My Beautiful Teacher – Chapter 266

Chapter 266: Internal Strife

“You two male experts from Black&Great think it’s something to be proud of bullying a weak woman like her?” It was rumored that Qing Xiu, this beautiful Daoist priestess was a homosexual; though there was no one who could ascertain whether it was true or false. The only confirmed fact about her was that she particularly detested men.

“Abbess Qing Xiu, that was completely uncalled for in my opinion.” Said Sun Tianye, glancing at the veteran Daoist priestess, “We brothers did nothing but volunteered to speak for the sake of fairness. An Earth attribute supreme treasure is something that should be shared among everyone in our Cultivation World. Why would we let Song Mountain’s Baotai Temple monopolize it for their own use?”

“Exactly, are you telling us it’s considered wrong to uphold fairness according to the current ways of the world?!” Sun Tianmiao shouted as he waved his short and thick arms, “Aren’t we only thinking for the good of the Cultivation World? Abbess Qing Xiu, you make no sense. Instead of being thankful to us you’re criticizing our action?!”

The Sun Brothers not only had powerful martial strength, they were also quite skilled in debating techniques.

“No matter how much you say otherwise, what you were doing can be only deemed as bullying.” Yuan Yin said before she pursed her lips.

As for Yuan Meng, she could only look on while blinking her beautiful and big eyes. She had no idea what to say in such a situation.

“So you are implying that I’m a pretty unreasonable person?” Daoist Qing Xiu wasn’t any pushover, either. She gestured with her hand toward her disciple.

“Yuan Meng, come over here.”

Yuan Meng obediently followed her instruction and walked over to her. Daoist Qing Xiu stretched out her hand and pulled out a shining sword from the scabbard Yuan Meng was holding in her ams.

In the Cultivation World, sects like Shu Mountain, Hua Mountain, and Emei Mountain specialized in using sword. However, it must be noted that they practiced different sword techniques. Emei Sect’s sword technique was based on supplementing fundamental sword techniques with special attributes and fatal magical arts.

Seeing the veteran Daoist priestess unsheathing the sword the Sun brothers couldn’t help but tremble in fear.

It wasn’t because she was a bad-tempered person or anything but rather due to the fact that she was ranked among the strongest people in the Cultivation World. They weren’t fool enough to provoke her to the extent of courting death. Therefore, they instantly made the decision to shut up their mouths.

“If Song Mountain’s Baotai Temple really did obtain the those supreme treasures, I hope you could hand them over to us, Shu Mountain Sect.”

A woman dressed in white clothes and with fairy-like beautiful features stepped forward as she spoke; a handsome boy and a beautiful girl were following behind her. It was actually Chen Qing, the person who defeated Qin Chao last time, her niece Chen Yu, and her martial nephew Xu Renfeng.

Everyone’s gaze turned toward her as soon as they heard her voice. There were many people who had come here tonight. All kind of characters from the eight big sects as well as from some other small sects had arrived to participate in settling the matter related to the Zombie King’s revival.

There were close to hundred people gathered at this place, majority of them being males. Just a glance at Chen Qing was all it took for them to get intoxicated by her beauty.

Everyone of them thought to themselves, “No wonder she’s called the Icy Glistening Fairy.”

“Our Shu Mountain has always been the number one sect in the Cultivation World. The strength and experience we possess make us qualified to be the one entrusted with the task of taking care of the Earth attribute supreme treasure.”

Chen Qing added in a cold voice. It was nothing out of the ordinary for her to have everyone’s gaze fixed at her.

“Does Fairy Chen Qing want to say that other sects are not up to the task?” No sooner had she finished her words when a stalwart and handsome man in a blue robe stepped forward, and haughtily refuted her words.

Despite his young look, he was a man well over fifty years old. He still looked so young because he was a follower of Kunlun Sect and practiced Kunlun’s Five Ways cultivation method; employing the art of five ways he was able to avoid looking older.

Even though the practitioners could live for a long time, it was natural for them to appear increasingly older with the passage of time.

This man was called Moyang Zi, an expert from Kunlun Sect. He liked to stay aloof and had a especially arrogant nature.

So naturally, this arrogant person of Kunlun was unable to refrain from stating his objection when Chen Qing finished her words.

“Enlightened Moyang, you’re reading too much into my words. I didn’t have the intention to mean that.” Chen Qing words still sounded cold as before. Although she took the trouble to give a brief explanation, anyone could make out that she barely cared about him.

“Fairy Chen Qing, I have admired your superb skills for a very long time.” Moyang Zi felt his self-esteem getting hurt severly looking at her attitude toward him. He couldn’t refrain from clenching his fists tightly and said in a loud voice.

“Fairy Chen Qing, would you care to have a duel with me here?”

Everyone became excited anticipating the battle that was about to take place, “What an extremely rare opportunity to get to see a Kunlun follower dueling with someone from Shu Mountain Sect!”

“I gladly accept your proposal.” Chen Qing was completely fearless, “If you so want to fight me, I’ll play along with you.”

The two of them took their positions and the bystanders were about to make way for their battle when a short and thin figure came forward and stood between them.

“In my opinion, there’s no meaning to this battle.” It was a handsome person carrying a sword on his back; his eyes didn’t leave Chen Qing for even a moment.

“We don’t even know about the whereabouts of the Earth attribute supreme treasure. It’d only cause physical and mental exhaustion to start a fight for no reason.”

This person was called Jiang Yifan, an expert from Hua Mountain Sect. He was also a famous mediator.

“Senior Brother, didn’t they say that the supreme treasure in Song Mountain’s possession?” A naive-looking Junior Brother standing at his side asked in confusion.

