Atelier Tanaka Chapter 12 (2/3)

Here’s the long-awaited second part for Atelier Tanaka. A big thanks to our new Atelier Tanaka editor, KawaiiAss for editing and polishing this chapter.
TL: Rinkage
Edited by: KawaiiAss

Dragon Extermination 2 (2/3)

“A-A flight of flare wyverns!?” [Fahren]

The noble mage cried out as soon as we got to the deck, prompting all of us to look ahead.

A group of winged, dragon-like creatures could be seen floating in the air, surrounding our airship from a distance. Among them, there were also several wyverns that appeared to be bracing themselves to ram their bodies against the airship. That might be what that has led to the vibration earlier.

“… this possibly, dangerous?”

I don’t think this is just possibly dangerous. I have a feeling that this is a dangerous situation.

Their sizes are gigantic. The wingspan of each of them is about 7 or 8 metres. At first glance, they looked like normal dragons.

In order to surround the airship, quite a number of the wyverns grouped together as they drew closer to the airship. Seriously, what are we going to do?!

I felt like I was about to pee myself. Actually, I think I have wet myself a little.

I could feel my pee trickling down little by little, the insides of my underwear are starting to feel warmer. I understand. My pee will soon become cold and, by then it will feel highly unpleasant.

I earnestly hope I can find a solution that would be able to keep the leaked out urine warm during this fight.

“This looks bad. The wind barrier put up is not strong enough to withstand the wyvern’s breath attack or body slam. If we are attacked by that many of them at once, we’ll definitely crash.“ [Fahren]


“No way…..”

Mercedes-chan and Sophia-chan’s cries could be heard in response to ossan’s mutterings.

They’re the same when it comes to their mental fortitude.

It can’t be helped. This is the time for me and ossan to come forth.

“Fahren-san, I’m sorry but could you accompany me?” [Tanaka]

“Umu. I would of done so anyway, you didn’t even have to tell me.” [Fahren]

What a reliable ossan.

If I were a woman, I’d fall for him. There’s no doubt about that.

Leaving the others on the deck, we made our way to the side of the airship.

In an open space that is roughly a dozen tatami mats in size, we turned towards the flight of wyverns in the sky.

I had a premonition that this is like an encounter that you would see before a battle in a game.

By the way, what are the stats of these guys?

Name: Francisca
Sex: Female
Race: Flare Wyvern
Level: 66
Job: Housewife1


Name: Michelle
Sex: Female
Race: Flare Wyvern
Level: 62
Job: Housewife


Name: Rachel
Sex: Female
Race: Flare Wyvern
Level: 67
Job: Maid2


Are you serious?! Aren’t these stats around the same as the high orc?

Their agility is twice as high. Even though the endurance is about half of the high orc’s, their STR and INT are somewhat high. In short, the most effective method to combat the wyverns would be to take all of them down in one shot.

Although, if I were to miss my first attack, they are likely to respond with a deadly counterattack. These kinds of enemies would usually make their appearance in the last dungeon, and deplete all of a low level player’s recovery items. It’s the type of enemy that is hated the most by users who like clearing stages at low levels.

Rather, what are the chances of winning with my current stats?

Name: Tanaka
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Level: 35
Job: Alchemist
HP: 4909/4609
MP: 99500000/99500000
STR: 375
VIT: 560
DEX: 852
AGI: 442
INT: 7922000
LUC: 29


As usual, the INT and MP are the only ones that have increased by a miraculous margin.

With an exception to LUC, the other stats are several times higher than Mercedes-chan’s.

That said, it would still be dangerous.

The possibility of a one-hit-kill doesn’t seem high.

Nevertheless, this is not the time for despair. Seeing that I have defeated the high orc the same way, my magic could still overpower their endurance in a single hit.

Kill them before they kill you if not it’ll work out somehow. In actuality, if I don’t figure something out now, it would be really bad.

Since it has come to this, I should prepare myself for the worst.

This is all for the sake of the house. It’s all for my home.

Aa, when I think of it this way, I could feel my courage coming back to me.

My dear beloved home.

Please bestow courage upon me.

