Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (LN) V1 C20


TL: Rinkage
Edited by: tjelliott
Special thanks to: Solistia for contributing the digital copy of the Light Novel

Chapter 20: I made the girl I like angry

“You bastard! How dare you treat it as a joke after, His Majesty went through the effort to grant you an award!” [Sylvia]

“Hii–!?” [Youki]

The female knight who was furious grabbed the hilt of her sword.

What should I do in this situation!? This might be the consequence of the manifestation of my own desire. Could someone help me do something about it!?

I looked at the two people next to me; however, Sheik was still roaring with laughter while Cecilia seemed to be holding her head in deep thought…….. No help seemed to come in time. What should I do?

“Hahahaha.” [King Darts]

At that moment, King Darts suddenly started laughing loudly. Sounds of his laughter reverberated through the audience room. He was laughing even more than Sheik.

“K-King Darts, is there anything wrong?”

The person who appeared to be the minister voiced his concern. He seemed to be the one with the most common sense among the people here, so until Cecilia recovers, I have no choice but to rely on him.

“Don’t you think that it’s really interesting, Clyde? He is very similar to me.” [King Darts]

“Having a single person like King Darts was more than adequate…..Haah….you don’t even understand what I had to go through.” [Clyde]

……That minister must have been through a lot. I felt sorry for him.

Although, judging from their conversation alone, it didn’t appear as if he hated King Darts. Or rather, if you have the time to be chatting leisurely, please do something about that female knight. She’s on the verge of slashing me at any moment now!

I wasn’t sure if my wish has finally reached someone but, King Darts finally grabbed the female knight’s arm and pulled her towards him.

“Sylvia, why don’t you calm down for the time being?” [King Darts]

He whispered softly into her ear.

Rather than bearing the appearance of a King, he resembles more of a detestable skirt-chaser who was deceiving a woman.
However, at those words, the female knight blushed and released her grip from the hilt. A sweet pink aura could be seen enveloping them once again.
I wonder…….the sight before me now is comparable to the scenes usually found in Shoujo manga.

Though, I’m saved thanks to King Darts……Just as I was feeling relieved, I felt someone tapping my shoulder so I turned to the side.
There stood Cecilia who was wearing the same deadpan expression similar to Sophia-san. Un….it didn’t seem as if I was saved after all.

“…..Youki-san? You do understand what I want to say now, don’t you?” [Cecilia]

I do recall something similar happening in Dagaz Village as well but, her anger level now far exceeded that time.

“Cecilia’s expressionless look is also cute” That is something that I wouldn’t be able to say right now, because of how angry Cecilia looks at present.

*Gogogogogo* In the midst of this threatening atmosphere, the sound of air reverberating in the room seemed to be audible even to my ears. By the looks of it, even someone who possessed a cheat like me might die……..

“E-Erm…Aquarain-san, please calm down…….I don’t think he means any harm actually.” [Clyde]

Minister Clyde-san, my saviour! Someone like him who has gone through so much hardship due to King Darts must have accustomed himself to something like this by now. He might be able to do something about it.
But I soon realized that it was foolish of me. It was just a futile hope to grasp at straws.

“………..I’m feeling quite calm now? Clyde-san, please don’t say such strange things.” [Cecilia]

Cecilia replied him back in the same deadpan manner. Clyde-san’s face immediately turned pale at that sight. At that moment, I finally realized it. Relying on this person is no longer possible.

“T-True. That was a needless concern, wasn’t it? Aquarain-san.” [Clyde]

Far from appeasing Cecilia, he was only able to buy some time. He returned to his position beside the throne after his failed attempt…..My life is not spared after all.

“Cecilia Aquarain, just let it go. He didn’t mean any harm actually.” [King Darts]

When did he separate from the female knight? Before I knew it, King Darts began defending me. In this instance, I don’t care who my saviour is anymore. Even if that person happened to be that perverted foolish King.

“……I understand, King Darts” [Cecilia]

Cecilia answered after she pondered for a moment.

Even if it’s rotten, it’s still sea bream. 1 Even if he was flirting with the female knight in the middle of an audience, he is still a King. Cecilia might have come to an assumption that it would be unwise to cause anymore commotion in the presence of everyone in the room.

