Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki: Character Page

***Please be aware that there might be spoilers below. Subject to change as the story progresses. (well as I read it)


Ayase Jirou.jpg
Ayase Jirou – The protagonist. He found a magic mirror from an old lady’s cellar and discovered the other world by accident. Originally, he had not intended to get himself involved too much in it, but he decided that it is a good money-making way to travel between two different world.
high elf
Diana Luna’Arbella – High Elf. The first slave acquired by Jirou.
Marina – From the Turk Tribe. The second slave acquired by Jirou.
Rebecca Roth (Becky) – Former mercenary. She helped Jirou in getting his first blessing in the temple.
Henrietta (Hetty) – The “representative sent” by Jephthah to assist Jirou.
Aurica – The village girl, MC hired as maid, to clean the mansion. Possesses the vocation, ‘Secretary’.
Etowa Waz = The ‘werecat’ girl from Canaan tribe hired as Jirou’s disciple
Elepipi = The prostitute Jirou asked for help when he wanted to buy laces from a shop
??? (Priestess-chan) – The priestess from chapter 6 who carried out the blessing ceremony for Jirou in the temple.
Shello Roth – A hunter (former mercenary). He met Jirou after he hunted a wild boar. He brought him home when he realized that Jirou ‘lost his memory’ and helped him get his first blessing.
Jephthah Solo
Jephthah Solo – Imperial Trader. The top merchant in the city of Marishera. He first met Jirou in front of the slave trading house and challenged him to a match.
Tobias (Toby)
Tobias (Toby) – From the guild. He’s an acquaintance of Shello and Rebecca, and also the one who issued the guild card to Ayase. He did not believe the existence of the mansion Jirou found until he was invited to the place itself.
Dida – The ‘chubby’ merchant Jirou encountered several times before Jephthah officially introduced them. The largest weapons merchant in the empire, and the commander-in-chief of the Balbacro Trading Company.