My Beautiful Teacher – Chapter 265

Chapter 265: Fragrant Lily

“Come out, Netherworld’s Poison-Spider!” Qin Chao repeated again and again. The spell formation shook for a moment and then an enormous black figure appeared before him.

It was a gigantic wolf spider the size of a car. The body of the spider was covered with wolf-like hair and its eight eyes were shining ominously.

Its eight legs had claws sharp as blade.

“So this is Netherworld’s Poison-Spider, huh.” Qin Chao felt quite satisfied.

“All right, now that you’ve come out, we should be on our way!”

While speaking, he did a somersault and sat on the wolf spider.

The wolf spider shook its body and suddenly appeared on the top of another building like a ghost. Then, it continued to travel past the area in the similar fashion.

It was the first time that Qin Chao saw such a bizarre movement style. Every time it moved, he felt as if some sort of power was pulling at him from all sides and couldn’t help but grab tightly onto the Netherworld’s Poison-Spider underneath him in fear of falling down from it.

It didn’t take him much time before he realized that its movement style was actually a kind of spatial transference!

“What a strange ability, just what you would expect from a creature of Netherworld!”

Qin Chao immediately became expectant, “Wouldn’t I also inherit this ability if I use the possession art on it?”

Netherworld’s Poison-Spider had an exceedingly astonishing movement speed. It had already traveled several hundred meters within the blink of an eye.

While Qin Chao was rushing ahead to make it in time, a noticeable change happened on the other side, in Guangyuan.

“Junior Sister, the cadaverous aura has abruptly grown stronger!” Fa Xiang was sitting on the ground with his palms together. Currently, he appeared like a golden-bodied arhat, continuously emanating magnificent golden light amidst the darkness enveloping the world.

He was using the Buddhist power stored in his body to suppress the Zombie King located inside the ground.

Unfortunately, despite having pure Buddhist power, his practice had only reached Magical Power phase practice and hence was basically no match for the Zombie King’s might.

It hadn’t even been ten days and the cadaverous had begun to show signs of going out of control. Local residents dying one after another was an omen of the worst yet to come.

“Senior Brother, you need to hold on at any cost before the arrival of reinforcement from other sects!” Su Ji was also on the edge. She said in her heart, “Why are people from those Upright Sects not here yet?! If things go on like this, we would truly end up out of options.”

“Junior Sister, lend a hand to this poor monk.” Fa Xiang was truly finding it difficult to persevere any longer. Some black malicious aura had started to infect his sombre and dignified face.

Without the slightest hesitation Su Ji tossed her Buddha bead in the air, which kept on drifting midair even after losing the initial energy from the force of impact.

Golden rays of light emitted from the Buddha bead and illuminated Fa Xiang’s body in the dark of night.

Regretfully, Fa Xiang felt that his power was unable to make much difference. Foundation Construction Realm level power was simply too insufficient to keep the cadaverous aura suppressed.

“Oh, Sariputra, Form does not differ from the Void, and the Void does not differ from Form…” Following the invasion of mind by the cadaverous aura, Fa Xiang felt some signs of his body transforming into a corpse. He promptly began to recite the Heart Sutra in order to strengthen his mind.

The cadaverous aura incessantly dashed to his exhausted body like tidewater.

“If things go on like this, I’ll end up becoming a devil corpse before getting the chance to bring the situation into order.”

“Junior Sister, if this poor monk’s appearance changes after a while, you’ll have to kill me.”

While speaking, he stretched out his hand and forcefully handed over his magical staff to Su Ji.

“Senior Brother, you can’t do this!” Su Ji was an extremely intelligent woman. She had a rough idea about his intention and promptly shouted to make him stop.

“Buddha has said ‘If I don’t take the risk, who will?'” But Fa Xiang only smiled in response, “My human body may get defiled and occupied by the evil , but my soul will certainly enter Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss. Ami…tabha… Bu…ddha…”

The name of Buddha reverberated over the silent public square.

It was as though a hole had opened in the thick curtain of night hanging in the dark sky.

