My Beautiful Teacher – Chapter 264

Chapter 264: Netherworld’s Poisonous Spider

The hoodlum felt pain in his calf right after hearing those words. A snapping sound came from the hurting place and then he lost all sensation of his leg.

He let out an anguished wail and sat down on the ground holding his calf. Cold sweat had started to flow down his forehead all of a sudden. Qin Chao, on the other hand, was just standing behind him, smoking with a smile about his lips.

He seemed so relaxed as though it wasn’t him but someone else who broke that hoodlum’s leg. All the remaining underlings felt chill down their spines looking at the scene before them. The sight of that moaning hoodlum made them hallucinate the same thing happening to them.

Xiao Shi knit his brows, “He really is similar to the rumors I’ve heard about him. Although this man looks like a completely harmless person as long he doesn’t make a move, he doesn’t show any mercy when he actually gets into a fight.”

Xiao Shi very appreciated such people and would’ve certainly liked to get on good terms with him if Master Si hadn’t personally determined him as their target. Unfortunately, Qin Chao was on Master Si’s black list so as his foster son he had the responsibility to do everything at his disposal to kill him.

And now that he had even made a move on his woman, it was all the more impossible for him to forgive Qin Chao.

He walked two steps ahead as he sorted out his thoughts. With his chain raised and hands in his pockets, he coldly said to Qin Chao.

“Let’s have a one-to-one fight.”

“A one-to-one fight?” Qin Chao nonchalantly glanced at him before he added, “I’d rather suggest you guys to come at me together. It won’t be fun any other way.”

“What an arrogant guy.” Xiao Shi snorted. He walked a bit ahead while putting on knuckle duster. This thing was also called finger tiger, and was deemed as a mere accessory by a lot of people in the early days of its creation. However, it in fact had the power to deal a fatal blow to a certain extent. A knuckle knife was a very good example of knuckleduster-based lethal weapons.

Xiao Shi liked it the most as his weapon. He had spent his youth learning Systema and boxing, and his battle strength was entirely based on the use of his fists.

Qin Chao’s eyes brightened watching the man getting prepared to fight. If he doesn’t rely on his abnormal strength, the two of them could still have a good enough fight.

“Although I’ve practiced elemental aura and learned magical arts, I’m still a bit weak when it comes to close quarters combat (CQC).”

Therefore, he was somewhat excited to get the chance to learn the tactics of CQC during the fight that was going to begin any second.

He stood before Xiao Shi as he licked the corner of his lips and tightly clenched his fist.

Xiao Shi didn’t show any hesitation either seeing Qin Chao so pumped up to fight with him. He rushed forth and threw a left hook at his opponent.

The silver knuckle duster radiated like a street lamp in the darkness of night. Qin Chao fell back a step and dodged the fist, but Xiao Shi’s body rotated 180 degrees along with the punch and his other fist once again attacked the enemy.

“Nice!” Qin Chao couldn’t help but praise him for having the ability to react so fast. He also swung his fist to meet Xiao Shi’s attack.

“Snap!” A sharp and clear shattering sound rang out in the air. Xiao Shi’s eyes shone with joy before they lost their luster.

He retreated three steps backward as he somehow managed to remain standing on his legs. It felt quite unrealistic to him looking at the broken knuckle duster.

Qin Chao’s hand didn’t get hurt in the least and instead such a metallic thing got broken during the collision just a few moments ago.

“Is that man’s fist made of diamond or what?”

Not only did the knuckle duster got damaged, his right hand was also shivering a bit. It was very clear that he was overpowered by Qin Chao’s strength.

“That’s no good. You still have a long way to go.”

Qin Chao shook his head in disappointment. Ordinary humans had their limits which they couldn’t exceed regardless of their efforts and as such they were far too weak before him.

“Currently, those practitioners are my sole opponents.”

“Only one of us will live past today.” Xiao Shi didn’t seem to have accepted his defeat. He gnashed his teeth as he again stepped forward.

“If you’re so intent on going to hell,” He blew smoke out of his mouth, “I don’t mind sending you down there.”

The two men looked coldly at each other; one was trying to protect Li Na, and another doing his duty for the foster father who raised him. Xiao Shi watched Qin Chao for a long while but didn’t find any opening he could make use of.

“What are you doing?!” Suddenly, a very pleasant voice came from the side.

Both of them turned around their head and discovered that a very familiar little beauty was standing nearby.

Long Belle appeared handsome and yet beautiful in the tight cowboy dress. There were two stalwart men following behind her and the man to the left was holding a small, rectangular wooden box in his arms.

For some inexplicable reason, the man carrying the wooden box had his forehead drenched in cold sweat.

“Xiao Shi, what’s going on between you and Qin Chao?” Long Belle had a very unhappy look on her face seeing their confrontation just now. “Didn’t I tell you before that no one from the Heavenly Dragon Group is allowed to cause trouble to Qin Chao?”

“Big Miss, this is a matter between us menfolk.” Xiao Shi didn’t seem to care about her position. He was Chen Si’s adopted son and only followed his instructions.

“You!” Long Belle was shamed into anger by Xiao Shi’s disobedient attitude toward her. She immediately turned in Qin Chao’s direction.

“Qin Chao, no need to hold back. Go destroy this guy!”

Qin Chao shrugged his shoulders in response, “But I’m really not interested in fighting with him. Have you brought the thing I asked of you?”

Qin Chao was much more interested in the sacrificial offering than having a fight with Xiao Shi.

“Since it’s something you want I’d naturally make arrangements to get it.” She said showing a slightly proud expression and pointed her thumb at the black wooden box behind her.

