My Beautiful Teacher – Chapter 272

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Chapter 272: I’m an honest person

“There’s no way I’ll die before before realizing my dream of becoming a Devil God.” Qin Chao waved off the flames covering his entire body, revealing his figure to everyone once again.

Despite the fact he was talking casually, his body had suffered significant internal injuries.

Qin Chao somehow endured the pain and used the elemental aura within his body to start healing the injuries before shouting, “Who’s next?”

“It’s me!” Chen Qing was about to step forward when a limping figure by the side beat her to the punch. The person said in loud voice, “Fairy Chen Qing, please don’t fight over this matter and let me go first!”

All the people present looked over at the short and small figure. It was Sun Tianmiao. The big brother has yet to regain consciousness but the younger brother was already awake.

Furthermore, by the way he was walking limpingly, he seemed to be injured quite a bit.

The offensive power of Netherwordly Devil’s Palm Qin Chao had demonstrated just a while ago, was astonishing to say the least. To add on, Sun Tianmiao underestimated his enemy, resulting in him suffering significant internal injury around his abdomen.

“Then I’ll let Enlightened Sun to go ahead first.” Chen Qing didn’t want to fight over the opportunity to kill someone with these people, so she put away her sword and took a step backward.

“Boy, I lost only due to a miscalculation on my part. It’s time for you to taste for yourself the power of Dragon-Elephant Cultivation method!”

While speaking, this short and fat person took a deep breath, appearing like a toad taking air in. His stomach started to issue a rumbling sound, following which, the air around him began to make whistling sounds as Sun Tianmiao sucked all of it similar to a air blower.

Elephant Sucking Water!

It was a comparatively bizarre magical technique among Dragon-Elephant Cultivation method. The short and fat body of Sun Tianmiao gradually began to grow huge as his skeleton and muscles underwent a continuous change. In the blink of an eye, he had turned into a three-meter tall burly giant.

The way the whole change happened it seemed as though he hadn’t inhaled air or anything of the sort, but some kind of inexhaustible energy.

This was the true nature of Elephant Sucking Water!

Actually, Sun Tianmiao had absorbed the boundless elemental aura within the air. However, this elemental aura he absorbed wouldn’t become a complete and permanent part of him and could only be used as his own power for a short while, similar to any other real weapon out there.

If he could make a good use of it, then the elemental aura would become his weapon, but if he couldn’t do so, he might be the one to get hurt before anyone else.

Everyone was well-aware that Sun Tianmiao was preparing to go all out this time to recover the lost reputation and dignity of Dark&Great Everlasting Clique.

“Get ready to die!” He shouted in a coarse voice as he repeatedly kicked in midair, producing afterimages one after another.

This particular movement technique was used as a part of the Dragon-Elephant Joint Attack style, and was called “Elephant Dance.” If his big brother was awake at the moment, he could pair up this technique with his own “Dragon Shadow” to execute an extremely powerful move, “Dragon-Elephant Shadow Dance.”

Even if it was Sun Tianmiao alone carrying out the attack, it still possessed a tremendously frightening might.

Countless images of elephant-size legs flew toward Qin Chao in succession; powerful enough to bulldoze a thick wall.

However, there was great difference between last phase of Magical Power and initial phase of Nascent Realm. Although this move of Sun Tanmiao appeared quite remarkable, Qin Chao was very confident in making it completely lose its effect.

Netherworld’s Poison-Spider as well as Hell’s Devil Dog, both of them shared a particular ability, manipulation of space.

Suddenly, Qin Chao’s body began to appear and disappear continuously in the air like a ghost, swiftly passing by the images of those elephant-size legs. In the blink of an eye, he had arrived before Sun Tianmiao.

With his hand grasping the sword behind his back and the other raised horizontally in front of him, the corners of Qin Chao’s mouth curled up into a smile when his eyes met Sun Tianmiao panicked ones.

“Netherworldly Devil’s Palm!” As he let out a low shout, Qin Chao’s left hand immediately became spotlessly white like jade, raised horizontally in front of him. Following which, he lightly placed it on Sun Tianmiao’s huge body.

At this moment, the elemental aura within Qin Chao gushed out in an explosive manner and following along his palm it pounded onto his opponent.

