My Beautiful Teacher – Chapter 276

Chapter 276: The Might of Heavenly Lightning

“Young master Xu, don’t be impulsive.” With a jerk of Hua Niang’s hand, the sword was swept away by the fierce wind and fell in front of Xu Renfeng.

“Since you want Hua Niang to use Heavenly Lightning, Hua Niang will do as you wish.”

Hua Niang felt helpless as she had no choice but to do according to Xu Renfeng’s demand. She flung her sleeves as she spoke to Qin Chao, “Young master I ask you to be careful. Five-Lightning Execution is a method to summon lightnings from the Heavens. You seemed to have committed the sin of murder, so the Heavenly lightning that will befall upon you would certainly have extraordinary might.”

Hua Niang’s voice magnified all of a sudden, “All the friends present here also need to be careful. If any of you gets hurt by the Heavenly lightning, I wouldn’t be taking the blame for it.”

“Right, don’t blame my Senior Sister at that time. Go rebuke that idiot from Shu mountain if you want someone to vent your anger on.” Bai Jiaojiao added a sentence after Hua Niang’s finished speaking, causing Xu Renfeng to grit his teeth as he fumed with anger.

Five-Lightning Execution was a unique and most powerful skill of Misty Peak.

Cultivators were basically all involved in activities that were deemed as ‘defying the Heavens’. Therefore, they had always been the main target of Heavenly lightning which served as a supervisor of their actions.

Earlier, cultivators were extremely afraid of Heavenly lightning, and would try to stay away from it as much as possible. However, things started to change when a lunatic genius appeared in Misty Peak. To everyone’s surprise, he invented a magical art that used the cultivator’s elemental aura to attract Heavenly lightning.

The magical art was none other than- Five-Lightning Execution. From then on, the experts of Misty Peak were no more afraid of Heavenly lightning, and instead treated it as their weapons.

It was as though the Heavens threw a grenade to a person, and then the person could change the direction of its fall towards their enemy before it detonated.

However, doing such a thing was naturally not devoid of dangers as one could even lose their life. Hence, even the Sect Master of Misty Peak wouldn’t make use of Five-Lightning Execution unless truly required.

So it wasn’t hard to discern that Xu Renfeng had evil intentions behind making the demand to use such a risky magical art.

But being forced by her circumstances, Hua Niang had to display the magical art in order to dispel any doubts people might have about the Misty Peak.

She went forward and stood opposite to Qin Chao before proceeding to move her hands slightly in a circular motion as if performing the movements of Taiji.

The air around her started to flow along with her movements, and the appearance of the stars and clouds in the sky began to change irregularly.

Very soon, a layer of heavy, oppressive black cloud shrouded the whole sky. It was so dense and dark that nothing could be seen past it. The beautiful starry sky had now become completely dark, without the slightest tinge of light.

Amidst the black cloud, a little bit of purple-blue lightning could be barely seen rolling about. The entire cloud also began to roll around following the lightning, making the scene appear as if several purple dragons were wandering within it.

It seemed all the cultivators had sensed the dreadful power hidden in the cloud as they retreated a good few steps back from the place where the battle was going on. Afterward, they restrained the dissemination of true element from their bodies to avoid being scanned by the Heavenly might.

Qin Chao felt as though an enormous eye was hidden in the sky. The eye possessed an incomparably dignity, and being stared by it would make one absolutely terrified.

At this time, Hua Niang’s forehead was dripping with perspiration as her body faintly trembled. Looking at her condition, she had apparently exhausted a huge amount of her true element to use Five-Lightning Execution.

Especially, the thing she had summoned was very dangerous; if she were to lose her control on it even a little bit, she might be the one to get hacked by it.

People who didn’t know what she was planning to do thought: Hua Niang would have to put all of her effort into controlling the Heavenly lightning to make it strike on Qin Chao’s side, which was the most challenging thing about the execution of this art. If the Heavenly lightning successfully struck Qin Chao, it would be game over for him.

But if the lightning didn’t strike him, then it would possibly be her to get hit by it. After all, her demonic aura as well as Qin Chao’s devil aura were equally similar to a lightning rod that would attract the lightning bolts of Heavens.

