Sonohi Sekai ga Kawatta – Episode 4 part 1


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The Fourth Story part 1/2

The school teachers, especially the ones who are not married yet were abnormally sweet to me. I want to be alone for a while. As soon as I relayed that to a female teacher in her thirties, she lent me the key to a special unused classroom.

“If you’re lonely, you can call for sensei too, alright?”

A really beautiful woman in her own style who has a sex appeal of beauty at the prime of her womanhood whispered in my ear.

She is amazingly beautiful. However if you reversed the aesthetic in this world, she is seen as really ugly here. In other words, the males here probably see her as someone who has an ugly appearance.

It is really admirable. By pretending to have a good understanding of her student’s wish and helping me, she might be thinking that with little luck, she could create an opportunity to build a close relationship with me. If it was before I had encountered Shizuki, I might be her partner. However, unfortunately I am crazy about Shizuki.

As long as I instruct it, Shizuki will do anything. Regardless of what the orders are, she will do it happily. Even when I ejaculated inside her, she never resisted and looked pleased instead.

I had just sent that said Shizuki a mail and headed to the unused classroom as I hummed to myself. I opened the unused classroom with the key given and went inside.

The room looks dim and smells musty. It might be the smell of the oil painting lined up on the shelf. I was wondering what this room was but apparently this was an art preparation room.

The place here is an old school building connected to the main building by a passage. When they built the new building, they seemed to have just left the old building due to budget circumstances. It is mainly used by the Culture Club right now but due to the club’s declining popularity, there are a lot of unused classrooms.

I feel restless if it is too wide and troubled if it is too bright. In that respect, the dimply lit and narrow place like this is just right. It is an ideal place to rape a yandere bishoujo with mental illness.

While I was searching around for something that can be used, I heard someone knocking on the door.

“Who is it?”  [Fujimura]

I called out towards the door. It could be Shizuki but there is also a possibility that the female teacher might have come to check on my state. Well, she has given me the key as I wanted to be alone but since my mood is not that bad today, I waited a while to wait for the response.

“I-It’s Sakura. Sakura Shizuki. I-I have come here to be loved by Fujimura-san.”  [Sakura]

This Shizuki. It will be fine if she has just given her name but she has to include the unnecessary remark. Though, that is also surprisingly cute.

“Before coming in, think of something that will amuse me. I’d like you to show me a gag.”  [Fujimura]

I suddenly felt like teasing Shizuki so I gave her a reckless order.

Shizuki might have mental disorder but her academic results are excellent. She’s really obedient when it comes to my orders regardless of how obscene they might be but she is normally serious in nature. And she is weak and timid. Thus it is impossible to be actually expecting something amusing from her all of the sudden. However Shizuki will try to obey all my orders and will do anything just to please me. That is why this should be interesting since I couldn’t read into her actions.

“P-Please excuse me.”  [Sakura]

After waiting for a while, the door opened as the voice was heard.

Sakura entered the room stark naked. It appears that she took off all her clothes in the corridor before coming in. All the inner wear including the socks have also been taken off completely.

Sakura closed the door. Her footsteps echoed ‘peta peta’ as she approached me, her face blushing to her ears.

A girl in twin tail with strong willed huge eyes and moist pink lips. She has a childish and cute appearance with sheer white skin. Her delicate stature looked like they might collapse upon a single touch. Despite that she also has a huge chest unbefitting of her size. The most important parts are her beautiful pink areolas and nipples.

Regardless of how many times I look at it, it’s still a splendid looking body that will make me feel aroused. She is definitely the embodiment of my ideal girl.
It would be perfect if she is actually the tsundere type but a real three dimensional tsundere might be troublesome instead. A yandere might also be a hassle but if the yandere is such a beautiful looking girl like her then I’m happy.

“Is this your idea of a gag?”  [Fujimura]

I felt the sudden unbearable urge to tease Shizuki. I held in my seething desire and shot her a question instead.

“Ah, that, I mean, this, this is…..”  [Sakura]

Sakura who was blushing to her ears looked down and held her right hand out to me as she raised her trembling voice. In her right hand were 10,000 yen bills which were already all crumpled from her tight grip.

Again. It seems like she still insisted on giving me money. She must have wanted to give herself a peace of mind by paying a price.
I have already declined it every single time but Shizuki can be quite stubborn.

“I asked you to show me a gag. Don’t change the subject.”  [Fujimura]

I heaved a huge sigh as I returned her money and forcibly changed the subject back.

“T-Then I’ll try imitating a cat.”  [Sakura]

Shizuki seemed to have been hit by an idea after being urged by me. She shaped her lips into a ‘he’ character and raised both hands in front of her chest like a cat.
(TL: he = へ)

“Nya, nyan. Nyaa, nyaan, nya~”  [Sakura]

Shizuki tried imitating a cat. Her face turned beet red and there were tears in her eyes.