“……..Please prepare yourself once we go back.” [Cecilia]

She whispered into my ear……..As I thought, I might not survive through this.
While I was trembling at the thoughts of the sermons that would be awaiting me once I returned, King Darts started laughing again.

“Hahaha. I don’t think I’ll get bored looking at the both of you……By the way, with regard to the award that I was talking about earlier.” [King Darts]

“No, it’s fine. Please forget about it. It was just a figure of speech. I was possibly too nervous since it was my first time having an audience with a King…….In addition to that, I might have been too ecstatic after hearing that we would be granted with an award…..” [Youki]

I could sense a strong tension emanating from the person beside me. The situation would get ugly if I do not try changing the subject as soon as I can.

Damn you, Sheik! He started laughing even more after looking at me. Wasn’t this guy being most disrespectful at the moment? Despite that, why did the female knight warn me and not…… And why was she gazing intently at King Darts now!?

The knights present remained standing upright, appearing indifferent about the scene before their eyes. They might have thought that it would get troublesome if they got dragged into this. Could you guys do your job!

“Seriously, I didn’t realize that there is such an interesting person like you in my country. If I had met Youki earlier, I might’ve placed you in the Hero’s party……” [King Darts]

“Nono, you’re overestimating me, King Darts.” [Youki]

An idiotic Hero with an ill-natured magician. It would still be impossible even if Cecilia and Raven were around. Despite the fact that Cecilia might be the only person playing as the ‘straight man’ among them, it would still greatly imbalance the party if I were to join them.
Well, it was only a ‘what if’ story.

“Hahaha, I wasn’t overestimating you in particular. If it’s Youki then you should be able reach A-rank very soon in the guild.” [King Darts]

How was he able to come to that conclusion just from our conversation? I have neither been tested through a spar like Sheik nor have I showed him any magic………. I strongly hope that this annoying guy hasn’t taken a liking to me all of a sudden.

“Hey Captain~ What’s the award~?” [Sheik]

Had the conversation gone well, my effort to switch the subject would’ve been successful. In spite of that, Sheik led the conversation back to its prior subject.

“Nn? That’s right. We were talking about awards earlier. Then first of all regarding Youki’s award…….As you might have expected, if we do not have the consent from Aquarain herself, it would be impossible.” [King Darts]

The sight of King Darts lowering his head with an apologetic look on his face greatly stimulated my guilt. What he said was sound since I was the one at fault so, it was really hard to me……mentally when he apologized. Much less I would be having another long lecture waiting for me once I returned.

“Is there anything that Cecilia Aquarain wants?” [King Darts]

King Darts shifted his attention from me who was looking dispirited to Cecilia.

“No, I was only fulfilling my duty as a citizen staying in Clariness Kingdom……” [Cecilia]

“As expected of the one from the Hero’s party. However the main reason of the visit to Dagaz Village was for the villagers’ treatment and the subjugation of the bandits. The fight with Gallis Empire’s Hero was not included among the requests so you do not need to mind it too much.” [King Darts]

“Even if the encounter with Mirror was by chance, I do not intend to receive any award for this.” [Cecilia]

“Hmm….if you really don’t need one then it wouldn’t be good to force you into it anymore. Even so, has the Hero’s party already lived on as only a legend of Clariness’ Kingdom now?” [King Darts]

“That’s because, everyone has returned to their respective life after the Demon Lord was defeated….” [Cecilia]

Based on what I have heard from Cecilia, Yuuga seemed to have established diplomatic relationship and subjugated an A-rank demon. Mikana is working at the royal palace as a magician and has secured a considerably good position there. Raven is currently leading the group of knights from the castle while Cecilia has to visit various towns and villages in various places to cure the people as a cleric.

Certainly the party has disbanded and each of the members began living their own life now. However, Yuuga is in love with Cecilia while Mikana is in love with Yuuga. In my opinion, the Hero’s party is still going strong now.

“…….The world might not be truly peaceful yet though…….the conversation was derailed. Boy, what kind of award do you want?” [King Darts]

So Sheik’s the last one. I beg of you. Please don’t ask for something strange…….Although, I’m in no position to say this about someone now. It’ll basically be the same as the pot calling the kettle black. I just waited patiently for Sheik’s reply.

