Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki (WN) Chapter 40

Here’s chapter 40. o/
Working on Yuusha Party now since the extra chapter from the light novel is 30+ pages long.

Translated by: Rinkage
Edited by: Anonymous Neko, Ager & The Blacksmith

Chapter 40: The custom-made smell from the G cup

When I sneaked out of the cellar, several young contractors who were still in the middle of their work were startled by my sudden appearance. Well, from their point of view, I had confined myself in the cellar for almost 2 hours now, so it couldn’t be helped.
Upon stepping outside, the sun was already beginning to set, so the workers were preparing to call it a day. By the looks of it, it should be around…… 4 P.M. now I guess.
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It’s a different matter but, I have absolutely no idea how the time works in this world at all (it could be just a minor difference of several seconds or minutes). Generally, there appears to be 24 hours in a day here as well, and the length of the day is mysteriously also the same on the other side.

First of all, assuming the length of the day for the two places are different—- if, for example, there are 36 hours in a day here—, it would be quite confusing if I were to go back and forth between the two worlds (there might be an advantage to that though). After all, it would be quite troublesome if I ended up returning to the other side in the dead of night or too early in the morning. Although, there is a way to prevent that from happening by calculating them beforehand……. Besides, going to and fro between two places with different time zones can negatively impact our circadian rhythm, which in turn will affect our physical condition. 1

I couldn’t really explain it in detail but……in terms of the day length, if the time in Japan is 12 o’clock, then the time here would also be 12 o’clock, and if the time there is 6 o’clock, it would also be the same here. In other words, even though they are two totally different places (I have yet to confirm this properly), the sensation I felt is no different than being in Japan.
There was no change in my time perception regardless of how many times I travel between the two worlds. That seems to be the gist of it.

I have not fully grasped the changing of the season here. Nevertheless, at the very least, assuming that this is not Earth but another planet, the rotation period of this planet is not only the same as Earth but the longitude of this place is also similar to Japan.

I guess the story might have sounded too good to be true. Or rather, it couldn’t be helped since this is another world…. Well, there’s no use thinking about it. I guess being lucky is lucky. Based on my intuition, there doesn’t seem to be anything out of place.
[If you are reading this on a place other than, this chapter has been stolen and is neither the most recent or complete chapter.]
After searching around for a short while, I found Hetty-san talking to a contractor by the stable. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to invite her along so we could return to Rebecca-san’s house together but…..since she hasn’t noticed me yet, I’ll just go back without her.

The maintenance of the mansion outside seems have progressed considerably. The stable appears to be almost completed and there didn’t seem to be any problems with the mansion either. The area around the well has also been cleaned thoroughly. There were already signs of the well being used numerous times by the contractors. Seeing that the well has been neglected for a long time, though, the quality of the water proved to be quite worrisome…..I should probably get a water quality testing kit when I get back.

Upon returning to Rebecca-san’s house, I noticed that Diana was in the middle of a horseback riding practice, while Marina……seemed to be brandishing her halberd with intense concentration……..I wonder if it’s a special training given by Rebecca-san……..

As for Marina’s swinging practice—-

She was standing with her left knee bent forward in front while the other extended behind her,
She held the halberd firmly in the middle with both hands.
Then she slashed it horizontally as hard as she could,
swung it down,
thrust it,
swung it
and lowered it down again……

Well, I must admit that all the flailings looked messy at first but, I guess that must be what was instructed by Rebecca-san….. It might be something hard for an amateur to understand though….

“It’s a Laundry-Drying Pole style!” [Marina]2

After noticing that she was taking a short break from her swinging practice, I approached her with the question, but the reply given by her was a prompt one. I think I’ve heard of this one before. In a word, a sword fight play…….Isn’t that a little outrageous?

“Weren’t you doing it as what Rebecca-san has instructed?” [Jirou]

“Anyhow just try envisioning the presence of an enemy in front and swing it based on your senses. That was what Taichou-dono said! I couldn’t really wield it easily using the Laundry-Drying Pole style but, I think I got the hang of it a little!” [Marina]

I received the halberd from Marina and tried swinging it a little.

………..Heavy…………Well, I don’t think you can wield something like this using the Laundry-Drying Pole method.
Besides, the weapon looks shabby since the rust hasn’t been removed…..


It was too heavy for me so I couldn’t swing it continuously like Marina. The handle was made of wood so it wasn’t supposed to be too heavy (though, wood itself is actually heavy as a material). The main problem was the metal portion at the tip of the halberd. Since it was rather heavy on the front end, it made it difficult for me to wield the thing easily.

