Atelier Tanaka Chapter 13 (2/3)

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Dragon Extermination 3 (2/3)

We finally arrived at our destination, even though the trip wasn’t what I would call safe.

We are currently halfway up Mount Pepe.

I’m not sure if we are blessed with good luck or bad luck but we encountered it the moment we left the airship.
*******If you are reading this on a place other than, this chapter has been stolen and is neither the most recent or complete chapter.*******
“R-Red Dragon…..”

Allen got to the ground and stepped forward as the vanguard.

The words that escaped his lips, was the objective that we intended for.

The other members who followed along were petrified as soon as they took a step outside.

I was feeling the same way. What appeared before my eyes has confounded me.

“Two of them. That is indeed beyond my expectation.” [Tanaka]

Two enormous dragons resembling Western dragons have just entered the area below us. If you were to research information about the Red Dragons, their characteristics are actually easily recognizable.

The main issue right now is the size. They are about the same size as the airship. They are totally incomparable to size of the wyverns that we encountered earlier. Humongous.

“Ku–, going against two at once is indeed too much for a human…..What should we do?” [Fahren]

The noble mage was at a loss on what to do as well.

That is how serious the current situation is.

I wouldn’t know either even if you were to ask me. Seriously, what are we going to do now?
*******If you are reading this on a place other than, this chapter has been stolen and is neither the most recent or complete chapter.*******

For the time being, let’s check their status.

Name: John
Sex: Male
Race: Red Dragon
Level: 267
HP: 311800/312610
MP: 81700/81705
STR: 27900
VIT: 15962
DEX: 9952
AGI: 21522
INT: 32500
LUC: 10363


Name: Bob (EN: Top tier naming) (TL: lol)
Sex: Male
Race: Red Dragon
Level: 273
Job: NEET (EN:Only job worth having)
HP: 331800/332610
MP: 71700/91705
STR: 29002
VIT: 16962
DEX: 94052
AGI: 21010
INT: 30020
LUC: 12363

This is dangerous.

Their stats are one digit different than the wyverns.

Name: Tanaka
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Level: 65
Job: Alchemist
HP: 54909/54609
MP: 149500000/149500000
STR: 3375
VIT: 7560
DEX: 9852
AGI: 4442
INT: 10922000
LUC: 329

This is wondrous as usual.

What an unbalanced status!

My level has risen alot since the fight with the high orc and the wyverns but, the most overwhelming stats of all is still INT. Nonetheless, the instant those guys unleash their largest damaging attack that exceeds my current HP, it would be a game over. What a thrilling design this is.

I really miss the times when the HP of my enemies were in the lower digits.

Name: Annerose Leapman
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Level: 50
Job: Holy Knight
HP: 10850/10850
MP: 1175/1850
STR: 3003
VIT: 1358
DEX: 1521
AGI: 2830
INT: 1242
LUC: 891

Mercedes-chan, why is your self-declared name and the name on the status window different? Who the heck is Annerose Leapman? Come to think of it, I think this name did appear when I tried confirming her stats before in the prison. So is Mercedes her false name?

Well whatever. She must have a reason to it.

She did say that she was accused when we met for the first time in the prison.

I don’t have the leisure to be worrying about that right now and it is not something that I’m really interested in knowing either.

Name: Grimoire Fahren
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Level: 80
Job: Mage
HP: 31850/31850
MP: 20850/20850
STR: 1300
VIT: 4958
DEX: 19821
AGI: 1030
INT: 41942
LUC: 3291

The noble mage’s stats will come in handy. I will be using this guy. He’s a splendid war potential.

His INT is about 30% higher than the dragon so I can expect high damage from him.

Name: Allen Anderson
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Level: 30
Job: Knight
HP: 6600/6600
MP: 120/120
STR: 750
VIT: 1002
DEX: 752
AGI: 942
INT: 190
LUC: 839


Name: Elizabeth Fitz Clarence
Sex: Female
Race: Half-Succubus
Level: 38
Job: Mage
HP: 4230/4230
MP: 8100/8100
STR: 300
VIT: 562
DEX: 652
AGI: 942
INT: 5190
LUC: 330


Name: Cyan Bitch1 (EN:Ahhhhh is this suppose to be like this lol?)
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Level: 35
Job: Mage
HP: 6705/6705
MP: 6500/7300
STR: 800
VIT: 662
DEX: 752
AGI: 620
INT: 4190
LUC: 280

Not only Sophie-chan but the name given by the blonde haired loli was also a false one? Well seeing that she is the daughter of a distinguished noble, it was kind of understandable. In fact, the reason for her false name is easily understandable compared to Mercedes-chan.

Or rather, Ester-chan, have you stopped being human? I mean half-human at least. No wait, now’s not the time to be worrying if she’s a human. In the first place, it’s not good to discriminate against people. Yeah it’s not good.

Rather, there is a bigger problem now.

The group sex team is weaker than I thought.
*******If you are reading this on a place other than, this chapter has been stolen and is neither the most recent or complete chapter.*******
It would be bad if I don’t do something about this. There might be spells like BiKill, Haste or Rakukaja. 2There should definitely be a skill in hand that I could use. I wouldn’t know how we are going to pull through this fight against the dragons if not.

