My Beautiful Teacher – Chapter 269

Chapter 269: The Enlightened One in Devil’s ways manifests his might

Chen Qing’s speed was extremely fast. She had almost instantly arrived before Qin Chao.

Everyone could only see her body flash before their eyes, and then the next moment, the Icy Glistening Fairy had appeared on the other side; her fingers targeting the masked man’s chest.

Shu Mountain’s Doubly Propelled Sword required the user to wrap every part of their body in sword aura and turn it sharp as sword. So long as the user of such a powerful unique skill could manage to hit the chest of the opponent, the former would certainly succeed in even piercing through the latter’s heart without facing any resistance.

People from other Upright Sects became excited to get the opportunity to see the unique skill of Shu Mountain Sect.

“Look out!” Hu Ke standing behind Qin Chao shouted in surprise. “My heart wouldn’t be able to feel at ease if he died trying to help me!”

“He can’t escape from death now!” Xu Renfeng watched the scene with a very pleased expression in his eyes, feeling he could finally get rid of the resentment in his heart. “This damn Qin Chao has constantly troubled my heart like a fiend since we met last time.”

“No matter how strange a devil practitioner you are, you’re bound to lose your life under the might of Guided Martial Sword technique!”

A cold smile appeared on Chen Qing’s face. She seemed to be fully confident that her attack would definitely yield the desired result.

However, the next scene stunned everyone watching the battle.

The air around them intensely fluctuated as if it was ripped apart, and then a black figure, moving at a speed faster than Chen Qing, appeared between her and Qin Chao in the blink of an eye.

At the same time, a pair of sharp iron claws slashed at Chen Qing.

“Clang!” She hastily pulled back her hand and spread her fingers in defense. A sharp and clear sound rang out as though a sword had collided against her hand, and the impact forced her a step backwards.

It was at this time that everyone got a clear look at the figure.

The black figure was actually a gigantic spider with its whole body covered in long and fine hair similar to that of a wolf. An ominous and lewd light was flashing in its eight eyes.

When Chen Qing retreated a step backward, the spider turned around in her direction and spit out spider threads from its lower abdomen toward Chen Qing, intending to cover her within them.

“Sword Clones!” Chen Qing’s expression became sullen as she figured that the threads were possibly covered in highly toxic poison. She promptly raised her hand to call out her sword.

Sword images gathered in front of her before raining down ceaselessly to sever the threads.

“Just what is this thing?!”

“Wow, such a huge spider! Does this masked man raise poisonous creatures?”

“Tsk, tsk, in my opinion, it’s a summoned creature.”

“Summoned? Then don’t tell me this guy is…”

Everyone present let out surprised voices in succession. In contrast, Drunk Daoist Jiu Zhongdian was unconcernedly drinking wine as he narrowed his eyes.

“Netherworld’s Summoning Art, the evil art of Rakshasa Sect, had once again appeared in the Cultivation World?”

“It seems like the long period of calm in the Cultivation World is going to be replaced by the state of unrest.”

“And here I thought that Shu Mountain’s Icy Glistening Fairy is a capable person.” Seeing Chen Qing forced back by Qin Chao’s means, Sun Tianye from Everlasting Clique spoke sarcastically with crossed arms. “It only took a move to make her retreat.”

“You dare to call yourself an expert of Shu Mountain Sect with such pitiful strength? How disgraceful.” Sun Tianmiao added.

“Cut the crap!” Chen Yu at once argued in support of her aunt. “It’s so obvious that my aunt was forced back due to that guy’s sneak attack. Are you strange-faced people from Everlasting Clique blind that you can’t even make it out for yourselves?!”

“Little girl, we dare you to say that again.” The Sun brothers most hated to hear people talk about their strange faces. When they heard her words, their expressions changed at the same time as they glared at Chen Yu with gloomy looks on their faces.

