Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki Chapter 31

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Chapter 31:  The smell of a high-performance suspension from the other world’s carriage

Acting as if nothing had happened, I group up with Marina after that and took a light breakfast. It appeared that she really was sleeping when I was playing a prank on her this morning so there shouldn’t be any problem. However, the incident last night has made it even more awkward or rather, embarrassing for me. I wasn’t sure if my thoughts were evidenced through my conduct but, I had a feeling that Marina was behaving slightly strange too.
There were times when she looked as if she wanted to ask something from me but as soon as our eyes met, she suddenly turned bashful.

We ended up having an awkward moment of conversation as we finished our breakfast and went to the guild after.

The guild (to be more precise, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry) seemed to be crowded even though it was still morning. Taking into consideration that Erishe is the 2nd free city, it was not surprising to find a high number of people taking advantage of the flourishing trading markets here. A merchant-like man, an apprentice boy and a slave-like male escort could be seen wandering around the small lobby as well, making the entire place looks rowdy. Although, I think it wasn’t that crowded the last time I came…….There must be a reason behind this.
That aside, I should finish my errand as soon as I can.

When I tried explaining my circumstances to one of the receptionist who appeared to be free, she requested me to wait for a while so I sank back into the crowds……That’s the same pattern again, isn’t it? The Toby summoning pattern.

My prediction was right on track as she really did go to Toby-shi in the end to explain it to him. After a short while, they returned together.

On seeing me, Toby-shi started scrutinizing me suspiciously again.
Well, I guess I couldn’t blame him….. The first time I met him, I was trying to register as a merchant despite having memory loss. The second time I met him, I was requesting for the proof of ownership for a non-existent house. The third time I met him (now), he was told that I was waiting for a representative from the Imperial Trader…….Now that I think about it, all my actions did seem suspicious.

“It’s been a long time, Jirou-kun. Despite registering yourself as a merchant in this guild for not even 3 rings (weeks), you are already acquainted with someone from Imperial Traders? Is the child behind you…….a slave? A Turk tribe slave might be relatively cheap but… are pretty influential, aren’t you?”  [Toby]

One ring appears to be the same as Earth’s version of one week but they have 6 days in a week. So 3 rings are equivalent to 18 days. This is bean knowledge.
(Rinkage: (これ豆な) Bean knowledge = bits of knowledge / trivia)

“Iya, how should I put it. It just ended up this way somehow.”  [Jirou]

“It just ended up this way, is it?……. Well, I will just leave it at that but, you have told us earlier that you were waiting for Jephthah-shi’s representative from the house of Solo…..that is not a mistake, am I right?”  [Toby]

“Yes. We have not decided on the date and time in detail so I wasn’t sure when he’ll be coming.”  [Jirou]

“No, actually the person did show up once in the middle of last night. She said she will be returning again today so, before long…..ah it looks like she just came.”  [Toby]

Saying so, Toby-shi signalled it with his eyes.
Let’s see….. Looking up towards the entrance, I saw a woman among the merchant-like group of people, entering in a stately manner.
Rather than a woman…..should I say a maid?……or rather, wasn’t she the silver haired woman whom I’ve met in the lounge last night?!


She was clad in the same black coloured one piece dress like yesterday but there were two points that were different. The first was the pure white apron and the second was the head dress. No matter how I look at it, this is definitely the maid look. I had initially thought that she was a young lady from some rich family but…….she’s actually a maid……No, I like it. There are no men in existence who dislike maids.

However, the house of Solo……..or rather, what was Jephthah thinking?! What’s the idea of sending a maid as his substitute?!
No, hold on. I should first calm down. I shouldn’t casually determine someone to be a maid basing on my common sense just because she’s dressed in ‘maid clothing’. She might have forgotten to remove her apron after making breakfast this morning or, I couldn’t deny the possibility that this could just be a type of fashion in this world too. That’s right, that’s right. That must be it. It wouldn’t be possible for a maid to be a merchant’s representative. This isn’t some kind of moe manga!

The silver haired maid walked straight towards us. This person is indeed the representative without a doubt. Either Toby-shi has signalled it to her indirectly or that she was able to guess it immediately from the situation, she gave me an elegant bow.

“Nice meeting you for the first time…though it’s not really our first time, isn’t it? My name’s Hetty and I’m here as Jephthah’s representative. As you can see, I’m a maid. I might be unreliable as young master’s representative but please treat me kindly.”  [Hetty]

This person has declared it herself that she’s a maid!
Did Jephthah vaguely leave this task to just anyone around him? I don’t think people normally send a maid on their behalf, do they? No, I might have been applying too much common sense in my thoughts again……….. If I were to give this a deep thought, we’re seriously defeated by this other world……..By the way, it was unexpected to hear Jephthah referred to as young master.

