Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki Chapter 30

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Chapter 30:  The smell of oil tycoon from the early-morning attack

After leaving the room, I decided to settle down in the lounge. Sitting on the leather couch, I called a maid over for a glass of warm alcohol.
I sipped it lightly as I think.
I had ended up escaping but, that Diana……「everlasting love」, what on earth is her real intention.
I have just met her for 3 days…… No……that was just from my side of culture. It could possibly be something natural in the elves’ culture…….I think? However, conversely, if Diana intended for this then as I thought, do I really need to pledge an 「everlasting love」 to her?…… There was also the matter with regards to the spirits contract. If I were to make some kind of oath, I can’t deny that I was quite afraid of the outcome again…..

Judging from her state, she didn’t appear to be joking. Then, I guess she was fine even if we ended up in that kind of relationship…. I thought that it sounded slightly like a proposal too but…..was she aware of it herself that she is a slave now?……. Or could it possibly have something to do with her guidance? In the first place, what will she do after she achieved her guidance? She will be returning to her country after that so, what was the point of making an oath of everlasting love.

Could I be overthinking this? It’s just that, it seemed to be a likely cliche thing to happen before developing into such a relationship……… It could also be that I’m just a good-for-nothing coward (hetare)…… I ended up tiring myself out by overthinking it now……

There was also the matter with regards to Marina.

Honestly, it was undeniable that I was taking her advances with a light feeling. I was being rather noncommittal to the other party who was sincerely facing me and offering to serve me for life. After coming to the other world, I have always thought that this place felt really dream-like to me. However, was I treating the human relationship here the same way as well? I made the other party my slave, in other words, her whole life’s in my hand. Nevertheless, I had thought that I could always return to the other side (Japan) to escape, if I do run into any problems here. This thought was something that I wasn’t able to completely refute at all.
If I demand for a person’s sincerity, then it is natural for me to treat them the same way. 「It’s fine even if I don’t return to the other side (Japan)」. At the very least, if I don’t have this kind of feeling, then I don’t think I can cheat on my partner in a carefree way…………It might be something peculiar for a guy to have kept his virginity but, I’m not a frivolous person. As I thought, if there is no sincerity to a certain extent, then it’s not worth being a virgin up till now.

“Aaaaa, was I faced with things related to slaves more than necessary?……..”  [Jirou]

I ended up falling into distress myself.

“Isn’t it fine? Slaves are also humans.”  [???]

“!”  [Jirou]

I was not prepared for someone to reply when I was speaking to myself. Feeling surprised, I looked towards the source of the voice to find a woman who appeared to be a hotel guest unknowingly sitting diagonally opposite me.
I must have been too lost in my thoughts earlier. I had not expected someone to be using the lounge in the middle of the night so I didn’t notice her presence at all.

“Please pardon my impoliteness. Since that remark was made in a place where no one else aside from me was around, I assumed that the question was directed to me.”  [???]

“Ah no. I was just thinking out loud. Hahaha…..”  [Jirou]

That was embarrassing. I could only laugh dryly.
I wasn’t able to read the woman’s expression well due to the dim light in the lounge but, she is wearing a long, black coloured one piece dress with white sleeve and collar, as well as a silver neckerchief around her neck. She must be a young lady from some rich family to be able to afford staying in a luxurious inn like this. Her elegant, silver wavy hair made her looked rather gorgeous.
I guess I might have not noticed it when she came just a while ago. Vapour could be seen rising from the tea cup in her right hand as she lifted it up.

The woman returned the cup to the saucer.

“You seemed to be troubled by something related to slaves. It might be presumptuous of me but, you can consult me about it. That is, if you are fine with me.”  [Silver haired lady]

Is she someone who likes giving people advice?……..
I would be happy if she could offer me her advice on this but, this wasn’t a problem that I could easily consult a woman………
「I just purchased two slaves recently. When I asked them to sleep in the same bed with me immediately, one of them said “I have fully prepared myself” while the other said, “Please swear your everlasting love to me.” It was too heavy for me to bear so I ended up running away here.」 As expected, I wouldn’t be able to tell her that.
But well, since she’s a young lady from a rich family, she could be accustomed to how slaves were usually treated. I’ll try telling her about it.

“Well, I just bought slaves for the first time the other day. But, I wasn’t able to familiarise myself with my own slaves. I don’t know what would be a good sense of distance when it comes to them…….”  [Jirou]

“I see. Well…….basically, isn’t it fine to do as you please? Once you purchased them as slaves, they already belong to you. You can keep them by your side or drive them to some place far away. No one will be able to blame you for it or find a reason to do so too.”  [Silver haired lady]

“Is it something like that? But, how is it usually done? Do slaves think that it’s normal for them to be treated that way by their master too?”  [Jirou]

“Male slaves are kept alive or killed as they are forced into a lifetime labour. Female slaves are mostly treated as sex slaves and even after getting pregnant, they are treated as sex slaves again………..are those the answers that you were looking for? I will not deny that there are no such cases at all but…….the width is actually much wider than what you think.”  [Silver haired lady]

“What do mean by the width is much wider than what I think?”  [Jirou]

“There are some of them who ended up marrying their slaves and it’s also quite common for slaves to be given the number 2 important position in work too.”  [Silver haired lady]



~Ayase Jirou’s brain trial~


“Ee~, this might be a sudden but I would like conduct the 755th brain trial now. The subject of the trial this time is 『Marriage to slaves! Is it something that is possible!?』”


“Guilty. Our parents will start grieving if we were to get married in an unknown world like this.”