Shortly afterward, the two people could faintly see all the deities and Buddhas residing in the Heavens appear in their line of sight. A golden beam of light illuminated its way downward and came into direct contact with Fa Xiang’s body.

At that instant, the golden light brightened several times and two beams of golden light shot out of Fa Xiang’s eyes.

Su Ji felt an abrupt change in the flow of aura releasing from her Senior Brother’s body; it had become a lot more powerful and fierce within an instant.

“Senior Brother, you broke through?!” Su Ji was pleasantly surprised. “In this critical moment, Senior Brother Fa Xiang has broken through the bottleneck and entered Nascent Phase!”

Fa Xiang again shouted Buddha’s name, feeling the instantaneous and great increase in his strength.

As if meeting its nemesis the black malicious aura instantly shrinked back into the ground, and got suppressed by Fa Xiang’s power once again.

“Praise to Buddha!” Fa Xiang unconsciously stood up and put his palms together, praying toward the western direction. “It can be assumed that we’ve survived through the crisis tonight.”

“Hahaha!” It was at this time that a crazy laughter echoed in the sky. Both Fa Xiang and Su Ji turned around their heads simultaneously to look over at the source of sound. It was a middle aged Daoist priest dressed in a sloppy robe. He was holding a wine pot in his left hand, and dragging a pretty and young Daoist priest with another as he suddenly descend from the sky while walking on wind.

“Young monk, I didn’t think you’d break through the realm barrier while this old master was busy enjoying some wine. Having such gifted talent fully justifies why that old baldy cherishes you the most.”

This sloppy Daoist priest spoke incoherent words, and his manner of speaking was also a bit too inappropriate for someone his age.

However, Fa Xiang still greeted him in the traditional Buddhist style, “Poor monk Fa Xiang pays his respect to Abbot Jiu Zhongdian.”

“No need acting so formally with me. Come here, I’ll introduce you to my martial nephew.” The sloppy Daoist priest pulled the young Daoist priest by the arm and shoved him before him, “This is Chu Feng, my Junior Brother’s beloved disciple. I brought him along with me to give him the chance to train himself.”

The boy called Chu Feng seemed nervous and about thirteen or fourteen years old. He immediately said his greeting looking at Fa Xiang and Su Ji, “Chu Feng pays his respect to the seniors.”

Su Ji had a feeling that Chu Feng was even stronger than the sloppy Daoist priest.

But although this Daoist priest was really sloppy and one heck of a drunkard, there was no one in the Cultivation World who would dare to look down on him.

And that was because despite his casual personality, he was very strong when it comes to fighting. In the Yimei Dao Sect, he was the sole expert who was able to practice up to Quintuple True Fire.

He was really fond of drinking wine and as a result everyone liked to call him Drunk Daoist Priest.

“However, this Old Daoist is really no good. Just now we were in such a dangerous situation and instead of helping out he chose to enjoy the wine while staying hidden from us.”

“Su Ji pays her respect to abbot.” Su Ji moved her beautiful and big eyes in a circle, “By the way, abbot, there’s something I’d like you to clarify. Why did a person from a similar prestigious Upright Sect like you remain hidden until a while ago? You were clearly aware that Senior Brother was in danger, so why didn’t you come out to help?”

The Drunk Daoist rubbed his red nose, which made Su Ji think of Qin Chao.

“Little girl, I’m not the only one to be blamed for that.”

While speaking, Drunk Daoist accumulated elemental aura in his throat and shouted.

“Why’re you still hiding? All of you come out!”

Although his voice wasn’t that loud, it reached every corner of the place.

Soon afterward, Su Ji widened her eyes as unfamiliar figures walked out of the darkness one after another.

One could figure out their identities from their clothes; they belonged to the Eight Big Sects. It appeared that all the sects truly sent their people to deal with the issue at hand.

Su Ji didn’t recognize people from other sects but she had seen the representatives from Misty Peak before.

Those representatives from Misty Peak also gestured their greetings upon noticing her gaze. They were actually Hua Niang and Bai Jiaojiao! “Aren’t the two of them from Immortal Dragon Religious Sect which is affiliated with Misty Peak? How come they are representing Misty Peak here?”

