My Beautiful Teacher – Chapter 262

Chapter 262: Brother Qin Chao

“Incidents?” Qin Chao’s eyebrows jumped quickly, “You’re talking about that time when I broke Liu Ye’s and his lackeys’ legs?”

“That’s not it!” Ai Xiaoxue said in her heart, “Is this guy acting dumb?” She continued, “Recently, many people residing around Guangyuan School had died in an inexplicable manner. By the time we discovered the deaths, their dead bodies had already turned into old corpses, as if they had died a very long time ago.”

“What?” Qin Chao was surprised at the information, “Such things have been happening during my absence from the school these days?!”

Immediately, Qin Chao was lost in thoughts. Su Ji wouldn’t let him come back since past some time; then she got injured; her Senior Brother Fa Xiang also came down after her from Song Mountain’s Baotai Temple; furthermore, two disciples of Shu Mountain Sect came to the mortal world. He considered all these clues as he pondered over the truth behind the strange happenings.

“Something bad has happened involving Guangyuan School!” Qin Chao came to a conclusion, “Moreover, it should be no small matter, otherwise those immortality practitioners, who almost never make their appearance during ordinary times, wouldn’t be gathering at Sunan City.”

“Damn it! Su Ji definitely knows what’s going on, but afraid of me getting into a clash with people from Upright Sects, she rather chose to keep me in the dark.”

But, he also couldn’t let a woman like her go and face such a risk.

Ai Xiaoxue seemed a bit relaxed looking at the expression on Qin Chao’s face.

“It appears that he isn’t the one behind those deaths.”

“But if he isn’t the culprit, who else can kill people in that sort of odd way?”

Although she was a special police officer, she had never dealt with supernatural things before. Hence, she was completely clueless with respect to this kind of matter.

Her stubborn assumption that it was the evil doing of some powerful criminal, also played part in leading her away from the truth.

Qin Chao’s consciousness entered inside the Small Multitudinous World to seek the reason behind the bizarre occurrences. He went straight to the wisp of soul hidden in the Yin-Yang Bell.

“Rhodes, you old fart, can you tell me what exactly is happening in the Guangyuan School?”

“Brat, you want to use me again?” Rhodes’ voice sounded quite displeased, “I extremely dislike you. Your personality is too indecisive, which makes you unsuitable as my successor.”

“Cut the crap! You’re saying that I should let my woman get killed so as to have boundless prospects?!” Qin Chao said in anger, “No one can hurt my woman until I, Qin Chao, meet my eventual death.

“Only someone with enough strength deserves to say those words. Your current ability is insufficient to the point that you can’t even ensure the safety of your own life.”

Rhodes had spoken the truth. The other day, Qin Chao almost got himself killed by Chen Qing, the Icy Glistening Fairy.

“Old fart, I’m here to ask about Guangyuan School. No one told you to talk nonstop about unrelated things.”

“What the heck?! I’ve been shut off from the outside world for over a millenium, and it’s so difficult to regain freedom! But despite everything I’m somehow trying to hold on, and you boy won’t even let me speak a few words?!” Rhodes shouted furiously.

“Eh? Alright, you can speak as much as you want, but could you first answer my question?”

“Humph, what a hopeless boy!” Rhodes snorted, “Considering the fact that you’re my inheritor, no matter how flawed you are, l’ll be generous enough to tell you about it.”

Rhodes had lived for a very long time, and was a devil god whose deeds had shaken heaven and earth and instilled fear in numerous mighty practitioners. He was very knowledgeable about various supernatural and strange things that might be unknown to others.

“From the Guangyuan School of Sunan City, a powerful cadaverous aura showing signs of awakening could be clearly perceived. If I sensed it right, it should be emitting from a Zombie King.”

“Zombie King?” Qin Chao was shocked, “What sort of thing is it?”

