My Beautiful Teacher – Chapter 263

Chapter 263: Look out for your leg

“Nana?” Qin Chao at once held onto the girl’s curvy and lovely butt to support her body, “What on earth are you doing here?”

“Brother Qin Chao, several guys have been following me around after school since past few days.” Li Na placed her head on his shoulder, “I’m really scared…”

“You’re being followed around?” Qin Chao wrinkled his brows, “Just who’re these daredevils?”

“It’s, it’s those people downstairs.” Carrying Li Na in his arms he walked over to the window along the hallway. Immediately, he caught sight of a few guys standing in front of his place.

Although they weren’t dressed like a hoodlum, Qin Chao could at once make out that they were no ordinary people; they were regulars from underworld.

“And by the looks of it, they must have a high position in the hierarchy over there.”

Especially, the tall and thin young man standing ahead of others gave such an impression to him. He had a grim expression on his face with his hands in his pockets.

His eyes contained coldness and killing intent within them, quite similar to a sharp sheathed sword. “Is this the man who has his eyes on Nana?” If it was an ordinary boy trying to woo her, Qin Chao wouldn’t have any objection.

But there was no way he would let such people get close to Li Na.

That man was too dangerous and so if she really got together with him, there’d be a lot of things she’d have to suffer in her life.

Thinking up to here, suddenly a buzzing sound rang in his brain.

He faintly recalled that day when he had a fierce battle with Fa Xiang on the rooftop of a building. At that time, Fa Xiang was trying to kill Qin Chao to prevent Su Ji from ending up together with him.

The emotions in his heart milded down, as if he didn’t bear any more grudge toward that monk.

Even though Fa Xiang may have stepped out of the bounds, but it was all for the sake of Su Ji’s happiness.

“Nana, let’s go down and meet these guys.”

“I don’t want to… Brother Qin Chao, I’m so scared.” Li Na promptly hugged his neck.

“It’s going to be all right. How can a big girl like you act so cowardly?” Qin Chao put her down. He pulled her hand toward him and rubbed her head, “Besides, you’ve got me by your side, so do you even need to be afraid?”

“Hmm…” She was a a bit unwilling to meet those guys.

“If Brother Qin Cha wants go down, then I’ll follow him too,” She said in her heart.

Then, the two people walked down the stairs holding hands.

Xiao Shi felt that he had gone crazy these days. How could he end up liking a young girl that had yet to graduate from school?!

But that girl was simply too beautiful and also a kindhearted person.

He still vividly remembered that day when he was taking protection fees in the vicinity of the school. It was at that time when he saw her coming out of the school gate. She was wearing a clean school uniform, and her face looked absolutely beautiful to him. Walking while swaying her small schoolbag, her whole body seemed to be generating an indescribable vigor.

A small stray dog with an injured right hind leg was lying on the ground. She quickly ran over to it and crouched down to put band-aid on its wound.

The look of pain her eyes at that time was something impossible to be faked; she really felt sorry for the dog from the bottom of her heart. Xiao Shi felt his own heart slightly ache watching the look in her eyes.

He was dying to become that stray dog and have her comfort him while embracing him in her arms.

This beautiful and kindhearted girl was just like an angel that had descended from the heaven.

He wanted to get this girl!

But she wasn’t selling her body at the roadside, nor was she one of those female employees providing massage service in baths. He couldn’t rely on money to buy her. Moreover, he felt it’d be a great insult toward both of them if he were to use money for getting her.

Therefore, the only method he could come up with his nonexistent knowledge in romance was to woo her.

But how exactly was he supposed to go about it?

According to the Hong Kong movies he had seen, the guy had to follow around the girl he liked and then rush out to protect her at the time of need.

“Humph, it’s a piece of cake to protect a schoolgirl with my superior fighting ability!”

Xiao Shi was very self-confident. He started following the girl every day and night back to her home carrying several underlings along with him.

But it seems that the girl had noticed them. “So what if that’s the case? My woman was going to notice me sooner or later anyway.”

“Brother Xiao Shi, if you truly like her, just let a few of us tie her up and bring over to you. Then you can have your way and get done with her.”

One of his underlings proposed while holding a cigarette in his mouth. He felt very odd and awkward that a powerful man like him had to follow around a little girl each and every day.

“Hah?!” He himself felt that it was a great proposal, but actually received Xiao Shi’s hard kick in response.

He suffered a direct at the waist from the kick, causing him to kneel down and pant heavily.

“If anyone tried to think of a method like that again, you’ll have the same end as him.”

Xiao Shi said in an ice-cold voice. Looking at his reaction, all the underlings standing around him kept quite out of fear

Xiao Shi was the adopted son of Chen Si. Back in those days, he was called the most fierce general under the latter. On many occasions, Chen Si relied on Xiao Shi to settle various matters with his fists.

None of these underlings dared to provoke such a cruel and fierce general. They could only try their hardest to curry favor with him.

The few underlings looked at their fellow brother kneeling on the ground in the same manner as if looking at a fool.

Actually, this dude was trying to flatter Xiao Shi but he didn’t think that he would be actually getting a kick in return. “Serves him right.” All of them could only think so.

“Bro, Brother Xiao Shi, sister-in-law has come down!” Suddenly, an underling shouted at the top of his voice.

Upon hearing him call her “sister-in-law”, Xiao Shi burst with joy. “That’s right. She’s my woman so you’re supposed to call her like that.”

“Brother Xiao Shi, how come there’s a man beside sister-in-law?!”

