Sonohi Sekai ga Kawatta – Episode 4 part 2

Here’s the part 2 of chapter 4

Our MC is more yandere and sadistic than I thought.

The Fourth Story part 2/2

“Shizuki, you know, my mother doesn’t seem to find you pleasant for some reason.”  [Fujimura]

I thrust my index finger in and out of the tight hole with the sound *nupunupu* as I speak to Shizuki.

“Haa-, haa-, haa–”

Her pussy convulsed and twitched, the narrow hole tightened and a large amount of love nectar flooded out. Her breathing became even more ragged.

When I pulled my finger out, an erotic transparent thread that was connected to my finger dripped onto the floor. Her knees jerked and trembled.
Shizuki might have wanted to moan in pleasure but since I was still in the midst of speaking, she desperately tried to supress her voice.
This fellow. It’s really admirable that she’s so serious most of the time.

“I like you. That is why I really want to bring you to my room to train you thoroughly. But it seems like my mother wants to separate the both of us.”  [Fujimura]

As I continued inserting and pulling out my finger *nupunupu*, I murmured with a mixture of sigh.
My mother, or rather my parents are similarly as ugly as me. In other words she is a ‘transcendent beauty’ here. Born by such parents and inheriting only their bad parts, I am evidently a ‘thoroughbred’.
Assuming that it’s for my own good, my mother does not like Shizuki. The reason was because Shizuki is ‘ugly’.

According to her, she does not have any intention to complain if I were to have a lover and she does not care about the appearance too but that child is seriously way too ugly. She might overlook it if she is just my friend but she would not permit anything more than that.
I have invited Shizuki several times to my house but apparently my mother has overheard her ahegao voice.

“That is why, I want to train you to the extent of not uttering out even a single sound, regardless of how harsh the training might be.”  [Fujimura]

I thrust my finger as I spoke to her, causing Shizuki’s bottom twitched and convulsed again. She tried suppressing her breathing that was getting louder. Her body flushed and she could be seen sweating excessively.
She seemed to be putting it into practice immediately. She’s seriously a cute and obedient fellow.
But it’s a man’s nature to have a stronger urge to bully someone when they are too obedient.

“Listen well Shizuki. Don’t let it out. Don’t let your voice out alright? Absolutely do not let even a single sound out.”  [Fujimura]

As I told her so, I increased the number of finger to two and continued pumping in and out of her vagina. In addition, I pushed her erect clit using my left thumb.


Her butt started to spasm violently as a voice could be heard leaking out from her mouth. She desperately covered her mouth with both hands.

“Nn? It felt like I heard a voice coming out just now.”  [Fujimura]

When I questioned her with a grin on my face, she shook her head repeatedly. Contrary to her usual obedient self who will confess and obey my instructions, she ended up lying this time.
She must have hated it if she could no longer come to my room for training.
She is seriously someone who is worth bullying.

I bent the two fingers that I thrust inside the hole and started stirring it around Shizuki’s weak spots. At the same time my left thumb teased the nub of the clit and rubbed over it.

“!, !, !”

Shizuki’s butt was twitching intensely. Her knees were trembling and seemed to be losing strength anytime soon as her pussy juice splattered all over the floor.

“Do not let it out alright? Absolutely not to let it out alright? Absolutely alright?”  [Fujimura]

I wasn’t able to stop myself from grinning when I applied more pressure on my words.

“Fu-, fu~u, nuu-, uuu–”

Muffled voice and rough breathing resounded through the room.
A punishment has been decided since she raised a cry. However, I could punish her to my heart’s content now. I wonder what kind of reaction will she be giving. Possibly with whites showing in her eyes and her tongue sticking out with drool coming out from the edge of her mouth?

I increased the number of fingers to three now and pushed them into her vagina as I pinched the clitoris with my index finger and thumb. Then while thrusting in the three fingers mercilessly inside the hole, I continued rubbing against the clit.


The muffled cry resounded through the room. A certain liquid sprayed out of the urethra in great force.
It appears that she had a fierce orgasm. However I’m still not satisfied. I haven’t played enough yet.

“Once you let your voice out, you wouldn’t be able to be trained in my room, alright? If you don’t want it then don’t let your voice out? Absolutely don’t let your voice out alright?”  [Fujimura]

She has already raised out a cry earlier but I just said it for the sake of putting a pressure on her. Then I began tormenting her pussy and clitoris even more.

“Neea~, aoooo~, aeooooo! ♡”

She raised a clear coquettish voice and another torrent of fluid gushed out from her urethra again followed by a jet of urine squirting out.
It might be said that this is her first training so I’ve taken it into account that she might fail.
I should finish her training here this time. Should I give her a punishment?

“You let your voice out, didn’t you?”  [Fujimura]

As I said so I pulled my three fingers out, pinched the nub again and pulled it with my fingers. Finally, I played with her clit as I like. *bichibichi*


*Shurushuru* She ended up urinating again. As for Shizuki, her knees trembled intensely then she collapsed. Her body was laid face down on the floor with her butt pushed up a little. Her body twitched when the fluid and urine squirted out alternatively.

Playtime is not yet enough. It’s still necessary to assign the punishment.
I stood up from the chair, put my right hand into my pants’ pocket and took out a certain thing.

“Shizuki you have raised your voice. So I’m giving out the punishment.”  [Fujimura]

As I said so, I squatted down in front of Shizuki’s raised ass and spread her anus with my left finger.

Her anus was opened agape, revealing the interior. In order to use this hole later on and also as a punishment, I’ll need to clean this hole too.
What I had taken out from my pocket was an enema.
I removed the cap, pointed the tip towards the anus and pierced it with all my strength.


The sensation felt must be different than her pussy. She cried out in ecstasy.
With a huge grin across my face, I squished the body of the enema that contains the liquid hard.

*Jujuju* the liquid inside was injected right into the anus.
It should be quite painful to her but since the amount of juice flowing out from her pussy increased, she must have found it pleasurable instead.
Despite having a cute face, she is unexpectedly a huge pervert.


Shizuki’s butt convulsed as she cried out. There were a mixture of pleasure and pain in her voice.
Once all the liquid was poured inside I removed the enema’s tip from the hole. When I did so, her anus tightened.

I thought of using her pussy initially but, I changed my mind. Since she’ll be treating me to fast food, I’ll still be able to endure it to a certain limit. No, I will endure it beyond my limit.
Greasy sweat trickled down my countenance as I enjoyed myself watching Shizuki desperately enduring it.

“I’ll go on ahead. After cleaning up this room, put on your uniform and come to the fast food restaurant in front of the station.”  [Fujimura]

Shizuki’s body was still laid on the floor with her raised up ass still twitching. I threw the keys next to her. I stood up and left the art preparation room.



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