“Humph! Brat, you should do something about that utter lack of knowledge.” Rhodes was quite dissatisfied but he explained anyway, “I think even you understand what a zombie means? This thing is divided into six levels. The Zombie King is a zombie that has advanced to the fifth level, which is considered to be the highest level, speaking practically. This kind of zombie is called a ‘drought demon’. According to the legends, once zombies of this level appears, vast expanses of land will become barren, and even a blade of grass won’t grow on them.”

“Drought Demon?!” Qin Chao was surprised. Such kind of things often appeared in the ancient mythologies, where they were depicted as very powerful beings.

“However, you guys are fortunate that the Zombie King has yet to fully awaken. Otherwise, not only Guangyuan School but all the creatures within the area of two-hundred fifty kilometers around it would’ve been infected by the cadaverous aura, turning them into immortal and indestructible walking corpses.”

“Are you kidding me?! So fearful…?” Suddenly, Qin Chao’s consciousness returned back from the Small Multitudinous World, and looked concernedly at the police woman sitting before him.

“Does it ring a bell with you?” Ai Xiaoxue was a pretty wise person. She subconsciously sensed that Qin Chao should know something about the matter.

“I can lend you a hand with this matter.” Qin Chao spoke to her, “But I hope you can agree to my requirement.”

“What is it?”

“I’ll solve this case by myself. You only need to wait for the good news.”

“No way!” Ai Xiaoxue refused instantly, “It’s our responsibility as the police to protect people’s life and safety. How can I let you face the risk alone?”

“The answer to that is actually very simple. It’s because you lack the ability to do anything and will only get in my way!”

“You!” Ai Xiaoxue couldn’t say anything in rebuttal. Indeed, she wasn’t Qin Chao’s opponent when it comes to battle ability. Last time they had a fight, not only she lost against him but also let him had his way with her.

“If you can put your trust in me, then completely entrust this matter to me.” Qin Chao spoke in a very serious voice, “You don’t have to worry. Later, I’ll explain the things to you.”

“But you aren’t a police officer…”

“And you still looked for my help, right?” Qin Chao said, before suddenly extending his hands and pulling Ai Xiaoxue’s ice-cold hands toward him, “I promise you, this case will surely be concluded soon.”

Ai Xiaoxue was surprised feeling the warmth in her hands, and at once pulled them back from his grasp.

“I, I still feel a bit anxious letting you handle this on your own.”

Her heart was beating very fast, “What’s going on with me…?”

“Police Officer Ai, I’m telling you the truth. The police not at all specialize in dealing with these things.” Qin Chao stood up as he spoke, “I can guarantee you one thing, no more casualties will appear from this day onwards. Furthermore, I’ll settle this matter within three days.”

While speaking, Qin Chao turned around and walked out of the cafe, without bothering about Ai Xiaoxue’s reaction to his words.

“How can this guy leave just like that?”

Ai Xiaoxue was in a slightly dumbfounded state as she leaned against the chair. “What a curious coincidence that I’d to eventually come to him for help.”

“He agreed to take care of this case, but didn’t allow my interference. Looks like it’s quite a troublesome case, and perhaps my ability is truly insufficient to work on it.”

At this moment, Ai Xiaoxue found him to be a quite reliable person.

She picked up her cup of coffee and had a sip.

“Pfff!” The taste of the coffee was too damn familiar!

After spurting out the whole thing, she cursed loudly.

“Qin Chao, you bastard! You dare mess with me again?!”

It turned out that at some point in time, Qin Chao had secretly switched the positions of their coffee cups.

A mischievous smile emerged at the corner of Qin Chao’s mouth as he walked out of the cafe.

“Humph! You’ve got a long way to go before you could hope to successfully play a joke on me. During the time in university, this big brother has played around more than enough with these tricks.”

First of all, Qin Chao took out his phone and called Li Xue to ask for a three-day leave. Then, he prepared to go back home to change his clothes.

He joined the company just a little while ago, and now he had to request for such a long leave. But there was nothing he could do about it, because it was impossible for him to simply look on when Su Ji had gotten herself in such a dangerous situation.