“Guilty. Rather than wanting to get married, you just want to do it, don’t you? Isn’t it fine since they are just slaves? Go ahead and do them already.”

“Guilty. I just want to have the legitimacy of child making. I cannot help but say that this is just a self-aggrandizement on the pretence of goodwill.”

“Guilty. I would prefer it if the girls have bigger breasts.”


“But, just hear me out, guys. If you can think about someone sincerely and also consider the possible outcome, you’ll be able to tell if it is the appropriate thing to do. It’s already 1 am in the night now so those might just be the thoughts of my slightly drunk self. I should be able to understand what I ought to take into consideration by tomorrow. It’s only now! For now it’s not guilty!”

“Judgement. I’ll give it another thought once I calm down tomorrow! Otherwise, I’ll just wait till I go into the wise man mode!”


~Brain trial end~



“The treatment for slaves is dependant on individuality……If that’s the case then I’ll just try doing based on what I believe in. Thank you very much.”  [Jirou]

But well, in the end the conclusion was still exactly the same as what I’ve always thought of, 「I should just act based on my own size」. It might be pleasant to find that it was considered as normal by most people in this world. Rebecca-san did say that it was something like a lifetime employment contract so that just might be it.






After that, I ended up discussing about the inn’s food with the silver-haired woman for a short while before parting. I returned to the room (that Diana and Marina weren’t staying in) and went to bed. Things like how I got excited by the lingering scent on the bed…..were details that didn’t need to be known.

The next day, Diana who woke me up with a flushed face, said to me immediately after I got up.

“Goshujin-sama, please forgive me for saying something strange all of the sudden last night. T-That was…that day came yesterday so I became a little strange. So, please excuse my absence for today.”  [Diana]

“Aa…,aaa. Is that so. I guess it can’t be help if you became strange due to that day.”  [Jirou]

“N-No. Actually rather than being strange, I should say that I became honest or……..At any rate! I deeply apologize for it!”  [Diana]

Then she ran out of the room with a beet red face.
Is this because of that day? Priestess-chan did say that an elf’s sense of reason will become weaker but…….I wonder. Well, I was already informed of that day in advance so we’ll just spend our day today without Diana. After all, we’ll just be going to the guild to confirm if Jephthah’s representative has arrived.

I woke up after and prepared myself before going to the next room to call Marina. Marina was….as expected she was still sleeping. If only Diana could’ve woken her up before leaving just now…….

Marina was sleeping soundly on the bed in a dressing gown.
Marina and I were the only ones in the room.
…….no, this is bad. It was Marina’s fault for looking so defenceless in her sleep. It was also Diana’s fault for leaving her in this state without waking her up. Your master was not at fault.

“……..Morning~ It’s morning now~. Time for breakfast~ Then we’ll go to the guild~” [Jirou]
(Rinkage: He’s literally just whispering to her)

Marina didn’t get up even though I was waking her up softly.
Well well well. There’s no helping it at all. I’ll try shaking her shoulder slightly to wake her up.

*yusa yusa*
*yusa yusa*
Oops, my hand slipped. *puni*
*puni puni muni muni*
(Rinkage: You guys should know where his hand has ‘slipped’ to (* ̄∀ ̄) )

*munyu…munyu munyu*

“It….it doesn’t seem like she’s waking up, isn’t she? There’s really no helping it. Even though I am shaking her this much, she’s still not waking up.”  [Jirou]

*munyu muni munyo*

“………it feels warm. It’s really healthy.”  [Jirou]


“…..but, what a luxury…… My current soul level is certainly comparable to the soul level of an oil tycoon……”  [Jirou]


………ah, this can’t do. I couldn’t control it well anymore. My hand and Marina’s breast were drawn together like magnets, both couldn’t be pull apart from each other at all. The feelings weren’t just at the degree of touching it lightly like a lucky lewd.

“Ahn…un….nn”  [Marina]

A voice leaked out of Marina’s mouth. Her cheeks were flushed and sex appeal could be felt starting to emanate from her. This is bad. No, well it’s not bad but, I felt like going that far now even though it’s still early in the morning. It made me feel stupid for worrying endlessly about my good faith last night.

“Marina, if you don’t wake up soon, your master will seriously reach a point of no return. Or are you actually awake?” [Jirou]

“…….Ahn……………fuaa, aahn, aa……………………….a, re?”  [Marina]

Ah, she woke up.
I retracted my hand immediately. It’s quite late for it now but, it’s unintentional.

“You finally woke up, Marina. Good morning.”  [Jirou]

“E-eeeeh? My liege? G-good morning? Te–hiyaaaaaa, it’s embarrassing to be seen in my current appearance~!”  [Marina]

Marina got off the bed by rolling to the other side and ran out of the room……..It appears that she really was sleeping. I felt relieved yet disappointed at the same time…..


For the time being, I should first change to my wise man mode while the sensation still lingered!


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