Atelier Tanaka Chapter 11 (3/3)

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Dragon Extermination 1 (3/3)

Part 3

After acquiring the group sex team, we returned to the airship.

Upon returning, someone who claimed to be a mayor seemed to be interacting and was giving a warm welcome to the noble mage at the deck but they ended their conversation as soon as we got up the steps.

After putting an end to all the flattery greetings, the airship took off to the sky once again.

Even though there was a look of regret on the mayor’s face, the noble mage paid no mind to his state and raised the altitude of the airship. The other crew members could only remain silent the entire time when they were sent off. Although the party’s hierarchical relationship was extremely intense currently, I have yet to think of dealing with it, even a little.

Well, I’ll just keep it in mind and handle this issue in near future. Unfortunately, the degree of difficulty will be high.

After taking off to the sky, I am presently in the cabin, attending a live theatre on the love triangle trouble between one man and two women. In a private room that looks similar to a ferry’s first class western room with two beds installed, sat the ‘performers’ on the sheets, making their exchanges.

Allen and Sophie were on one of the bed, side by side while the blonde haired loli and I were sitting on their opposite a little further from there. By the way, there was a tray of sandwiches that was made in the kitchen earlier, placed on my lap.

“….E-Ester, will you listen to my side of story?” [Allen]

The question from Allen resounded through the room.

The blonde haired loli who was replying to him was in constant bad mood the entire time.

In addition to her airsickness, her boyfriend was also having an affair. That double punch seemed to be considerably hard for her.

“I don’t want to. There’s nothing more to talk about between the both of us.” [Ester]

“Would you please somehow listen to me? Please Ester!” [Allen]

“No! Definitely not! I will not believe in anything you say anymore!” [Ester]

“Ester……” [Allen]

While watching Allen and Ester’s trouble scene unfolding before me, I partook of the lip-smacking sandwiches prepared by Sophia-chan. The juicy sandwiches that were stuffed with chicken-like meat and basted with an abundance of butter gradually satiate my hunger that resulted from skipping breakfast this morning.

Aa, this meal is tasty.

I deliberately brought them here all the way from the dining room just for this.
It was truly delicious, to be able to enjoy a meal made by a beautiful girl while watching another beautiful girl engaged in a jealous lover’s quarrel. This is one of the fieldwork that I would like to carry on hereafter.

“By the way, w-why are you here!?” [Ester]

I got rebuked by the blonde haired loli.

However, how could I leave a schadenfreude space like this?
(Rinkage: Original text is “meshiuma” which is a shortened version of 他人の不幸は蜜の味 [The misfortune of others’ taste like honey] or 他人の不幸でメシがうまい [Another person’s misfortune makes the food tasty] )

“I have gone as far as to delay my meal time just to explain the circumstances to you all. Nevertheless the situation this time is still a situation so I will not refute your exchanges. However, I think it would be better for you to get this over with as soon as possible.” [Tanaka]

“….So-Sorry.” [Allen]

I could feel his sense of guilt. His sense of guilt was overflowing.

I have a feeling that he was feeling extremely sorry about it.

But, it felt good. This situation felt good.

“We have a big job ahead of us so I would be really grateful if both of you can steer clear of any future trouble. While it might be slightly too forceful, you guys should draw a firm conclusion when you’re in the presence of a third party.” [Tanaka]

“C-Certainly, this was all due to my infidelity….” [Allen]

As long as I matched the story with an appropriate excuse, I would still have the upper hand.

“What do you mean by this was all due to my infidelity? I have asked you this before, haven’t I? How many times has it been now?” [Ester]

“Th-That….” [Allen]

“If it was just once or twice then, I-I would still be able to permit it. It’s a man’s resourcefulness so it couldn’t be helped. Women will naturally flock to charismatic man. I always believe that nothing can be done in that situation.” [Ester]

“……………..” [Allen]

“Nevertheless, the number of times this has happened now is out of ordinary! Even if I were to count it using both hands and feet, it still wouldn’t be enough! How much do you actually yearn for sex!? You pervert!” [Ester]

“….I-I’m sorry. I certainly can’t refute that.” [Allen]

“And the worst part of it was that you’re doing it with Sophie behind my back! Am I actually the most important one to you!? I found that I couldn’t believe in your words more and more now!” [Ester]

“That is….” [Allen]

The blonde haired loli got teary-eyed.