“See that? It’s in there.”

“Great! Thanks for the help.” Qin Chao walked over to the stalwart man and received the wooden box from him.

That man promptly let out a breath of relief and wiped off the sweat on his forehead.

“But you know, I’m pretty curious why you’d want a wolf spider?” Long Belle widened her big and beautiful eyes as she stared at Qin Chao.

“To make a dish of it.” He casually replied to her, “I recently realized how yummy spiders can be.”

“Qin Chao, you’re so disgusting!” Long Belle jumped in fright and looked at him as if he was a monster. “Could it be that you truly practice some kind of evil method and eat such things as a part of it?!”

“Heh, bingo. You guessed it right.” Qin Chao couldn’t help but secretly admire her imagination power.

“As Big Miss is here with us I give you the opportunity to live on a little while longer.” Xiao Shi knew that it wasn’t possible today to resume their battle. Furthermore, he also needed to go back and train a bit in order to come up with a way to take down a powerful opponent like Qin Chao. Therefore, he announced his temporary retreat.

“Let’s have a fair and square battle next time. If you’re a man, I hope you don’t hide away from me.”

With that, he didn’t bother about others’ gazes and had his underlings pick up the injured hoodlum from the ground. Then he turned around and left without saying a word.

“No need to pay mind to him, there’s something wrong with his brain.” Long Belle said as she looked at Xiao Shi’s back and puckered her lips, “Trying to act high and mighty before me just because he’s my brother’s adopted son. Humph!”

“I feel he’s not that much of a bad person. He’s only following the wrong guy.” Qin Chao didn’t know the reason himself but he had a somewhat good impression of Xiao Shi.

“Eh, don’t tell me your preference has changed? Do you like men now?” Long Belle couldn’t hold back from asking in surprise, “Your current gay sexuality is just right to join my pub!”

“…You’re the gay person here.”

“I’m not gay but a lesbian!”

Her reply made Qin Chao lost for words.

“Well, alright. You’ve my thanks for this spider. I’ll treat you to a meal some other day.” Carrying the wooden box in his hands, Qin Chao tried to make her leave as he wanted to quickly go back and carve a spell formation.

“Don’t you know about that?”

Long Belle asked while giggling instead of responding to him.

“About what?”

“If someone talks about treating you to a meal some other day, it basically means that ‘other day’ wouldn’t be coming no matter how much you wait for it. It’s only a way to evade the performance of an obligation, correct?”

“Eh…” Qin Chao felt it very difficult to handle a wise girl like her.

“Humph, I’m not some schoolgirl you can deal with ease.” Long Belle crossed her arms and said in a loud voice, “I don’t really care about it though. Since you’ve agreed to treat me you have to abide by it. You can’t escape from death if you don’t invite me before this Sunday.”

Having finished her words, she left with her two subordinates without giving Qin Chao the chance to say anything in refusal.

“Shoot!” Qin Chao rubbed his nose with one hand while carrying the box in another. “Why’re all the girls these days so swift and aggresive?”

Upon returning back to the passageway, he discovered Li Na standing before the window of the second floor, timidly looking at him.

“Brother Qin Chao, are you all right? Did that bad guy threatened you in some way?”

Li Na was very concerned about Qin Chao’s safety and was loathing herself in her heart for getting him involved in this matter. “I’m the cause of everything. I shouldn’t have provoked such a guy and brought trouble to Brother Qin Chao.”

“How about we report to the police?”

“Hah?” He couldn’t refrain from smiling at her words. “Report to the police so that Ai Xiaoxue, that crazy woman can come and have her revenge for the last time?!”

“Don’t worry about it. The matter has already been settled and there’s no need for that. Now you quickly go back to your home. I’ve some matter to deal with tonight so I’ll treat you to a meal some other day.”

“Oh no!” Right after finishing his words he said in his heart, “Man, I ended up saying these words again.”

“Mmm…” Li Na was not the same as Long Belle and nodded her head obediently at his words. Then, she went up the third floor and repeatedly glanced at Qin Chao with eyes full of reluctance before closing the door to her place.

Qin Chao was also back into his place and changed into the black windbreaker and black boots. Afterward, he carried the box and went up to the roof.

The roof of this place was like his own secret base. He placed the box on the ground and used the power of his thought to crush it into pieces.

Followed by a snapping sound, suddenly a black figure lept out toward Qin Chao.

“This thing’s really fast and fierce.” Qin Chao felt a tad surprised.

But handling such a thing was no problem to him. He waved his hand and slapped it away.

The thing fell heavily on the ground, producing a thud sound, allowing Qin Chao to take a proper look at it.

It was a bowl-sized black spider with fine hair like a wolf all over its body. It had eight legs which seemed as sharp as a blade.

This creature was called wolf spider, a huge, swift and fierce kind of spider, precisely the thing Qin Chao was looking for this time.

Anyhow, in front of him it was still just an ordinary spider that could be handled with ease.

He stretched out his hand and controlled the body of wolf spider with his thought, putting it at the center of the spell formation.

Simultaneously, he unsheathed the Evil Monarch’s Sword and firmly drove it toward the spider’s abdominal region.

With a swish sound the sword pierced through the spider’s body and nailed it to the ground.

Black light illuminated the entire spell formation all of a sudden.

Netherworld’s Summoning Art was currently undergoing an advancement toward the second level.

The spider struggled for a bit before it finally kicked the bucket. All of its movements stopped just like a dry wild grass.

Wind blew crazily around the place for a while and the spell formation radiated even more intensely than before.

Qin Chao felt as if four pairs of eyes were covertly sizing him up from the center of the spell formation.

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