My Beautiful Teacher – Chapter 267

Chapter 267: The Zombie’s Buddhist Arts

Everyone looked at each other in bewilderment, “Could it be that the legendary Earth-attribute supreme treasure is lying hidden at that place?”

“The Earth attribute supreme treasure is over there!” Carrying the sword in his hand Chu Feng prepared to run toward the direction of the coin, quite excited to see his magical art yielding a successful result.

But then at this time, Drunk Daoist appeared beside him out of nowhere and grabbed his shoulder with a demeanor completely different than before.

“Stay here. There’s no such thing as a treasure hidden at that place!”

“Martial uncle, what are you saying?” Chu Feng couldn’t help but ask in surprise. “Did my magical art fail or what?”

“It’s not that your magical art failed, rather someone is intentionally luring you over there!” Said Jiu Zhongdian, shaking his head. Soon afterward, his muddy eyes emitted a sharp radiance as he looked around in all directions in search of something.

“It must be there! This old drunkard is just trying to deceive us!” Sun Tianye felt that Drunk Daoist want the treasure for himself, so he was purposely trying to distract their attention. He rushed ahead without the slightest hesitation.

“I hold the same opinion. The treasure is right over there!” His younger brother Sun Tianmiao pursued him with movements light as a feather. Despite his obese appearance, he was proficient in the technique to fly riding the wind.

As the two people hurried toward the underbrush, suddenly a figure jumped out of it that appeared to be escaping from them.

“Trying to run away?!” The Elder brother at once came to the conclusion that it was someone running away with the treasure and shouted in rebuke. Simultaneously, he raised his left hand and swiftly moved it backwards as though he was pulling something toward him.

This move was called Dragon Sucking Water, a famous technique of Black&Great Everlasting Clique. It was a part of Everlasting Dragon-Elephant cultivation method, which was based on having hands like a dragon and legs like an elephant. This Dragon Sucking Water technique gave rise to a powerful suction force on the palm, frequently aiding in catching the opponent off guard by causing interference in their movements.

Although the Sun brothers hadn’t lived for that long, their cultivation level had already reached Magical Power’s last stage. That escaping figure seemed to be only at the initial stage of Magical Power phase, and as such, it couldn’t prevent itself from being dragged backwards by the Dragon Sucking Water technique.

“Elephant’s trunk fling!” Sun Tianmiao, the younger brother very tacitly swung his leg as he saw the figure flying over to him. Followed by a ‘bang’ sound, as though a leather ball was kicked, the figure fell amidst the crowd of other cultivators.

With the help of moonlight everyone was somehow able to clearly see the face of the person. It actually turned out to be a beautiful woman in black clothes.


“Who are you?”

During this time on another side of Guangyuan School, Qin Chao was confronting a man in white shirt and black suit holding a can of Sprite.

“Rather than answering that question, I’m more interested in knowing your identity.” The man asked grinningly as he looked at Qin Chao while sitting on the branch of a tree and enjoying his drink.

Qin Chao was wearing a black windbreaker and leather boots. His face was covered with black scales and his hair were dyed in crimson color. It was practically impossible for a normal person to recognize him.

“You don’t need to know.” Said Qin Chao, looking at the guy blocking his path. “I’ll count to three. If you don’t get out of my way by then, I’ll have to make you do so.”

“Wait a moment!” The man sitting on the branch stretched out his hand to make him stop.

“No need to be so impatient to fight with me. I’m not your enemy, you know.” The man still had a smile on his face. Although wearing glasses made him appear very refined, Qin Chao had an odd feeling about it.

“Actually, I’ve been observing you for a very long time, Qin Chao.”

“What?” Qin Chao shuddered at his words. It was natural for him to be extremely surprised hearing the man call out his name.

“How do you know about me…?” Qin Chao said as he tightly clenched his fists; an ice-cold killing intent emanated from his body. The man in suit glanced to a dark place as though he discovered something in there.

“It’d be in your best interest to keep your spider from acting out.” The man seemed to have noticed Qin Chao’s intention. He continued, “I already told you I’m not your enemy. My name is Li Baishan, and you’ll get to know about my work later.”

He drank some more sprite while talking before he said, “I basically know everything, from your killing Fang Hua to all those things you’ve done until now. Boy, speaking frankly, not a few people have died at your hands, like Fang Hua, Zhong Liangguo, and those ninjas. Of course, I really loved how beautifully you killed off those damn ninjas.”

“Who exactly are you?” Qin Chao felt an indescribable fear. “Someone has so thoroughly investigated all the things I’ve been doing secretly?”

“Relax, I don’t know about the inside information behind those actions either.” Li Baishan said with a smile. “It’s just that I’ve learned some art that helps me reconstruct the scenes happened previously at a certain place. It’s a very nice magical art and I’m especially fond of it.”

“Wow, what a voyeur…” A scene appeared in Qin Chao’s mind. Li Baishan sat on the bed of a hotel and then used the magical art to look at the live version of the “stuff” that took place on it before.

“Damn, that’s too sinister! Why the heck I can’t use that sort of magical art?!”

“I know you’ve come here in search of the Zombie King.” Said Li Baishan, looking very oddly at Qin Chao. “I’m impressed that you’re the only one here who didn’t come for the Earth-attribute supreme treasure. Unfortunately, that place is surrounded by a spell formation. You won’t be able to find any of those cultivators even if you go over there.”

“Spell formation?” Qin Chao raised his brows. “How can something like that exist there?”

He was quite concerned about Su Ji’s safety and wanted to find her as soon as possible. “Also, what is this Earth-attribute supreme treasure he’s talking about?”