Jiang Yifan couldn’t hold back from glaring at his Junior Brother. He was called Wang Honjie who was infamous for his one-track mindedness. Despite having a decent strength, his straightforward approach when dealing with things would always lead to him speaking some enraging words before others.

“Nonsense!” Su Ji uncontrollably jumped at his words. She pointed her finger toward him as she said, “Are you people from Hua Mountain also like to cook up stories? On what basis are you claiming that the supreme treasure is with us? Based on the bunch of crap of those two deformed twins?”

“Little girl, who’re you talking about?!” The expressions of the Sun brothers turned gloomy as they asked Su Ji.

“Are you planning to bully this young girl again?” Qing Xiu sneered and flicked her sword. The sword let out a series of dragon cries.

Seeing that Qing Xiu was determined to protect Su Ji from them, the Sun brothers could only glare fiercely at her while enduring the pain of humiliation.

Su Ji didn’t show any fear either and met their eyes head-on. The three of them used their gazes to express their hate for the other.

“Amitabha Buddha, argue as much as you want, but it wouldn’t bear any result.” Fa Xiang couldn’t refrain from shaking his head. He put his palms together and said, “We’ve yet to see the Zombie King and there’s already an internal strife happening here. Amitabha Buddha, how offensive, how sinful.”

“Young monk, you truly don’t have an Earth attribute supreme treasure?” Chen Yu called out to him thinking about the legendary treasure.

Chen Qing immediately turned around her head and glowered at her niece.

“You think this is the right occasion for a person from younger generation to speak out their mind?”

Chen Yu stuck out her tongue in embarrassment looking at the expression in her aunt’s eyes.

Her words caused people from other sects to speak on the same wavelength.

“That’s right. If you have the treasure, hand over it to us.”

“Agreed. Let us also take a look at that Earth attribute supreme treasure.”

“You Song Mountain’s monk, we won’t consent with you guys privately storing the treasure!”

“I think so too. If you possess that treasure, then quickly take it out. That thing belongs to all of us.”

Su Ji got a headache listening to everyone shouting one after another.

“Is there something wrong with your brains? I’ve been repeatedly telling you that we don’t have the treasure, and yet you’re going on about that?”

“Damn it! You girl cursed us again?!”

“You’re the one with mental issues!”

“People from Song Mountain are becoming more and more unbridled!”

“That’s right. How can the follower of such a big, prestigious sect speak without any consideration!”

Su Ji started to shake with anger at the scene before her eyes.

“I don’t need to consider anything when talking with a group of idiots like you.”

Her blunt words enraged everyone once again.

“Junior Sister, you don’t have to pay attention to them.” Then at this time, Yuan Meng walked over to Su Ji and lightly pulled her arm as she said, “All these people have no views of their own, and hence can’t differentiate between right and wrong. Don’t worry, so long as my master is here, they wouldn’t be able to hurt you.”

“Thank you, Senior Sister!” Su Ji felt somewhat grateful toward these women from Emei Mountain, “Thank you, Abbess Qing Xiu!”

“Heavens bless everyone.” Qing Xiu nodded toward her. She really appreciated this young girl’s temperament, “The matter will certainly come to light. This poor Daoist has faith in people from Song Mountain.”

“Drunk Daoist!” Just when everyone was busy arguing with each other, Moyang Zi shouted all of a sudden. He looked at the sloppy Daoist drinking fine wine from a bottle gourd and asked, “You’re the strongest person present at this place. What opinion do you have about this matter?”

“Eh?” Jiu Zhongdian glanced at him with glazed eyes and said, “How come this old master has anything to do with your quarrel?”

“Don’t you guys from Yimei Dao Sect specialize in Multifunctional Art? You’ve surely got some method to find out the Earth attribute supreme treasure, right?!” Moyang Zi said. “Try to locate that thing. If those people from Song Mountain truly don’t have it, then it’d be completely wrong to accuse them for no reason.”

“Whatever do you mean by Multifunctional Art? What exactly is that? This old master only knows to do drunken boxing, hehehe…” The smell of wine gushed out of his mouth, and he really started to do dancing movements on the ground.

“Umm… my master is pretty drunk right now.” Looking at the crazy drunk appearance of Jiu Zhongdian, Chu Feng, the pretty and young Daoist who was brought here by him, faced everyone as he said, “I can also perform technique, so I’ll be helping you out with your search.”

“Little guy, you think this is a game?” Sun Tianye despisingly looked at the young Daoist before him, “A young person like you should be sucking your mother’s milk or something, you know?”

“So true!” His younger brother Sun Tiamiao immediately added, “That Earth attribute supreme treasure is a legendary thing. There’s no way a little Daoist like you could’ve the ability to look for it!”

“I, I want to give it a try…” The young Daoist said timidly as he looked at the two brothers.

Although the people beside him didn’t speak a word, all of them looked at Chu Feng with anxious expressions. “Isn’t it asking a bit too much to let a young person like him look for a legendary treasure?”

“Good luck.” It was only Yuan Meng who spoke a couple of encouraging words.

“Little friend, we’ll be counting on you.” Su Ji also clasped her hands in a thanking gesture toward him.

If she didn’t address him as ‘little friend’, Chu Feng might have felt even better.

“Heaven and Earth know no bounds, Universe’s Law borrowing technique!” The young Daoist took out a copper coin and threw it on the ground. At the same time, he unsheathed the sword on his back and pointed it at the copper coin as he said in a loud voice, “Go!”

Suddenly, the copper coin began to rise in the air vertically before starting to move ceaselessly in circles over the ground. Soon afterward, it changed its trajectory and drilled into the underbush growing at the side.

Despite the fact that the underbush consists of nothing but tree trunks, the darkness of night provided the most optimum cover for it. Furthermore, the underbush appeared slightly odd this time as no one was able to see past the darkness and make out what actually lied in them.

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