Din no Monshou

Volume 1
The hero is a Ronin who is undertaking an embarrassing job search when he is killed in an unfortunate accident. When he wakes up, he has been re-incarnated into a new world. “I’ll never live a lazy life again.” He tries to restart his new life with such determination. He is reborn as  a fallen noble. How on earth will he manage? This is the story of a young man and his partner’s struggles to save his home from downfall.

Associated Names
Crest of Din
Din no Monshou ~Mahoushi Regis no Tenseitan~

Author: Akamaki Taruto [赤巻たると]

Light Novel Illustrations
Volume 1     |     Volume 2     |    Volume 3
Volume 4     |     Volume 5

First Arc : Childhood period
Prologue to Chapter 9 (translated by Raising the Dead)
Chapter 10 – Duel
Chapter 11 – At the Imperial City
Chapter 12 – Edgar and Allan Poe
Chapter 13 – Vigilance
Chapter 14 – A Drunkard
Chapter 15 – Predicament  (Part A | Part B)
Chapter 16 – Shock and Determination
Chapter 17 – Strategy Meeting
Chapter 18 – Arena
Chapter 19 – Which is important? (Part A | Part B)
Chapter 20 – Conclusion
Chapter 21 – The Reunion of Two People  (Part A | Part B)

Second Arc: School Entry


10 thoughts on “Din no Monshou

  1. Wow this is an amazing one, I found out about it from the animesuki thread just today, and I’m glad I checked the forums. Can’t just rely on browsing through novelupdates to catch ’em all~

    Thanks for the great work. Do you translate by understanding Jap, or through MTL like Cyro?
    Decided to leave this here instead of RTD since I came in through this page at first.


    • Glad you enjoy it 🙂
      No worries. I do check the comments made here more frequently than RTD.

      I’m currently translating the series manually (reading, understanding, then rewriting them in English). Still in the process of learning.


    • Sorry for the late reply. It’s not dropped but I’m planning to concentrate on Netooku and Yuusha so both of them can have a more regular schedule. So I’ll still work on Din and release it whenever I’m done. There’s another translator helping me with Din at the moment when he’s free.


    • The next chapter’s the end of the arc. Not sure about the light novel since I had not taken a look yet.

      It’s actually prologue to chapter 9. Apologies if it looks confusing. I wasn’t the one who translated prologue to chapter 9 so I linked it back to the site that did them.


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