Upon feeling the killing intent of the two people, Xu Renfeng immediately unsheathed his sword and stood before his Junior Sister.

“Excuse me. My Junior Sister is still young and ignorant, so I ask the two seniors to pay no mind to what she said. I offer apologies on her behalf.”

“Senior Brother, why do we need to apologi…” Chen Yu widened her beautiful eyes as she tried to state her disagreement, but Chen Qing turned around her head and gave her a fierce glare to make her shut her mouth.

Chen Yu felt grievances to see even her own aunt criticizing her.

“Since you two feel that you’re stronger than me, I’d be glad to give the opportunity of eradicating this evil to you.”

Chen Qing snorted as she sheathed her sword.

Then she went back a few steps, leaving Qin Chao with the two Sun brothers at the place she battled just a while ago.

“Nice, let us Everlasting Clique grab this boy.” Sun Tianye laughed loudly. He bent his body forward and his both arms turned very thick and long as he charged forward to grab Qin Chao.

“Dragon’s Hold!”

Immediately, a nervous expression appeared in Qin Chao’s eyes as he watched the tall person approaching him.

“It’s once again an expert that has reached Magical Power’s last phase, and I’m just at the initial phase of Foundation Construction stage. There’s a world of difference between our realms.”

“That Sun Tianye seemed to have already figured out the difference between us, so he’s planning to rely on his rich elemental power to grab me alive.”

“But does he really think everything will work out according to his wish?”

“Netherworld’s Poison-Spider, finish him off!” Qin Chao urged on the gigantic spider in front of him. The creature swung its six legs towards Sun Tianye, giving rise to air fragments that rapidly approached him.

Sun Tianye felt scared in his heart looking at the air fragments, but he was an expert that had reached Magical Power’s last phase and it showed in his quick response. He twisted his body like a dragon floating in the sea rolling its body as he jumped through the space between the air fragments.

“Evil Monarch’s Waning Moon Slash!” Qin Chao was precisely waiting for this moment. He swung the Evil Monarch Sword right after Sun Tianye attempted the jump, releasing a black crescent moon in his direction.

Sun Tianye was still in midair and should have no means to change his position to dodge the attack, but he twisted his waist and his body instantly reached to a place several meters higher, successfully evading the fatal crescent moon.

‘Dragon King’s Three Jumps’ was a unique movement skill of Everlasting Clique. It could let a person constantly jump in the air without the need for any external thing by forcefully using the elemental aura in their body to pound against the surrounding air, which gave rise to an assistance force.

Although Cultivators could fly by controlling the wind, they need to do some preparations when only relying on their elemental aura to do so, without the help of any magical object. They had to at least mobilize the elemental aura in their bodies to a sufficient extent. It was similar to how the engines of an airplane were opened and its various gauges were adjusted before a take-off.

Unless one had become a great expert of Lightning Tribulation Phase, when flying would have become a natural instinct of the body, it was not possible to fly without any prior preparations.

That was the very reason Dragon King’s Three Jumps of Black&Great Everlasting Clique was deemed as an amazing skill.

“Even such a mystical movement skill exists, huh…” Qin Chao muttered to himself in surprise as he looked at the sky.

“Devil boy, eat my kick!” Sun Tianmiao who was still on the ground made his move all of a sudden.

At the same time, his legs became very thick like that of an elephant. But despite the thickness of the legs, his running speed was pretty fast and he reached before Qin Chao in the twinkling of an eye.

Soon after, he swung his leg thick as an elephant’s toward Qin Chao.

This move was none other than Elephant’s Trunk Fling that was used to kick Hu Ke just a while ago.

The taste of this kick was absolutely unbearable. Hu Ke’s body would have most likely exploded into smithereens if she didn’t have the body of a zombie.

Qin Chao was infuriated by his sudden interference when he had yet to conclude his battle with Sun Tianye. “Aren’t these two guys acting too unbecoming of someone from an Upright Sect?! They’re planning a pincer attack?”