This ikemen. He was being lovey-dovey with Sophie-chan more than what I expected. I had always thought his number one to be that blonde haired loli but it appears that, there is a possibility that her position might drop to number two in future.

Aa, could the reason be related to this girl’s house?

On the other hand, this blonde haired loli was quite open-minded with her boyfriend. I would definitely be mad with jealousy if I were to see the woman I like being cozy with another guy. When you think of it this way, Ester-chan can be considerably big hearted. That aspect of her is something I can honestly respect.

But well, the situation in which the same case of adultery was repeated beyond two digits would bring even her to tears.

“I will, I will not believe in Allen anymore!” [Ester]

“Ester please. Could you listen to my side of story, even just a little?” [Allen]

“I will not! I will definitely not listen to you anymore!” [Ester]

I wonder why. For some reason, a mysterious sense of defeat could be felt swirling inside me.

Despite experiencing a sense of schadenfreude, I had a feeling that I was receiving damage at the same time.

Just because he was permitted to have a harem, this ikemen has found the composure to commit infidelity over and over again. My meal has turned bad now. The first-rate meal prepared by Sophia-chan is now ruined. The juicy sandwich tasted strangely bad in my mouth when I chewed it.

I wanted it to be tastier.

“I will not permit it this time! I’ve reached my limits! This will be a goodbye!” [Ester]
(Rinkage: Waiwai! Someone getting dumped (ノ^ ^)ノ)

“P-Please wait! I love you! More than anyone else in this world!” [Allen]

“!……” [Ester]

The ikemen whispered words of love.

The effect is outstanding.

The blonde haired loli’s shoulder appeared to be trembling slightly from shock.

“Even if you tell me that, I-I will definitely not be fooled again!” [Ester]

“It’s the truth! Please believe me. It was just as Sophie has said!” [Allen]

The ikemen spoke with an air of composure when the conversation shifted to Sophie-chan, the person in question beside him. Although, even when she was dragged into the conversation for query all of a sudden, all she did was just exchange look with him in silence. But, near, you’re too near, Sophie-chan. The distance between you and Allen was so close that even your thighs were touching.

“You’re the only number one for me! I love you!” [Allen]

“D-Didn’t I just say so? R-Regardless of how many times you said it……” [Ester]

The ikemen’s love attack was so effective that it was dangerous.

There was a change in the blonde haired loli’s tone.

It was plain obvious that her feelings wavered.

Is this the power of an ikemen?

My feelings were swayed as well.

Even a straight guy would be swayed if an ikemen said something like this.

Damn it Allen. You looked quite cool there.

His eyes were glittering making him look like a true gentleman.

“That’s how my feelings are, Ester. Even if I have to cast away all that I have, the only person whom I want to be with is you!” [Allen]

“!……..” [Ester]

The ikemen’s decisive line has dealt the final blow.

The blonde haired loli’s eyes were wide opened.

However, she endured it, albeit at the last moment.

“H-Hmph! How many times have I heard of the same thing now? Why don’t you just use that line on Sophie as much as you want instead? I will not believe in anything you said anymore……Will not believe it, will not believe it. Th-That’s all!” [Ester]

“E-Ester!?” [Allen]

The blonde haired loli got up from the edge of the bed.

Her complexion didn’t look too good, probably due to her airsickness.

“Goodbye!” [Ester]

She casted a glance at Allen as she said so and left the room as it is.

The door was opened and closed with a small bang that resounded through the place.

Goodbye. Even if she said so, I don’t think they will break-up that easily. Not only are they currently in the same airship flying above the sky, they will also be spending the next few days together. The blonde haired loli seems oblivious to her surroundings now. Where is she planning to escape to?

