Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki Chapter 25

Heya guys. Here’s chapter 25

If there are any characters that you might have forgotten, you can refer back to the page linked below. There are short descriptions for each character.
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Do take note that there are a lot of slang used in this chapter so it took me quite a long time x__x;;  Please forgive me if there are some parts that might not be really accurate.

Basically1◆Xc544iUoWE is the MC’s chat account here and the people here call him “1” or ”1-san”


Chapter 25:  The smell of depopulation board from the fairy board

743: Anonymous Fairy
It’s here!

744: Anonymous Fairy
They are probably images pulled out from a foreign cosplay site

745: Anonymous Fairy
1-san is a riajuu who just picked up them up from a photography shop and is trolling us with them isn’t it!
Show us more of those obviously altered images again this timewww

746: Anonymous Fairy
That little grey fabricated image of the American fellow has a cheap sense to it though it might be good.
The amateur can just leave

747: Anonymous Fairy
The altered image for masturbation that was created over the period of one week make me shed the first tearwww

748: Anonymous Fairy
Has the first CG compilation from the other world been released yet?
Though even if it’s released I’ll not buy it

749: Anonymous Fairy
For the time being I’ll forgive you if it’s erotic

750: Anonymous Fairy
Just stop it! My 1 HP has turned 0 already!

751: Anonymous Fairy
The images of the other world landscape that you have uploaded the other day was fairly laughable already
They were just images that were played with after pulling them from foreign sites…..
Please be more tasteful this time!

752: Anonymous Fairy
Although the pants were taken off for the time being

753: Anonymous Fairy
If you’re attempting to do so anyhow you should try doing this at a more major board
As long as you have the specific subject isn’t it good?

754: Anonymous Fairy
Why does it exist? It’s at a mysterious level yo > Fairy board

755: Isolated self 4noig329de
Is it still alive for now?
It’s an unexpected story development so it’s not bad
Hurry up with the image!

756: Anonymous Fairy
I do quite like that though…..
It felt like a fantasy world that I have envisioned during my junior high school
It relieves my fatigue

757: Anonymous Fairy
Actually…….Actually I want to believe in this shitty thread too……!!
But…’ve been deceiving us too much!
Please stop causing the emotional fluctuation between joy and sorrow in us with your hands!

758: Anonymous Fairy
If you understand then pull back

759: Anonymous Fairy
It’s good that you bought elves but what about money, 1-chan?

760: Anonymous Fairy
He must have sold the pepper he had.
He doesn’t want to say it because it’s embarrassing.

761: Anonymous Fairy
Other world people, “What is this GABAN….?” 1

762: Anonymous Fairy
Wait. How can the words be readable?ww

763: 1◆Xc544iUoWE  (Jirou)
You guys are harsh
I’ve already uploaded various different images up till now
Since I have gone through the trouble of providing you guys with elf images, you should feel indebted to me at the very least

Now, I have bought two slaves this time
The first one. White Elf-chan

The second one. Black Elf-chan

Both of them getting along

It was seen through…..

I’ll try putting up the pictures for the time being.

By the way I have mosaic both their faces to hide them. There wasn’t any particular deep meaning behind it…..
I wonder why. Could I be feeling possessive? Is this something like 「I don’t want my elves do be seen by any trivial guys but I want to boast about them at the same time」?

Well, apart from playing with the bulletin board like this, there is no great meaning in it. Once the images became the main subject I wonder if it would be possible for something of this degree to happen, 「Isn’t this really well-made? This is a CG. Once I’m done with my CG compilation, do buy them!」
I’ll be keeping a collection of elves photos anyway! For myself!

The thread’s movement after that do interest me as well but it’s a waste of time to wait for them to be written since I’ll need to get my things done quickly.

I got ready and went down to the first floor. The other world’s road in the evening or rather at night would be really dangerous so I need to return to the inn before it gets dark. The risk of an encounter in a role playing game usually increase at that time.

“I’ll be going out. I’m going to be away for tonight too.” I told my mother who was eating oranges under the kotatsu, straight out.

“Wait hold it right there, Jirou. You’ve only been playing around recently. When are you planning to get a job? It’s been 2 years already but you’ve only been playing with that auction or something… Being a NEET forever wouldn’t be able to support the house generally and we’re not really rich to begin with. Hurry up and get a job soon, otherwise leave the house!”  (Jirou’s mother)
(Rinkage: Since everyone’s calling him by that, I’ll stick to that from now on too)

Even if you say so, it doesn’t seem likely for me to get a job anytime soon.
Much less, as a worthless high school graduate NEET like me….!