“Man, it’s a drought demon of all things! A fifth level zombie like that must’ve at least the power of Golden Body phase! And when the drought demon fully awakens and becomes a complete body, it’d have the power of Lightning Tribulation phase.”

After surviving through the Lightning Tribulation, they then become gods, advancing to the legendary stage of a sixth level zombie.

However, such inherently dead and evil things would generally face a great difficulty when overcoming heavenly tribulations. The reason was that the punishments brought down to them by the heavenly tribulations were often extremely terrifying and fearful.

Therefore, normally very few fifth level zombies would be willing to let their bodies develop into complete bodies. Most of them were incomplete bodies, and could still live on for a very long time.

Becoming a god was a very distant and vague concept to zombies and immortality practitioners alike. To break through the shackles of the mortal body and start practicing true immortality, was a matter that basically went against the principles and rules laid down by the heaven. As a result, anyone trying to do so, wouldn’t be let off by it.

But even if it only had the power of the fifth level zombie, the might of its attacks would still greatly exceed Su Ji’s resistance ability.

“There wouldn’t be any change in the outcome even if that damn monk Fa Xiang joins her in the battle against it. Recently, I seem to be fighting one hard battle after another.”

Qin Chao returned to his place while feeling anxious in his heart. He didn’t wear the windbreaker given to him by Su Ji, and instead put on the one he got from Yang Shan Shan.

Although it wasn’t that expensive, it still held quite a value to him. “This is the thing I wore when I killed Fang Hua, the first person I ever killed in my life.”

Next, he took out the pair of boots he had bought a long time ago, and put them on. It was his first time wearing them since he graduated from the university. Right now, it was time again to show off these boots.

But Qin Chao didn’t come back just to prepare his clothes.

He took out his phone and dialed a number.

“Hey handsome, why did you feel the need to call me today?” A very familiar voice came from the other end.

“Girl, this badass needs your help with something.” If it was before, Qin Chao would’ve certainly contacted Rosy for this kind of matter. But she was a female demon and as such she might’ve asked to sell his soul in exchange of accepting the request.

However, at present he had a really convenient source, so he naturally wouldn’t do anything like sacrificing his soul.

“No problem, let me make a guess.” Long Belle seemed to have puckered her lips, “Something bad must have happened for you to seek my help. So, what is it? Are you not happy with your current work and want to do something else? I’m looking for a gigolo that can serve me day and night, are you up for it?”

“Stop that nonsense, and get serious.” Qin Chao didn’t know whether to be angry or laugh at her words. Long Belle was a typical example of a sharp-tongued but soft hearted person. “Can you get me a wolf spider?”

“Wolf spider?” Long Belle’s voice sounded a bit surprised, “Why on earth would you want that? Oh my god! Do you actually like eating spiders?!”

“Why don’t you eat your nonexistent brain first?! Obviously, I need it for some purpose. If you can help me get one, I’ll treat you to a drink later.”

“Now you’re talking!” Long Belle was apparently pleased by his words, “I’ve a friend that deals with such bizarre pets, so I can help you even if you wanted to raise an elephant. Tell me, when do you need it?”

“It’d be best to get my hands on it now. I’ll be waiting for you at my home. Hmm, you’re not going to tell me that you don’t know my address, right?

Qin Chao firmly believed that with Long Belle’s ability it was impossible for her to be unaware of the place he lived.

“All right! Obediently wait for my arrival, okay? Let’s see each other after twenty minutes!”

Long Belle was the daughter of Underworld’s leader, and had a significant influence in the Sunan City. Twenty minutes had yet to pass and Qin Chao already heard the doorbell rang.

“She sure is fast.”
Qin Chao put aside the clothes he had prepared, and walked over to the door to open it; wearing normal shirt and jeans.

“Brother Qin Chao!” Quite unexpectedly, it was actually Li Na in her school uniform. As soon as she saw Qin Chao, she immediately pounced into his chest, her legs wrapped around his waist.

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