“……….I’m sleepy so I want to go home~” [Sheik]


Sheik let out a huge yawn and rubbed his eyes as he stretched. This guy is seriously too carefree. All of us became silent at Sheik’s words.

“Hahaha…is that so. So you’re sleepy. Then it can’t be help. Let’s end the audience here today.” [King Darts]

The one who broke the silence was King Darts. It seemed that the audience today has come to an end. Nice, Sheik! It ended without any issue. I’m seriously glad. It was indeed just as I had planned…..

“Then let’s go home, Sheik-kun……Youki-san too.” [Cecilia]

“Yes~” [Sheik]

“A-Aaa..…” [Youki]

However, I became depressed the moment I recalled the blunder that I made.

“Come again if you have the time.” [King Darts]

King Darts said before we left the audience room. To be honest I don’t think I ever want to drop by here anymore. This incident has become a trauma for me.

On our trip back in the carriage, Sheik started fooling around again and climbed atop my head. Nevertheless, I didn’t have the composure to retort back at him.
The carriage was drowned in silence from beginning to end. Cecilia remained expressionless while I hung my head down, trembling in fear.

“Boring~” Sheik grumbled after taking a look at the both of us. Despite that, we had not spoken a single word so Sheik ended up falling asleep. The carriage which was enveloped in the worst atmosphere then arrived at Aquarain’s residence.

Sheik was led to the guest room so he could take his nap.

I was the only one guided to Cecilia’s room. Thus my one to one sermon began. Aa, I’m seriously stupid.


I wound up alone in the room with the girl I like. A normal young boy would think that this is a heart throbbing, irresistible situation. However, it was a different case for me. Certainly my heart is beating really fast now but, it wasn’t the bittersweet throb that came after experiencing the springtime of my life. Seized by fear of what might befall me, my heart pounded rapidly.

“……….Youki-san. Do you have anything that you would like to say?” [Cecilia]

Cecilia was looking at me dauntingly as I sat myself in seiza on the floor.
It had inevitably turned into this situation as soon as we entered the room. When Cecilia saw me in such a state, she gave me a cold gaze and voiced out with anger enveloping in her words.

“Yes, I’m very sorry!!” [Youki]

I lowered my head immediately and prostrated before her. I had not expected to be forgiven with that but, I should display my sincerity at the very least when I apologize. As I kept my head lowered, I stole a glance at her look. Nonetheless, her expression remained the same as earlier.

“Why did you apologize all of the sudden? Were you aware that you have done something wrong?” [Cecilia]

This was the response given after I prostrated. It would appear that it was necessary for me to confess the sin that I had committed. I raised my head and professed the mistake made in the audience room.

“I had confessed in the middle of the audience…..” [Youki]

“So you are aware of it. Then why do you think that it was something bad?” [Cecilia]

“Erm….it was thoughtless of me….I think.” [Youki]

“Yes it was thoughtless….. It wasn’t that I hated Youki-san or anything.” [Cecilia]

Thank goodness. It didn’t seem that she disliked me. Of course, it still didn’t change the fact that she was still pretty angry.

“If you think that it was……thoughtless to divulge your feelings in front of everyone then, at that time why did you….” [Cecilia]

“I might have not considered it…” [Youki]

She placed her hand on her forehead head as if she was saying, ‘Good grief’. I couldn’t read into her expression anymore since her face was hidden now but, I think I caught a glimpse of tears somehow…….no, that was possibly just my imagination.

“Didn’t it ever occur to you that it was strange before you said it out loud?” [Cecilia]

There were only greed and the sweet sounding word of reward swirling in my head at that time. Although, if I were to say that, the length of the sermon would increase so that is something that I definitely can’t say.

“……it did cross my mind for an instant but, the words came out unintentionally.” [Youki]

“Unintentionally?!” [Cecilia]

Damn. I picked the wrong choice of words. Cecilia repeated what I had said with a look of astonishment.

“……….Youki-san. Let’s have a chat for a little longer.” [Cecilia]

“…….Yes.” [Youki]

I could only nod in agreement in the face of her wrath when I saw the veins popping out on her forehead.
Cecilia’s sermon lasted for about thirty minutes in my present state. As I was fighting against the growing numbness of my feet, I heard the sound of someone knocking at the door.