Not similar. Not similar at all. She was just uttering out a cry there.

“It’s really a nice weather today-nya. It feels warm and fluffy-nya. I feel like basking under the sun-nya.”  [Sakura]

She suddenly started a small talk. Wasn’t it supposed to be an impersonation of a cat? A cat wouldn’t be a cat anymore if she starts talking. I felt like bursting into laughter but I desperately tried enduring it to protect my dignity.

“W-Well it’s fine. It’s not a bad gag.”  [Fujimura]

She was no longer imitating a cat but it was indeed interesting to me. As long as I am satisfied, I’m the type who will obediently give someone a praise.

“♡”  [Sakura]

On hearing my praise, Shizuki blushed and laughed with a bright smile on her face.
C-cute. Shizuki’s cheeky smile has quite a destructive power.
Is the girl before my eyes really my sex slave? I had violated her a few times already but I do feel anxious occasionally.

“Haa, haa, haa”

While I was feeling anxious there, Shizuki who was praised by me somehow looked sexually excited there. Her face was even redder than before and her breathing grew erratic as she looked at me with a lascivious expression. Not only that. I haven’t even touch her but her nipples were already stiff.
By the looks of it, her pussy must be soaking wet now.

“Shizuki, thrust your ass out and spread your pussy open for me.”  [Fujimura]

I gave an order to Shizuki as I sat on a chair.

“Be-before giving me love, the money……”  [Sakura]

Shizuki held her right hand out towards me who was sitting on the chair.
She didn’t seem to have given up yet. This girl is seriously persistent.

“I, I got it. When we go back later I’ll let you treat me to fast food alright? For the time being just put away your money. Okay? You’re a good child right?”  [Fujimura]

“Seriously. Please spare me from this” was what I was thinking as I spoke to her.
I might be playing around with her selfishly but I have my own pride as a man too.
Therefore, I don’t really like being treated by a girl. However if I don’t receive something as compensation, Shizuki will not be satisfied.

Although I would be troubled if she becomes broken in a strange direction in the event that she turns penniless, I’ll be troubled too if she became broken in a different way when I don’t accept her compensation.
In short, Shizuki is a troublesome person.

“♡”  [Sakura]

After knowing that she will be able to treat me to fast food later on, she pulled back her hand and laughed brightly.

In order to receive love from me, she needs to give something in return. Shizuki who was convinced of that finally agreed to be an obedient sex slave once I have received the ‘reimbursement’.
Somehow her thoughts are getting really complicated.

Heeding my instruction, she turned her back towards me as she opened her feet shoulder length apart and leaned forward. She reached her hands out on both sides, grasping her own butt then spreads open her pussy without regret.

The ten thousand yen bills fluttered down the floor from her hand. Although I wanted to just stare intently at Shizuki’s lovely salmon pink pussy, I was concerned on the bills that fell onto the floor at the same time.

I guess I should pick them up before we return later. Even if I were to pick them up for her she might be obstinate and refuses to accept them so I want to avoid being the one collecting them as much as possible.
Shizuki, you shouldn’t treat your money that way. You should properly pick them up later, alright? It’s a promise with your ugly oniisan.

I regained my mood and cast my attention back to the pussy that was stretched to the limits. A brilliant salmon pink vagina’s anterior wall with transparent liquid overflowing from the small hole. I unintentionally gulped and swallowed my own saliva on seeing it.

The tiny opening kept convulsing obscenely. As I looked at it, I kept thinking that this is my own exclusive onahole.

When I stole Shizuki’s virginity for the first time, I had forcibly pushed my cock in and exhausted myself immediately after shaking my hips in ecstasy. So, honestly I do not know if it’s actually good or bad. I only remembered that it felt tight and hot.

However I was able to enjoy it properly the second time.
Shizuki’s pussy is the best. I had thought that it will become loose after frequent usage but it doesn’t appear to be so. On the contrary, it seemed to have familiarize itself with the shape of my dick. Once inserted, my dick was strongly sucked in leaving no gap in between. In addition, the insides felt bumpy and wet with love juice at the same time. It feels abnormal to receive such a high amount of pleasure from such a hole. What’s more unbearable is the ahegao look on Shizuki’s face.

I licked my right hand’s forefinger then brought it close to the small hole that was convulsing since earlier. Love juice seemed to be leaking out without stopping. Then by putting a force on my arm, I thrust in my finger.

“Nn!”  [Sakura]

Shizuki raised out a sweet cry as her butt seemed to spring up with a jolt. The normally tight hole tightened even more. Additionally, the clitoris that was covered by a fold of skin became plumply erect, revealing the bright red head from within the skin’s entrance.
It’s unbearable.

I have the strong urge to just thrust my dick in and start rocking my hips, but since this is a long waited event, I’ll play with her a little bit more.


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