In addition, looking for a job now is even more of a distant matter for my present condition. Rather than that, I should say that my intention of getting a job was already 0 since a long time ago.

“Then I’ll be leaving the house in near future. I managed to find quite a stable business recently so if it goes well, it will be possible for me to live on with that…..It might take slightly more time but I will be watching over it in the long run.” [Jirou]

“In the long run huh…..Didn’t you say the same thing 6 months ago?”  [Jirou’s mother]

I’m serious this time!

Before she pursues it any further I quickly grabbed the car keys and went outside.

In truth… alone might be good too but it might be harsh if I do not have a steady income first to some extent. I want a car too.

Riding in the house’s K-car, I drove to the post office for now.
I shipped out the items and withdraw some money from the ATM.

I have spent quite a lot of money in the match between Jephthah this time. I want to start getting my business on track as soon as I can.

Thus, after going shopping for a variety of things, I reached home roughly around 14:00.

I have thought of stopping by Shello-san’s house initially but I had taken a considerably long time already. I should just confirm the board’s conversation and return to the inn as quickly as possible. It would be bad if I didn’t go back before dark.
Seriously, if I don’t do something about the other world’s transportation soon, it would be really inconvenient…….

When I confirmed the board’s conversation, well, the conversation flow was roughly similar to what I had expected.
I should try following up to a certain extent.

764: Anonymous Fairy
I’ve reported it

765: Anonymous Fairy
I’ve reported it
You’ve taken out pants from the laundry

766: Anonymous Fairy
I’ve seen this before in a sex industry magazine a long time agowww

767: Anonymous Fairy
Two of them….
1-san is an unthinkable sexual prodigy

768: Anonymous Fairy
Eh, is this for real?
Dark Elf-chan is seriously cute though??

769: Anonymous Fairy
What is up with the white one thoughww
The quality is way too highww

770: Anonymous Fairy
The white one’s tattoo?
Isn’t it too upper class?

771: Anonymous Fairy
I agree I agree
It’s definitely not photoshopped. Definitely not

772: Anonymous Fairy
If this is the real thing, then give us the paper that you have written on in one trip.
Also show us the face
No, please show me

773: Anonymous Fairy
I’ll offer 100,000 yen for the dark child!  (Rinkage: I’ll offer 200,000 yen!!)

774: Anonymous Fairy
N-n-next please! Quickly!
It’s not my problem anymore if you can’t make it—!!
Aa–!? (while dirtying the pants)

775: Anonymous Fairy
Even though you guys were the one kept making a fool of people
Aren’t you adapting way too fast…..

It’s good, do it more

776: Anonymous Fairy
Looking at the high quality, it’s forgivable even if these were photoshopped
The making of the ears is really good too
It’s just that the white elf has slightly longer ears than the black elf

777: Anonymous Fairy
Where can I get the original image from?
Actually I’m more concern of that
Both of them have a really great model-like figure, for an amateur
They’re too high level

778: Anonymous Fairy
1-san is actually living abroad
I think that he might have taken the locals there as models for pictures
Then right after the shooting, he had his way with the staffs.

If you have the photo editing software and the skill to do it, you can even change the face and body freely.
About the first and second image with the sex worker pose,
will I be able to use this metaphor for it “The retouching technology is amazing” ?

779: Anonymous Fairy
No one will believe in the other world

780: Anonymous Fairy
I believe it though
Eh? Did you guys not believe it?

781: Isolated seld 4noig329de
First image:  The tattoo is seriously a minus though
Why did 1 buy this child?
Second image:  A big busted dark elf came!
Have you already rub it, suck it or roll it around?
It’s seriously envious damn it–!
Third image:  LOL’dw
What kind of pose is that?

782: Anonymous Fairy
The material is seriously uncool

783: Anonymous Fairy
Aa…the next is video…

784: Anonymous Fairy
Enough with the one with tattoo. Please focus on the black one.

785: Anonymous Fairy
I’d offer 150,000 yen

786: Anonymous Fairy
An anime of a certain girl
Moreover the first generation

787: Anonymous Fairy
If these girls are really 1’s slaves then bring them as evidence to the Comiket the next time
Of course in an ero-cosplay!

788: Anonymous Fairy
I want to see the body!
Please show me their naked bodies!!