“…..Ester.” [Allen]

The ikemen who was only able to watch as she left, murmured from the other side of the door.

Sophie-chan gently held his fist that was clenched up on his knee.

“….Allen.” [Sophie]

“So-Sophie, I…….” [Allen]
(Rinkage: The original text is “Boku wa Ester o…. which indicated that he wanted to say “I love/like Ester” but since the “love/like” word is not present there and the grammatical structure of English and Japanese is different, I left it as it is)

“Even if you do, I don’t mind it.” [Sophie]

“!…..” [Allen]

They stared at each other in silence, locking gaze.

I was expecting him to go after the blonde haired loli but, what’s up with that? I’m currently detecting a strange love field around them. Sophie-chan was seriously a bold woman, more than what I had imagined. Taking Allen’s male whore state into account, this kind of accident is likely to happen in ten or twenty cases.
(Rinkage: Male Whore = Original word is actually yarichin ヤリチン, a vile slang for man who has sex with many women)

Thanks to that, the present time carried on once again, giving my mental an enormous blow.

This is no longer possible.

My heart couldn’t take it.

It wasn’t possible to continue with my meal anymore.

The sense of schadenfreude ended.

Following the blonde haired loli, I got up from the edge of the bed as well.

Allen who noticed it, called out to me.

“Aa, Tanaka-san…..” [Allen]

“This seems like a good time to end this. Please excuse me too.” [Tanaka]

“…….I’m really sorry for the trouble.” [Allen]

Though regrettable, I should withdraw from here too after the blonde haired loli.

However, even after he has fallen into such predicament, he still responded to me like a proper gentleman. He’s unmistakably a great man. If I hadn’t brought the blonde haired loli along, this wouldn’t have happened to him. Honestly, I was bracing myself to receive at least a criticism from him but, he ended up apologizing to me instead.

His good points are clearly evident. It’s not surprising that he’s popular with girls. He possessed such a straightforward nature. I’m certain that his lower part can stand upright immediately too.

I wonder if the curvature of that place be rectified.

I went back to my room and rolled around on my bed.




It must be a straight impact. My body became unexpectedly exhausted. After returning to the room and lay on the bed for just a few moments, I lost my consciousness unknowingly. It must have been a pretty deep sleep because all my fatigue has gone completely when I realized it. What time is it now?

I went to the deck from the cabin to take a look.

Upon stepping out, a beautiful morning glow of sunrise greeted my sight.

“Uwaa, it’s amazingly beautiful….” [Tanaka]

I was moved.

I was deeply moved by the scenic view.

This alone was well worth the dragon extermination trip.

Somehow the mountain-ish scenery around gave me a sense of ‘Dun dun dun dunnn!’ from the other side. The sight of the rising sun behind, casting its rays on the mountain, gradually exuding a luminous glow from the peak gave off the best feeling. I would like to take a photo of this.

“You’ve slept for a considerably long time.” [Fahren]

“Eh? Aa, hello. Good morning.” [Tanaka]

“Umu” [Fahren]

When did he make his appearance here? Without realizing it, the noble mage was already standing right beside me.

My eyes that were originally cleansed by the spectacle of the morning glow are now tainted by the appearance of this ossan.

This person couldn’t possibly have stayed up all night at the deck, could he?

“…..did you perhaps not get any sleep?” [Tanaka]

“The automatic piloting speed dropped in the middle of last night. The knight whom you have brought along was standing guard too after dark so we can deal with it just in case.” [Fahren]

“I see. If that is the case then it’s good but….” [Tanaka]

Mercedes-chan stayed up for two nights straight!? Will she be all right?

“One can always manage their own health so there is no need for you to worry about it. I could make it fly the entire night too if I wanted to. The place that my feet can reach, extend as far as the Dark Continent at the least.” [Fahren]

“I was just slightly curious about it. Apologies if it had bothered you.” [Tanaka]

“….I wasn’t actually bothered about it.” [Fahren]

If that was the case then I’m glad.

