Atelier Tanaka Chapter 11 (2/3)

Here’s part 2. There are still 8800+ words left and I’ll be done with chapter 11   x3

Dragon Extermination 1 (2/3)

Part 2

When I was first told about the airship kitchen, I was imagining it to be something similar to a one-room apartment. Nevertheless, why is this place so well-equipped with such excellent facilities?  The structure and facilities installed are about the same as the dining kitchen of a luxurious apartment. This fully equipped kitchen is far better than mine at home.

“Yo.”  [Tanaka]

“Hii–!!”  [Sophia]

Sophia-chan gave out a short shriek and her shoulders could be seen trembling.

The kitchen knife in her hand stopped right above the cutting board as she looked here.

“I-I sincerely apologize for this but I’m still in the midst of cooking…”  [Sophia]

“Aa no, I’m not here to urge you in particular. I just came here to see how things are.”  [Tanaka]

“…eh, aa is that so?”  [Sophia]

Her expression didn’t seem to be fine throughout the entire time since we met earlier. It must be the noble mage’s fault in all probability.

Owing to him, her antipathy towards me was the worst.

We’re currently in the process of exterminating a dragon so it’s my mission to improve this situation somehow.

“I’ve heard of most of the details already but, there’s something that I would like to confirm.”  [Tanaka]

“Eh? W-What do you mean by that?”  [Sophia]

“In regards to the reason the noble mage went to your shop.”  [Tanaka]

“T-That…”  [Sophia]

“He overheard the rumours about the beauty of your magic, so it appears that he went all the way to pay your shop a visit.”   [Tanaka]

“No, well, even if you say that….”  [Sophia]

I would be trouble by it. I felt as if I could read what she was trying to say just from her expression.

Well, that is to be expected.

There are hardly anything good about being liked by that mad noble.

“Was it Mermaid’s Charm? He must have wanted to see that magic.”  [Tanaka]

“No, b-but I can’t use any magic! I’m telling the truth!”  [Sophia]

“Yeah it looks as if he has understood it. He doesn’t seem to be especially interested in it now.”  [Tanaka]

“I-Is that so….”  [Sophia]

For some reason, there was a complicated expression on her face when I said that he wasn’t especially interested in it now. A woman’s heart can be so difficult. She appears like the type to be pampered as a child so I guess that was natural.

Based on the conversation that I have eavesdropped in the bar, there still seemed to be a fairly high percentage of young women who were still aiming for low ranking nobilities’ second or third son just so that they could be married into wealth or prestige.

Although majority of them never ended up achieving their wish, the overall result wasn’t zero. Hence it might still appear realistically possible to the bar’s poster girl.

Well, that is only if the other party is able to endure the noble mage.

“In other words, you don’t need to be that tense actually.”  [Tanaka]

“…..Will it really be all right?”  [Sophia]

“It was confirmed before boarding the airship earlier. It’s something that I normally do when I encounter a noble like that too so I don’t think there should be any objections later on.”  [Tanaka]

“……………..”  [Sophia]

“So like I said, please prepare the meal with ease.  Aa, another thing. It’s about the number of people. We might be getting another one or two more people on board later on so I would appreciate it if you can make slightly bigger portion.”  [Tanaka]

“I-I understand…..”  [Sophia]

Good, good. The follow-up should be sufficient with this.

I knew I can do it, if I wanted to.

Recently, I felt as if my communication power has increased a little.

With this, I had a feeling that it had become something like a plus-minus zero.

“Then I’ll be going to take a short break. Please excuse me.”  [Tanaka]

“Ah y-yes.”  [Sophia]

I went to the cabin quickly to avoid exposing my weakness.






As I was lying down on the bed in my room, the airship began to descend steeply.

I was initially dozing off but I had woken up completely. We might have possibly reached Kiwau by now. I walked through the passage and went outside. On reaching the deck, I realized that everyone except Sophia-chan was already there.

The airship seemed to have landed in the centre of a wide open space. It must be really conspicuous as more and more people in the neighbourhood gathered around, aroused by their curiosity. However, once they noticed the country’s symbol on the airship’s outer wall, I doubt anyone will have the courage to come close anymore. I guess they will probably be observing only from afar.

