My Beautiful Teacher – Chapter 273

Chapter 273: Beautiful appearance and Killing intent

Qin Chao stood up before the incense stick could burn down to the halfway point.

A dense golden light flashed across his body, brightening the entire school grounds like a small sun.

Nine-Turns Mind Recovery pill certainly deserved to be called a sacred healing medicine. When its effect combined with the Diamond Sutra, not only did Qin Chao fully regained his depleted elemental aura, he even got stronger by a bit.

Devil practitioners like him had a better of chance at speeding up their cultivation progress if they experienced real battles instead of practicing alone.

Seeing the intense golden light, all the people reacted to it in different ways.

Qing Xiu frowned, ‘How can this man recover so quickly? Although he used my Nine-Turns Mind Recovery pill, it could only only recover fifty to sixty percent of his injuries at best.’

But now, not only did his injuries got all better, he seemed to have achieved a slight breakthrough in his realm.’

“Evildoer from Rakshasa Sect, I really can’t let you live!” Chen Qing smiled coldly, “Enlightened Jiang, if you don’t want to deal with him, I, Chen Qing, will undertake the task on your behalf.”

“Fairy Chen Qing, there’s no need to trouble yourself.” Jiang Yifan felt his hands itching. His gaze shifted to Qin Chao, “It seems you’ve almost recovered from your injuries. Come, draw your sword!”

He turned his hand over to unsheathe his long sword.

It was a long and thin double-edged sword, different from the heavy swords used by people from Shu Mountain Sect; with an even more elegant and flexible looking blade.

People from Hua Mountain Sect were also expert in using using swords, but their sword technique had some difference with Shu Mountain Sect’s.

Shu Mountain Sect’s technique emphasized on ‘using aura to control sword’, and practiced ‘sword aura’. On the other hand, Hua Mountain Sect’s technique employed the exact opposite style. They tempered the ‘sword blade’, and practiced with their emphasis on ‘using sword to control aura’.

Therefore, every sword of Hua Mountain was a superb weapon that had undergone countless tempering.

Once a Hua Mountain’s disciple began his practice, their sword will accompany them for the rest of the life until death.

And the sword Jiang Yifan carried had already accompanied him for a whole thirty years.

Talking about his attainment in the way of sword, he had reached the standard of ‘Person-Sword Unification’. So long as he had his sword, Jiang Yifan considered himself invincible under the Heavens.

“That’s a nice sword.” Qin Chao also drew his Evil Monarch’s Sword. The black-colored blade of the sword was quite inconspicuous in the dark of the night.

“This sword is called Clear Spring!” Jiang Yifan flicked the blade, making it issue a dragon roar. He leaned his body forward and then rapidly approached Qin Chao with light steps before brandishing his sword.

“A swing to chill the Nine Provinces!”

Sword images carrying chilling aura split in all directions. In the blink of an eye, the entire ground was filled with them.

Jiang Yifan truly didn’t hold back. Under the influence of his attack, a layer of frost started to cover the ground surface. Every place struck by the sword images began to freeze bit by bit.

Some of the sword images heading towards Qin Chao drifted away from their path, and nearly inflicted damage on the group of people standing to the side.

Fortunately, none of them was an ordinary person. They either took out some defensive magical item or used their magical arts to ward off the sword images as they secretly cursed Jiang Yifan as a retard for getting them involved in his fight.

“Evil Monarch’s Waning Moon Slash!” Looking at his opponent’s move, the power in Qin Chao’s body surged turbulently. He swung his sword, immediately releasing a blank crescent moon which rushed high into the sky and destroyed all the sword images falling down.

“It’s useless. This move, ‘a swing to chill the Nine Provinces’, generates sword aura in an unceasing manner. You don’t have the means to withstand my attack.” Jiang Yifan said as he laughed loudly, standing in the sky with an aloof temperament.

“That might not be true.” Qin Chao snorted at his words. Suddenly, the Evil Monarch’s Sword in his hand glimmered with a dense black light.

“Evil Monarch’s Waning Moon Slash!”

This time round, Qin Chao’s sword didn’t release a over three-meters big black crescent moon as before; instead, half-meter long small crescent moons, which extremely frail appearance, rush together into the sky and collided with the sword images up there.

‘Your Clear Spring Sword may be powerful, but my Evil Monarch’s Sword isn’t bad either!”