My sense of guilt was slightly stimulated.

Since I had gone to sleep comfortably by myself.

“Considering the return trip, it might not be a bad idea to teach FitClarence’s daughter the method in steering the airship too. I’ll give her the guidance once I find the appropriate time. Doing so might possibly achieve more distance.” [Fahren]

“It would be of great help if you can do so.” [Tanaka]

“But that girl hasn’t come out from her room since last night. Did something happen?” [Fahren]

“Ah no, she was just experiencing slight motion sickness.” [Tanaka]

“Personally I have not heard of the story on people experiencing motion sickness when they are operating their own airship. I have not experienced any nauseous feeling before myself so I do not understand much about it.” [Fahren]

“I see.” [Tanaka]

I think her current problem might be her mental state but, it would be a little scary to leave the piloting to her.

“I’ll check out the state of the kitchen for a while.” [Tanaka]

“Aa, I got it.” [Fahren]

I parted with the noble mage who appears to be in a good mood and went straight to Sophia-chan.




The airship’s kitchen.

A spacious kitchen.

Besides Sophia-chan, for some reason Allen was there too. What were the former and latter doing so early in the morning? I wouldn’t deny that it did pique my interest.

Just looking at the appearance of the two of them standing close to each other as they faced the stove, or to be more precise, just looking at the way Sophia-chan was directing a sickly-sweet gaze at Allen, ruined my refreshing mood in the morning.

“Good morning.” [Tanaka]

I crossed the threshold and greeted them, causing Sophia-chan’s shoulder to tremble at the same time. She turned behind frantically. Upon seeing me, she looked somewhat compose as she heaved a sigh. She must have shuddered, probably thinking that the noble mage was assaulting her.

On the other hand, Allen was able to maintain his composure as he turned over calmly.

“Tanaka-san. Good morning.” [Allen]

“Could Allen-san possibly be the one who is usually in charge of cooking?”

“No, I don’t usually do so……” [Allen]

Could he have been aiming for the taste of Sophia-chan’s pussy since yesterday? That pussy belongs to me. Although the person herself might refuse it, it’s the one that I wanted at least. It was no exaggeration to say that I have reserved it.

She’s definitely a virgin. I believe it.

“At this rate, it would be impossible to work together as a party so I would like to improve Ester’s mood somehow. But Sophia-san said it was impossible for me to borrow the kitchen.” [Allen]

“I see. So that’s how it is.” [Tanaka]

Certainly that loli appears to be the type who is easily influenced by food.

“N-No, it’s not impossible. If I can be of help to Allen-san then, I will gladly help you in any way I can. Rather, to be able to stand together in the same kitchen with knight-sama is my greatest honour!!” [Sophia]

Sophia-chan appears to be really happy.

It was the most contented smile I have seen on her so far.

Is this the power of ikemen? It’s unbearable.

I ended up smiling here too.

“If that’s the case then why don’t I help too? Though I may not look like it, I have somewhat confidence in my skill. Using the equipment here, I can probably create simple baked sweets but…” [Tanaka]

“Eh, sweets? Really?” [Allen]

“Eh…..” [Tanaka]

A joyful look could be seen on Allen’s face as he exclaimed out loud.

In contrast, I caught sight of a hateful look on Sophia-chan’s face that came from the bottom of her heart. The latter was not really obvious but I could clearly see it. It would’ve been better if I haven’t seen it. I think I could heal any physical damage with magic but, I don’t think I could recover the damage to the heart.

“I’m sorry but, do you think you can teach me how to make it?” [Allen]

“Sure. Then let’s work hard in making delicious sweets.” [Tanaka]

“I’ll be in your care, Tanaka-san.” [Allen]

I did it! A victory to my cooking skill!

The foreshadowing of the camping incident the other day during our adventure came back again.

Although, it felt extremely unsatisfactory to take advantage of one’s pessimistic way.

