Atelier Tanaka Chapter 13 (1/3)

Translated by: Rinkage
Edited by: KawaiiAss

Dragon Extermination 3 (1/3)

Our destination, Mount Pepe is right before our eyes.

Preparation is complete.

“Here we go!”

The crew members could be seen on the bridge.

After meeting up with Sophia, who was on standby inside the airship, as well as Sophie and Allen, all the members were accounted for. The rocky surface of Mount Pepe finally came into everyone’s view at the front of the bridge deck.

By the way, I changed out of the blonde haired loli’s robe and into a simple shirt and trousers.

I have freed myself from my half-naked condition and returned the robe.

Although, just when I was feeling curious about what she’d do once I returned it back to her, she wrapped the robe around herself once again, wearing it presently. Even though that robe has been in contact with my willy, she took it back just like that, seeming to pay no mind to it at all. Rather, I was the one who ended up being surprised by her action.

When I tried confirming it with her, it seems to be an item that is resistant to breath attacks. “There’s no way I can challenge a dragon without wearing it first!” That was what she said. Feelings of guilt welled up inside me, tormenting my heart with each throb. The sense of immortality that surfaced simultaneously made me tremble as well.

Well, putting my fetish aside, we’ll be making our crucial emergency landing now.


The noble mage roared as he held his staff in one hand as the center of the bridge floated up.

At the same time, the bow of the airship raised up a little.

*krrk krrk* A loud screech resounded when the layer of steel on the airship’s belly came into contact with the ground scratching against the surface. Naturally, the impact was huge. Everyone desperately clung onto chairs or anything that were installed on the bridge.

The sole person who was not affected by this was only the noble mage that floated in the air.

Rather, flight magic is seriously convenient.


The noble mage raised a cry that was unbecoming for him; with clear desperation displayed on his face.

This is apparently the crucial moment.

*Zugagagagaga* The sound of bridge rattling echoed through the air.

Seriously, give me a break.

“W-We’re going to die! We’re going to die! Dear God!! That’s why I said it was impossible from the start!! I-It’s not possible for mere daughter of a bar owner to be a part of a dragon extermination team–!! This is never going to work!! W-We’ll definitely going to die–!!”” [Sophia]

The person with the lowest mental fortitude who was fast reaching her limit began screaming.

As a result, everyone else seemed to brace themselves and clung on tight at the last minute.

They might have regained their own composure after looking at someone else’s unsightly behaviour. Since I’m experiencing it myself now, the others might have felt the same way.

Nice job, bar’s poster girl!

This is unexpectedly a great party.

The only thing that’s lacking in this team is affection.

“Kyaa–….” [Ester]

However, one’s state of preparedness and one’s physical performance are entirely two different things.

The blonde haired loli was at the mercy of the violent vibration.

Her fingers slipped off and she lost her grip, causing her body to fly up into the air.

“E-Ester-!” [Allen]

Allen who fell into panic, cried out. However, he was in no position to help her as he was in a dire situation himself, desperately clinging to the side of the wall. He tried reaching for Ester with his hand out but he was unfortunately not able to reach her. In the meantime, her body which was left to the mercy of swing, slid off the bridge. If someone doesn’t do something about it, she’ll soon crash into the pillar.

“Kyaaaaaaaaa–!!” [Ester]

Her cry dragged on until it reached a high-pitched scream.

This is bad.

Quickly do something about it Allen. You’re the ikemen, aren’t you, Allen!

It was troublesome since the person whom I was placing my hope on couldn’t move as well. If he were to throw himself out just to save her, the number of people who might get injured due to this violent turbulence would increase to two. He must have understood it. Since the dragon hunt would be coming shortly after this, the ikemen wasn’t able to make his move freely.

I did mention it to them before that I could use recovery magic on any injuries as many times as I want but, a pain is still a pain. Even I understand that. This is especially true for bruises. The pain that gradually develops and spreads throughout the body starting the very instant you receive the blows is unbearable. Besides, there is a high possibility of an instant death if one were to receive the hit directly on the head.

If that’s the case then it can’t be helped. This is the time I should show my guts as the party leader.

Come out skill window.

Magic Power Recovery (MP recovery): Lv Max
Magic Efficiency: Lv Max
Language Knowledge: Lv 1

Recovery Magic: Lv Max
Fire Magic: Lv 3
Purification Magic: Lv 5

Remaining skill points: 55

Alright. The level increased after defeating the High Orc and wyverns.

I received a lot of skill points.

That was quite an amazing amount.


“Go-!” [Tanaka]

This is it.

Magic Power Recovery (MP recovery): Lv Max
Magic Efficiency: Lv Max
Language Knowledge: Lv 1

Recovery Magic: Lv Max
Fire Magic: Lv 3
Purification Magic: Lv 5
Flight Magic: Lv 55 (EN: Holy Jesus lol)

Remaining skill points: 0


Crap. I got way too over enthusiastic to the point where I wound up spending all the skill points.

This feeling was similar to when I played a game the last time. I was hitting the button repeatedly so I could skip through all the conversation scenes. Since I didn’t have the leisure to confirm the details for all the important choices, I just went straight ahead. Or rather, why has it not reach max level yet even at level 55? What is the max level for this skill? I seriously wonder about it.

Well whatever. What matters now is the blonde haired loli.

Safety first. That’s my party’s philosophy.

I will not permit any casualties in my party.

I love happy ending.