“…..Thank you for your help last night. I’m Ayase Jirou. Please treat me well from now on.”  [Jirou]

“The same with me, Jirou-sama.”  [Hetty]

Hetty flashed me an elegant smile as she replied. I guess she’s slightly older than me. A maid with a refined beauty.
If I were to think about it carefully, rather than a proud spirited young merchant, or a pretentious womanizing man from the house of Solo, or a seriously homosexual guy, she might have been the best candidate in comparison. In fact, I was actually expecting someone like Jephthah number 2 to be sent over instead….
Jephthah, you asshole. You’ve done quite well this time, haven’t you? You’re someone who can really do it if you want to!


“By the way, where is Diana-sama today? Are you all not carrying this out together?”  [Hetty]

“Aa, today seems to be….that day.”  [Jirou]

“I see. It is the proof that the guidance is progressing but……..Jirou-sama, have you done something?”  [Hetty]

Eh? W-W-What do you mean by that? I have not done anything.
Although, I can’t deny that I tried to do something. Is the something somehow related to that day?

“Come to think of it, you did say that you were troubled by your relationship with the slaves as well last night……. In other words, you were refused after you tried violating her by force so you were troubled by your relationship with your slaves…….something like that? This might be bad……This could develop into a critical racial issue. I’m not sure if Jirou-sama will be able to get out of this in one piece.”  [Hetty]

“Eeeeeee, it was a misunderstanding! It was seriously a misunderstanding so please stop associating those together!”  [Jirou]

“I was just joking.”  [Hetty]

The silver haired maid declared it with a straight face. Don’t make such a serious face when you’re telling a joke!






We left the guild after the short greeting.
Since I have met up with Jephthah’s representative, I would like to confirm the state of my house and begin the repairs as soon as I can. I’m fine with living at the inn but as I thought, it still feels uncomfortable. The foundation of my business was to trade between the two worlds so it wouldn’t be too good to stay too far from the place.

“……so anyway, can I take a look at the mansion for now? It is a little far though.”  [Jirou]

“Yes. I have heard of the details from young master. I have already prepared a carriage so let us depart.”  [Hetty]

After saying so, Hetty-san guided us all the way to the place where the carriage is. I wasn’t sure how fast the carriage could go but it will definitely be more comfortable than travelling by foot. Aa, I would like to ask if she could buy me a horse but…….it might be better to ask this only when Diana is around.

The carriage that was prepared is pulled by a pair of dapple-grey horses. It was actually quite…….no it looked really luxurious. The carriage even comes with two coachmen. It wasn’t the open-air carriage kind that I saw in the parade but rather, a wooden private room type… short, it was the so-called ‘box-shaped horse-drawn carriage’.
(Rinkage: Something like this)

Upon closer observation, the wheel seemed to be made out of metal and elegant looking ornaments could be seen used in moderation as decorations for the black base. To be honest, this didn’t seem likely to be the maid’s taste but, I wonder if Diana might possibly be the one affecting this.
From my perspective, it was something that is really fortunate to me since I could use it freely without reservations.

“Please get on. Judging from the average speed of this transportation, I think we should be able to reach there in roughly half yuruka.”  [Hetty]

Yuruka is about one hour in Earth’s term. This is also bean knowledge.

The inside of the carriage was luxurious as well. The seats were covered by a layer of shiny leather, making it looks as comfortable as a sofa and the interior is also big enough for four adults to ride inside comfortably.

No matter how you look at it, this is a coach that is generally used by nobles instead of common people. The house of Solo is definitely loaded, to be able to own something like this. To be frank, a normal covered wagon that can be used for loading goods would be sufficient for me.

Since I was the first one to get up into the carriage, I took my time confirming the texture of the seat and the flooring of the carriage by tapping it as I waited. However, no one got in after me, even after some time. When I looked outside, I could see Marina standing outside rigidly while Hetty-san was standing motionless on the side.

“…..Um, what are you doing? Marina too. Did something happen?”  [Jirou]

“Aa, it’s nothing. I was just waiting for Marina-san since she doesn’t seem to be boarding the carriage even after some time……….Ano?”  [Hetty]

“Marina. Did something happen? Are you the type to get motion sickness easily? Sorry but you have no choice but to try enduring it. Now come on. Get in, get in.”  [Jirou]

On hearing what I said, Marina finally opened her mouth after showing a brief moment of hesitation.

“……..Marina is a slave. I have heard that the master of a house will be laughed at by the public if they are seen sitting on the same seat as their slaves in public places. Ma-Marina doesn’t like it……if my liege were to be laughed at by people.”  [Marina]

That was quite a cute thing she just said. Although, that was quite foolish of her to be worrying about something like that.
S-Since it will have the opposite effect on a guy instead!

“Then what will Marina be doing? So you’ll be remaining here? Letting your master leave to someplace by himself to boot?”  [Jirou]

“…………Marina will be chasing after by foot.”  [Marina]

“I see. But that request is denied.”  [Jirou]

My persuasion…..didn’t go through but I got down the carriage normally, grabbed Marina’s hand and pulled her inside by force. I was initially expecting her to be putting up slight resistance but, she was surprisingly docile. It would look really cool here if I could hold and carry her to her seat however, I do not have enough strength to do so.