Ten meter plus away from here, someone who resembles a military police could be seen rushing over.

“It looks like we have arrived.”  [Tanaka]

“Umu. You should hurry up and bring him over. I’ll be waiting in the airship.”  [Fahren]

“Got it.”  [Tanaka]

I nodded. As I looked around, I found the blonde haired loli with a pale blue-faced leaning over the deck’s railing.

I wouldn’t be able to talk him into joining if I don’t bring this person along.

“Let’s go.”  [Tanaka]

“W-Wa–Wait for a moment. I’m still feeling slightly sic–……..”  [Ester]

“You’ll gradually recover after walking for a bit.”  [Tanaka]

“A–, gya–……”  [Ester]

I grasped her arm and pulled her along by force, unintentionally causing her to throw up a little in the process.

Safe. My shirt wasn’t hit so no problem.

“I-I’ll be coming along too!”  [Mercedes]

Mercedes-chan tagged along after that.

The blonde haired loli appeared to be her preference for some unexpected reason. By taking advantage of her current airsick state, she could do as she please on the pretence of goodwill. Her motive was as clear as crystal. Although, I actually don’t think that this blonde haired loli or noble mage were really that big shots.

“Sto-stop it–, I’m serious…. It’s not possible, it’s seriously not possible–……”  [Ester]

“If you were to express yourself a little more, you would look cuter. There’ll be a demand for it….”  [Tanaka]

“There’s no way that it’s true, isn’t it!? Ah, wa–….”  [Ester]

Every single minute is precious now.

If she were a virgin, I might have shown her some consideration.
(Rinkage: The original text was “unpenetrated virgin” but I decided to leave it as “virgin”)
However, I do not go easy on someone whose hymen has been broken by another person’s stick (dick). I’ll pull her, haul her or do anything to get her off the airship by force.

We stepped down from the airship through the deck.

Thereupon, the military police earlier, who was armed with metallic armour and spear rushed over to us.

He was a young man who looked younger than me (probably in his mid-twenties). His shortly trimmed brown hair with clear blue eyes that further complemented his face makes him look handsome enough to be called an ikemen. Although not as good looking as Allen, I was confirmed that he is certainly popular too.

“Wh-What is going on!?”  [brown haired ikemen?]

He asked as he looked at the airship, shaking in fear.

Just at the right time. Let’s try asking him.

“Excuse me but are you acquainted with Allen from the knight corps?”  [Tanaka]

“Eh? Do you mean Captain Allen? If you are then he’s at an inn nearby here but, well, m-may I know where this airship is from? Are you under urgent business?”  [brown haired ikemen?]

“This airship was borrowed by Lord Fahren there from the country. I’m sorry but could you guide me to that inn? We have an urgent matter with him.”  [Tanaka]

I gazed at the deck, indirectly pointing it out to him.  The ossan was standing at the deck, overlooking here.

“Ah yes! I understand!”  [brown haired ikemen?]

On seeing the noble mage standing there, the military police became obedient immediately.

Such a convenient ossan.

The military police rendered a proper salute before guiding us directly to the inn where Allen is staying.






I was guided around the inn’s entrance and the area around the counter. It seemed to be built on a moderate scale and could accommodate approximately 100 guests. It once served as a restaurant before with the number of customers coming in reaching at least 90%, prompting them to seek for help even in the afternoon.

“He’s staying on the second floor of the inn, in room 203.” [brown haired ikemen?]

“I see. Thank you for guiding me.”  [Tanaka]

“N-No worries! I’ll excuse myself then!”  [brown haired ikemen?]

The military police quickly walked off.

After watching his back disappearing to the corner, we made our way to the said room 203.

We went over to the counter and explained it to the ossan who looked like the manager, and was given permission to pass through without even a word of complaint. This area didn’t seem much different than a business hotel in Japan. I wonder if it was because this is an expensive place. I don’t get it.

“Ester-san, can you please try walking on your own?”  [Tanaka]

“Hii~, fuuu~, hee~…..I-I’ll remember this….”  [Ester]

I was still dragging the blonde haired loli along as I walked.

