Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki Chapter 24

Here’s chapter 24~

The next chapter would probably kill me though after taking a look at the length and the content xD;

Episode 24:  The other world’s reselling has the smell of an easy profit


The following day, Jephthah has work to do so he returned to Marishera after leaving the message, 「I have sent a replacement so do drop by the guild when you have time after tomorrow」.
We may use the inn until the maintenance of the house is done too. Alright! I wouldn’t need to worry about my base for the time being.

However, a replacement for Jephthah….. Don’t bother sending me another fox or racoon please!
(TL: Meaning he doesn’t want another person as sly as Jephthah as replacement)

Well then, I should be going back to my home at least once but I guess I shouldn’t be taking the slaves back with me. It might be really interesting to try taking them over to the other side but there will be even more of troublesome things to take care of as well if I do…….
Furthermore, the house is still not in a state where someone can live in yet……

In other words…house-sitting…..?
If I were to return to the house now and finish my errand on the other side as soon as I can…I should be able to come back probably in the evening.

Alright. I’ll do so then.

“Shello-san, Rebecca-san. I’ll need to go back to that house for a bit to check on the repairs so let’s go back together. You’ll be going back today too, am I right?”  [Ayase]

“Eh? Then what about those girls–? And actually where is that house?” [Shello]

“Diana and Marina will be house-sitting at the inn. It couldn’t be helped since I couldn’t take them along. The house is actually located nearby your place. It’s the house in the forest where I met Shello-san for the first time. Do you still remember?”  [Ayase]

“N? Jirou. I am actually really familiar with the vicinity around that place but as far as I know, there are no residences there.”  [Shello]

“Jirou, will you be leaving these girls here and go alone? Isn’t it a better for you to take them along?”  [Rebecca]

As I thought, Shello-san doesn’t know about it too.
Toby-shi was the same too. Even the people from the guild who originated from the nearby village didn’t know about the existence of that house. That house is seriously a complete mystery.

With regards to Marina and Diana, well…..if I were really planning to go back to just check on the repairs of the house then it would be fine to bring them along. However, I was actually planning to return to earth….
I could take them along and explain it to them but somehow it feels troublesome.

“So that’s how it is. Would it be alright for you two to stay at the inn obediently?”  [Ayase]

“Please do not take me as a fool. I’m a good house-sitter.”  [Diana]

“M-Marina is good at it too. I managed to stay composed even after staying hidden in a closet in the room for half a day!”  [Marina]
(TL: o__o;; )

T…That seems to be slightly different though, Marina…. I’m seriously worried about what kind of life she has been living through now, as her master.






Hence, I will be returning with Shello-san and his wife.
Both of them wanted to take a look at the mysterious house so they will be passing by there on their way.

“It is located right after this path. Did you guys really not know about it?”  [Ayase]

I asked the two of them when we finally arrived in front of the road leading to the house.

“Oo…..Certainly there is a trace of a road…..I was supposed to be familiar with even the animal trails around this area….. However, there shouldn’t be a house here at all……”  [Shello]

The three of us forged ahead along the road. The house should be 100m ahead if we kept going from here.

However, after some deep thought, if I were to do some maintenance work on the house, I would need to do so for the road too and that requires a lot of money. There are no huge machineries existing in this world so everything is basically done through manpower……

Well, I will not the one who will be paying so it should be fine. Although it’ll just be troublesome since it would be too time-consuming.

The sight of the house finally came to sight as the three of us kept forging ahead.

“That’s the house. I have received the proof of ownership from Tobias-san too so this is officially my house now. It seemed to have been abandoned for a long time so it requires maintenance before I can live in it.”  [Ayase]

“……….There seriously is one….. It’s not located that deep into the forest too so why haven’t I notice it till now….”  [Shello]

“Arara. It’s quite a splendid looking house. Certainly it does look like it has been deserted for a long time but there doesn’t appear to be any problem with the structure so it should be fine to stay inside. There seems to be a well here too.”  [Rebecca]

“Ee. I was lucky since I found it by chance. Jephthah-san will be the one doing the maintenance too.”  [Ayase]

“You’re right. It’s close to our house too so we can come over to visit anytime–”  [Rebecca]

“Yes please do. I still have a lot to learn from both of you.”  [Ayase]

With this the unveiling is done.

After seeing Shello-san and Rebecca-san off, I returned to my room through the mirror.
When Rebecca-san said, “I’ll help you out”, it was hard for me to send her back earlier. However, I managed to make her back down once I replied, “I need some time alone to think about something…”
This phrase can be useful!

Once I went back to the room through the mirror, the first thing I did was to brew a coffee for myself.

Even though the food and drinks in the other world are delicious, they don’t have coffee there. It might be a good idea as well to introduce this there soon.

I switched on my personal computer.

