Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki Chapter 26

Here’s chapter 26. Next chapter might be slightly late so apologies in advance. I will be going back to my hometown tomorrow after 3 months so I might not have much time to translate when I return there  ^^;  I will be there for a week but I’ll still try to get the translations done as much as I can.

Chapter 26:  The smell of Sunday on that day

It appears that Priestess-chan already knew the history of how I obtained Diana and Marina after hearing the story from Diana herself.

I was wondering how someone from the elf clan would think of a guy who enslaved a high elf but she didn’t appear to hold any special feeling of antipathy either. Since she is an elderly elf who has already experienced sweet and sour things in life, I guess she wouldn’t be shaken up by each and every thing.
Either that or Diana must have explained it really well to her.

—In any case, it seems like I am still able to continue my friendly relationship with Priestess-chan from now on. Or rather, I can use Diana as an excuse to deepen my friendship with her!
That said I should try asking about that day.

“So…what is 『That day』 all about? I am actually not really informed about that side of the story….. It might be a subject that is difficult for you all to answer though…..hahaha”  [Jirou]

“It’s not about menstruation.”   [Priestess-chan]

As expected of Priestess-chan!
She declared it clearly and distinctly!

“*Cough*…..that day actually refers to the elves’ rest day, goshujin-sama. For the elves that are staying in human dwellings, they require 『a space only for themselves』 to take a slow rest regularly. Otherwise, their spirit magic might become unusable. Although elves that live in a dense forest with spirit power do not need this cultural practice…..”  [Diana]

“A slow pace is it…”  [Jirou]

“It’s not just relaxing at a slow pace, Jirou-san. It should be a place where humans couldn’t lay their hands on as much as possible and also a place that they wouldn’t be able to enter from now on too. On top of that it needs to be a place with dense spirit power and it needs to be close to where they are living as the conditions. So, it’s something that is really important for elves to find that specific place for their daily use.”  [Priestess-chan]

So I guess it’s something like a place… recover the spirit power. To be specific, a power spot…. If this were a game, it would be 「a place to recover your MP once you stay there」…? Well I guess something like that is essential to the elves. Especially since Priestess-chan is similar to a spirit magician in her work.

“So that’s the reason, goshujin-sama. Please permit me to act independently on that day until I find the specific place only for me.”  [Diana]

“Aa, I don’t mind it. It would be bad for a human like me to know Priestess-sama’s place, wouldn’t it? That aunty from the temple has also mentioned it before. That 『the place that the elves go to on that day would only be known by someone who has an intimate relationship with them』.”  [Jirou]

“Th-That’s right. O-Of course once I found my place, I will definitely inform goshujin-sama! Immediately!”  [Diana]

“Un. But you don’t need to force yourself alright. It’s better to have some kind of understanding between races.”  [Jirou]

When I replied so, once again Diana started sulking by saying, “Muu–! I don’t know! Pui–!”
I would actually like to know it alright. Good grief.

However, well for the time being I’m glad I knew what that day is about. It’s quite regrettable that it’s not a mating period. But of course I have not expected it to be really true! That is natural!
But why did they need to describe that day in some kind of special code-like expression?
Were there embarrassing factors inside?

“If you do not allow them to take a proper rest on that day, there were cases whereby the elves’ sense of reason become weaker so please take precaution of this, Jirou-san.”  [Priestess-chan]

Sense of reason becoming weaker….
As I thought isn’t that similar to them being in heat?!






After that, Priestess-chan was invited for dinner too.

Putting aside Marina the fish-lover, even though Diana and Priestess-chan ended up ordering fish dishes too, I wasn’t sure how popular fish dishes are in this world…..

Hence I tried asking everyone at the dinner table. Although fish are not harvested much in this world and they are also quite rare, those were actually not the main reasons. To put it simply, in the end it was just 「they just love what they love」.
Well to me I prefer meat to fishes too so I guess it’s that kind of story.

Even though Erishe is located so close to the sea, the fish supply here are not really high. That was because small sized fishing boats were not able to deal with the monsters in the sea. Since the boats here are not huge merchant vessels or warships with metals reinforced at the bottom, it would likely be hard for them to fish from the sea.

However since Erishe’s harbour penetrates deeply into the mainland, local fish are still easily obtainable as there are less monster encounter. (unless they go too far to the sea)
Needless to say when it comes to inland, even if the other areas are also facing towards the sea, their seafood is still incomparable to Erishe.

That said, if we were to compare the prices between meat and fish, the fish is still in fact more expensive than the meat even though it’s still not comparable to Japan’s high class item like matsutake.
Well, the profit for each item in this area is unstable so I should try surveying more.


So…., after a meal.
I was sleeping alone in the room.

Eh….? What happens to the fun time sleeping together with the elves….? That might be what you were wondering about but, I had no choice……

We drank liquor and proceeded happily from there but Priestess-chan who unexpectedly has a low tolerance to alcohol passed out really fast halfway through. So when I helped carry her to the next room, I ended up telling them, “I’ll leave Priestess-sama to you.”

And….that was how I got into this state.

Aa….if this goes on, their image of a 「Goshujin-sama who doesn’t sleep together」 will gradually increase and might end up as an established fact soon….
I-I’m a man who will be able to pull it out too if I want to! Possibly! Most likely!


The next day, after taking a light breakfast, we escorted the Priestess-chan who had a hangover back to the temple. Then the three of us, Diana, Marina and I went sightseeing around the festival.

