Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki (WN) Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: The smell of U○QLO from the slaves’ clothing1

After helping ourselves to some Yaki udon 2 with a side of mushrooms prepared by Rebecca-san for lunch, I asked for the usual favour from Rebecca-san again before returning to the mansion by myself.

“It seems that I have forgotten something so I’ll be going back to the mansion and inn for a while. Could I trouble you with Diana and Marina again while I’m gone?” [Jirou]

Upon reaching the mansion, I greeted Hetty-san briefly before sneaking into the cellar, unlocked the door, went into the interior and bolted the door once again from the inside. It might be really suspicious if I were to remain in the cellar for too long so it would be wise to return in two hours time.

Since I had already moved all the goods I purchased from the flea market to the mansion yesterday morning, I brought them back to my ‘room at home’ so I could sell them in the net auction. Unfortunately, time’s not on my side so it would be impossible to put everything up for auction today. I should make some time to do so another time. Considering that I’m not actually in an easy situation whereby I could afford to relax financially……
With that said, for now, I do understand that I have yielded quite enough profit on the other side after selling the items purchased from the 100 yen shop. It might not be a bad strategy to prioritize gaining profit from there actually, isn’t it?
When push comes to shove, I could also sell the other world’s gold coin at the gold purchase center. If at all possible, that was one method that I would try to avoid but, selling just one piece at the center might not arouse suspicion. It was just…….the lingering feeling of negligence that I had, after it was sold some time ago.

Well, I don’t have much time now so I should shop for their clothes as soon as I can.

I took my car and drove to the large emporium which is well-known for their fleeces. Seeing as that place is a 10 minute drive from home, it is really convenient for me. I often patronize there.

Naturally the main items on my shopping list this time are woman’s things or rather, clothings for Diana and Marina. Nonetheless, as unusual as it may sound, I never had the opportunity to experience shopping for my sister.

With regard to Diana and Marina’s size, although I was close to sexually harassing them, I had used an indispensable item for a Net Auction guy – a ‘measuring tape’ to measure their sizes. No wait, even if I did say I was close to sexually harassing them, I had not done the things you guys were imagining. All I did was purely measuring their height and waist. I definitely haven’t done anything like, “I wonder what is the exact measurement of this elastic looking breasts.” No seriously.

The conversation has been derailed but anyway, since I already have the measurements, I should make my purchases quickly and return.

Entering the store that is crowded due to the end of the year holiday, I made my selections suitably without reservation. Although it might be nice to purchase cute clothings for them, what I should select is basically clothings that are likely suitable to be used in an exercise regime. Then again, should I buy something like jeans, parkas, a pair of sweat shirt and pants, long sleeve T-shirts, tunic or cute looking skirts as well?

Next, and most importantly, would be the undergarments. Undergarments are important.

Since this emporium deals with original undergarments, the selections of sizes available are in the range of S or L, so even a man like me would be able to make the choices somehow…….but, as expected, I can’t deny that it was slightly embarrassing.
Well, there are also undergarments like bra tops, or otherwise also called camisoles and bras in which their functions work as a whole so it should work one way or another if I were to choose them appropriately.

In the end, after buying various different items here and there, the amount of money I ended up spending exceeded 30,000 yen. But well, it couldn’t be helped since these are all for my cute slaves!

Seeing that I still have some time left, I loaded my purchases into the car and went to the 100 yen shop. Judging from the previous sales, it would basically be profitable regardless of what I sell. However, as a safety precaution, I decided to stock up on large quantities of ‘yarns’ instead.
In truth, the most profitable items sold is actually ‘paper’. Nevertheless, things that bring in too much profit easily made me feel bad or rather, it was scary…..honestly.
It is unclear to me as to how papers are produced in that world, hence if I were to sell papers from here cheaply and in bulk, the trouble that I could end up bringing might not be limited to people finding fault with me. That said, since papers would yield the highest returns, I understand it well that I should be taking that route without further thoughts but…….I guess I’m still someone similar to what people call a small fry after all………I was basically discarding just the safe tiles. 3

Selling knitting wool on the other hand, is much more convenient since I would be able to come up with a good excuse for that item. Based on the impression received when I sold the item the other day, it didn’t seem half bad to sell them even at 30-50 El per yarn. Thus, the estimated net profit for each yarn sold should be around 4400 yen.

Therefore, I ended up purchasing a total of 50 balls of knitting wools. It seemed that the 100 yen shop has stock up on quite fine goods recently. The items sold are not made of acrylic fiber but 100% wool. (although they were made in China)

Upon returning to my room, I switched on my PC since there was still some time left. Let’s see, I wonder what has became of the bulletin board…….I haven’t checked it ever since I posted the picture. I’m worried that the others might have been agitated.
That being said, it’ll just be the fairy board that would gain a reputation for being depopulated. The unpleasant parts in the post were probably circulated by a few people.

Let’s see…………….

