Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki Chapter 29

Here’s chapter 29~

Chapter 29:  The smell of a good-for-nothing at night in the other world


Putting aside the reason behind Rebecca-san’s words, I had not expected to sleep together with Diana too…..No, it would be a lie if I were to deny it. I did have delusions like this before……but….


But I’m also a man! I’ll do it! I’ll really do it! I will do it by borrowing the power of alcohol!

For the time being, we decided to return to the room. After taking a bath, we went to the dining room to have our dinner.


—–A brief digression. There is a proper bath in this inn. Hot water is available in the bathroom for the guests even in the evening.

I first expected that it would be quite a hard labour bringing the water all the way from the well so when I asked the inn’s manager about it, he replied back 「We have our own 『Water Jar』 in this inn」.  Apparently there is an item called 「Water Jar」 that provides an infinite amount of water so most of the water used in this inn is supplied by this jar. Are the items created using spirit stones and magic crystals, carried only by the inn in Erishe and several other houses? As I thought, I couldn’t help but think that the inn used by the Solo house is definitely luxurious.

The bathroom itself was built of stone. Although the inside wasn’t really big, it could still fit up to four people so it was sufficient to me. If the guests were to request for it, they could call for a masseur or even for an akasuri service.
(Rinkage:  Akasuri is also known as “red scrub”. More about akasuri here. You can scroll down to the bottom to read the explanation ;D  )
Naturally a steam bath was not excluded. The method was done by filling the bathtub with hot water.

By the way, if you were to ask how the toilets are like here, they actually have clean, good old-fashioned toilets (the so called botton benjo).
(Rinkage: Botton Benjo is also called plop toilet / squat toilet / non flush lavatory)
There were no toilet papers available, but they have greenish yellow leaf as replacement and the texture was in no way inferior in terms of softness compared to the toilet papers.
The leaf’s surface appears light when you brush against it so it feels gentle when you use it to wipe your ass and it has a nice smell too. (Rinkage: Just to clarify, it’s not the smell of the ass)
On top of that, a complete set of amenities such as toothbrush (the brush portion was the hair of some kind of animal), comb and slippers were also provided in the room for the guests’ complimentary usage.

To be honest, in terms of hotel’s facilities, it does not lose out to the facilities provided by the hotels on earth. Above all, the meals were delicious.


So, I am currently in the bathroom.
The bathrooms were properly segregated by genders so once I entered it, I was able to monopolize the entire place and take my own sweet time.
Finally….I will be graduating from my virginity tonight……
In retrospect, I had a 21 year long dry life…… I did have a girlfriend before but it never last long in the end. After graduating high school, I joined the black company but that wasn’t a place where I could find a girlfriend. Moreover, I became a NEET right after I quit the black company…….

…….For the time being, let’s wash myself thoroughly…….


—–A slight digression again but, soaps are not widely used here yet. When I first found out about it, I was hyped up thinking, “All right. It might be lucrative to sell soaps here! I’ll be a billionaire!” but that idea was simply naive. Instead of soaps, the bathrooms and washrooms here have a huge number of peculiar tree branches as replacements.
The hollows of those strange branches were roughly around 1 centimetre in diameter and were clogged with high viscosity fluid. Once I pressed it hard, the liquid content that flowed out has the same usage as cleaning substance.
A faint aroma of fresh verdure from the froth permeated the air when I used it to wash my body, making my mind and body felt strangely refreshed. To be frank, this thing is way better than soap. It is also versatile and can be used as a shampoo at the same time.
I might be too simple-minded when it comes to starting up a business in this other world. It would be easier if I were to sell these to the other side. (earth)


I stepped out from the bathroom and went back to my room after wiping my body. Once I changed my clothes, I went to the next room to invite the both of them to have dinner together in the dining room.
During our meal, Marina seemed to be eating quietly, behaving totally different than her typical self as she usually doesn’t display a well-mannered etiquette during meal time. Is her face red because she just got out of the bath? On the contrary, Diana seemed to be unusually cheerful, coming up with various conversation topics. I wasn’t sure if she is feeling desperate or something at all……
I wonder why did Diana say that she will be sleeping together with us too. I was quite concerned of her real motive behind this but it was hard for me to bring this topic up somehow….Oh well….what will be, will be…..

Thus, we went back to our own room after finishing our meal.

