Yuusha Party ni Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (Character Page)

***Please be aware that there might be spoilers below***

youki demon-youki
Youki | Demon-form Youki
◆ A former human who has been reincarnated into a demon. He possesses infinite MP which allows him to use any advance magic and all magic attributes including dark. (add. info: Dark magic can only be used by demons, so Youki will not use it in public)
◆ His strength is reduced when he is in his human form and he can only unleash his full strength when he returns to his demon form.
◆ His main forte is magic, although he is also capable of close combat.

Cecilia Aquarain
◆ A cleric from the Hero’s party. Like Youki, her area of speciality is magic, mainly healing magic and light magic. (although still weaker than Youki’s)
◆ She’s weak at close combat (basically in any martial arts).

◆ The Hero of this story. The typical hero who is highly popular among girls, but is incredibly dense when in comes to realizing the feelings of the girls around him, mainly Mikana’s. He also possesses the ‘lucky lewd’ ability which ‘enables’ him to walk in on girls when they are changing or bathing.
◆ He’s one of Cecilia’s admirers who tries to pursue her.

◆ A magician from the Hero’s party.
◆ She harbours deep feelings for the hero and initially considers Cecilia to be her love rival.

◆ The silent swordsman from the Hero’s party.
◆ He refuses to speak, for fear that people will make fun of his voice, so he uses written notes to communicate most of the time.

Duke (the Dullahan)
◆ Youki’s former subordinate. He’s the most independent and capable one among them

◆ A Harpy. Youki’s former subordinate.

◆ Youki’s former subordinate. A pixie. He has a pair of little wings which he kept hidden, but he couldn’t fly due to a certain incident in the past.

◆ The assistant guildmaster whom Youki met when he registers as an adventurer.
◆ A super sloth who tries to escape from work as much as possible, but his skill as an adventurer is definitely to be reckoned with.

◆ The Head of Maid in Aquarain’s residence and also Clayman’s wife. She used to be an A-rank adventurer.

◆ An elf, whose age might be older than her appearance
◆ She’s also a knight like Duke and is often seen tagging alongside him
◆ She’s klutzy, easily tricked (especially by Youki), and gets envious when she sees Duke with another girl

◆ A sickly girl Youki and Cecilia met in Dagaz village.
◆ She deeply ‘idolizes’ Gai to an extreme degree, and calls him ‘Guardian Deity-sama’

◆ The gargoyle demon Youki met in Dagaz village.
◆ He is highly protective of Tiel even though he might not admit it himself as he has been looking after her ever since she was a child. Youki constantly calls him a ‘lolicon’ due to this, much to his annoyance.


Other characters

Celia Aquarain – Cecilia’s mother

Darts Horta Clariness – The current King of Clariness. Youki, Cecilia and Sheik had an audience with him after the incident at Dagaz village

Quinn – Clayman and Sophia’s son, who resembles Sophia

Fiora – Clayman and Sophia’s daughter, who resembles Clayman

Ami – The ‘shop assistant’ who gave Youki free cakes after her brother ruined his cakes due to his posing. Andrei’s sister

Andrei – The macho patissier from Youki and Cecilia’s favourite cake shop. He’s also Ami’s brother. Youki claims that he’ll lose his appetite whenever he sees this macho guy posing with his apron on.

Mirror – The Hero from Gallis Empire, who attacked Dagaz village. After losing the fight against Youki, he was dropped into the river and had supposedly died?

Shike – One of the mermaid rescued by Youki, Happiness, and Raven during their guild mission at the port town of Frimaire. She has a more introvert personality compared to Misaki. She harbours a crush on Raven after being spared by him.

Misaki – One of the mermaid rescued by Youki, Happiness, and Raven during their guild mission at the port town of Frimaire. She has a more carefree personality compared to Shike, so the latter is often subjected to her whims.

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