789: Anonymous Fairy
What mature adults we have heree

790: Anonymous Fairy
The white one!!

791: Anonymous Fairy
The black one!!

792: Anonymous Fairy
The black one!!

793: Anonymous Fairy
The black one!!

794: Anonymous Fairy
The black one!!

795: Anonymous Fairy
It’s my first time seeing an incomplete onew
Is the black one an idiotww?

796: Anonymous Fairy
The white one is really unpopular lol

797: Anonymous Fairy
Their names are?
If they are slaves then they should have names at the very least, right?

798: Anonymous Fairy
Slave No.1 and No.2
No.18 is my bride

799: Anonymous Fairy
Kusososo-san chiisu!2

800: Anonymous Fairy
By the time it reaches 800 I want to be the godparent!

801: Anonymous Fairy
Go request that from a pervert

802: Anonymous Fairy
Wait for 1’s reply

803: Anonymous Fairy
1 might netorare the slave beside me

804: Anonymous Fairy
It makes the chest hot to NTR a slave…

805: Anonymous Fairy
Stop that

806: Anonymous Fairy   (Email address)
If 1 is going to the other world
I hope you would take me along
Will leaving my contact as application here be fine?
I have left my add
I beg of you, 1!!

807: Anonymous Fairy  (Email address)
Me too, me too

808: Guan Yu
There is no such thing

809: Anonymous Fairy
Was 1 washing his pants before he came…..

810: Anonymous Fairy
It would be better to just take it off beforehand…..

811:Xc544iUoWE  (Jirou)
Hey there guys
I’m glad that you are all enjoying yourselves
I’ll be going to the other world now to stay overnight at the inn with my slaves
The white one might be unpopular with you guys but she has a really cute voice, has graceful movements and is cool
I do admit that they appeared to be for the upper class people though
I’ll be recording their voices this time

Please do

(Rinkage: Translating all these drained my HP to 0 too  (∥ ̄■ ̄∥)  )

Once I finished replying, I noticed that I’m almost running out of time.
I’ll continue this another time. At any rate I should go back now.
It’s a depopulated board anyway so there wouldn’t be much replies.


By the time I reached Erishe city, the sun has starting to set.
I wonder if those guys are staying at the inn obediently. Marina aside, I am anxious about Diana…..

Erishe’s 50th anniversary festival is still going on.
Come to think of it, I was planning to go around the festival once I obtained the slave. The three of us could probably look the festival around tomorrow…. I might be able to get some ideas for my business too….

I am currently carrying a backpack on my back and holding onto other bags with both hands. These goods were brought over from the other side but due to my greed I seemed to have brought way too many different items now. Considering the distance from the house to the inn, I should have been more prudent but….I had done it unconsciously.

Walking for 120 minutes is seriously tiring….I want to rest at the inn soon as I can.

The inn is located on the central square near the main street. The hustle and bustle outside could be easily heard so it was slightly noisy to me.

Once the festival is over, the main road would still be there. However the noises from the main road might not reach a really bothersome degree.

Upon reaching the inn I left my luggage in the room and went to Diana Marina’s room. Now, were the both of them able to stay in the room obediently?

“Diana, Marina, are you in—?”  [Jirou]

I called out as I knocked. Should I treat them more like a slave at a time like this and order them out without question?
Well, I have already planned to go at my own pace with regards to my relationship with the slaves anyway.

“Welcome back, goshujin-sama. A guest has dropped by just now.”  [Diana]

“Ara, good afternoon. Jirou-san.”

Hiyaaa~! Isn’t that Priestess-chan!

Her usual priestess clothing is nice but the town girl attire suits her very well too. Her long blonde hair that was braided makes her look really cute.
Did she come to see me? As I thought priestess-chan and I are connected by an invisible thread…….

“Good afternoon Priestess-sama. What’s going on today? Do you need anything from me?”  [Jirou]

“Yes. Ah but I am not here for Jirou-san though. Diana-san here has something that she wants to hear from me so I’ve come here after speaking to her using spirit transmission. It’s rare to have elves who can use spirit transmission nowadays so I was surprised.”  [Priestess-chan]

Something that she wants to hear?
And what is a spirit transmission? Something like a telephone?? The spirits are seriously too omnipotent.

