inwardly relaxed after his battle with the Sun brothers. “Fortunately, this guy’s abnormally strong, but if he keeps on fighting with others he won’t be able to persevere for much longer despite his strength. I’ve got to think of a way to give him the opportunity to escape from here.”

“You do have some ability, huh.” Mo Yangzi, the arrogant follower of Kunlun Sect, couldn’t hold himself back from praising Qin Chao upon seeing his means. “I had to say a few words in praise after watching you defeat two experts of Magical Power’s last phase with the strength of your Foundation Construction Realm.”

While speaking, the atmosphere around him became chilly all of a sudden. He questioned Qin Chao in a cold voice.

“But I’m quite curious, where did you learn the Diamond Sutra from?”

“The Diamond Sutra?!”

“Did Mo Yangzi just say the Diamond Sutra?!”

“No way! How come this boy learned Netherworld’s secret methods as well as the Diamond Sutra?!”

All the people started discussions upon hearing Mo Yangzi’s words.

People from the prestigious Upright Sects also had a changed look on their faces.

It was simply too ridiculous to see a single person practicing the two unique arts.

Some ill-intentioned people began to formulate plans in their minds. If they could capture Qin Chao alive, it’d be possible to obtain the two unique arts.

Even an innocent would get into trouble because of his wealth!

Qin Chao was just a loatheable devil to the cultivators until just a while ago, but now he had become a desired existence and everyone wanted to take away with them.

“You’ve got a good eyesight.” Qin Chao said in admiration. “But what I’ve learned has got nothing to do with you.”

“It’s fine if you don’t want to tell us.” Mo Yangzi smiled coldly. “You’re going to die at my hands, after all.”

He took a step forward while speaking, and two balls of red flames rose above his shoulders at the same time.

“Wait, wait a moment!” Su Ji spoke out all of a sudden. Fa Xiang by her side sighed in his heart as he glanced at her.

“Young lady, do you have anything to say?” Mo Yangzi turned around his head to look at Su Ji.

She was a very beautiful woman and even someone as hard working as Mo Yangzi couldn’t help but be subdued by her beauty. Usually, he wouldn’t compete over taking down a mere devil follower in the presence of so many people from the Upright Sects.

But he had become a bit hot-blooded standing before a beauty like her and wanted to show-off his manliness.

“Who do you think I am? I, Mo Yangzi is an expert of Nascent Realm’s early phase. There’s no devil follower who won’t be shaking from head to foot after hearing my name.”

“Enlight, Enlightened Mo Yangzi.” Other people around him threw doubtful gazes at him. Su Ji promptly thought of an excuse, “It’d be a great blow to the honor of our Upright Sects to continue attacking him one after another. We’ll be mocked by devil followers if they found out that we took turns to fight this devil follower, effectively forcing him to struggle to death.”

“You have a point.” Mo Yangzi nodded his head.

“Miss Su Ji is absolutely right.” Hua Niang said as she walked out of the crowd. She had an extremely aloof demeanor but it significantly paled compared to Chen Qing’s.

However, there was one aspect where she had a clear advantage over Chen Qing, and that aspect was none other than her voluptuous figure.

In addition, as a snake turned human, the way she carried her body incited an even greater urge to violate her in comparison with Chen Qing.

Everyone’s gaze shifted to Hua Niang when she appeared in front of them.

“I mean, so many people attacking a single devil follower doesn’t sound good, after all. How about we come up with a way that would let him fully accept his death.”

Her voice was quite pleasant, as though she was playing some musical instrument when speaking.

People from some of the sects responded in agreement one after another as they praised her point of view.

“You must be the representative from Misty Peak, correct?” Chen Qing standing at a side spoke coldly. “Why haven’t I seen you before? How can a snake demon become a follower of Misty Peak?”

“Snake demon?” The followers of Shu Mountain Sect were very sensitive to demonic aura. Other people finally came to know about her true identity after listening to what Chen Qing said.

“Miss Chen Qing, there’s some things you’re unaware of.” Hua Niang didn’t mind Chen Qing’s satirization. She said with a faint smile, “This humble me is Hua Niang and this here’s my Junior Sister Bai Jiaojiao. We were originally followers of Immortal Dragon Religion which was under the authority of Misty Peak. Currently, Immoral Dragon Sect has been incorporated into Misty Peak, so now we’ve also become followers of Misty Peak. Also, there’s nothing strange about us being a part of an Upright Sect. This world has so many kinds of creatures that one can’t even begin to count them all. As long as a creature’s practice yields result, it can achieve the Dao and become an immortal just like any human.”