【Serious】 My mirror is connected to another world 【Proof】

1: Anonymous Fairy
Hurry up

2: Anonymous Fairy
Great job

3: Anonymous Fairy
The summary up until now.
He appeared and claimed that his mirror is connected to another world.
He uploaded an image of a spider-like creature with many legs that is supposedly a creature from the other world.
He uploaded the images of the other world’s townscape.
1 bought two slaves from the other world.
We lost all contact with him after he made a declaration speech that he would be spending the night with his slaves.
1 died in the other world far far away ← Here now

4: Anonymous Fairy
Death by snu snu?…… 5

5: Anonymous Fairy
I wonder if the two elves-chan managed to return to their hometown safely after losing their master.

6: Anonymous Fairy
Aa! I did say not to build the next thread again but,
I had no choice but to follow along till this internet thread ends.

7: Anonymous Fairy
But there is no proof for it……….
Those were big contents from long ago……

8: Anonymous Fairy
Are these contents level?!…….

9: Anonymous Fairy
Can someone upload those images again?

10: Anonymous Fairy

11: Anonymous Fairy
Well if we were to think about it calmly, those should be CG, shouldn’t they?
He must be working as a pro and uploaded his designs in between his work.
I guess it should be something like that.

Damn–! Give us back our pure hearts!

12: Anonymous Fairy
Calm down.
At least, the people inside should be real.

13: Anonymous Fairy
I’m still waiting for him to take his pants off though…..

14: Anonymous Fairy
It has been 4 days since the scheduled recording of the white one’s heavy breathing though….

15: Anonymous Fairy
Think of it the other way round…..
In this silent period……..
If the fap fap 1 were to produce the images of his love scene……

16: Anonymous Fairy
If possible, a video would be better.

17: Anonymous Fairy
Lamps might be the only source of light in the other world.
How do I put it, it’ll be similar to a dimly lit movie. We wouldn’t be able to tell what’s going on.

18: Anonymous Fairy
There wouldn’t be any problem if they shoot it in the daytime.

19: Anonymous Fairy
Elf-chan who’s frolicking on grassland in a sexual sense………

20: Anonymous Fairy
P-Please, can someone just upload the images again…….

21: Anonymous Fairy

22: Anonymous Fairy
So, in the end, 1 has never appeared even once after the last thread?
Judging from this pattern, I don’t think he’ll be coming again.

23: Anonymous Fairy
All the previous threads in these recent years are rarely seen shitty threads…….

24: Anonymous Fairy
Well it is originally a depopulated board.
There are only very few people here who could tolerate all the trolls.
1-san might have disappeared after looking at them.

25: Anonymous Fairy
You guys are still at it??
Just give it up already. LOL

26: Anonymous Fairy
I’ll be waiting until the images without mosaic are pasted.

27: 1◆Xc544iUoWE (Jirou)
I just came back to Japan. I’m alive.
It was surprising to find out that it reached the third thread when I was away for a short while.
Continuing from where I left off the previous time……

I have failed in getting the master’s special privilege at night.
I found out that I can use magic.
Black elf’s boobs are soo soffft—
The renovation of the mansion has started.
I have purchased magic weapons.
I encountered monster for the first time ← Here now
The mansion will be completed soon!

I sent the details of my life in the other world.

It was more than what I was expecting. I would have never predicted it to reach the third thread.
Having said that, the posts in the previous thread were even more chaotic. So, it has actually considerably toned down now. The thread might go into an uproar again once I upload the images.

Before returning to the other side, I packed my choice of clothes into the bag. The knitting wool alone already took up most of the bag’s space. So, once I tried squeezing in Marina, Diana, and my clothes as well, the end result was a humongous bag. Well, I just need to carry them to the other side of the mirror, so it’s an easy task.

Since I have finished my preparation, I guess I should check out the thread in the bulletin board and upload several images before returning.

28: Anonymous Fairy
He’s hereee! .*・・*:.。.。.:・(n‘∀‘)η゜・*:。.。:*・゜゜・*☆

29: Anonymous Fairy
Here he comes!

30: Anonymous Fairy
It’s 1!
1 finally came!

31: Anonymous Fairy
What, so he’s alive?
Quickly guide me to the other world.

32: Anonymous Fairy
The newly composed images are not ready yet?

33: Anonymous Fairy
More importantly, what the hell do you mean when you said that you failed in getting a master’s special privilege at night!?
So, you didn’t do it?

34: Anonymous Fairy
Since they are living beings from another world, the delicate problem they might have
must be when they lie down……
There’s a rod, but no hole to stick it into

35: Anonymous Fairy
Just the boobs groping alone is envious enough, colonel!

36: Anonymous Fairy
If there are no holes then it’ll be fine to just use the boobs.

37: Anonymous Fairy
Magic weapon lol
It’s embarrassing that the image I had of the other world was so poor lol

38: Anonymous Fairy
I found out that I can use magic.
Are you fucking kidding me? Lol

39: Anonymous Fairy
That matter is relevant to 1 who bravely kicked the monsters’ ass using a magic weapon.

40: Anonymous Fairy
You wouldn’t qualify as a human if you were to let the slaves fight instead.