Xu Renfeng wore a grim smile as he stood to the side.

‘Hmph, let’s see how you two evildoers meet your death!’

At this moment, the lightning from the Heavens seemed to have accumulated to its peak limit, and a pich-dark hole opened up in the layer of cloud. As though it truly was a Heavenly eye, the hole inspected the demon and the devil on the ground.

Hua Niang exerted herself to control and determine the aim of the Lightning-Eye at a place between her and Qin Chao. But such an action was similar to pushing back a rampaging wild ox while holding its horns to make it go in another direction.

Only she was aware of the danger in doing something like this.

The true element within her seemed to be on the verge of flaring up as white smoke started to rise rapidly from her body. It happened due to true element running to its utmost limit, subsequently transforming and giving rise to smoke.

Qin Chao also paid attention to the eye amidst the black cloud in the sky. He felt a kind of feeling of agitation for some unknown reason as he looked at it.

‘So what if it’s a Heavenly lightning? I, Qin Chao, is destined to become a great Devil God. There’s no way I’d be afraid of a mere Heavenly lightning like you!’

Qin Chao didn’t know that it was actually Rhodes’ consciousness influencing him. As a Devil God of the Ascension phase, he himself had overcome a Lightning Tribulation once before. Therefore, he seemingly looked down on the likes of lightning tribulation.

But back then, Rhodes had a terrifyingly high cultivation level, while the current Qin Chao was nothing more than a little devil at Foundation Construction stage.

The Lightning-Eye, however, was able to sense Qin Chao’s provocative attitude towards it. Hua Niang’s clothes got drenched in sweat when in an instant the Lightning-Eye got itself free from her control and crazily charged in Qin Chao’s direction carrying with it the accumulated lightning.

Hua Niang was dumbfounded at the occurrence, ‘How come this is possible?!’

As if finding the foe of its several lifetimes, the Lightning-Eye rush over without bothering about anything else and prepared to discharge the surging power of the lightning.

“Young master, be careful!” Since things were already out of her control, Hua Niang could only shout loudly to warn the other party.

But it was already too late by this time. From inside the Lightning-Eye, a thick purple-blue lightning snake descended all of a sudden.

The lightning snake twisted its body in midair a few times, instantly covering a distance of a thousand meters as it moved swiftly to bite at Qin Chao.

Everyone had a change in expression, ‘Such a strong lightning power.‘ Even they couldn’t be sure of escaping unscathed under the attack of lightning, much less the devil practitioner who had been targeted by it.

“I don’t care even if you’re a Heavenly lightning!” Qin Chao howled with laughter for a bit before brandishing his Evil Monarch’s Sword.

Black rays emitted from the sword, forming a black hole that seemed so deep as if everything around Qin Chao was going to be sucked within it.

“Evil Monarch Sword, respond to my call!” Qin Chao aroused every bit of the true element within his body and gathered it all at the center of the sword.

Under the constant resonance of Evil Monarch Sword, he felt as though he was a deity. Even the Heavenly lightning was unable to instill any fear him now.

“Come!” With everybody watching, Qin Chao suddenly waved the sword in his hand. Immediately, a black sphere wrapped in a white halo charged into the sky while making a whistling sound and collided with the bucket-thick thunder bolt.

“Evil Monarch’s Half-Moon slash!” As soon as the pressure on him increased dramatically, all the power in his body erupted and allowed the Evil Monarch Sword to achieve a breakthrough from its present stage, unleashing Half-Moon Slash which was several times more powerful than Crescent Moon.

But the might of lightning couldn’t be belittled. The light sphere was only able to make the lightning snake stop in its tracks for a brief moment before it got teared to shreds with a popping sound.

“Boom!” The power of the Half-Moon Slash blew off in the sky. The waves of blast swept over the area around it causing even the ground to shake momentarily. On the other hand, the lightning snake wasn’t affected at all as it continued to fall downward with a whizzing sound; it appeared to be hell-bent on tearing Qin Chao apart into pieces.

Similar to a huge mountain falling over his head, the lightning had yet to fall down but the pressure generated from it had already forced Qin Chao close to his limit of endurance.