But soon after that, Xiao Shi’s eyes contracted all of a sudden. He could no more indulge in that blissful feeling after seeing the sight before him.

He saw that girl’s hand being pulled by someone else.

That other person was a man who looked very ordinary. He was dressed in a cotton shirt and jeans, and there was nothing about him that could catch others’ eyes.

But Xiao Shi changed his expression yet again because he knew the identity of this man!

“Qin Chao…” He uttered in a low voice.

“What?!” The few underlings around him jumped from fright. The cigarettes in their mouth almost slipped out through their lips.

Qin Chao’s name was well-known in the underworld too. Despite his name being put on Master Si’s target list, he was still all alive and well until now. Liu Ye and his close to thirty underlings had their legs broken by this man. Liu He suffered the most grievous injury as his both legs were seriously fractured after that incident. Right now, he was still lying on the hospital’s bed.

They somehow managed to have him locked in the detention place so as to get him kill inside it.

But ultimately, the people inside the violent criminals cell ended up receiving an inhumane beating. Later, his acquaintances helped him get out of the detention place and the matter wasn’t brought up ever again.

Moreover, he went all alone to pick a fight with Miss Belle, and inexplicably became her friend later on.

“I really have no idea what’s going on in her mind. How can she become friends with a man like him? Isn’t it simply discrediting Master Si’s reputation?”

“Master Si is an inviolable deity-like existence in the Sunan City. Qin Chao living so freely even after being targeted by him is basically a big slap in Master Si’s face.”

“It can be said that he won’t feel at ease until this man meets his death. But now with the sudden involvement of Long Belle, things have gotten quite awkward to say the least.?”

As Master Si’s adopted son, Xiao Shi had the responsibility to carry out his wish. He wanted to use his identity to get rid of this man called Qin Chao.

Initially, he was worrying about not getting the opportunity to put him to death. But unexpectedly, this man had finally appeared right before him. Li Na relying on Qin Chao like a little bird made him so furious that dense killing aura flashed across his eyes, and he couldn’t restrain himself from clenching his fists.

When Qin Chao was coming downstairs, he clearly felt the man’s killing intent targeted toward him. It was so strong as if Qin Chao had killed his father and now the man wanted to take revenge for him.

However, Qin Chao didn’t pay any mind to his killing intent. He had already made out that although the man before him was stronger than many people, he was still nothing more than an ordinary human.

Such a person would only be considered as weak as an ant struggling under the foot of an enormous dragon. Qin Chao didn’t feel the least bit interest in him.

Especially, it became difficult for these ordinary provocations to have much effect on him after he learned magical arts.

Man is a creature that uses the lower half of his body to think. He could easily start a fight with others for the sake of his woman.

Unaware of the relation between the man and Chen Si, Qin Chao still believed that Xiao Shi wanted to kill him because of considering him as his love rival.

“Brother Qin Chao, it’s these guys…” Li Na hid behind Qin Chao and sneakily checked out the few men before her eyes.

“Yo, dude, what the heck you’re doing here, huh?!” A newcomer stepped forward. He didn’t knew about Qin Chao and was planning to use this chance to please his boss. He gave Qin Chao a fierce look as he said, “If your brain can still make sense of things, then better get lost from here. Otherwise, we’re going to break your leg.”

“Where are you guys from?” Qin Chao wasn’t angered, and neither did he ignore him. He asked while smiling lightly at the newcomer.

“Do you think you deserve to ask that question?!” The newcomer spoke in a very enraging tone as he raised his chin in arrogance. “Dude, our Brother Xiao Shi isn’t a good-tempered man. And you not only provoked him but also made a move on his woman. You’re really bound to die at this place.”

“Oh?” His gaze shifted toward that young man who was emitting killing aura from his head to toe, “Xiao Shi?”

“Chen Si is my foster father.” Xiao Shi had never been a talkative person. He spoke a few words as he looked at Qin Chao.

Qin Chao slightly narrowed his eyes, “Oh great, so he’s actually Chen Si’s subordinate. In that case, it’s hopeless to settle things peacefully.”

“Well, alright. I’ll be leaving in a short while to take care of the case in Guangyuan so it’s not a bad idea to do some warm-up here.”

“It’s just that I don’t even know whether this guy is good enough for that purpose.”

A smile emerged on his face and he said to Li Na “Nana, you go back upstairs.”

“Brother Qin Chao?” Li Na wide-opened her big and beautiful eyes as she looked at him in surprise, “What’re you planning to do?”

“A woman shouldn’t butt in on the matters of us men.” Qin Chao said. Hearing his reply, Li Na could only choose to go upstairs.

The little girl turned around her head again and again as she walked up the stairs. She seemed to be very worried about Qin Chao’s safety.

“No need to worry, don’t you believe in your Brother Qin Chao?” He shook his hand toward her, “Don’t report to the police. I can settle this matter on my own.”

“Hahaha, you sure can talk big!” That newcomer laughed out loudly, “Who the heck do you think you are, ah?! Listen here, if I don’t break your leg today, I’ll change my family name to yours.”

While speaking, he rushed over to Qin Chao and extended his hand to slap him in the face.

But his hand didn’t come into contact with anything and passed through the air uninterrupted.

An ice-cold voice rang out from behind him as he stood stupefied at the outcome.

“You know what, I live by the motto of ‘an eye for an eye’… Look out for your leg.”

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      Li Na is the daughter of MC’s neighbour back at his old house. The young girl who always visited him at his house. I think Long Belle’s the mafia daughter who introduced MC to his work place after he made a bet with Su Ji’s father. (The one who’s originally interested in only girls)


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