Holding his sword, Qin Chao gestured towards Jiang Yifan standing in the sky, conveying him with his hands ‘dude, you’re no good’.

“I didn’t think his sword technique could change in such a fashion.” Jiang Yifan felt startled in his heart. After a few moments later, he prepared to brandish his sword again.

But then at this time, a red flame appeared out of nowhere before him. He retreated a good few meters upon sensing the surge of energy from the flame.

Soon after, the flame slowly blossomed into a red lotus flower.

It was Emei Mountain’s Holy Fire-Lotus!

Jiang Yifan’s gaze swept over Qing Xiu, “Enlightened Qing Xiu, what’s the meaning of this?”

“May we all be blessed and happy!” Qing Xiu smiled faintly, “Every person is only allowed one move, so I don’t want to see you breaking the rule.”

“Hmph!” Jiang Yifan was in a pretty bad mood since he had yet to have some fun; it was a situation similar to being informed of the end of meal time without getting to enjoy anything, making him feel very uncomfortable.

However, since it was an arrangement everyone had agreed to beforehand, he didn’t want to do anything that would incur the wrath of Heaven and end up as a ghost.

“Boy, you’ve got to live on, so that I can have a proper battle with you once again in the future!”

After finishing his words, he went over to stand at the back, leaving the ‘battle group’ behind him.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath one after another.

In such a short while, experts from Kunlun, Black&Great, and Hua Mountain, all of them had to withdraw from the battle.

The Eight large sects sent three of them, but to no avail. Even if the devil’s follower died in the end, he would still become renown throughout the world!

“Enlightened Jiang, since you’ve failed to accomplish anything, it’s our Shu Mountain’s turn this time!” Seeing even Jiang Yifan coming back empty-handed, Chen Qing couldn’t help but let out a sneer.

“The representatives from you three large sects came back with embarrassing results when facing a mere little devil, and you guys still have the nerve to claim yourselves to be experts from prestigious sects?!”

Chen Yu was a short-tempered lass who didn’t know how to act politely. She promptly spoke in a loud voice, “Now all of you open your eyes and witness the power of our Shu Mountain. We’ll let you know once again why our sect deserves to be ranked as first.”

“Junior Sister, you need to speak with a sense of propriety.” Xu Renfeng warned his Junior Sister.

“But I haven’t said anything wrong. I simply stated the fact.”

Chen Yu continued to speak loudly.

The surrounding people had quite an unsightly expressions on their faces. It could be said that Chen Yu’s words offended all the people except from those that belonged to Shu Mountain.

But since she a person from the younger generation, the senior people couldn’t just forget all decorum and find trouble with her.

“Disciple from Shu Mountain, what’s the meaning of your words?” Wang Hongjie from Hua Mountain was a straightforward person. He was unable to hold in his anger and had no intention to give face to Chen Qing either.

“Considering that the other party was only at Foundation Construction realm, my Senior Brother deliberately let him off.”

Jiang Yifan’s face flushed red as soon as Wang Hongjie finished his words. He didn’t hold back his strength at all. It’s just that he didn’t expect the boy’s sword technique would be so strange. He was surprised to see his ‘a swing to chill Nine Provinces’ defeated like that.

“If you don’t have the ability, you should acknowledge it!” With her hands on her waist, Chen Yu shouted, “If you’re no match for the opponent, then say so directly. Why are you still coming up with such ridiculous reasons that would only make others roll on the floor laughing?!”

“You!” Wang Hongjie couldn’t bicker with her any further. He felt so stifled by her words that he was left speechless.

“Miss Chen, it’s fine to eat indiscriminately, but one shouldn’t make irresponsible remarks.”

Yuan Meng wiped off the tears that had welled up due to the anger she felt from listening to her Senior Sister’s words. Her eyes moved in circles before she suddenly said, “If you people also failed in achieving the aim, what would you have left to say at that time?”

“Exactly, some people believe they can pass judgment on others based on their little accomplishments in sword techniques.” Bai Jiaojiao standing to the side sneered as she held her sword.

“You audacious snake demon, I dare you to say that again!” Chen Yu glared at Bai Jiaojiao as she loudly rebuked her. She unsheathed her sword and pointed it to the other party.

“What? Can’t I even speak my mind?” Bai Jiaojiao was one of those who wouldn’t easily back down after being provoked. She also unsheathed her sword and shouted back in a tit-for-tat manner.