“They have completely surrounded the airship. It might be quite unsettling to act separately but, Fahren-san, could you return to the rear of the ship? Leave the area around the bow to me!” [Tanaka]

“Hou, you sound quite confident there. The number of wyverns there are much higher. Is that fine with you? I have come to understand that healing magic is your forte though.” [Fahren]

“My other magic might look cute compared to my healing magic but, it does have a somewhat high offensive power.” [Tanaka]

“I understand. Then I’ll leave it to you. I’ll step back and see what you’ve got.” [Fahren]

“Thank you very much.” [Tanaka]

“Wait stop! W-What should I be doing!? I I–!” [Ester]

She could have just stayed back on the airship shivering in fright but, she wanted to come with us instead.

“You will be his backup.” [Fahren]

“I-I understand!” [Ester]

Even though she’s someone with a self-important attitude, she nodded obediently. Was it because of the noble mage? Or was it due to her realization that we are currently in a dire situation? She would look cute if only she acted like this on daily basis.

Well, it has nothing to do with me even if there’s a change in this non-virgin’s behaviour.

What’s important now are the wyverns.

After distributing specific roles to everyone, each member made their move accordingly.

On noticing us approaching them, the opponents that were initially preparing to ram their body against the airship halted their actions.

*Gururururu* They seem to be making a strange sound. It sounds like they’re scrutinizing us.

It looks like the group of monsters were observing the situation.

What is this? Are they planning to fly? The same as us?

It was as though I was able to understand their conversations.

I should not miss out on this opportunity. If this juice continues trickling down any more than this, the colour of my underwear might change. This must be avoided at all cost.

At the very least, I want preserve my dignity until I obtain the dragons liver. (EN:lol why is the author so obsessed with pee)

That is why, this is the time to display my pride and willpower.

“Ester-chan.” [Tanaka]

“W-What is it!?” [Ester]

“Just watch and learn. This is something that you will not learn in school.” [Tanaka]

An ambiguous sexual harassment.

It’s a line that I wanted to say at least once.
I raised my arm over my head.

“!!……..” [Ester]

Numerous fireballs appeared where she was staring.

The number of fireballs released were far more than the time of the high orc battle. There is a lot more space in the sky compared to last time so I was able to spread the fireballs all over.

Moreover, I have more than enough MP at my disposal. I produced several times more fireballs than the number of wyverns flying in the air.

Was it because my INT increased when I leveled up? The size of the individual fireballs looks big, at about 1 metre in diameter.

This feels great.

“Wha–…..” [Ester]

The blonde haired loli held her breath at the sight.

Would you want to drink my juice together? That is not something that I can say. (EN:lol wut) (TL: don’t ask xD)

“These are what real fireballs look like.” [Tanaka]

That was cool of me. Seriously.

If these are not sufficient in bringing them down, then it’s game over for me.

Please. Please let these fireballs work.

My favourite fireballs.

“Go!!!” [Tanaka]

I swung my right arm forward, launching the fireballs at an incredible speed. One after another balls of fire were released towards the group of wyverns flying in the sky.

By linking the wyverns as flying targets, each of the fireballs homed in on them like missiles, creating an unstoppable force.

The wyverns naturally reacted to it and tried evading the attacks before they were hit.

However, due to the blazing force, the wyverns were not able to dodge all the attacks, resulting in the wyverns being hit consecutively.

Technically speaking, if this is a fantasy-like world, wouldn’t using fire attacks be ineffective against enemies with fire attributes?

I can’t help thinking about this, but well, since it seemed to work, it’s not a problem. 3
Just like insects that were swatted out of the air, all the wyverns that received direct hits started falling one by one.

That said, a great number is a great number.

I wonder if I can strike all the wyverns down.

I continued exchanging fireballs with two or three energetic wyverns.

Oi, what’s up with this guy. Stop coming after me.
The current situation resembles something like that.

You’re quite fast there, wyvern. You’re flying at such great speed.

This might be a little dangerous.


There were little voices whispering in my head calmly, tempting me to desert the blonde haired loli and run away.

However, I think I should try enduring it for now. If the blonde haired loli were killed here by chance, I might lose all the trust Allen has in me.

We have yet to encounter the dragon so there is a possibility that the noble mage might break off the agreement in helping me. As a result, the party might collapse.

No way. I will not allow that to happen.

For that reason, all I can do now is to believe in the strength of my own fireballs.

Fireball is the best.

In actual fact, it can also be considered a Meteor Storm.

If I were to create countless fireballs in the sky then fire them towards the ground like a torrent of rain, it might be mistaken as a Meteor Storm attack. No, it will definitely look like one. I wonder how many people could tell the difference. Even the substance looks similar physically.