The total length of Marina’s halberd is about 2m, with a spear-tip affixed to the pole making it usable as a lance as well, and an axe attached to the side. It is a type of polearm weapon with a pick connected to the opposite side.3
Considering that there are three different armaments attached to a single edge, the weight of the tip is not something that can be taken lightly. (It might not reach 10kg, but 5kg sounds probable).
In addition, a sphere shaped metal with a diameter of about 8cm was affixed to the other end of the halberd. That section alone is also quite heavy as it is, rendering it possible to balance the weight on both sides. Asides from that, 50cm of the shaft from the tip has also been completely reinforced with metal. It made me wonder if that portion could possibly serve as an offensive function as well for the wielder.
If you gave some thoughts to the usage of this weapon, you could not only pierce someone with the spear section, but also cut your target using the axe, jab with the pick of the hook or also crush your enemy using the spherical end of the halberd. It appears to be a versatile weapon that you could use in many different ways.

If one were to master it, it might be much more effective than a sword.

“…….But as expected it’s heavy. You can’t perform a wide swing with this. Although, it does seem considerably powerful.” [Jirou]

“Taichou-dono said, 『It would be good if you can get used to it and perform a wide swing soon』. So, I tried whirling the halberd around for a while but stop after a few spins. Then I tried spinning it again. I have a feeling that I’ll get used to it faster if I were to swing it round and round in circles continuously.” [Marina]

Swinging it round and round in circles….is it? I guess it was similar to how a kid uses a weapon in a fight……
Human opponents aside, if she were to go against beings like demons, I don’t think it would work out……I wasn’t able to make any remarks about it though. After all, I am an amateur……I should follow Shello-san and Rebecca-san’s guidance with regard to that.

Or rather, he was not only a former mercenary but also a vice leader similar to a specialist rank. Moreover he’s an active monster hunter too. There is surely no better talented individual than studying under a hunter like Shello-san. Rebecca-san is also quite skilful herself and there is a possibility that Hetty-san might cooperate too. If so, then it might become an all-star troop.

As soon as I am satisfied with our battle forces, I could start exploring and trading in other towns and places as I please. I still have some concerns pertaining to the number of people we have now, but I would be able to acquire more escorts again if I were to improve my profit margin in business.

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[If you are reading this on a place other than, this chapter has been stolen and is neither the most recent or complete chapter.]

“Please teach me horse riding and sword fighting too tomorrow.” After asking the favour from Rebecca-san, Diana, Marina and I returned to the inn by Hetty-san’s carriage. Once my mansion is completed, I do not need to go through the hassle of going back and forth from here to the city anymore. I guess it couldn’t be helped for now.

“Then I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” [Hetty]

Hetty-san said before she disappeared into the room. If that was the case then it might be good for us to have dinner together but, I guess that person must have her own agenda as well.

Well then, let’s work on my own things here too. It’s an extremely important job.

“……Now, Diana, Marina. I left for a short while in the afternoon so I could purchase clothing for your everyday wear. You can’t go around dressed in the same clothing every time. Most importantly it would be a waste. So, since I have brought them along, quickly try them on.” [Jirou]

After saying so, I rustled through the bag and tossed all the clothes bought from U○QLO onto the table.
Since the clothes were purchased directly, I could still return the clothing if they don’t fit. As I thought, it’s important to try them on quickly, isn’t it?!
Although I would like to snap some photos as reference, the most important thing would be to confirm the sizes first! It’s all for the sake of confirming the sizes!
And…..naturally I would be happier if they are pleased with the clothes too. I did go through the trouble of selecting each attire for them.

“Did you purchase that many just for our sake? Not to mention…….all of them look new.” [Diana]

“Well, they are new. There are underwear too….. And also garments for your exercise regime as well as other selection of cute clothes. Clothing made of sheer fabric like these are hard to come by here so, I’m sure they would look good on you two.” [Jirou]

“Getting new clothes…….this is a first……for Marina. For us slaves, we would be more than grateful with just receiving second-hand clothes……but these ……My liege, can I, really try them on?……Will it be alright?” [Marina]

I couldn’t help but wonder if the opposite responses I get was due to the fact that they were originally brought up in two completely different scenarios. Though there’s also the fact that Diana was once a princess from a royal family which could explain why she appeared apologetic when she was expressing her courtesy. In contrast, Marina fell into a mild panic, looking overly grateful that her complexion was overshadowed by a sense of remorse as she goes on. I guess they weren’t used to something like this, mentally.
Well, there were parts that made me feel annoyed, but there were also cute aspects to them.