“Hold onto me!” [Tanaka]

Flying middle-age oyaji number 2, at your service!

I caught the blonde haired loli in my arm by maneuvering in the air using flight magic.

“!….” [Ester]

Right at the moment when I caught and held her to my chest, she opened her eyes wide.


Well I guess she would be surprised if the one embracing her was the ugly middle-aged oyaji with soy sauce face. 1

I would be surprised too if it were me.

“I understand what you’re trying to say but, just calm down for now.” [Tanaka]

“W-Wait…m-my breasts…..” [Ester]

Even so, this flight magic is considerably hard to use. If I were to relax my body, I would likely be pushed straight towards the wall due to the relative velocity of the airship. If so then, how will the rotation of the planet affect the flight? It made me seriously wonder about it. Could the reason be due to the workings of my unconscious mind since I was originally born on earth?

In any case, it was really difficult to stay in one place.

There was no blurriness within even 1 mm of my vision. I guess that was because my flight magic is at level 55. I wonder what is the state of the noble mage in the sky, who was in the middle of flying the airship. There is a possibility that there is no connection between the level of the magic and the stability of the flight. He might just be used to it actually.

“….I mean my b-breasts…..” [Ester]

“I’m really sorry. Could you endure it for a little longer?” [Tanaka]

“!….” [Ester]

“It must be really unpleasant for you. I’m sorry.” [Tanaka]

All I did was just apologize.

I’m truly behaving like how a Japanese would be.

I’m rather proud of myself.

By the way, the reason why the blonde haired loli was making a fuss was because my arm was pressing hard onto her breast. I hadn’t noticed it at all since I caught her in my arms in that moment of crisis. I’m happy. I’m happy. I’m seriously happy to be a lucky lewd. This is my first time touching the breasts of an opposite sex ever since I was born. What? Is that bad?

Although, I couldn’t feel much since they are too flat.

“I-It wasn’t unpleasant in particular….” [Ester]

The blonde haired loli muttered in a subdued voice and looked away, snubbing me.

Did you hate it that much?

Just because she’s a used woman, doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t receive any damage.

I can afford it.


First of all, if I managed to return safely, I will go to fūzoku. 2

I’ll release as much as I like.

Then I’ll buy a large dog breed.

A Golden Retriever in particular.

Yup. This is fine.

“Unuoooooooooo–!!!” [Fahren]

On the other hand, the ossan voice became increasingly loud.

The sound wave of your deep voice has hit my eardrum. Couldn’t you do something about it?

Nevertheless, the velocity of the airship seemed to have dropped judging by the scenery that went by from the bridge’s window. It appeared that we were steadily decelerating. Could the ossan’s cry be affecting the speed of the airship? At any rate, the effect is outstanding. Good job noble mage. Do your best, noble mage.

After around 2 to 3 minutes, the airship then came to a complete stop.

“Haa….haa….haa…..” [Fahren]

As expected, the noble mage wasn’t able to endure it too. His shoulder rose and fell as he breathed heavily.

Not only was he able to keep himself levitated in a fixed position in mid-air, he also has enough power to take control of an airship that was gaining momentum and forced it to crash-land. He did refer himself as a genius in magic. Unlike someone like me who uses only fireball attack, this ossan is a multi-talented man.

“We seemed to have landed safely, haven’t we?” [Tanaka]

When I shot the question at him indirectly, he wiped the sweat off his brow with his hand.

“Fuu, that is natural. Nothing is impossible if I am in charge.” [Fahren]

His voice trembled. He appeared to have pulled it off at the last moment.

If that’s the case then you should’ve told me beforehand.

But, thanks. I’m grateful to you, noble mage. You’re cool.

“It would be better for us to leave the airship as soon as we can.” [Fahren]

“Why is that?” [Tanaka]

“All the noises made from that landing has attracted too much attention. There is a high possibility that the demons inhabiting the area would gather once they heard the noise. It would still be fine if salamanders are the only ones drawn here but, if the Red Dragon were to come here by chance as well, even both of us might have a hard time with it.” [Fahren]

I see. You’re quite right.

“I got it. Then let’s escape immediately after packing up.” [Tanaka]



1. Soy Sauce Face = typical Japanese face. You can check out the page here for all the references.
2. fūzoku 風俗 = literally means ‘public morals’. Fuzoku is a sex industry that composed of soaplands, pink salons, health, and image clubs.

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    1. seinky

      The main problem is the MC himself, even if all girls fall in love with him, he will never notice because of his trauma of “Im an ugly disgusting middle aged man” XD


          1. Skittles

            Not really. He has never said he would only have sex with a virgin. Plus look at all his fantasising over brothels. He would have done it then in the story, but got conned.

            I would reckon though that there are also hints that whatever the “group sex” group is doing is possibly not sex. The scene earlier when the door was kicked down but the two doing the dirty were somehow immediately sitting in seiza on the bed fully clothed? Even for what is a comedy the story has otherwise been realistic, so seemed bizarre. And her reaction to his clothes being destroyed exposing himself was likewise a bit odd.


      1. Robbini

        The only times someone who looks like him manages to steal someone who looks like from someone who looks like an ikemen, is darker hentai, and he probably hasn’t considered following one of those routes, so it is rather unlikely.

        That or he loses clothes again, and is revealed to be much mightier than the ikemen or for that record way above the average man there.

        As for Sophia, she probably hasn’t considered she has a choice, so she won’t be aggressive, whereas for Mercedes… unless she goes Bi,.


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