“Ano, I can help actually so Tanaka-san didn’t need to go through the trouble to….” [Sophia]

“It’s embarrassing to say this but, I have nothing else to do now. This is also a form of interaction so would you join us as well? We will be fellow companions who would be fighting for life in these few days so I would like to cherish these small relations that we have with each other.” [Tanaka]

“B-But, weren’t you having an important talk with noble-sama!?” [Sophia]

“No, I had enough conversation with him already so there’s no problem.” [Tanaka]

Who would prefer talking to an ossan who is older than even themselves.

Even if you were to leave him alone, he would still be able to run most things well by himself.

“Certainly he’s a well-known noble. Nevertheless, there will be no social status difference in this party’s relationship. Rather, even if the person himself wanted an exchange that might risk exposing Allen-san to danger, I will still believe in prioritizing things that are more important.” [Tanaka]

“Ta-Tanaka-san, for you to have gone so far as to say something like this………I’m really grateful!” [Allen]

“But, that….” [Sophia]

The ikemen was only one reflected in her pupils the entire time.

This person is definitely a menkui. There’s no doubt about it.
(面食い­ (menkui) = someone who only goes for people with a beautiful or handsome face)

“Besides, Sophia-san still needs to prepare breakfast too. Thus, if I were the one to help him, it wouldn’t cause any problem to everyone else. I do not hate doing this kind of work so please let me help too.” [Tanaka]

So, why don’t you let me do it?

That was a flawless and logical explanation.

Once I won over the ikemen to my side, Sophia-chan no longer has any other means to oppose to it.

“….I-Is that so.” [Sophia]

Even though it was just slightly, she directed her glance down to her feet, showing a conduct that indirectly conveyed how she didn’t find it amusing. I might fail to notice it if I wasn’t such a Sophia-chan mania.

The feeling was slightly refreshing.

The image of her frightened state yesterday seems like a thing of the past now.

“Well then, let’s start sweets making immediately.” [Tanaka]

“Yes, Tanaka-san. I’ll be counting on you to give me the guidance.” [Allen]

*smile* A slight smile floated across the ikemen’s face.

“I-I’ll be in your care!” [Sophia]

Sophia-chan frantically responded with a big smile on her face to camouflage her earlier expression.

I love that side of you too.

*squeeze* The one place that couldn’t recover ended up getting stimulated, giving me a sense of pleasure.

I wonder if I’m a masochist. I guess I’m a masochist.

I wound up making the snacks happily with Sophia-chan and Allen.




Judging from the result, Allen’s strategy was a big success.

After breakfast, it happened just as she was seated at the table, sipping her tea.

“E-Ester, will you accept this?” [Allen]

“…..What? What is it?” [Ester]

Allen brought up the subject again before everyone’s eyes.

He was probably doing this out of concern for the others. With exception to the noble mage who has brought the meal back to his room to eat and the lesbo lady knight who looked fatigued due to the late night shift, there were only five people here. In the uncordial atmosphere, the ikemen whipped a paper bag out of his breast pocket.

I wonder how many baked goods were kept in that small paper bag consisting of imitation cookies. Allen made them beside Sophia-chan earlier while she was preparing breakfast.

The reason why I said they were imitation cookies were because the ingredients that were used were slightly different than the ones I knew. Flour, sugar and butter do not exist in this world. Nevertheless, we managed to find similar looking foodstuff that we could make use of to make them. Hence they were imitation cookies.

The texture of the food looks like cookies themselves. They were sweet and deliciously crunchy.

Well, it’ll be good to call them cookies.

“Would you eat them? They are your favourite sweets.” [Allen]

“H-Haa? Wh-Why sweets….” [Ester]

“I want to reconcile with you so I made them while being taught by Tanaka-san.” [Allen]

“Eh? Allen did this!?” [Ester]

“Un.” [Allen]

“….I see.” [Ester]

Right at that moment, the blonde haired loli’s expression became gentle.

She’s easy. She’s way too easy.

If you don’t work harder, my meal wouldn’t taste nice.

