Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki (WN) Chapter 38

Sorry for poofing. Was finally feeling slightly better after a week of rest. Pokemon Go was coincidentally released in my country last week. I wasn’t able to leave the house so I ended up playing just from my room since there are two Pokestops just below where I am staying. (though all I caught were mostly Pidgey and Ratata).

Anyway here is chapter 38 (no fighting scene yet for Jirou though in case you are expecting one x3 )

Chapter 38: The smell of undead from the monster

The creature that emerged from the forest was a moving human bones (skeleton), equipped with a worn-out sword and shield in both hands. Even though its movement appeared quite awkward as if it was controlled by an invisible string from the air like a marionette, its speed was surprisingly agile as it lunged at Shello-san.

Its size looked small in comparison to Shello-san. It might be because of Shello-san’s overly huge size but, the height of the skeleton didn’t seem to be anywhere near even 170cm. The movement looked comical and the weapon was shabby too. In all honesty, it didn’t seem likely to be strong since it literally looked like a marionette. Perhaps, even I might be able to go against that thing……..Nah, it wouldn’t be possible.

“You’re thinking that it’s likely to be weak, aren’t you Jirou?” [Rebecca]

*giku* It startled me since her guess has hit the mark. Rebecca-san’s seriously sharp.

“That bone is certainly weak but, depending on individual case, it can be quite a troublesome opponent too, you know? Especially if you were to fight them using only bow and arrow or a small knife…………Besides, no matter how weak the monsters may look, they possess sufficient attack power to kill a human without fail. You will be killed easily even if you were hit by that worn-out sword.” [Rebecca]

“It has never crossed my mind to let my guard down even if I do end up fighting but…… that bone really weak?” [Jirou]

“Well, it is weak based on our standard—” [Rebecca]

The skeleton headed straight towards Shello-san. There was no murderous intent nor hostility coming from it—–rather, I have a feeling that it was merely moving towards Shello-san at quick pace without any specific goal. In contrast, Shello-san who was facing it, has not made any movement yet. Holding the claymore over his shoulder, all he did was just lower his posture slightly.

At that very moment when the skeleton finally closed in the gap and thrust out its worn-out sword, Shello-san’s figure became blurred in its outline as he suddenly vanished from sight. An intense crushing sound filled the air—–and, when I finally realized it, the skeleton had left this world completely.
It appeared to be killed in one hit by Shello-san’s claymore. There might not be enough time for it to even consider defending itself at that speed (although, I highly doubt if there was a brain in that skull to begin with). The battle was decided with an overwhelming hit without any wasted movement. To heck with strategy or offense and defence. The skeleton has left the world just like that. That was no longer a level, in which, one could trample on anymore. Shello-san’s totally awesome.
Depending on the situation…….. I did think of backing him up but……I would just wind up making a fool of myself considering the huge gap in our fighting power.

Shello-san picked up something that looks like a black crystal from the ground. Was it a dropped item by the skeleton?

“Err…., is this the end or rather, was that the only monster that came out?” [Jirou]

“There have been various kinds of monster that sprung out but, there will only be one appearing in this area. It will be a different story if a 『monster wave』1 started emerging though. That will be the only time when the country will employ hunters or organize a troop to subjugate them.” [Rebecca]

So, generally only one would appear at a time? Well, it appears that ‘monster’ or creatures like ‘demon beast’ and ‘sub-human’ are of different classifications. It would be really dangerous if there were a huge group of monsters constantly appearing, attacking humans aggressively so the emergence of monsters of this level would be just right. Rebecca-san has mentioned it before that only the weak ones tend to appear here but, there were times when strong monsters popped out as well………
For children these days, they might envision strong monsters to be something huge like dragon, griffon or wyvern as they would essentially heavily associate it with games.

“Nn–? The strongest monster that has appeared here was……as I thought it was the ‘Armoured Guardian Knight’ I guess. That was the last one that sprung out during the emergence of the『monster wave』 the year before the last……. It wasn’t a monster that would originally appear in a place like this though. A total of 16 hunters were killed just by that monster alone, you know?” [Rebecca]

Uhee. 16 people were killed too……. I wasn’t sure how many people were assigned in that subjugation team but, wasn’t that similar to mass killings? In addition, the opponent was also armoured…..

“Armoured Guardian Knight……? Was it an armour?” [Jirou]

“Yes. An armour. Even among the living armours, that guy was especially tough. I had originally made preparations against that statue already so I was somehow able to beat it in the end but, that was really only by the skin of my teeth. To begin with, that was supposed to be a monster that will appear only at the site of ancient ruins…..However, there would also be times when monsters beyond one’s expectation will spring out during the emergence of the 『monster wave』.” [Rebecca]

A living armour, was it. Not only a skeleton but also a statue. I wonder if majority of the monsters have undead attributes. No, actually classifying them as magic creatures should be more precise than undead, I think.