I distributed the clothing to Diana and Marina according to their sizes.
Their heights are roughly similar but the shapes of their bodies are different so I was rather concerned in respect to sizes. Even though Diana might look fine in them, Marina, on the other hand….…Well, just see for yourself.

“Then I’ll be going to the other room. Just let me know once you’re done changing.” [Jirou]

I left the room after saying so.
Since those are newly bought set of clothing, wouldn’t it be better for them to take a bath first before trying them on? Well, the climate here is relatively dry and the smell of elves’ sweat can be rewarding in its own way so I guess there shouldn’t be any problem.

“We’re done.”

After waiting for a while, I could hear their voices calling out from the other side. Clutching the digital camera to my chest, my heart began palpitating with anticipation as I went inside, but what made my eyes popped out was………

“………………………….” [Jirou]

“……..E-Erm, goshujin-sama, how is it?” [Diana]

Diana is wearing a jeans and grey sweater as a top.
Are you an ossan from a pachinko parlour? Out of all the different choices of clothing available, why did you choose that kind of combination?………. Moreover, the sweater seems a little too big so it appears really baggy on her slender looking body, making her overall looks like a fashion faux pas. The impression given was truly regrettable.

Marina on the other hand………

“I…It’s Marina’s first time receiving such cute clothes so I kind of went overboard with it.” [Marina]

She blushed as she said so.
She is wearing a skirt over leggings with a bright green tunic as a top. In addition to that, she even has a fedora hat worn over her head.
Why must she……Marina, being her typical self, seemed to have done her best in putting the outfit together—-but, could there be a difference in our sense of fashion?
Although, I don’t think that Marina is at a level whereby she could even understands what fashion is about. Or, could it be that she is actually exhibiting her proficiency in displaying the charm of a knight when she becomes one?………That might be a possibility.

“How should I say this…., it’s too contrasting….” [Jirou]

“That’s right. Marina has overdone it. She should have kept it simple like mine. Simplicity in clothing portrays the ideal beauty. To begin with, what Marina said when she was trying on the clothes was uncalled-for. Even though that ‘chest protector’ was something that goshujin-sama has gone out of his way to purchase for her, she went, 『T-This is too tight. This must be for Hime-sama.』 Kunu! Kunukunu! Kunu!!” [Diana]

“Hiyaa–! Please stop it~~” [Marina]

Why are you so confident in that sense of style of yours……Diana……..

[Read the chapters at The chapters for this series will NOT be posted anywhere else other than on that site itself. If you are reading this from somewhere else then this is chapter has been stolen.]


[Read the chapters at The chapters for this series will NOT be posted anywhere else other than on that site itself. If you are reading this from somewhere else then this is chapter has been stolen.]

In the end, Marina’s bra size……I mean since the cup size was much too small for her, the goods were returned. I have planned to exchange Diana’s sweater for another one size smaller one but, the rest of the clothing seemed to be a perfect fit for her. Seeing that the two of them didn’t seem to have any problem with how high the hems of their underwear are, I couldn’t say anything about it.

In regard to Marina’s bra, I should get the proper measurement before buying them online…….Well, for the time being there are still camisoles in which their function works like a bra so she’ll have to make do with them for now.

Iyaa, it’s quite troublesome since this master has the duty to look after the needs of his slaves. What’s more, I have to ensure not to make any mistakes in selecting their underwear as well which is quite a responsibility there.

I wonder if I should buy shoes as well on my next trip back to return the goods. Incidentally, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to stock up on safety boots too, seeing that it has the potential to sell really well here……..
No, rather it might be good if I were to bring the two of them back to the other side of the mirror as well so the three of us could do our own shopping together. They could try clothings on the spot too…..Nah, I think that might appear too conspicuous regardless.

[If you are reading this on a place other than, this chapter has been stolen and is neither the most recent or complete chapter.]


1. Something like jet lag
2. The Laundry-Drying Pole / (Monohoshizao 物干し竿) is a name given by Sasaki Kojiro (a prominent swordsman during the Sengoku and early Edo period) to his weapon. It’s a recap from chapter 34 since Jirou enquired if Marina has any experience in handling any weapons before.
3. Image reference to Marina’s halberd here. Thanks to Robbini for the image reference.

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