Magic Power Recovery (MP recovery): Lv Max
Magic Efficiency: Lv Max
Language Knowledge: Lv 1

Recovery Magic: Lv Max
Fire Magic: Lv 3
Purification Magic: Lv 5
Flight Magic: Lv 55

Remaining skill points: 0

That was what I thought but, damn. I don’t have any skill points left. This is the consequence after I got carried away earlier and pumped all my skill points on the flight magic. It was difficult to adjust.

Well it’s no use crying over spilled milk now. I should kill one of the dragon quickly so I could level up. This might be the only way to ensure the survival of the group sex team.

You can always gain the experience on the scene. I’m the OJT type of guy. 3

Aa, while I’m at it, let’s take a look at Sophia-chan’s stats.

Name: Sophia Bacon
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Level: 12
Jobs: Waitress
HP: 209/209
MP: 82/82
STR: 30
VIT: 70
DEX: 130
AGI: 92
INT: 90
LUC: 98030

(EN:I swear these names, what is going on?!) (TL: Raw is ベーコン. Let me know if anyone has a better idea. Chalk it up to the author since we have Penny Empire and Republic of Pussy too xD )

What is up with this child. She has an excessively high LUC.

Bacon, you’re amazing.

She would be able to survive on her own even if I were to leave her alone, wouldn’t she?

Well whatever. Let’s go with this.

“I will restrain the two dragons’ movement. While I am at it, I would like the rest of you to concentrate your attacks on the right one please. As discussed in the meeting, I will be taking charge here.” [Tanaka]

If the noble mage were to concentrate his firepower on one of them, it might be possible to bring one down. The other members are present too so they should be able give him a hand. We could use them to draw the attention of the two dragons in the meantime.

If we could defeat at least one, then I would not be the only one who would be gaining experience. The rest of the members will be able to level up too.

And, once I manage to acquire skill points, breaking through this obstacle would be a breeze.

The other plan I had in mind was to shoot my usual fireball attack with all my power. However, if that is not able to knock it down, then a counterattack would be inevitable. I have already experienced this before with the wyverns. Naturally, the damage would be enormous if the opponent were a last boss.

Seeing that prioritizing safety is our party’s motto, we should conclude this after defeating at least one of them. My house is indeed important but, this party is undoubtedly also just as important at this moment.

After all, they did come all the way here after listening to what this ossan had said.

Okay, okay.

For some reason the tension has gone up as though I am in a boss fight.

By the way, the reason why everyone’s HP and MP have been fully restored was because a complete preparation was already made before we encountered this last boss. Regardless of the possibility of encountering the Red or Blue Dragon, we had already gulped down the potion to prepare ourselves beforehand. Although, I wonder how much is a bottle of potion. I was afraid to enquire the price.

“You, are you really going to fight them?” [Fahren]

“I guess it’s going to be hard, isn’t it?” [Tanaka]

As expected, it appeared that ossan is also scared this time.

Would it be better to escape after all?

Nonetheless I don’t think that all the members would be able to escape this place unscathed.

“In my opinion, we would be able to minimize our damage if we were to try defeating them rather than escaping.” [Tanaka]

I made the suggestion as I looked at him straight in the eyes.

It was a little embarrassing though, since he was staring back at me too.

That’s because he was making me tense with his gaze!

“…………….” [Fahren]

“…………….” [Tanaka]

There was a troubled look on his face for a split second.

However, he nodded in agreement to my proposal in the end.

“……I got it.” [Fahren]

“You’re fine with it?” [Tanaka]

“Fine? Of course I’m fine with it. The word impossible does not exist in my dictionary.” [Fahren]

“Thank you.” [Tanaka]

Although, he seemed bewildered right now. I wonder if it would be alright.

No no. This is not the time to be worrying about it now.

If I have known this would happen, I would’ve drunk alcohol to my heart’s content before coming here.

“Then, let’s go!” [Tanaka]

I tried to look cool by flying into the sky with my newly obtained flight magic. Kicking the ground, I soared into the sky with great force. The scenery around me passed by in just the blink of an eye.

Nonetheless, flying towards the dragon’s body directly is comparable to suicide. What would happen is similar to this scenario: Just as you switch off the light as you are lying in bed in the middle of the night, a mosquito suddenly appears, buzzing around your ears. Naturally, you will direct your attention to that source of noise.

I have a feeling that it would be an instant game-over if I were to receive even a single shot right now. It would be unbearable in various ways.
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1. シアン・ビッチ = This is the raw for her name. ビッチ itself means ‘Slut’ in Japanese but it will be pronounced as ‘Bitch’ when you translate it literally. I left it as ‘Bitch’ since it’s a family name here but let me know which one you all prefer.
2. BiKill is a spell from Dragon Quest that doubles allies attack power, Haste increases speed while Rakukaja is a skill from Shin Megami Tensei series that increases allies defence.
3. On-the-job training (OJT) = Also called direct instruction.

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