First of all, I would need to check if there are any successful bid on the other world’s items that were placed in auction. There were 8 items placed for sale all together. Those items were all bought from the other world’s flea market so it wasn’t that much of a huge amount in terms of money but I have confidence that they will fetch a decent price in Japan.

Thus I tried placing all for sale for 1 yen at that time.
1 yen sales were done by starting the bidding price of an item at 1 yen. Instead of the possibility of the closing bid of an item to be significantly lower than the initial expected price, there might be a chance that the high number of bids will stand out, causing the bidders to be heated up and raising the amount of bid on the contrary. Hence there will be a merit that the bid price might soar up instead.

Originally there is a method whereby to sell only certain items that are in demand. Although if I were to use that method, the goods that I have with me this time might not be well suited for sale. Nevertheless, I will be able to research on the potential demand for any specific items by watching the number of potential bids. It wouldn’t be bad to me since it will be beneficial for my market research if I could observe how high the price jumps for each item.

Well, it wouldn’t be a huge blow to me even if it didn’t result in a huge amount of money….
I have been following up on the bid for about four days after I placed them up in auction but there were only dozen of yens bided the last I checked…..

So, how will it be now.



*click click click*


◇ Antique doll of a girl  71 cm  Details: unknown rare – shipping cost included ◇

Congratulations!! There was a successful bid on your item.
The highest bid : 44100 yen
Total of bids: 72

◇ European old clothing : antique linen dress – shipping cost included ◇

Congratulations!! There was a successful bid on your item.
The highest bid : 7500 yen
Total of bids: 21

◇ Antique Linen Bedsheet  gold thread embroidery : rare – shipping cost included ◇

Congratulations!! There was a successful bid on your item.
The highest bid : 12600 yen
Total of bids: 32

◇ Antique cotton bedsheet in a set of 4 : rare! – shipping cost included ◇

Congratulations!! There was a successful bid on your item.
The highest bid : 21200 yen
Total of bids: 66

◇ Cute Antique Lunch Box Basket : Bento container! – shipping cost included ◇

Congratulations!! There was a successful bid on your item.
The highest bid : 6500 yen
Total of bids: 27

◇ Cute Mini Religious Clothing : For cosplay? – shipping cost included ◇

Congratulations!! There was a successful bid on your item.
The highest bid : 12300 yen
Total of bids: 30

◇ Antique sterling silver cutlery set : rare! – shipping cost included ◇

Congratulations!! There was a successful bid on your item.
The highest bid : 11320 yen
Total of bids: 28

◇ European antique  alcohol lamp : rare! – shipping cost included ◇

Congratulations!! There was a successful bid on your item.
The highest bid : 48700 yen
Total of bids: 64


It was more than what I have expected!
If I could get 164,220 yen from just a single sale, it would be sufficient for my living!

………The profit earned is roughly the same as when I sold off the one gold coin previously although I do not really understand the actual condition…….

Well, all the items auctioned this time were actually purchased at 7 silver coins in total so strictly speaking, it is way more profitable than selling the one gold coin. Although, if  I have more money, I would be buying back all the gold workmanship goods from the other side. I might be able to make easier profit if I do so but as I thought, gold items are really expensive….

I sent the transaction emails to all the highest bidder and packed the goods. Since all the shipping cost were included this time, the preparation required to ship the items are comparatively easy. After that, I would only need to confirm the payments for each item before shipping them out.

But, they were really sold, isn’t it? I have expected them to sell but I never expected them to be popular.

I have been to the flea market once in the last 10 days I have stayed in Erishe but those items were chosen just vaguely before purchasing. Isn’t it actually quite profitable as the end result? The best-selling items like the alcohol lamp and antique doll this time are rarely seen so it might be likely to get higher price for them.

However……I do know that antique cloth might be profitable but I haven’t really expected those used sheets to be able to sell for more than 20,000 yen……

Conversely, the religious clothing has quite an elaborated embroidery, has a stylish design and the mini skirt looks erotic. I have expected to get a decent amount of money from this but the final profit was just so-so. I wonder if the title I used was bad. But, putting the title as 「A real religious clothing」 wouldn’t work out since it didn’t have that particular design. It doesn’t seem related to Christianity either. In the first place, it might look like a religious clothing but in all honesty I don’t even know if it really is one.

To be frank, all the auction titles were just given randomly!

After going through the procedure for each auction, I logged onto a certain thread that I like frequenting. I did reply in the beginning but I had left it unattended for some time now. So how has it become.

……..Um. It gets quite rough in general after I left it alone.

Anyway I should reply first and get the images out!
I did take a snapshot of the drunk Diana and Marina making a pose yesterday.


Breaking News】 My mirror is connected to another world

Hey guys, it’s been a long time….
Actually, I have something that I have to say to you all……..

I have purchased elf slaves in the other world

I took some images too so I’ll upload them in a while.
The timid fellow has taken his pants off.


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