“Cecilia, have you returned?”

I could tell that it was Celia-san on the other side of the door from the voice. Celia-san opened the door and entered when Cecilia replied her “Yes” in a cold tone.

“If you have returned you should at least tell………what kind of situation is this?” [Celia]

“I’m in the middle of preaching to Youki-san.” [Cecilia]

“Ara…did something happen?” [Celia]

Cecilia explained the circumstances to Celia-san. In the meantime, I hung my head down as I remained in seiza, bracing myself to receive the reproval from both the mother and child next.

“That was Youki-kun’s fault, wasn’t it?” [Celia]

After the explanation was done, the sermon resumed once again, with Celia-san joining in as well.

“Cecilia is a girl, you know? Things such as atmosphere and the like are important even if you want to make a confession.” [Celia]

Eh? So it’s that kind of discussion?

“Erm, Okaa-sama….that wasn’t really the reason why I was angry….” [Cecilia]

“It’s good so just be quiet, Cecilia! It’s alright since Okaa-sama understands it.” [Celia]

I don’t think she understood it though. After silencing Cecilia, Celia-san sat herself in seiza with her legs folded primly under her. She aligned her sights with mine and tapped my shoulder.

“Youki-kun, in my opinion, atmosphere and the right opportunity are really important when it comes to making a confession.” [Celia]

“H-Haa.” [Youki]

“Confessing in a place with so many people like the audience room with such a bad ambience will be a demerit. If that’s the case, Cecilia wouldn’t be able to give you a positive response, would she?!” [Celia]

“Y-Yes. It is just as you said.” [Youki]

It was my fault for conducting things as I like, treating Cecilia as if she was totally unrelated to it. All I could do was just nod in response to Celia-san’s overwhelming vigour.

“Seriously. At this rate, Cecilia will be stolen by another guy. Do you understand it!? Is Youki-kun fine with that!?” [Celia]

“I don’t want that!” [Youki]

Cecilia and another guy’s wedding…….Just thinking about it made me cry tears of blood. If that were to happen, I might attack that man in my demon form……

“Are you thinking of something scary currently? Are you possibly attacking the person whom Cecilia is dating in your mind?” [Celia]

“How did you know that!?” [Youki]

“Ufufu…….don’t look down on an adult. Although, I think having such thought is a good thing as well.” [Celia]

“Okaa-sama, that isn’t a good thing…..” [Cecilia]

Cecilia who has been in silence since just now voiced her opinion. Despite my thoughts earlier, I was actually of the same opinion with her.

“Ara, what is so bad about it? Isn’t that a proof of just how much you are loved?” [Celia]

“”……!”” [Cecilia & Youki]

At Celia-san’s words, Cecilia and I looked at her, googly-eyed.

Is such a way of loving someone acceptable? In spite of my old mental age due to my reincarnation, my experience in love is still close to non-existent. Hence, that is something that I wouldn’t be able to understand.

“I guess the conversation on love might still be too early for the both of you. However, it is something that you need to know in future too so it would be good for you to study about it a little.” [Celia]

“.….that kind of love might a little too heavy, isn’t it?” [Cecilia]

“Certainly…….” [Youki]

I agreed when Cecilia prompted for my opinion.

“……Youki-san, would be fine right?” [Cecilia]

“Nono, are you doubting me?” [Youki]

I have no interest in being a yandere though.

“But, when you were speaking to Okaa-sama a while ago, you were having that delusion…..” [Cecilia]

“No, that was from a while ago, so I mean….” [Youki]

Celia-san chuckled when she saw the exchange between us. What is so amusing?

“Okaa-sama……is there anything wrong?” [Cecilia]

“Celia-san, what are you laughing about…….” [Youki]

*giggle* “That’s because, the both of you were just in the middle of a sermon a while ago but you have already reconciled.” [Celia]

“”Aaa-…”” [Cecilia & Youki]

She was really furious just now but, without realizing it, we started speaking to each other normally again.
Cecilia tilted her head in wonder, looking puzzled as to why she started speaking to me as usual again as well.

(The two of them seem to have really good compatibility. Could the relationship be stagnant due to Youki-kun’s idle mind and Cecilia’s serious nature? No, I guess Youki-kun’s the one at fault this time.) 2

Cecilia and I were in a fluster, having no idea of what Celia-san was thinking of at that time.