“Do you not like them?” [Allen]

“I-If you have gone through that trouble much trouble just to make them, then I don’t mind accepting them.” [Ester]

“Is that true? Thank you. I’m glad.” [Allen]

Allen would definitely be smiling pleasantly here.

He will definitely be grinning from ear to ear.

See! He really is doing it!

I had gradually grasped the ability to read Allen’s facial expression now.

I have not put it into practice or anything like that but it was somehow embedded into my mind little by little.

Damn it!

“……Will it be all right for me to eat them?” [Ester]

“I would be happy to know what you think of them, I think.” [Allen]

“Un…..” [Ester]

She put the cookie into her small cute mouth and crunched it as Allen looked at her with a smile on his face.

On the opposite of them, Sophia-chan was just sitting in line without any expression on her face as usual. The group sex team is currently occupying the entire dining table that was meant for 6 people.

“How is it?” [Allen]

“…H-Hmmh, it’s not comparable to the things that I usually eat at all.” [Ester]

“I see….I’m sorry. I will try making the next one better…” [Allen].”

“But!! I-I don’t dislike the taste!” [Ester]

“Ester….” [Allen]

Allen was gazing at her longingly.

At this point, if he were to use an attack that would stimulate one’s maternal instinct, no woman will be able to win against him anymore.

Ester-chan was just as I expected.

“…….This is seriously the last time. There won’t be another time, absolutely.” [Ester]

“Thank you, Ester. I’m really happy now.” [Allen]

“H-Hmph! I was just in a good mood!” [Ester]

The blonde haired loli glanced away, emanating an embarrassed yet happy kind of feeling.

This damn tsundere-chan.

Looking at their affectionate appearance caused my heart to ache.

This is not good.

I need recovery magic now.

I need a magic to cure the heart.

If I were to think about this calmly, this is what happens after I decreased Sophia-chan’s favourability and mediated relationship between Allen and the blonde haired loli. Just how much of a masochist was I?! Leaving them alone would actually make it much tastier for me. What a stupid thing I’ve done!

Although, this is a necessary step to take for the sake of our mission.


I stood up quietly from my seat and left the dining room without anyone noticing.




Thus, I have further concluded from this incident that recovery magic has no effect on the damage to one’s heart.

Even if I were to use a healing magic as strong as my MP would permit, I will not be able to fill up the large gaping hole in my heart.

Let’s try the sustaining type magic that I overheard from the rumours.

It is the kind you use when you are in constant pain.

In that instant, a tremendous power pervaded me, unexpectedly causing my whole body to shine brightly at the same time. However, the emptiness of my heart became even more distinctive, making me feel depressed all the more.

Halfway through the noble mage suddenly barged into the room with an extremely shocked look his face. After explaining it to him that nothing was going on, I forcibly persuaded him to go back. I didn’t want to see this ossan’s face now, especially in times like this.

In short, my mental was at its limit.

“….Should I just go to sleep?” [Tanaka]

Out of bad mood, I stayed in bed.

The only cure for this heart illness would be two dimensional erotic images. I missed masturbating in front of my computer. Come to think of it, I have not masturbated at all for the past several days. How unhealthy. I must have accumulated quite a lot now.

As a result of the recovery magic I used earlier, my body was in tip top condition too.


Once I became conscious of it, there was no turning back for me anymore.

I started masturbating while visualizing Ester-chan and Sophie-chan’s group sex scene.

It was the best feeling. Sophie-chan in particular felt really good.

Well that’s because Sophie-chan is cute.



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      1. TruthSpeaker

        It is funny though. Maybe you should go read some Twilight or something instead if you can’t appreciate a good story like this one.


  8. Tanaka is acting like a person whose in the fantasy mode and stuck there. This is reality with magic, Young girls won’t look at older guys, most of the girls here are just Faces, no brain behind that face.

    I would label him as “Nobunaga Hazama” from Hunter X Hunter. Cooled, sideline player than will kill anyone at the drop of a hat.


    1. Anonymous

      I should just finish the volume and be done with this novel altogether. My heart is aching just reading this, I can’t take it.


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