As he expected, Sun Tianye made his move in the sky. His body dropped down rapidly as it fell like an artillery shell toward the ground, and he stretched out his hands to grab Qin Chao.

“Quickly dodge the attack from the sky!” Hu Ke immediately shouted to make him notice the attack, fearing that he was unaware of Sun Tianye’s move.

“Careful…” Su Ji couldn’t hold back from shouting too. Her face was dripping with cold sweat and her palms had gotten sweaty. “How would he be able to deal with the joint attack of two experts of Magical Power phase?!”

“Why didn’t this hateful guy abide by the arrangement? He shouldn’t have come running over to this place! I really want to find out the damn person who made him come here!”

“Damn it! Get lost, bastard!” A malevolent light flashed in Qin Chao’s eyes. The gigantic spider behind him turned into a black ball of fire before flowing into his body.

“Netherworld’s Summoning Art, Possession of Poison-Spider!”

The power inside his body was aroused to the limit, causing a great increase in his cultivation level which reached the Magical Power Realm in an instant.

However, this increase in realm was just an effect of the Possession art. He would return to being a little expert of the initial phase of Foundation Construction Realm after undoing the art.

But this temporary increase in strength was enough for Qin Chao to prevail in this battle.

“Die!” Qin Chao shouted as he thrust his palm ahead to meet Sun Tianmiao’s kick.

Densely white flames made his palm appear like a spotlessly white jade. He used the Netherworldly Devil’s Palm with his left hand which was a powerful offensive technique that gave the impression of several hundred million evil spirits of Netherword launching an attack together to hit on his opponent’s absurdly thick leg.

“Bang!” Sun Tianmiao let out a horrible shriek as his body flew backward at an extremely fast speed and crashed into a school building.

At once, a human-shaped hole opened on the wall of the building and debris scattered in all directions.

“Go away!” Sun Tianye had also landed on the ground by the time Qin Chao finished performing the palm attack. The latter didn’t show any signs of stopping and used his right palm to launch another attack toward him. Unlike the left hand, a golden light was flashing on his right hand.

It was Diamond Palm, the strongest defensive magical art. The most fearful thing about it wasn’t its defensive power but the ability to return the damage of the attack dealt by the opponent back to them.

Sun Tianye’s heart was overflowing with anger seeing the injured state of his younger brother. He abandoned the use of mild moves like Dragon’s Hold and instead decided to use Dragon’s Offense in order to kill Qin Chao.

But him switching to full-blown offense style was exactly what Qin Chao wanted.

His palm collided with Sun Tianye’s hands.

Green rays of light were entwined around Sun Tianye’s hand due to the effect of Dragon-Elephent cultivation method. Normally, Dragon’s Offense was mighty enough to blow up the enemy’s body and put them to death.

But Qin Chao not only had the physical protection bestowed by the Diamond Sutra, he had also used Diamond Palm which was a technique specifically made for defense.

Therefore, he only received enough damage to shake the insides of his stomach, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood.

Sun Tianye’s condition in the sky was even more miserable. His body flew away pathetically like a line-broken kite.

Many places on his body had ruptured because of the shock from exchanging blow with Qin Chao. His current state was the result of his own Dragon’s Offense technique.

“No way!”

“Look, both people from Everlasting Clique have been defeated!”

“Oh my god! Just who exactly is that boy?!”

“When did the devil practitioners become so strong?”

Everyone let out a surprised voice.

Drunk Daoist also wrinkled his brows. “Sun Tianmiao got beaten back because Netherworld’s Summoning is a very powerful art. And if I’m not seeing things, the move that defeated Sun Tianye seemed to be Song Mountain’s most treasured magical art, the Diamond Sutra!”

“Don’t tell me this follower of devil’s ways is a Buddhist-Devil Dual Cultivator I’ve heard about in legends?”

“That’d be too preposterous! How is something like this possible?!”

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