“Because there’s a pretty nasty, veteran Daoist among those people.” Li Baishan replied. “However, it’s your good luck that you met me here. I’ll help you get past that spell formation.”

“And why would you help me?” Qin Chao never believed that people would help others without any reason. In his opinion, no such convenient thing existed in the world.

“It’s to have you owe a favor to me.” Li Baishan gave a very straightforward answer to him. “You’ll later come to know about other reasons.”

With that, he lightly flew from the tree branch like a big crow toward the direction of the old school area. Qin Chao promptly took out his sword and drove it as he chased after him.

“Where did this man come from?”


“So it’s just an ordinary human woman.”

Immediately, everyone came to the same conclusion after looking at the real appearance of the figure.

It was certainly a very beautiful woman. She was sizing up the people around her with a flurried expression on her face.

“Her body would’ve exploded upon receiving my kick if she was just an ordinary woman.”

Sun Tianmiao remarked in a queer manner as he came back to the gathering place.

Everyone suddenly came to realization, “Correct! It’s impossible for a normal person to withstand the might of Dragon-Elephant Cultivation method. This woman is clearly not an ordinary person as she was able to come out unscathed even after receiving that kick.”

“Amitabha Buddha…” Suddenly, Fa Xiang spoke out Buddha’s name. Drunk Daoist at the side began to act like a drunkard once again, and a grave expression appeared on Chu Feng’s face.

It was Chen Qing who resolved the doubt that had arisen in everyone’s mind.

“She is a zombie.”

In the Cultivation World, people from Song Mountain, Shu Mountain, and Yimei Dao were most capable in sensing evil and demonic aura. Now that a person from Shu Mountain declared her to be a zombie, it obviously caused an uproar among others.

“Such a beautiful woman is actually a zombie?!”

“She’s definitely working with the Zombie King! Kill her!”

“Kill her! Kill her!”

“Excuse me!” The woman suddenly spoke looking at the furious demeanors of others. One couldn’t help but admit her pleasant voice had the potential to make her a singing star.

“Although it’s true that I’m a zombie, I’ve no connection with the Zombie King. I was only drawn to this place by his breath.”

She explained as she beat the dust off her body and stood up. The female zombie seemed to have seen many aspects of the world which helped her recover quickly from the flurried state.

“As if anyone would believe a zombie like you!”

“Exactly, let’s kill her!”

Everyone appeared to be very indignant at the zombie and shouts to kill her echoed in quick succession.

“Looks like you’ll be dying at this place.” The two people from the younger generation Chen Qing had brought along with her simultaneously unsheathed their swords and pointed them at the zombie woman.

Hu Ke felt that she was going to die a melancholic death, all because of her curiosity. She was drawn to this place by the breath of the Zombie King. But unexpectedly, she caught sight of two Buddhist disciples as soon as she arrived here.

Despite being a zombie, Hu Ke had never killed anyone in her life, or sucked any living person’s blood. As such, she had to hide herself in the underbush to avoid getting into a fight.

But she didn’t expect that more and more people from the Upright Sects would come here; their number nearing the mark of hundred people.

What was even more baffling was how she got found out by the young Daoist. “If I didn’t possess the body of a zombie, that idiotic fatty’s kick would have killed me in an instant.”

“Those three should be from Shu Mountain Sect, known for being the most unreasonable out of the lot.” Hu Ke felt that if couldn’t come up with a decent idea, she would truly meet her death at this place.

It was true that she had lived for a very long time and had gotten somewhat tired of it, but she had no intention of dying in such an unacceptable manner.

As a zombie she could only use some minor magical arts that a kind, young Daoist had taught her quite a long time ago.

“Unfortunately, that young Daoist disappeared all of a sudden after some time, and all my efforts to find him ended up in a failure.”

Besides the minor magical arts she had learned from the Daoist, Hu Ke could only rely on the strength and power of her zombie body.

“Evildoer, prepare yourself to meet death! Appear, Rainbow Sword!” Xu Renfeng loathed evildoers the most, especially the likes of Qin Chao. He was not a match for Qin Chao the last time they met, so it was a nice opportunity for him to take down the zombie and contribute in strengthening the momentum of Shu Mountain Sect.

Thinking up to here, he unsheathed his sword and recited the incantation to activate sword technique. The Crimson Sun Sword transformed into a long rainbow as it shot forth toward Hu Ke.

“Heaven and Earth know no bounds, Universe’s law borrowing technique!” A shocking scene happened before the people gathered at the place. Hu Ke took out a charm made of yellow paper out of no where and held it between her index and middle fingers. Then, as soon as the sword reached right before her, she hit at it with the charm in her hand.

“Clang!” Followed by a sound, the sword flew back into Xu Renfeng’s hand as though it had collided against an iron plate.

The charm in Hu Ke’s hand also broke into two halves, though she herself didn’t suffer any damage at all.

Charm Armor was one of the techniques that constituted Multifunctional Art!

All the people were dumbfounded at the outcome, and it was even more difficult for Chu Feng to believe his eyes.

“Where exactly did this zombie come from? How does she know Yimei Dao’s Multifunctional Art?!”

“Oh god, this is madness! Who would believe that a zombie can use Buddhist arts?!”

“Could it be him…?” Jiu Zhongdian was the only person who acted calmly after watching the ridiculous scene. He frowned as if some thought occurred to him.

“Damn zombie, how dare you stealthily learn such a technique!” Yelled Xu Renfeng, gnashing his teeth. Red flames began to gather on his sword as he prepared to launch his next attack.

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