“Are there a lot of magic creature-like monsters similar to that? And, did the one that appear earlier came from the 『monster wave』?” [Jirou]

“I have explained it before already but, monsters are existences that appear from a collection of demon elements. So it might be strange to call them magic creatures. The emergence of the 『monster wave』 has already happened two to four times this year………In short, this is the period when monsters will appear more frequently.” [Rebecca]

So it’s a period when monsters will appear frequently…… How do I put it,….it was a very rough explanation…….
Well, it is fine as long as I knew of the 『monster wave』’s occurrence. It doesn’t seem likely for there to be any direct connection to me even if a subjugation team is organized.
Although, just thinking of the possibility of a large scale battle happening in the vicinity of my mansion made me highly anxious. Shello-san and Rebecca-san will definitely participate in it…….. If need be, will it be better for me to help out in any way I can as well? Though, if it is just to the extent of distributing emergency rations to the needy, I don’t think I will be hesitant to do so.

After that, Shello-san returned with the black crystal he picked up earlier and showed it to me. The size of the black shiny crystal was as big as the size of a quail egg and the slight transparency was similar to black quartz. This appears to another example of the ‘magic crystal’ in question. It doesn’t seem to worth as much as a spirit stone but, seeing that you can only get one each from every monster defeated, it appears to be just as rare. It might worth quite a bit if one were to sell it. Nevertheless, since it doesn’t have a wide utility value like a spirit stone, the demand might not be that high.




Shello-san immediately went for a monster hunt as soon as he defeated that monster while Rebecca-san started preparing lunch after letting us know that the sword practice would be in the afternoon. Hence Diana, Marina and I decided to practice horse riding with Rebecca-san’s favourite horse.

“Huge…..” [Jirou]

I just realized how huge the horse was after taking a look at it once again……. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how I should start riding it…..
I might be able to get on the horse if I have something like a small stepladder but, it might look a little uncool.

“……Marina, Rebecca-san has taught you how to ride the horse to a certain degree previously, am I right? Did you, get on the horse by yourself at that time?” [Jirou]

“I can do it if it’s just riding the horse slowly! Do you want Marina to help you with it?” [Marina]

“Sure. Actually, both Diana and I don’t even have any horse riding experience yet.” [Jirou]

“Then Marina will help you get on the horse.” [Marina]

After saying so happily, she patted the horse’s cheek then mounted the horse by grabbing the reins and setting her foot in the stirrup. Oo….this is a good horse.
“I’m coming then!” With a huge beam across her face, she rode it slowly as it is.

“Marina….. really seems to be having fun.” [Diana]

“That’s true. Priestess-chan did say that possessing a specific vocation related to it will increase the efficiency rate by 5 times. Seeing that the talent will affect the progress to advance faster, it would definitely be more fun.” [Jirou]

“That might be one of the reasons, but………it appears, more like, she was simply having fun there.” [Diana]

I looked at Marina who was riding the horse with a smile on her face. Certainly, she did seem to be having fun just riding the horse. I wonder if she likes horses.
No………, even before she became a slave, she wasn’t living an easy life. So she might not have the opportunity to enjoy this kind of pleasure. That was because, even in this other world, horse riding is considered to be quite a high class entertainment. Of course I have not tried it before too.

“This might be a great opportunity to take a commemorative photo.” [Jirou]

I took out a digital camera to snap Marina’s happy horse riding scene as remembrance.

“……? Goshujin-sama, you have used that tool from time to time before but, what is that?” [Diana]

I was planning to snap all the photos in secret through various ways but, it appears that Diana had noticed it. Well, I did take several photos before during the dinner party the other day and a few more every now and then. It’s not like it’s a big deal even if I am found out.

I turned my camera to Diana and pressed the shutter. Then I showed the astonished look that was displayed on the camera’s liquid crystal display (LCD) screen to Diana with a smug look on my face.

“Aa, is this a commemorative photo? I’ve seen it before among the treasures back in the hometown. Though most were actually reproduced onto the paper.” [Diana]

“Wh…at…..” [Jirou]

Based on Diana’s explanation, among the treasures back in the elf’s hometown, there were quite a number of ‘realistic looking pictures that resemble mirror projections’. They were ancient items from long ago so the methods in reproducing them were not handed down. It appeared that……..the sole information they have was just a note left with the items, stating that they were ‘commemorative photos’.
Un. They definitely do sound like commemorative photos, don’t they? I really want to see how they look like.

“This tool is what you call, a ‘camera’. You can take commemorative photos using this item……..Though I would never have expected Diana to know about the photos…..Well, I’ll print them out and bring them here the next time.” [Jirou]

“Camera…..So there is a tool like this. According to father, the methods in producing the commemorative photos are said to have been lost so I believed it completely.” [Diana]

“W-Well yeah. It is still a valuable item that has yet to be sold in market. There is a possibility that it’ll be aimed by the thieves so…..keep this a secret.” [Jirou]

Following that, I took photos of Marina who was happily riding the horse. Diana and I then took turns, practising the ways to mount and dismount the horse under Marina’s guidance. We have meals with everyone shortly after when Rebecca-san finished preparing the lunch.

First of all…….., I should buy a set of pants for Marina and Diana. I could clearly see their panties the moment they mount or dismount the horse and the sight of their panties and bare legs were far too dazzling………. That scene might be rewarding to me but, it was too defenceless. Rather, they shouldn’t be riding a horse in a one piece……..It would be good idea for me to prepare a set of clothing for physical activities too.
I guess I should probably get their measurements and purchase the clothing at an emporium on the other side. It might be a little embarrassing to buy women’s things but it would be a lot better than buying the expensive second-hand clothing from here. All right, let’s do that then.


Rinkage’s Footnotes

1. 『ヒトツヅキ』


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