Having elf girls on each side of me as I look around the festival is an act that might become a legend when you’re a local isn’t it? I wonder if someone will be able to put my current gallant figure in a photograph. Then I’ll frame it and decorate it at the front door….

But well, we really stand out, seriously. Diana’s appearance is seriously conspicuous. By the looks of it, it might be a good idea to purchase a huge robe from somewhere and put it on her. It is still fine now since we are in the middle of the festival. However if we do not hide her tattoo (strictly speaking the actual thing is different) once the festival ends, there might be a strange rumour spreading that 「this person is always in festival mood」.

It appeared to be the first time for Marina to visit a festival in a big city like this. She was making a stop at almost every stall that seemed interesting. Although Diana might say that “I’m sweet to Marina” again, I should probably buy something for her later.

Unlike Marina who was fidgeting restlessly, Diana was behaving in a dignified manner. As I thought, are all high elves slightly different…..?
It could possibly be that she was simply not interested in the festival but even when she was attracting so much attention, she just remained aloof.

Well, I guess that’s because High Elf is an elf royalty. They have nothing that they can say even if they are in places that can be seen by common people. Judging from the feeling, it might be different in comparison to a lower middle class person like me.

But you know……since Diana was attracting all the attention, I ended up standing out at the same time. It made me feel uncomfortable sticking out like this. So I decided to buy something as a disguise. That is the first thing to do.
Festival sightseeing comes after!

Therefore, we dropped by the second-hand clothing store that I purchased my clothes from previously.

I will only be buying a robe here for Diana this time.  At any rate, even the average clothes here are expensive despite being second-hand clothing.

By the way, Diana and Marina were still wearing the same clothing as what they wore when I first got them from the slave trading house 2 days ago. Both of them have a certain extent of undergarment change with them so they are not particularly dirty, but I would like to buy clothes for them at the very least with my ability as well.
And I would like to use the privilege as their master to try dressing them up in clothing that I like too.

What they currently have on them are cute but as expected I would like to dress them up in this kind of clothing or that kind of clothing……..
If it’s the other world, such rumour, “Look at that guy, he’s letting his girlfriend wear something like that….it’s either a real otaku couple or it’s already the end of the world.” will not be created and we are free to put on whatever costume we want without restrictions…..

A second-hand robe that looked just right happened to be for sale so I bought it.
It was a plain dark grey robe with a hood. The price was roughly 160 El.
….Though 160 El is not exactly cheap. If I were to convert it to Japanese yen, it will be roughly 24,000 yen. It’s actually not an amount of money that I will feel comfortable spending.

Sheets were something that was sold cheaply at the flea market and the fabric itself doesn’t appear to be a luxurious item. I wonder if there are any special effects added to this robe similar to protective gears from the fantasy world.

Ah, I should appraise it at a time like this.


“The mirror of truth.”


Body Armour

Dark Grey Robe + 1

A robe that can be equipped by any profession
Besides the magic colour 『Dark Grey』, the divine protection; blade-proof has also been added

【Magic Properties】
Blade-Proof D

【Spirit’s blessing】

Jirou Ayase


It appeared! An RPG-like description!
It is sold ordinarily in the second-hand clothing store but I guess this is a magic item. This is indeed the style of a fantasy world. I might be able to find something unexpected if I were to appraise all the items here one by one when I have the time.

“—What did you do just a while ago? Goshujin-sama?”  [Diana]

“Eh, what is it?”  [Jirou]

“It happened before previously too. When you were taking a look at Jephthah’s map the other day, the same thing occurs. I could feel the spirit power fluctuating.”  [Diana]

Aarara. Since the spirits were the one doing the appraising when I used the Mirror of Truth, it was found out by the High Elf, Diana…..

“It was just your imagination…… is what I wanted to say but, I will explain it to you soon so at the moment it’s still a s.e.c.r.e.t.”  [Jirou]

I tried deceiving her by imitating Diana’s style. I should probably explain it once I am accustomed to my inherent jobs.
(Rinkage: He has another two more skills that he hasn’t actually use yet)

“……I will be waiting. I look forward to it.”  [Diana]

Why am I enraptured by Diana’s smile all of the sudden?
Could you not show me an expression that will make my heart throb! I might really fall for you if the tattoo is gone!

I put the robe that was purchased on Diana.
The size is, well slightly big but it looks fine overall. Since it practically covers her entire body, she should not stand out anymore.

All right, now let’s check out the festival once again! Will I not be buying a slave collar? I ignored that question when I was asked by Diana.

There are various kinds of stalls set up in the festival. The food stalls are to be expected but there are also accessory stalls, talisman stalls and there is even a stall that resembles a show booth.

I am running low in money myself so it might be bad if I do not find the means to make more money as soon as possible but I could see if I can find any leeway in the festival that I can make use of.
I bought Diana and Marina each a horseshoe pattern hairclip and had lunch together at the food stalls. I was able to spend a picturesque riajuu-like time in the festival.
Well, should we try entering the show booth next?

“What kind of show booth is this?”  [Jirou]

It’s a huge black show booth roughly about 10m in diameter and 3m in height. There were naturally words written there but since I couldn’t read it I asked Diana.
It seemed to be a picture of a magician in black robe in the process of casting magic. There were letters written on the picture.

“This is a magician’s booth, goshujin-sama. I think this is probably a booth where the magician will be performing their magic.”  [Diana]

Aa, so a magic show.
Let me see the level of your magic here! Show me the super illusion of the other world!
Well, I guess it’ll just be at the degree whereby he will make a dove fly out of the magic hat or something similar.


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