Atelier Tanaka

Yoshio Tanaka gets reincarnated into a fantasy game world, with healing magic as a “cheat” ability.

Associated Names
Tanaka The Wizard
田中のアトリエ ~年齢イコール彼女いない歴の錬金術師~

Author: Buncololi [金髪ロリ文庫]

(**description from Novel Updates)

Volume 1

Prologue to Chapter 10  (by bhauth)
Chapter 11 – Dragon Extermination 1   (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3)
Chapter 12 – Dragon Extermination 2  (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3)
Chapter 13 – Dragon Extermination 3  (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3)
Chapter 14 onward  (Rhex’s Translations)

49 thoughts on “Atelier Tanaka

  1. TheFactualGamer

    I liked this series and was pretty bummed when the original translator stopped.

    Thanks for picking it up and good luck.


    1. I’ll be working on this and Din no Monshou alternately so while it might not be as fast as Netooku, I will still try to update it as frequently 🙂

      (I’ll be breaking this into parts though since the length of this series is usually 3 times longer than the average length of other series) ^^;


  2. It seems that while chapter part 1 and 2 where only separated by 10 days, but every update since has been monthly. Is there any way this could become a bi-weekly release? This been one of the best reads in some time now, even though i fear for the direction it’s going i just really want, no, i need to know where this is going.

    – Khrawn


    1. Sorry probably wont be able to make it this month due to the project I am handling at my work. I’ll make it up to you guys next month. Took a week leave next month during Christmas week.


  3. Nanashi

    True be told i’m hesitating to read this novel for the only reason that i hate NTR more than anything (i freaking love netori though) thus the question does Tanaka get NTR by every heroines (and by NTR i mean do the heroines became used goods) in this novel like the one we can see on the covers of vol 2 and 3 ? And does the harem maker weakling get trashed (killed or in the style) at one point in the novel ?


  4. Saike

    Unholy sh******* I can’t believe I got sucked into reading this seemingly humble BUT well-masked hardcore masochist story… I feel so bad right now… The negative emotions… The illness I just kinda recovered from after taking antibiotics is resurfacing… And I can’t stop reading ;_; HELP! T__T


    1. Saike


      Please Rin, tell me something positive’s gonna come from this story… AND by positive, not NTR’ing another guys’ harem even if he’s adulterous, doing so would not make him different, much less a hypocrite. This LN appealed to me as a humble/positive happy go lucky story that will have the MC love him for what’s inside. And then suddenly, twisted creepo appears.

      Originally, I thought the MC was humble, meek, and down to earth (redundancy?), pretty much like the MC from Shinka no Mi. Now I know a lot of people hates that MC, but I actually think he’s a good one compared to a lot of hypocrite leads. Right now, I have a hard time genuinely cheering for Tanaka-San. He’s turning out to be pretty much japanese, having a well-mannered exterior, but deep inside, filth is lurking in there. It started showing soon when he started getting powerful. Ughh… I feel like a lot of people will hate me for writing this crap.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have many people asking me this before, but to be honest I don’t read the novels ahead xD;
        With exception to Yuusha Party, I usually read all the series here as I translate. If you’d like to know more, you could check out the animesuki forum. I read most from there. Just couldn’t post them here since they’ll be major spoilers. ^^


    1. Gek..Much apologies orz
      Planning on prioritizing two other novels first so it is also free for anyone to pick up if they let me know beforehand.

      I would still release it occasionally until someone takes over it.


  5. Demo

    Uhm I want to be a translator to pass my time. I’m just a beginner with no experience. If you could instruct me a bit, i could translate and edit, then send it to you. Just wondering…


  6. Long

    Pretty amusing novel.
    But where is chapter 14 after these few months?
    Will this get translated or did the translator drop it ?
    I am just asking because i am clueless.


    1. Sorry I got too much on my plate these few months so it’s on hiatus. But a new group might be picking it up soon so there’ll be more frequent release for you all. 🙂


        1. Apologies. It’s on hiatus at the moment due to my work. A few people had contacted me that they would like to take over but none has work out so far. Any translators are free to pick this up, but do let me know first in case we end up releasing the same chapter.


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