“Well then, we will be paying a visit later on, goshujin-sama.”  [Diana]
“W-We need to make preparations first, my liege.”  [Marina]

It seemed like they will be coming over to the room later.
Honestly, my heart felt as if it was going to explode.
Even though Diana appeared to be perfectly calm on the surface, Marina was obviously nervous.
Since the event has reached this point, I don’t think they would mind even if I were to do as I like, as their master…….at least I think so……Aa, I should stop it. I am being long-winded again. As a 21-year-old virgin, this is the time for me to display my manliness!


“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, goshujin-sama.”  [Diana]

“……………………….”  [Marina]


Before long, the two of them came to my room.

Diana, who was clad in a dressing gown with her platinum blonde hair that was usually tied in a knot released, still looked somehow regal. On the other hand, even though Marina was wearing the same dressing gown, she shrank back while looking at me with upturned eyes. She wasn’t able to utter out even a single word as she stood there squirming.
I wonder why Diana was being so brazen. Could she really be thinking of coming here just to sleep? I guess that must be because she is a princess after all. She might still be a nenne-chan.
(Rinkage : Nenne-chan [ネンネちゃん] = Someone who is innocent and oblivious to the world like a baby, especially to things like sex)
“Gehehe, this uncle here will personally teach and give you a step by step lesson”. In truth, I wished that she has reached at least that degree of indecency. Rather, if it was possible, I would like to be given a lesson on this due to my lack of experience….. Some kind of simulation or shadowing lesson would be almost perfect. Speaking of which, I have yet to confirm if both of them have experience, so there are possibilities that they were actually veterans in this….

…….Although, if it is possible, I want to be their first man. I wonder if it’s an egoism of a virgin….

But, I don’t think I should say “Let’s go to bed!” all of the sudden. It might not be an art of coaxing but should I start the conversation on our business here first? Let’s go with that.

“Oo, well just sit down. Do you all want something to drink? Aa Marina, could you serve the tea?”  [Jirou]

“Y-Yeshh-!”  [Marina]

She was strangely nervous that her reply became inarticulate as she stood up, looking all tensed. From how I see it, it is likely that she might end up spilling the hot water.

“All right. So it’s about our plan for tomorrow. Since Jephthah-san has arranged for a replacement to meet us at the guild, we should head to the guild tomorrow before anything else. Thereupon, we can check out the state of the house after the meet. If it is possible, I would like to try secure a transportation to the house but I’m not sure if we should be depending on that person to that extent yet.”  [Jirou]

I put on a serious look and started talking. I tried changing the atmosphere and seized the initiative…..

“What should we do if Jephthah’s representative hasn’t made it here yet?”  [Diana]

Seriously. This girl was behaving just as usual. She was sitting nonchalantly on the sofa while sipping the tea made by Marina.

“If that is the case, then I had thought of selling the goods I have in hand at the market. I’m not sure if we can just sell the goods without permission there so I will be going to the guild regardless to inquire on this first.”  [Jirou]

“What about securing the transportation?”  [Diana]

“The distance between the house and Erishe will take roughly 1 to 2 hours walk by foot. It would be a hard work going back and forth to the city without a horse or something. I do not have any skill in horse riding so I have no choice but to learn it. Although, honestly I do want a horse at the very least. Come to think of it, do the two of you have the skill to ride one?”  [Jirou]

“I have been living in the forest all this while so a horse is…..”  [Diana]

“Ma-Marina has never own a horse before….”  [Marina]

So the two of them have zero experience too. I could buy a carriage and employ a coachman to solve this but I will be getting a horse first to get my small business running for the time being. I guess I have no choice but to try asking Rebecca-san to teach us all. Considering Marina’s knight skill, she might be the first one to master it but, I kind of doubt it due to her thick-headed image.

“Then we should practice horse riding together. Do you think I should get Jephthah-san’s representative to buy the horse for us, Diana? As I thought, I guess we shouldn’t be replying on him that much.”  [Jirou]

“Wouldn’t it be fine? Regardless, the house of Solo will be the one to earn the most eventually.”  [Diana]

Did he make that much profit?
By supporting the High Elf’s special guidance, the house of Solo would be obtaining some kind of cooperation from them. Is the reward that good? Well, if that was not the case then I don’t think he would be willing to pay for our stay at this inn too since that was quite a handsome amount of money…….