All in all it should be fine.

I’m sure that it would be all right too this time.

I desperately tried to stop my knees from trembling. All these thoughts were swirling in my head.

However, my expectations were betrayed.

“……There is one more remaining.” [Tanaka]

The remaining wyvern that survived was a cunning one. It had avoided all the fireball attacks by using its own kind as shield.


After confirming that all the fireballs have disappeared, that wyvern let out an ear-splitting roar as it glared angrily in my direction. It doesn’t seem to have any intention to escape from here. I wonder if wyverns are an aggressive species.

It will fight to the bitter end even if it’s the last surviving one. Seriously, just how passionate is this wyvern.

“W-Wait a minute, that one–!” [Ester]

“Yeah. This looks bad, doesn’t it?” [Tanaka]

I tried preparing another fireball in a hurry after the blonde haired loli pointed it out.

Just I was doing so, the wyvern directed its gaze here and opened its mouth.

The wyvern’s intention was plain to see, even to me.

“What the hell.” [Tanaka]

To make matters worse, it was aiming at the blonde haired loli.

Apparently it seems to have adapted the strategy of aiming at weaker ones first.

You’re really smart, wyvern. Too smart.

If I were to make a comparison, the ability of the wyvern and the orc that used direct attacks are worlds apart.

“Kyaaaaaaaaaaa–!” [Ester]

The blonde haired loli screamed.

At the same time, flames gushed out of the wyvern’s mouth.

It’s like a flamethrower.

I had once watched a video that was published to the public on how the Japanese Strategic Self Defense Force (JSSDF) handle flamethrowers. The strength of the flames breathed out at her now is double of what I had seen in the video. Several people standing within a 10 metre radius would be easily swallowed up by that blazing flame.

In other words, the blonde haired loli is in a pinch.

“Uooooooo–!!” [Tanaka]

My body moved instantly.

In order to protect her loli-sized body from the flames, I pulled her into an embrace and turned around with my back facing the wyvern.(EN: Author keeps mentioning the word loli, I think he is trying to tell us something.) (TL: I think he’s referring to the size of a certain part of her body)(EN: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

I ended up receiving the damage directly on my back.

At this rate, the blonde haired loli might get swallowed up by the flames too, reducing even her bones into nothing but ash.

Hence I invoked a sufficient amount of recovery magic for two people in one go. This magic might not be able to heal the damage to the heart but, in the case of physical injuries, it’s unrivalled in the field of recovery magic.

I confirmed it last night. This is a type of sustaining magic.

“Uu, guu, wh-what is this feeling….” [Tanaka]

My back was being burnt.

However, the burnt area was healed instantly.

The process repeated itself over and over.

The wyverns flame seems to be endless.

As a result, the flesh on my back was burnt, then healed, burnt, then healed, burnt, then healed once again. I now understand the feelings of meat shields that endure attacks from enemy bosses by barraging themselves with recovery items.

The unpleasant scent of burning flesh began permeating the air, giving me the slight urge to throw up. The smell must have come from my own body. It was so strong that it was beyond the stench of hair being burnt by a lighter.

The only thing that eased the whole ordeal was that it wasn’t too painful. The scorched area was throbbing endlessly, making me feel highly uncomfortable. I don’t think I would like to go through this for a long period of time.

“W-Wait what are you–!” [Ester]

The blonde haired loli shouted as she looked at me, looking extremely shocked.

“Please try enduring it a little longer. It’ll be difficult for the wyvern to keep it up for a long time.” [Tanaka]

“That’s not it–!! The f-flame! It’s burning your back!” [Ester]

“It feels just a little warmer than the bath at home. Leaving that aside, are you okay?” [Tanaka]

“Wha–….” [Ester]

“Allen-san would be angry if there are any burn marks on that cute face of yours. It’ll be all right. I will definitely protect you. I might seem unreliable to you but, please believe in me.” [Tanaka]

I smiled bitterly at her. This might be the only moment in which the atmosphere around made me look like an ikemen.

If a mere wyvern were to make me lose my fighting spirit here, it wouldn’t be realistic to defeat a Red Dragon. I should probably re-evaluate the capabilities of that group of lizards. I devised a plan in my head as I put on a calm front. This is also for the sake of my house. I should bear it.

Bear it.

The wyverns flame attacked seems to be getting weaker.

This is the end of its breath attack.