On the other hand, the lady knight was following us without uttering a single word. It seems that, she was feeling excited at the sight of Ester-chan who was still suffering from airsick. She was literally staring at her distress state with a look of ecstasy on her face. Did you see that? It was just as what I had said. There’ll be a demand for it if you were to express yourself a little more.

We finally reached the room not long after. There is a plate in the centre of the wooden door, bearing the number 203.

This is the place.

“Allen-sa…”  [Tanaka]

I raised my arm, wanting to knock on the door but my hand stopped halfway. For some reason I could hear voices coming from the other side.

“Ahn, nn……Allen, amazing, it’s amazing!”

“Aa, it feels good, it feels good too, Sophie……”

“Does Sophie’s inside feel good to you too? Uu, I’m glad! More! Ahn! Ah! Ah! More, more, please make Sophie feel even better, ahnn! Give me more!”

“Aa, I’m cumming! I’ll be cumming inside!”

“Let it all out! Ahn, ahn, ahn, please cum inside!!”

What on earth are they doing.
It’s just a massage, isn’t it? They are just massaging each other, aren’t they?
There is also a possibility that they’re just brushing their teeth, isn’t it?
Well, it’s possible since I can’t see it from here.






A wave of silence swept over the blonde haired loli, the lesbo lady knight and me.

However, it only lasted for a short while. The silence was broken by Ester’s holler almost instantly.

“A-Alleeeeennnnnn!!!!!!!”  [Ester]

She kicked open the door with everything she had.
I wasn’t sure if the hinge was just loose, or that the power of her kick was excellent but, either way the door was blown off into the room.


It came off completely and fell to the floor.

The sight that greeted us as soon as we jumped into the room was, the two of them sitting in seiza on the bed.

They seemed to be properly dressed so, let’s see. What they were doing earlier?
Ah, this ojiisan don’t know. Aa, I don’t know, I don’t know. Damn!

“E-Ester!?”  [Allen]

“What’s the meaning of this!? What were you guys going just now!?”  [Ester]

As expected, even this ikemen wasn’t able to make up an excuse in this situation. He looked extremely flustered.

Conversely, Ester-chan just stepped into the room in a haste, paying it no mind at all.

She has the look of a demon now. She seemed to be in a tsundere beyond tsundere state as she glowered at him with her partly-closed eyes.
(TL: ツンデレを越えたツンデレ状態)

“No, th-this is…..I mean….”  [Allen]

“Didn’t you promise that you won’t do it when I’m not around!” [Ester]

“……………………”  [Allen]

“I’m the first and Sophie’s the second. So, so, wasn’t that the only reason why I permitted it!?”  [Ester]

The blonde haired loli was shouting with a flushed face.

It appears that number 1 classified this as a lover’s rendezvous that has broken their regulations while number 2 was escaping reality by burying her face in Allen’s chest.

Aa, I believed in it, Sophie-chan. You’re playing such a role as the mistress here.
Someone from the pretentious cutie (ぶりっ子) group should be like that at the very least.
(ぶりっ子: A woman or girl who acts cute by playing innocent or helpless in front of the opposite sex.)

“W-Wait a minute, Ester. Please calm down a little.”  [Allen]

“It’s not about waiting or not waiting now! I-I-If it’s just once then I can still endure it but, h-h-h-how many times has it been now!? It feels aggravating to even count it!”  [Ester]

So he’s a repeat offender.

As I thought, an ikemen’s level is high. He was cheating on such a cute blonde haired loli girlfriend.

If it were me, I have confidence that I would not look at another woman.

“P-Please wait a minute, Ester. I-I was the one who tempted Allen……”  [Sophie]

“That’s even worse!”  [Ester]

“!…..”  [Sophie]

Quite so, indeed.
Anyway, will I invite these guys under the current circumstances?
No, it’s not about inviting or not inviting them.
I’ll invite them!

“All right, please wait for a moment everyone. It’s not the time for this now.”  [Tanaka]

“I will not wait! This IS the time!”  [Ester]

“Enough of that. Look, why don’t you just go to the corner of the room and revert back to being the vomiting girl earlier.”  [Tanaka]

If I were to leave them be, they will keep going on forever. The noble mage and Sophia-chan are still waiting in the airship. It’s seriously a waste to squander time in this lover’s quarrel staged by the ikemen.