“Come if you want!” As though he was subconsciously given a push, his left hand was enveloped in golden light, and his right hand in white. He faced his both palms to the sky while quickly raising them up to meet the incoming attack.

“Netherwordly Diamond Palm!”

The white fire of Netherworld and the golden Buddhist light entwined together, and then at once blossomed into a giant platinum-color lotus flower in Qin Chao’s hands. In the next moment, it expanded to its maximum extent, providing his entire body protection from the lightning.

Soon after, the lotus emitted dazzling platinum rays which entwined together before shooting up high into the sky.

The petals of the lotus flower itself floated down one after another as the rays continued to emit from it. This palm attack scared the wits out of all the people standing to the side; it was so frightening that their souls almost escaped from the binds of their bodies due to the immense shock.

‘Just what kind of magical art is this?’

‘Netherwordly Diamond Palm?’

‘How on earth is it possible for two palm techniques of completely different natures to merge together?’

‘If this person isn’t a genius, then he should be a madman!’

Everyone present was astonished to see the craziness displayed by Qin Chao. Since the new magic art was a combination of palm techniques that had enormously different natures, its sheer power was also quite amazing.

Meanwhile, as the lightning bolt came smashing down, it ran into the rays of light that were being emitted from the lotus flower.

“Boom!” A fierce explosion went off once again. Qin Chao felt his body shook for a second before he almost got buried into the ground from the pressure coming from up above. Simultaneously, his palms began to repel each other like two magnets of same polarity.

The platinum-color lotus flower that had appeared just a while ago, vanished like smoke at the instant Qin Chao’s hands separated.

Looking at his arms, one could clearly see them in a badly mangled state as wounds split open on them at countless places.

Even though the it was obstructed by the incomparably powerful Netherwordly Diamond Palm for a while, there was still some portion of lightning left that had yet to disappear; it continued to fall down and struck Qin Chao.

“Ah!” Although he had a persevering nature, the lightning strike caused his nerves to distend and brought a lot of pain along with it.

Qin Chao felt as if a large number of people were pulling at his body and it was soon going to be ripped apart. At that moment of suffering, his consciousness seemed to have run out of his body in its attempt to distance itself from the lightning.

He felt himself light as a feather, rising up to the midair. On the other hand, his entire body was burned black as it stood on the ground.

‘What’s going on here?’

Qin Chao looked at his superficial body that was floating in the air. ‘Don’t tell me that I have died?’

“You’re still alive, it’s just that your Moon-soul has wandered out of your body.” Then at this time, suddenly a familiar voice reached his ears.

Qin Chao turned his head to look at Rosy, the delicate and charming lass dressed in leather jacket and trousers.

“My Moon-soul wandered out?” He stared blankly at his body below, “What exactly is going on? I’m just at Foundation Construction and have yet to reach Magical Power stage where it becomes possible for the Moon-soul to wander out of the body. Also, as far as I know it’s only after cultivating up to Nascent realm that one is able to refine out the Sun-soul from within the Moon-soul?”

“You should be to thanking the lightning for that.” Rosy pointed to the crackling electric arcs running across his body, “Do you have any idea how much of a strong power is contained within this lightning?”

While speaking, she erected her slender little finger, “A lightning of this thickness was in fact fatal to you. If you didn’t get unexpectedly lucky and made the Netherwordly Diamond Palm knock against it, your soul would have directly flown away and scattered.”

“*Exhale*, now that you mentioned it, that was really close…” Qin Chao moved his hand reflexively to wipe off the cold sweat when he discovered that he was only a Moon-soul at the moment.

“The remnant lightning had naturally turned into power and is currently coursing through your meridians. The pain caused from lightning traveling in meridians isn’t something an ordinary person can endure, and hence, I aided you a bit making use of your subconsciousness to bring out your Moon-soul to prevent you from becoming an idiot because of the intense pain.”

“You helped me out once again…” Qin Chao fell silent for a short while before continuing, “Rosy, I’m actually pretty curious why you help me time and again despite the fact that you’re a female demon who should be only responsible for purchasing my soul…?”

“Wouldn’t I fail to make the deal if you were to die?!” Rosy rolled her eyes in disdain, “As you can see, I’ve treated you so well… So, how about showing some consideration and contributing to my business?”

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