Not wanting to give it another opportunity, I stood up in a hurry.

I turned around and faced the wyvern.

“Ah…..” [Tanaka]

That was when I noticed it.

My body might be safe but, my clothing was beyond salvation. Portions were reduced to ash while the other areas were carbonized—turning completely black.

My entire clothes have turned into pieces of cloth. If the remaining fabric were to fall off onto the deck now, it would be an instant explosive rebirth of a middle-aged ugly man in his birthday suit.

Although, it might make me feel highly excited to stand naked in front of the blonde haired loli.

This is dangerous. I might get an erection. It’s starting to become a habit now.

“Eeeeh, eat this!” [Tanaka]

As such, I ended up throwing a fireball frantically, and killed the last surviving wyvern.

*Huuu* The pseudodragon fell to the ground.

I confirmed that all the wyverns here have been defeated.

That was what I was thinking when the blonde haired loli suddenly started rebuking me in an extremely flustered tone of voice.

“H-Hold on! Here–!” [Ester]

“Eh?” [Tanaka]

“At least please conceal the front! I-It’s completely exposed!” [Ester]

“Aa, s-sure. Thank you very much.” [Tanaka]

The blonde haired loli threw some kind of clothing to me.

What she has given me was her outer garment. Her robe.

Taking the future dragon extermination mission into account, it wouldn’t be good to expose my splendidly erected son to her. If this were a return trip, then it’s fine to unleash everything. It would be an opportunity to reach even the point of ‘Ochinchinbiron’4 seen in the dream.

Seriously, you’ve done something regrettable there, wyvern.

You just came at us as you like. I wish you had tried considering the circumstances here beforehand.

“Is this really alright?” [Tanaka]

Would it be fine even if this middle-aged oyaji’s uncut dick were to brush against the surface of this expensive looking fluffy white robe belonging to ojou-sama? Would it really be alright? I can’t guarantee that none of my hair would wind up getting stuck on the robe when I make vigorous movements. It’ll definitely happen. (EN: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) (TL: Lol, that expression is seriously priceless)

“I-It’s fine! H-H-H-Hurry up and conceal it–!” [Ester]

Ester-chan cried out, blushing furiously.

However, her eyes, with a bright sparkle seemed to fall upon my son. I felt overwhelmed by the gaze. Moreover, the fact that it was coming from a non-virgin made me confused. She should have familiarized herself with Allen’s penis by now.

That aside, this is a welcomed offer. She didn’t seem to mind if I were to use it as a loincloth. Since this would be really helpful to me, I just accepted it obediently and wrapped it around my waist.

It gave me a strange feeling when the long fur brushed against certain sensitive areas on my body.

It felt a little good.

“Whew….” [Tanaka]

I breathed out in relief.

On the other hand, I could hear the blonde haired loli gulping softly.

“Aa….” [Tanaka]

As I thought, I could still feel her gaze on my crotch.

It was neither a misunderstanding nor was I being too self-conscious.

She’s definitely looking at it.

This felt extremely awkward. I should simply convey my thanks to her to suppress this discomfort.

“E-Erm, thank you very much for your concern.” [Tanaka]

“D-Didn’t I s-say that it’s fine!” [Ester]

She looks cute when she looked away as she blushed. I would like to keep looking at it. There’s something amiss with the world now since I’m getting this feeling from a non-virgin.

I would like to lick her all over. Allen is seriously a lucky guy to have such a cute girlfriend like her.

No, wait. Now is not the time to be thinking of something like this.

I suddenly recalled that it’s not over yet.

I could hear the sound of people fighting coming from the rear of the ship. The noble mage was probably still working hard there. There were occasional “Unuu” that sounded like the groans coming from the ossan. He might be having a hard fight now.

If so, then I can’t afford to be resting leisurely here.

“Things sound quite hectic back there. Shall we go take a look?” [Tanaka]

“I-I understand! I’ll be coming along too!” [Ester]

Thus, I returned to the rear of the ship with the blonde haired loli.


Rinkage’s Footnotes

1. At this point, this image suddenly came to my mind.
2. A group of housewives and maids……
3. The original text is モーマンタイ = moumantai. It is a Cantonese phrase that literally means “No problem”. This is also a commonly used phrase by the Digimon character Terriormon.
4. オチンチンびろーん = it’s hard to explain this phrase in English so if anyone has a better idea on how I should do it, please let me know.

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