“…….I don’t know what will the house of Solo be getting at the end of this deal but I’ll just be getting as much as I possibly can then. To be frank, we are getting financially broke…….”  [Jirou]

“…..Goshujin-sama, the reward item is something that they wanted by hook or by crook so it’s fine to be slightly unreasonable.”  [Diana]

I became worried about the content of the reward, all of the sudden.
The reason being, he has easily bought me a slave (Marina) even though it cost him 40 gold coins. In addition, it cost him 3 silver coins per night for our lodgings each, so it would be about 1 gold coin for the three of us.
That could only mean that the reward is not just at the level of 100 gold coins. Even 1000 gold coins doesn’t sound too preposterous……By the way, if I were to convert it to our money, 1000 gold coins would be roughly 150 mil yen.

…..Nevertheless, even though 150 mil yen is a huge sum of money to me personally, it might be just a small change for those who excels in business trading. It seemed that the house of Solo is famous to the extent of being known by Rebecca-san too.
Then… wasn’t just at the level of 10 or 100 billion yen……. I wonder if it would be alright to selfishly ask for 30 mil yen for our portion.

“…..All right, I have decided. Let’s depend on the house of Solo to the end. I’m not sure how much we can get from them but let’s just do it to the degree whereby Jephthah does not make a sarcastic remark about this.”  [Jirou]

“Goshujin-sama is indeed reliable. Among the High Elves, my guidance was considered to be something that hasn’t happened in a really long time so we ended up handing over a treasure that is beyond humans’ power. So, they will basically heed any of your wishes. At the very least, the item was that valuable to us.”  [Diana]

A treasure that is beyond humans’ power…… Would it be alright to hand over something like that to a merchant? I don’t think there are be any treasures in existence on earth that might worth 10 billion, are there?

“Specifically, what did the High Elves give the house of Solo? What I meant was that treasure. Rather than ‘cooperating’ with them, did you hand over an item instead?”  [Jirou]

On hearing that, there was a slight hesitation in her eyes for but, that was only for an instant. She seemed to have made up her mind after.

“……Will you promise to protect this secret?” [Diana]

“Ou, I will protect it, I will protect it.”  [Jirou]

“….That was quite a light assurance…. Will Marina promise to never disclose this to others too? If you can’t, please cover your ears.”  [Diana]

Marina covered her ears and closed her eyes at the same time. She didn’t seem to be particularly interested in this story.

“………Once I have achieved my guidance, we are supposed to hand over one of the High Elf race’s treasure, 『The Birth of the Morning Star (The Alchemy)』.”  [Diana]

“The Birth of the Morning Star?”  [Jirou]

“It was a treasure from the era of Spirit civilization but….. In short, 『It can change base metals to precious metals. In a word, it’s a gem that can turn it into gold』. The existence of this item is concealed for the time being so I hope that goshujin-sama can help keep this a secret.”  [Diana]

“The possibility of changing something to gold….. Can it create an infinite number of gold? However, for a house that was already rich like the house of Solo, I don’t think that an item like this is that profitable to them.”  [Jirou]

“Goshujin-sama is sharp. Just as you have guessed, changing base material to gold is not the only aspect of this treasure. To be more precise, the Birth of the Morning Star is basically, 『A gem that is able to create various items as long as the conditions for those items are met』. —For example, the conditions for creating gold are these three, 『the original source of metal, magic crystal and spirit power』. However, even with these three conditions met, it is really rare to be able to make one now. There were an abundant of magic crystals during the era of Spirit civilization but they are really valuable now.”  [Diana]

Something that is able to create various items. That was a fairly simple explanation. However, changing base metal to precious metal is alchemy isn’t it? Isn’t that the case?

“Even though I understand that the requirements for the creations are generally 『source material』, 『energy crystal』 and 『technique user』……….I apologize. Back in our hometown, we did use it to make food occasionally but I did not properly examine the methods in using it much……Although, father seems to know of many different recipes…..”  [Diana]

“I see–. But I wonder why did the house of Solo desires it. There must be a reason behind their attachment to this item.”  [Jirou]

“After taking a look at the list taken out by father, they selected the Birth of the Morning Star instantly, so I think they should have a reason to this……”  [Diana]

The Birth of the Morning Star. It sounds like an interesting treasure. Honestly, it seems wasteful to give this to the house of Solo. There wasn’t any fixed date as to when they should hand over the item so long as Diana hasn’t achieved her guidance but……I can’t do that.
Ah, but I wonder if I could play with it a little before giving it to them. I would like to pay a visit once to the High Elf’s hometown too. Ufufu, a place only full of elves. If it ended up becoming a super hustle, it wouldn’t be sufficient regardless of how many bodies I have……..
(Rinkage: Envisioning in getting snu snu by a group of elves)

Well, anyway I got a back-up plan for now and it seemed permissible even if I were to spend my money freely here. I don’t think I will be troubled about my life in this other world for the time being. It’s all thanks to Diana-sama.
I want to run my business using my own my money but, I need to take care of the livelihood here too. I will be using whatever that I can use.