“Alright, alright, could both of you please calm down?……..Can we just conclude the case this time seeing that Youki-kun and Cecilia are already on good terms?” [Celia]

Would it be fine to end it with that? I would be thankful for it but, what about Cecilia? Judging by her expression she didn’t seem to be convinced by it. However, her expression seemed gentler than earlier so her anger must have somewhat dissipated by now.

“……Only for this time, alright?” [Cecilia]

“T-Thank you. I’ll think of the time and place before I do something the next time.” [Youki]

Cecilia seemed to have let it slide only this time as well. Come to think of it, Celia-san might have joined in the conversation so that Cecilia and I could reconcile too.

Celia-san gave me a wink when I looked at her.
“It’s good that the two of you have reconciled.” This might be what she was trying to convey. No, that must be it.

Jumping to my own conclusion, I breathed out in relief. “Aa–” My voice reverberated through the room.

“However, Youki-kun should indeed reflect on the incident this time a little. Youki-kun, starting from today, you’re not allowed to meet Cecilia for one month. It would be good for you to study slightly more about girls.” [Celia]

“Eh?!” [Youki]

I have not expected myself to fall all the way from heaven to hell. It shouldn’t be one month right? It’s one month!

“C-Celia-san. Could you at least make it half month?” [Youki]

“No.” [Celia]

“Could you somehow make it half month, please!” [Youki]

It will be my second time prostrating today. If I could meet up with the person whom I like, I could prostrate as many times as she wants. My earnest feelings wouldn’t be transmitted to her if I don’t do at least this much.

“Ano…….Okaa-sama? Youki-san has already reflected on himself so there is no need to go that far…….” [Cecilia]

“Ara, is Cecilia too impatient to wait for the entire month to see Youki-kun as well?” [Celia]

“Erm…well that is….” [Cecilia]

She fidgeted cutely. Uwa, it’s a rare sight to see Cecilia behaving like this. I shall relish it and burn this image into my mind.

“Ufufu, then half month is fine. In exchange, I would like you to adopt a firm attitude the next time you see Cecilia.” [Celia]

“A firm attitude….?” [Youki]

I don’t get it. What does she mean?

“You’ll understand it once you take your time to think about it. Then it’s time to adjourn this. Is Sophia around?” [Celia]

“Did you call for me, Madam?” [Sophia]

The moment Celia-san clapped her hands, Sophia-san appeared within less than 10 seconds. It was something that just crossed my mind but, she must have possessed a skill that is no different than a ninja.

“No, this is just the result of a maid’s experience.” [Sophia]

“Mind reading?!” [Youki]

“Those words have slipped out of your mouth. May I know your request, Madam?” [Sophia]

“I think it’s almost time for Youki-kun to go back now so could you guide him to the gate?” [Celia]

“I understand. Then Youki-sama, this way please.” [Sophia]

‘Guiding’ me was just a ‘cover-up’. I understand it well that she was forcing me to leave. Sophia-san grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and dragged me away with all her might. Isn’t this method of guiding someone strange? Although, seeing that my situation would remain the same even if I were to say something about it, I shut my mouth.

“Also, I will be looking after Sheik-kun here for the time being, alright?” [Celia]

The kidnapper-like tone has been corrected but, it has not changed the fact that she was still doing the same thing. Well, it’s fine anyway since it saved me the trouble. I must have a nerves of steel. All those thoughts were actually going through my brain even though I was being dragged off the residence.

“Youki-san, let’s meet again.” [Cecilia]

I returned the wave when Cecilia waved at me.
As what Celia-san has said, it would be good if I could ‘adopt a firm attitude’ the next time I see Cecilia. When my sight met with hers, she sent me off with her usual gentle smile.
…..Um, I will definitely not fail.
As I thought, Cecilia is cute. I will not give up.
I will work on the task given by Celia-san and find an answer to it without a doubt.
Then, after I have reconciled with her and increased my guild rank…..I will confess to her once again.


Rinkage’s Footnotes

1. 腐っても鯛 = “Something that is not what it once was but it is still high class.”
2. This monologue belongs to Celia.

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