“Humph! A demonic thing will always be a demonic thing.” Chen Qing snorted. Upon listening to Hua Niang’s words, she immediately recalled how a person from Misty Peak used Cloud-netted Sleeve to block her path when she was preparing to chase after Qin Chao and helped him get out of the crisis.

Now that she found out that Hua Niang was a snake demon, she naturally doubted that it might be her who helped him the other day.

“Both of them fall under the same category of evil. They most probably cover for each other in times of need.”

“I completely agree with Miss Hua Niang.” (Author: Wow, it feels so awkward to make people address Hua Niang as ‘Miss’. I was thinking of having others call her as ‘Fairy Hua’, but eww, that sounded even more awkward.) Jiang Yifan, the expert from Hua Mountain who hadn’t said a word until now, finally spoke out his opinion. “Attacking a mere devil follower in such large numbers would be too discrediting to our reputations.”

“Jiang Yifan.” Chen Qing glanced at the attractive follower of Hua Mountain as she said, “I see that your promiscuousness is showing once again. You’re deliberately speaking in agreement to be in the good books of that snake demon.”

Despite having an outstanding appearance, Jiang Yifan was infamous for being a playboy. There was no one in the Cultivation World who wasn’t aware of it.

“Miss Chen, how come you reached to that conclusion?!”

“As if I need to say anything to prove my point. You’ve done so many glorious deeds in the past, after all.”

“Eh? Umm…”

Without waiting for Jiang Yifan’s reply, his one-track minded Junior Brother promptly spoke in his defense, “My Senior Brother has only spoken the truth. I myself feel that so many people attacking a single person can in no way be called a virtuous battle!”

“Then you people tell me how you want to go about it?” Chen Qing coldly asked as she tossed the question to the people who showed their agreement with her.

“Why don’t we decided upon a rule?!” Hua Niang’s eyes moved in a circle before she proposed, “We’ll send one representative each from the eight great sects to exchange three moves with this devil follower. If he can survive even after facing the attacks from all the selected representatives, we’ll consider him victorious.”

“No way! Allowing three moves would be too much!” Su Ji promptly shouted in surprise, drawing attention of all the people. She panicked in her heart but maintained a calm expression on her face. “A petty devil of Foundation Construction stage is not worth us Upright Sects using as much as three moves on him. One move would be enough to finish him off.”

“I wholly consent to Miss Su Ji’s proposal.” The more Mo Yangzi looked at this female follower from Song Mountain, the more he felt like losing control over himself. Unable to differentiate right from wrong, he spoke in approval of the proposition.

“‘One move per person’ definitely sounds quite fair.” Abbess Qing Xiu also nodded her head. “This poor Daoist needs but one sword move to put an end to this devil’s life.”

No one among the representatives from the eight great sects had cultivation level lower than the last phase of Magical Power, and as such, they were higher than Qin Chao by a realm.

Therefore, one move per person was also enough to take him down.

“But no matter what, the fact remains that Hua Niang and Su Ji tried their best to provide me a very good opportunity.”

Qin Chao felt pretty grateful to the two girls. “It’s Hua Niang’s exceptional intelligence and Su Ji’s ability to act according to circumstances that has brought about this favorable change in the situation. Without them I’d have ended up in a miserable state.”

“Devil guy, would you dare accept this challenge?” Mo Yangzi said coldly as his gaze shifted to Qin Chao.

“Of course, I dare.” Qin Chao laughed arrogantly. “Although I only have the strength of Foundation Construction Realm, I’d never fear hypocrites like you lot.”

“My friend, you don’t need to worry.” Said Hu Ke, standing behind Qin Chao. “Although I’m a mere woman, I’m willing to deal with the crafty methods of the eight great sects along with you.”

“Good. Since you dare accept the challenge, let’s go with this newly set rule.” While speaking, Mo Yangzi raised his right hand toward the sky and shouted, “I, Mo Yangzi, will abide by the arrangement. May Heavenly lightning descend upon me if I go against my words.”

Heavens would show their wrath to cultivators by striking them with lightning. It was such a terrifying thing that each and every cultivator was afraid of it.

Therefore, taking such an oath showed how sincere Mo Yangzi was with his agreement.

With him setting an example, Su Ji also took the oath. Then, Hua Niang, Bai Jiaojiao, and followers of other sects took the same oath, too.

In the end, Chen Qing had no choice but to take the oath too. “Humph! One move is already enough as I’ll be using my strongest sword technique. Let’s see how you hoodlum devil survive after my attack!”

“Alright! Then here I come!” Seeing everyone finish taking the oath, Mo Yangzi at once activated his magical art.

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