“Jiaojiao, shut your mouth!” Hua Niang stood in front of her Junior Sister as she cupped her hands at Chen Yu, “Friend from Shu Mountain, please forgive my sister for acting impudently.”

“Hmph!” Seeing the other person’s Senior Sister coming out to apologize, Chen Yu finally broke into a complacent smile, “That’s how you should have behaved from the very start. You two are just snake demons, don’t think of yourselves as some significant characters.”

“Excuse me, Elder Sister.” Suddenly, Chu Feng, the young Taoist who had remained silent all this while, spoke to Chen Yu, “You have yet to answer Elder Sister Yuan Meng’s question.”

He took a step forward. As a thirteen-year-old young boy dressed in Daoist robe, there was no doubt that he looked especially cute.

“Just now Elder Sister Yuan Meng asked you, if your Shu Mountain suffered the same fate as the other three sects, how will you explain yourselves at that time?”

“What a joke! There’s no way my aunt would lose!” Chen Yu leapt like a duck whose tail had been stepped on. She spoke loudly, “It’s impossible for such a thing to happen.”

“Correct!” Chen Qing scoffed at the ignorance of the people doubting her strength. She lifted her sword as she spoke to everyone in a loud voice, “I, Chen Qing, follower of Shu Mountain, hereby declare that I’ll eradicate this sinful devil practitioner today! I ask all fellow cultivators to be the witnesses for me. This Shu Mountain follower vows to eradicate the evil!”

Chen Qing threw away her sword up into the sky while speaking, which in the blink of an eye transformed into a white star and disappeared amidst the vast night sky.

“Evildoer, don’t blame me for bullying a little devil of Foundation Construction stage.” After throwing away her sword, Chen Qing spoke in a limpid and loud voice, “Our Shu Mountain Sect has always dealt with demons and devils without bothering about feelings and sensibilities. Today, I’ll execute Guided Martial Sword technique’s ninth move to send your soul on its way!”

Ninth Move?!‘ Qin Chao inwardly opened his mouth wide in horror. ‘What the heck! How did it come to that? Why do you have to treat me so preferentially?!’

‘Your Seventh Move- Doubly Propelled Sword, almost exceeded my endurance limit, and now you’re planning to directly use the Ninth Move? Do you really think I’m some peerless Devil God or what?!’

Without caring about whether Qin Chao was ready to face her, Chen Qing prepared to unleash her sword technique.

Initially, she could barely execute the Eight Move with her Nascent realm’s last phase cultivation level. But at the moment, she made use of a secret method to surreptitiously raise her power and activate the Ninth Move. Of course, it was all to kill Qin Chao in a single move, and consequently, getting rid of the disgrace entailed upon her.

How could she, the distinguished Icy Glistening Fairy, afford to let an evildoer escape from her hands?! That incident sullied her reputation which was an unforgivable sin!

Especially, since he was also the successor of Rhodes, there was even less reason to spare him. ‘Rhodes, you killed my seniors of Shu Mountain a thousand years ago, and now I, Chen Qing will eliminate the person from your later generation!’

“Sword Aura Soars to Heaven, Gigantic Sword Descends from Heaven!”

Ice-cold murderous intention flickered in Chen Qing’s eyes. Her finger pointed to the sky as her white robe fluttered in the wind, exuding a distinct kind of beauty.

But Qin Chao didn’t get the chance to appreciate the beautiful woman him as a chilly feeling coursed through his body.

When she finished chanting the incantation to execute the sword technique, immediately a dazzling gleam shone in the sky.

At this moment, it seemed as if the galaxy has begun to move from its place, following which, more and more stars had started to twinkle.

Each of the last three moves of Guided Martial Sword technique, possessed a world-shaking, great magical power!

Qin Chao didn’t need anyone to know what was going on at the moment; he could feel it for himself. The stars twinkling in the sky seemed to be mutually carrying out the resonance among each other.

A power so strong that he couldn’t even look straight at it was gradually taking shape in the midst of the stars.

Soon after, the starry sky that was slightly unclear due to the presence of smog, became clearer little by little. A bright galaxy revealed its beautiful form. It floated in the sky like a silver-white streamer, drawing attention of all the people.

The galaxy not only had a beautiful form, it also gave off a strong killing intent…

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