“Boom! Bang, bang, bang!” A series of terrifying explosion sounds echoed as Sun Tianmiao at once flew away like a line-broken kite while crying piteously before crashing into the school building once again.

This time around, not a sound could be heard from his side. It didn’t seem like he would be coming out any time soon.

“How skillful!” All the experts present at the place exclaimed in admiration. Just now in that short moment, this devil follower saw through the flaw of Elephant Dance- the slight decrease in speed during its execution. He took advantage of it and went up to his opponent, easily defeated him with a single move.

Elephant power was indeed fierce, but it must be used in coordination with Dragon Shadow. Otherwise, it would have this fatal weakness of slowing down speed which could be exploited by others.

That devil has really got some skills to be able to me up with a way to deal with Sun Tianmiao’s technique in an instant, despite the fact that it was his first time seeing the technique.

“Good, good, good! Even I feel interested now.” Jiang Yifan, carrying a double-edged sword on his back, came forward as he spoke in a loud voice, “Allow me to be your next opponent!”


“Hold it right there!” Su Ji was frightened when she heard his words. Just as she was about to open her mouth, Fa Xiang rushed over in front of her and hollered at Jiang Yifan to make him stop in his tracks.

Everyone’s gaze shifted in their direction. Fa Xiang glanced at his Junior Sister before he spoke loudly, “Amitabha Buddha, Enlightened Jiang.” Fa Xiang spoke to Jiang Yifan, “This sinful devil has already taken two attacks in a row. He is nothing more than a mere devil at Foundation Construction stage, while you, on the other hand, has already reached the initial phase of Nascent realm. There is too much of a difference between the two of you. Even if you win against him, it would be considered an unfair, one-sided battle. So how about you let him rest for a bit before you exchange blows with one another.

“Bald monk, I finally got to hear you talking like a sensible person!” Bai Jiaojiao smiled charmingly, holding her sword in her arms.

Qin Chao was also startled, ‘How come this big monk is willing to speak up for me?’

Actually, he didn’t know that Fa Xiang was felling untold misery in his hear at the moment. If he were to let Su Ji speak in favor of Qin Chao one more time, people would definitely feel suspicious about her. But if he, a Buddhist who was supposed to have mercy at heart speak in her stead, no one would doubt his words.

“Oh?” Looking at Fa Xiang, Jiang Yifan nodded his head, “You have a point. If people from prestigious sects like us take advantage of the other person’s difficulties, there would be no distinction between us and that follower of devil’s ways. Alright, I’ll let him rest for fifteen minutes.”

He gestured with his hand as he spoke. His Junior Brother Wang Hongjie promptly took out an incense stick, lighted it and stuck it in the ground.

“Hmph, there is no need for such human feelings when dealing with such evil people.” Chen Qing smiled grimly. Her killing intent towards this masked man who had once escaped from her hands had escalated to the point of eruption.

‘There’s no evildoer who can escape from me.’

‘Especially, you aren’t allowed to live even more as you’re the successor of Devil God, Rhodes!’

Qin Chao was unaware that he as shouldering Old Man Rhodes’ debt. He quickly sat on the ground in a cross-legged posture, running the elemental aura inside his body to recover from injuries.

“Yuan Yin, deliver the Nine-Turns Mind Recovery pill to him. Qing Xiu, the abbess from Emei mountain, took out a porcelain bottle. She said to her disciple, “Young master Fa Xiang is right. We people from prestigious sects cannot obtain unfair advantage over the other party. Even if he dies, he must be sincerely convinced about the outcome from the bottom of his heart.”

“Master, this Nine-Turns Mind Recovery pill is the sacred healing medicine of our Emei sect. Why are you giving it to a follower of devil’s ways?” Yuan Yin said in a slight unwilling tone, “I’m not going to deliver it to him. It’d be better to let such a degenerate follower of devil die as he deserves.”

“Master, I’ll go.” Yuan Meng faintly smiled as she reached out her hand to receive the medicinal pill.

Seeing her smile, majority of the men present blanked out for a moment.

‘What’s called “The smile of a beautiful woman could topple a city”? This, right here, is the perfect example of it!’

Some men even felt that even if she told them to die, they would do so willingly as long as they can get her to smile at them!