“Then I will end the conversation here. Marina, it’s fine now.”  [Jirou]

I called out to Marina who was covering her ears with her eyes shut. Well, I guess it’s natural that she didn’t hear me. I tapped her shoulder.

“MA  RI  NA! It’s fine now!”  [Jirou]

“Wahiyaa!! I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I am not fully prepared yet! Marina will not be able to do well for the first time….I will definitely do it poorly…..”  [Marina]

What on earth is this person saying all of the sudden! First, we should set the mood by drinking tea as we relaxed, then gradually suggest to them that we should be going to bed soon. After that, I will put out the lights. It’s a step by step process…….That was supposed to be my initial plan! You’re being too straight, Marina!

But, so it’s her first time, huh…..That was truly a delightful news to me….

Your master is overcome with emotions. I’ll forgive you!




Then, the room was somehow enveloped in silence.
Damn….how did it end up this way…… Someone please do something… what I wanted to say but, a guy should be the one to take the lead in a situation like this……
As I was thinking so, Marina spoke up.

“Ma-Marina will be going there first. P-Please pardon me and p-please be gentle to me.”  [Marina]

Saying so, Marina fled to the bed. The only ones left were Diana and I. Well, what to do now…..

“Goshujin-sama, what should we do now? I-I… mentally prepared for it already.”  [Diana]

“U-Un…..Then let’s go there too……”  [Jirou]

The light was put out and we headed to the bed in the room.
…………I felt as if my heart was about to leap out of my chest……. I was feeling too nervous that I felt slightly sick now……..

Upon entering the room, Marina could be seen shutting her eyes tightly as she lay down on the bed with both of her hands grasped together firmly. Her shoulders were trembling, possibly because she was feeling afraid or she wasn’t able to sort out her feelings yet.

I guess she must have not wanted to do it……
It doesn’t matter even if she is a slave! I would be a pure demon if I were to force her into it just because she is a slave…….

Well, it is true that I am at the age in which I really wanted to do it too but, I have already kept my virginity for 21 years anyway, so it’s not really necessary to be impatient now. I guess we should wait for a little while longer…..till it develops to something important. Like love.
It was just the third day since I first met them… we are still like strangers to each other……..

“Marina. You don’t need to be that tense. I will not do anything.” [Jirou]

On hearing what I said, Marina slowly opened her eyelids. I could see confusion swirling in her eyes.

“I…..have fully prepared myself, my liege. So it’s all right. I can do it properly.”  [Marina]

“………I just recalled it but, as I thought this thing isn’t just about being mentally prepared. Someday….until Marina feels that you are not only prepared for this but you are also willing to permit it. I will be waiting until then.”  [Jirou]

“My liege……”  [Marina]

“Diana too……You should keep and cherish it until that day comes.”  [Jirou]

I have decided….!

I am definitely not a hetare! I’m not a hetare!
This is sincerity!

Marina blinked her eyes in surprise. Since she’s a slave, she might think that it’s weird for someone to be thoughtful of her. Well……..the problem actually lies with my preference.
It’s such a waste when the meal is already set before my eyes! I want to love, to be loved and to be connected! Something like that.

Diana seemed to be convinced by it too. When I turned around, I found her smiling mysteriously.

“Goshujin-sama…..My feelings are not 『ready』 yet. It is necessary to prepare my heart but, I don’t think I need to be 『ready』 for it. So, we can sleep together after Marina returned to the room, if you want. T-This is destiny.”  [Diana]

Unexpected. Diana seemed determined.
In the dim light, Diana’s silhouette seemed to emerge mysteriously in symmetrical. The rays from the moonlight shining in through the window, cast its luminescent white glow over her long platinum blonde hair that was extended to the waist. The tattoo didn’t really bother me much as she looked very attractive. In truth, I was on the verge of being overflowed with uncontrollable desire now but……why is she being so aggressive?

“But….just one thing. I want you to make a promise. Once we ended up in that relationship…..I would like goshujin-sama to swear your 『everlasting love』 to me. All right?”  [Diana]

“…….O-O-Ouch, ouch ouch! I’m feeling too tense that my stomach hurts now! I’ll be going to the toilet. It will likely take a long time! You guys should go to sleep first. Ouch ouch.”  [Jirou]


I escaped………..


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