“Little girl, if it was not for us, your Senior Brother wouldn’t have been able to break through to Nascent phase.” A tall and thin man in Black&Great Everlasting Clique’s clothes said in a loud voice as he walked a few steps closer to her.

Following his words, a short and fat guy dressed in the similar fashion also popped out of nowhere , “The truth has been told! Now you know that you should be instead showing your gratefulness to us!”

Su Ji inwardly cursed the two guys for displaying such a shameless attitude, but didn’t dare beating some sense into them. Although these two people were nothing special to look at as well as unpleasant to hear, they were twin experts from Black&Great Everlasting Clique.

The tall one was called Sun Tianye, and the short one Sun Tianmiao. Despite having a very big difference in height, they were without a doubt genuine twins. There strength was very strong and they specialized in the art of combined attack.

“Show gratefulness?” Although Su Ji tried to bear with them but with her personality it wasn’t possible to keep her emotions under full control. She smiled coldly and asked, “How do you want us to show our gratefulness?”

“Naturally, we would have the Earth attribute supreme treasure you obtained from the Zombie King!” Sun Tianye said with a smile, “That treasure is a shared asset of our Cultivation World, and we won’t allow you Song Mountain’s Baotai Temple claim exclusive possession on it. You need to hand over the treasure to us so that we can jointly take care of it.”

“Enlightened Sun, what are you on about?” Fa Xiang wasn’t that good in debating with others so it was Su Ji doing most of the talking. She said to the person from Black&Great, “How is it possible for us Song Mountain’s Baotai Temple to obtain the Earth attribute supreme treasure when it’s still with the Zombie King?”

“Stop trying to deceive us!” Sun Tianmiao’s belly shook as he shouted loudly, “Just a little while ago, each of us saw your Senior Brother subduing the Zombie King. There’s no doubt that you’ve got an Earth attribute supreme treasure!”

“Can you even see properly with those eyes?!” Su Ji was infuriated. The Buddhist bead she had retrieved back in her hand started to glow with a golden light, “I think your eyes might have gone blind. And if that’s not the case, I’d be more than happy to make it so.”

“Junior Sister!” Fa Xiang shouted promptly. He secretly employed the voice of Buddha, causing Su Ji to calm down her anger.

It was exactly what Fa Xiang was worried about. Following around Qin Chao for so long had imperceptibly influenced her, and she had already started to show some of his habits and temperament in her actions and words.

Qin Chao was most fond of speaking in such a manner.

“Oh my goodness! You scared me to death there!” Su Tianmiao pretended to be afraid, “When did such a hoodlum appeared in Song Mountain’s Baotai Temple?!”

“That’s enough!” An attractive Daoist priestess stepped ahead of others. Although she could be considered a beauty, the one drawing the most attention was the relatively younger Daoist priestess standing behind her.

She was carrying a sword in her arms. Her beautiful hair hanged down loosely like a waterfall and she had beautiful features and bright eyes. She looked stunning enough to be showered with all words of praise.

In addition, she had a pretty and innocent expression in her eyes, and her black lashes and black pupils made her appear watery to others.

The most noteworthy thing about her was the fragrance permeating the places she would pass through. It was an inexplicable sweet smell that would effortlessly seep into other people’s heart and mind.

She was Yuan Meng, the second flower of the Cultivation World. People called her Fragrant Lily and she was a young Daoist priestess of Emei Mountain Sect. Her body had a strange fragrance, and her face was beautiful; she was a kindhearted person too. Adding up all the aforementioned characteristics, she rightly obtained the title of ‘Fragrant Lily’.

There was a very cute Daoist priestess beside Yuan Meng, but her features immensely paled in comparison to hers. She was called Yuan Yin, her Senior Sister from the same sect.

The attractive woman who had stepped ahead of others was in fact their master, Daoist Qing Xiu; she was from the same generation as the sect leader of Emei Mountain. This person was a pretty strong and veteran Daoist priestess, and more than often liked to act stubbornly. There was hardly anyone in the Cultivation World who would dare offend her.

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