41: Anonymous Fairy
If you think about it, that should be the right way to use a slave, isn’t it?………

42: Anonymous Fairy
In the end, who were the elves-chan in the previous images?
Tell me. It’s been bugging me so much that I can’t sleep at night.
Is 1 actually living abroad??

43: Anonymous Fairy
Those who can’t enjoy a thread’s content accompanied by joke materials will have a hard time getting used to this fairy land.

44: Anonymous Fairy
Is the collection of CGs from the other world not ready yet?

46: Anonymous Fairy
How 1 earns a living in the other world
How 1 managed to infiltrate the other world
There are still many doubts that have yet to be cleared but, it wouldn’t be enjoyable unless I turned a blind eye to them
(Rin: Yes 45 is missing. I think the author skipped a number by accident)

47: Anonymous Fairy
I want to know how he got the funds to purchase the slaves though.
Since, there might be a possibility that I could wind up going to the other world too.

48: Anonymous Fairy
He’s selling pepper. Didn’t we already agreed on that?

49: Anonymous Fairy
Other world people, “What is this GABAN….?” 6

50: Anonymous Fairy
I wonder how many times has that material been used already.

51: Anonymous Fairy
If it were me, I wouldn’t say that owning elf as slave is luxurious….
It would be enjoyable enough for me to have just a girl slave from the city!

52: Anonymous Fairy
I do understand your feelings but, this typical board response is rejected!

53 :Isolated Self ◆ 4noig329de
I was getting tired of waiting here, 1.
It’s the long awaited dream of all the residences in this fairy board.
I was under the impression that you had already achieved the H goal with the elves.
I’m disappointed, you know!
I don’t know what had really happened but, if you still have the chance then do your best!

54: Anonymous Fairy
I wonder what kind of expression I should have on my face if I were to give a serious response to the content (ry6

55: Anonymous Fairy
Enough of that! Just hurry up and post the elf-chan’s image.
…….no, I beg of you. Please hurry up!

56: Anonymous Fairy
Without mosaic alright?

57: Anonymous Fairy
In high resolution alright?

58: Anonymous Fairy
Certainly I do want to see a higher quality image.
The resolutions of all the previous images posted were not good enough. The sizes were small too.

59: Anonymous Fairy
I think they were all originally in high resolutions.
He had intentionally deteriorated the quality of the images using mosaic.

60: Anonymous Fairy
Is 1 a demon!?

61: Anonymous Fairy
The number of people has increased unexpectedly even though it was usually depopulating.
Yeah roll-call

62: Anonymous Fairy

What’s the point of a roll-call even when there is no ID…..
It was just the both of us who are constantly posting here alternately!

63: Anonymous Fairy

Me too me too

64: Anonymous Fairy
Images are fine but
the one that I was looking forward to was the voice recording of white-chan as you have mentioned previously………
You have prepared it, right!?

65: Anonymous Fairy
※Due to exhaustion, the other world language speaking has been discontinued.

66: Anonymous Fairy
I’ve been waiting for too long in my naked condition that I’ve caught a cold now!
I demand an apology and compensation from 1!
First of all, please lend me slave-chan for one night.
It’ll be fine as long as she nurses me back to health. Seriously.

67: Anonymous Fairy
You’re really enthusiastic about making someone care for the needs of your lower body, aren’t you?

68 :1◆Xc544iUoWE (Jirou)
Sorry to keep you waiting
Utmost apologies, but there are less of them this time.

Two-handed Sword
(image url)

Mithril Gauntlet
(image url)

(image url)

Magic Sword
(image url)

The state during the drinking party
(image url)

My bad. I haven’t prepared it yet.

I was curious to find out what kind of response will I be get but, I should be going back to the other side now. Image processing has unexpectedly taken me a long time.
The photo of the drinking party was snapped from afar since I was standing in the toilet.
Even though all the faces were in mosaics, if you were to observe it closely, you could tell that Diana was the only one who was looking at the camera. Since Rebecca-san and Hetty-san’s back were facing the camera, there wasn’t any need for mosaic at all.

Among the immediate responses I received in the thread were, “Drinking party……? Die!” and “There are only women in there, aren’t there?! Die!”
I pretended not to notice them and returned to the other world through the mirror. Well….., I was well aware that I am surrounded by only women…..


1. The U○QLO is actually UNIQLO.
2. Yaki udon = stirred fried udon noodles with meat and vegetables
3. Safe tile = Also called ‘Anzempai’ (安全牌) or ‘Anpai’ (安牌). A term used in mahjong that refers to a discarded tile that has a low risk of being taken by another player. In other words, a route that provides Jirou with the lowest risk.
4. The number “1” refers to Jirou in the chat conversation.
5. Death by snu snu= Death by sex
6. GABAN is a pepper brand in Japan.
7. (ry stands for “ryaku” in Japanese net-slangs. More about it here


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  1. BakaHiru

    Seriously?! Is there any other reason why he keeps posting on that thread aside from boosting his own ego?

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