“There is something that I want to hear so I used the spirit to call her over. I’m not too familiar with the geographical features of this area so I thought it would be faster to ask a local priestess.”  [Diana]

Yes it came–.
I understand that she wouldn’t come see me without any particular reason!
Of course I understand it! I just felt like saying it in a destiny-like way!

“Is there anything that you need to hear from Priestess-sama?”  [Jirou]

“It’s about 『that day』.”  [Diana]

Ah yes yes. It’s that day isn’t it,
That day is an important thing isn’t it. As expected it is necessary to get the advice from someone of the same sex.
Your master is ready to help too whenever you like!

“I see. Well I have bought a cake so you can take your time with the conversation while having tea. Marina, is Marina here?”  [Jirou]

“Nn~, munyamunya, I can’t eat anymore~”  [Marina]

“Marina has been sleeping since after lunch. I have heard it before that sleeping right after eating might turn someone into cow but it appears to be true…..”  [Diana]

This person has been ingrained with too much freedom.
Isn’t it amazing to be in a position to receive three meals and a nap daily! If that’s the case I want to be a slave too!
Even though it was enjoyable looking at her sleeping face and her sleeping posture, I should wake her up for the time being.

“Oi, Marina get up! I’ve bought cake.”  [Jirou]

“Nn~? Waa~, aa, my liege, welcome back. Marina can still eat.”  [Marina]

“Good morning. I have Marina’s portion here too. Once you are awake go make the tea for the total number of people here.”  [Jirou]

“Goshujin-sama is lenient to Marina…..”  [Diana]

The other world and Japan has roughly the same length of time in a day and similar daylight hours but the climate is slightly different. This place is warmer than Japan.

It’s quite cold now in Japan since it’s December.
In addition, today is the 24th.
That’s right, it’s Christmas Eve.
Naturally I don’t have any engagement during Christmas Eve but since I have people to spend it with this year, I specifically bought and brought the whole cake here…..

I’m sorry. I was in quite high spirit myself.
Moreover, Priestess-chan has also joined in. Including a high elf and dark elf, the three different elves have gathered here. I wouldn’t be a man if this doesn’t put me in high spirit!

“Today is a slightly special day back in my hometown. There is a custom to celebrate it by eating cake. That’s why, let’s eat this together. Please do join in too, Priestess-sama.”  [Jirou]
(Rinkage: I think he has forgotten that he was supposed to have a ‘memory loss’ )

I distributed the cake with my personal knife. For safety, I bought chocolate cake, or to be more precise Buche de Noel. Although I wasn’t sure if this might suit the other world’s taste. That reminds me, I have not seen this kind of cake here before.

Marina served the tea, handed out the cake and sat herself at the table.
Apparently everyone hasn’t seen this type of cake before. I wonder what kind of reaction will they be giving after eating.

Marina is about to put the cake in her mouth. Diana is watching the situation. Priestess-chan is drinking tea.
This asshole Diana. She was waiting for Marina to taste the food first before trying it herself.

“!? A-a-a my liege. What is this? What is this–? It’s sweet. It’s extremely sweet!”  [Marina]

The pupils in her purple eyes became perfectly round as if she was in ecstasy while she opened her mouth wide and ate the cake heartily.
(Rinkage: Something like this -> image )

On looking at Marina’s reaction, Diana and Priestess-chan finally put the cake in their mouths as well.

“”Varasudanya””3  [Diana & Priestess-chan]

“It’s sweet. It’s sweet. Goshujin-sama is really sweet. I have never expected you to let your slaves eat something as good as this. My cheeks are f – a – l – l – i – n – g  o – f – f –”  [Diana]
(Rinkage: Comes from Japanese onomatopoeia: So delicious your cheeks will fall off)

“Is this a cake from Jirou-san’s hometown? It’s my first time eating a cake as delicious as this…… I was supposed to have lived a long life but the world is certainly huge…..”  [Priestess-chan]

I’m glad it’s popular among them.
Could it be that, there are no natural style cakes like this over here?

Since I have “cook” as my vocation too, I might be able to make a profit if I start selling cakes here.
I am not sure how effective it will be but it might be interesting to run a stall during the time of the festival.

However, I wonder how many years has it been since I last eaten a cake and done something Christmas-like like today. If I were to eat chicken for dinner later on then spend the night with the elves in bed at night, it would be so perfect, it might bring tears to my eyes!

But well before that, I should listen to what the day is about.


1. GABAN is a pepper brand in Japan
2. クソソソさんチィーッス
3. ヴァラスダーニャ!

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