“W-What do you mean by vomiting girl!?”  [Ester]

“Yes yes, please go back to being vomiting girl. Go, go throw up, go throw up.”  [Tanaka]

I grabbed the blonde haired loli’s head and shook her around in all directions.

“Wai–, st-stop–…….”  [Ester]

Soon enough, the blonde haired loli covered her mouth and ran to the corner of the room. She began vomiting.

In order to seize the opportunity, the lesbo lady knight started rubbing her back at the same time.
Nice combination.
Thanks to that, I could finally start my discussion with Allen.

“Wa-wait a minute, Tanaka-san!? What did you do to he-!?”  [Allen]

“She was just suffering from motion sickness after being jolted in the airship. More importantly, I have something important to discuss with you. Will you lend me an ear?”  [Tanaka]

“Eh? Well, that….”  [Allen]

“Could you participate in the dragon extermination operation with us?”  [Tanaka]






I explained the circumstances to him without delay.

In the beginning, he didn’t seem to believe in me when I told him about exterminating the red dragon. However, my intention was transmitted safely when he confirmed the huge airship bearing the country’s symbol in the open space through the inn’s window.

“That’s all. It was an abrupt request so I would like to apologize for the trouble but, could you accompany us in this operation?”  [Tanaka]

“A-Are you serious?”  [Allen]

“I am serious. I’m brimming with motivation now. The red dragon can just come at me anytime.”  [Tanaka]

“But, how could a mere knight like me accompany someone as amazing as Fahren-sama…..”  [Allen]

The ikemen glanced outside through the window, becoming self-conscious as he looked at the airship.

There must be various thoughts going through his mind. However, I would be troubled if he doesn’t agree to my request here.

“You don’t need to worry about that. That person is already well aware of it.”  [Tanaka]

“Eh? Is that true?”  [Allen]

“So anyway, could I request for your assistance? Your precious girlfriend will be coming together too.”  [Tanaka]

“Aa, no, well that….”  [Allen]

At the corner of the room, the blonde haired loli was glaring at Allen like a demon while the lesbo lady knight was rubbing her back. If she weren’t experiencing motion sickness, she would’ve hit him with all her strength before mounting him and giving him another one or two more blows. That seems like good way for her to release her anger.

Somehow, a sense of schadenfreude came over me when I see his plight.

“I-I understand. If she will be going together then I have no reason to refuse.”  [Allen]

“Thank you very much for your assistance.”  [Tanaka]

All right! I got a vanguard!

“A-Ano, if Allen is going then I’ll go too……”  [Sophie]

“H-Hold it! Sophie!? You weren’t invited for this!”  [Ester]

The blonde haired loli shouted on hearing Sophie-chan’s suggestion.

It would be seriously unbearable if I were to allow their sour relationship to progress any more than this.

However Sophie-chan is stubborn.

There was a desperate look on her face as she gripped the hem of her robe tightly with both hands.

“But, if it’s magic then I-I can use it too…..the one who taught Ester magic was also m-me. If that is the case then, I will be able to contribute to the teams’ fighting force to a certain extent.”  [Sophie]

“………t-this thieving cat-!”  [Ester]

“Please! Please bring me along!”  [Sophie]

The two women’s friendship is now broken just because of one ikemen.

Good job, me.
The ‘meal’ was delicious too.
It was even tastier than bread, pasta or flatbread.
Since it has come to this, I will accept anyone or anything that comes.
Why don’t I just invite Sophie-chan to come along too.

“I got it. I’ll be counting on the two of you to accompany us in this operation.”  [Tanaka]

“Wait a minute!”  [Ester]

Even though the blonde haired loli seemed to be yelling at me over something, I don’t give a damn about it.

I managed to acquire Allen and Sophie-chan as companions smoothly.




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  1. AEGIS

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  2. Tanaka has really man’d up since his fight and friendship with the lord. That’s good for him. As powerful and being much older should be more assertive. He should be more along the lines of grizzled vet rather than teenage japanese student.


    1. TruthSpeaker

      That is true, but Tanaka is a Japanese salary man. His whole adult life has been one of bowing and accommodating his superiors. It is second nature for him to act this meekly even when dealing with people that he is the superior of.


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