Grasping the porcelain bottle, Yuan Meng slowly walked over to the masked man sitting at the center of the place. The thoughts in her mind were slightly complicated, ‘Why did I take the initiative to deliver the medicine to this disciple of devil? Will I be able to talk with a stranger like him?

In fact, I’m also curious to know how long this little devil will hold out relying on his Foundation Construction level cultivation.

He dares to face so many Magical Power and Nascent realm experts despite his cultivation only being at Foundation Construction realm, could it be that he isn’t afraid of death?

With such complicated thoughts crossing through her mind, Yuan Meng reached in front of Qin Chao.

Qin Chao opened his eyes feeling the presence of someone before him.

The expression in his eyes at this moment was incomparably deep, as though storing countless universes within it.

Yuan Meng felt her mind go giddy, almost losing herself in his eyes.

The expression in this man’s eyes is truly fearful.

“What do you want?” Qin Chao looked at the beauty from Emei mountain standing in front of him. Seeing the porcelain bottle she was holding in her long, slender, and jade-white hands, he had no idea what was up with her.

“Young master, this here is Emei mountain’s sacred healing medicine, Nine-Turns Mind Recovery pill. Please take it. Your injuries will heal by fifty percent at the least within the fifteen minutes of your rest.”

“OK, you have my thanks, young lady.” Qin Chao also didn’t bother about checking whether it was a poison and received it right away. He shook out a pill and threw it in his mouth.

“Young master, don’t tell me you’re not worried about it being a poison?”

Yuan Meng could not help but ask when she saw him eating the pill in such a carefree manner.

“If you really wanted to kill me, directly stabbing me with a sword would do the job.” Qin Chao smiled, “It’s not worth going through the trouble to fake the pill. Moreover, a beautiful young lady like you wouldn’t do such dirty things.”

Su Ji who was standing to the side seethed with anger, ‘You’re still in the mood to take liberties with young women at such a time?!

Yuan Meng’s face was flushed. She didn’t say anything else any more, quickly standing up and walking away with hurried pace.

However, even though she had left, the fragrance of her body still remained, which Qin Chao greedily sucked into his mouth a few times.

This woman’s body has a peculiar fragrance, just what you’d expect from a superb beauty.

“Junior Sister, you just had to deliver the medicine to him, so why on earth did you start flirting with that devil’s follower?”

When Yuan Meng returned back to her master’s side, her Senior Sister at once asked her in a sharp and sarcastic way.

In Emei Mountain Sect, Yuan Meng was a person of outstanding talent. Not only so, she was also intelligent and well-behaved, and therefore, she had always been the proud disciple of her Master and Martial Aunts. Hence, even Yuan Yin harbored feelings of jealousy towards her. Now that she saw her Junior Sister talking with Qin Chao for a bit, she slandered her out of ill intention.

“Senior Sister don’t make irresponsible remarks.” Yuan Meng promptly explained, “We only conversed a few words with each other, it was in no way flirting or the sort.”

“You still intend to deny it? Just look at you when you were coming back over here with scarlet cheeks; if that isn’t flirting, I don’t know what it is?! No wonder you immediately agreed to deliver the medicine. The truth is, you had already taken a fancy to that devil practitioner.”

“Senior Sister, I wasn’t…” Yuan Meng felt anxious, but she didn’t know how to explain herself. The rims of her eyes turned rosy, “I was just, just…”

“Enough, both of you stop being so noisy.” Qing Xue who had been resting with her eyes closed all this time, suddenly spoke out, “Yuan Meng is still young and doesn’t understand anything about things like love, so it’s impossible for her to flirt with that devil practitioner. Yuan Yin, you’re being oversensitive.”

Since her Master had already said so, the Senior Sister could only purse her lips. As for Yuan Meng, she let out a deep breath of relief from her mouth.

“Nevertheless,” Qing Xue added as she continued, “That devil’s ways follower is glib-tongued. Yuan Meng, talk as less as possible with him in order to avoid being deceived!”

“Yes, Master. Your disciple understands,”

Although Qin Chao was healing his injuries, he didn’t miss a word they said.

I’m glib-tongued? What kind of joke is that?! Everybody knows that I, Qin Chao, is as honest of a person as they come.

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