“In the end, I am forced to get up as well. I’m a slave after all so, it’s my destiny in which I will not be able to go against my liege.”  [Marina]

Despite saying that, Marina didn’t seem to be vexed at all. On the contrary, she looked happy about it. As I thought, she’s a foolish child.

“Yes yes. I want to ride in this carriage with Marina together so the earlier request will definitely not be accepted no matter what.”  [Jirou]

“Oh my. Jirou-sama’s love to slaves is strong, isn’t it? It’s not really the continuation to the conversation we had last night but, it’s actually not a rare case to find masters who make their slaves run after the carriage.”  [Hetty]

Were there really people who make their slaves run like that?……….The carriage has started moving now but, it is actually gaining more speed than I thought. I think the speed is roughly the same as the speed of a bike. Well, going after this by foot is considerably hard or rather, it’s really harsh to make them run after the carriage. It’s a different story if someone were to do it for the sake of training though.
If it so happens that they encountered thugs or demons on their way, wouldn’t they become too tired to accomplish their tasks at the end of the day? It’s seriously inefficient.

“It’s Marina’s first time riding something like a carriage. There were only carts back in Marina’s village.”  [Marina]

“This is my first time riding a carriage too. It doesn’t shake as much as I expected. I’ll need to examine the mechanism used for this carriage later on…….The suspension must be really good despite the wheels. In the first place, does spring exists here?…….”  [Jirou]

“Jirou-sama seems to have deep insight. Just as what you have said, we use the spring bear’s tendon for this carriage. We need at least 20 spring bear’s tendon just for one carriage so this carriage is actually quite a high-end item.”  [Hetty]
(Rinkage: They are talking about springs yet they are not referring to the same spring xD)

“Haha, spring bear is it? That’s really something.”  [Jirou]

“Marina have seen spring bear coming out from time to time nearby Marina’s village last time too. If it is found by any human, byon! Byon! It will run away.”  [Marina]

“What the heck? Is that supposed to be its cry? So is byon the sound of its cry?”  [Jirou]

“Byon! Byon! It jumps up and down on the rocky areas of the river. It looks cute when it slips and falls into the river at times. And the sound of its cry is 『Banebanebanee』. 『Banebanebane』.”  [Marina]

Marina was making gestures with her hands as she explained. She was even mimicking its cry.
(Rinkage: Spring is meant to be “bane” in Japanese so the bear’s name is actually “Bane Kuma” (Spring Bear). But I think “springspringspring” sounds really strange in comparison to “banebanebane”. Although if you guys want me to change it to “springspringspring” then I can do that too or let me know which you prefer x3 )

They named it “Spring (Bane) Bear” since their cries sounded like “Banebane”? The other world is seriously something.

While having such conversation, I gazed out at the sceneries outside. Before I knew it, we finally arrived at the forest’s entrance to the residence. I have not timed it accurately but it should be roughly 40 minutes. If a carriage took 40 minutes to reach here then, it will likely to take around 30 minutes to travel just by horse.

I got down from the carriage and guided Hetty-san to the place. Come to think of it, it was the first time for Marina too. It would be good if she likes it since this place will be her house too.

“…….it looks like a splendid looking mansion but, it seems to be deserted for a long time. This might be more troublesome than I thought. Could I take a look at the inside?”  [Hetty]

“Yes of course. What’s your opinion of this place, Marina?”  [Jirou]

“It’s a huge and amazing mansion. It seems to be slightly overgrown with weeds though. When will we start living here, my liege? Tomorrow?”  [Marina]

“No no no. We still need to repair and maintain it before we can move in. I don’t know how long it will take though…..”  [Jirou]

“Judging from the current state, it might take about 2 moons. Houses that have not been occupied for a long time will definitely have various places that are either broken or need constant maintenance.”  [Hetty]

1 moon here is similar to Earth’s one month and there are about 20 days in 1 moon. This is bean knowledge.

We entered the mansion.
Aa, first of all, I have to keep the room with the mirror off-limits to her.
The person I was referring to was Hetty-san since I have intended to confide it to Marina soon anyway.

“Aa, it doesn’t seem to be that damaged surprisingly. If that is the case, I think we might be able to get everything done in just moon. The outside of the mansion itself might be more of a problem though.”  [Hetty]

Outside. In other words, it was pertaining to the entire stretch of overgrown weeds and brush. Certainly, I had wanted to maintain the path outside the mansion too but it will likely be time consuming and we would need more people and money for this as well.

“Marina thinks that this place is fine to be lived in as it is. The house that Marina has stayed in before is incomparable to this mansion. There are still furniture remaining inside and it doesn’t seem likely that the roof will leak once it rains.”  [Marina]

“I see. But no.”  [Jirou]

The reconstruction of the mansion is arranged today so they will begin working on it tomorrow at the earliest. I have free time in my hand anyway so I’ll just come again to take a look at it once the project starts.
However, I need to install a lock first on the room with the mirror…….Actually, that should be the top priority.


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