My Beautiful Teacher – Chapter 261

Chapter 261: Come have some coffee

“I’m sorry, but Qin Chao doesn’t work here any more.” Inside the security guard cabin at the front gate of Guangyuan School, a black-faced man spoke sweetly to Ai Xiaoxue while twisting his thick waist. “He’s already done with us, so you’ve made this trip in vain.”

“He doesn’t work here?” Ai Xiaoxue smoothly ignored the way the security guard spoke, and her eyebrows wrinkled at the unexpected information. “Then, do you know where he works now?”

“How would I know?!” Said the man, rolling his bewitchingly charming eyes, “This guy has no conscience. He ran away without telling anything, and left us here worrying about him.”

“…” Looking at the security guard, Ai Xiaoxue had no idea how to react to his remark.

Her eyes moved in circles as she pondered what to do next. She walked out of the security guard cabin, and dialed a number on her phone.

“Su Fei, this is Ai Xiaoxue speaking…”

After getting in touch with the headmaster of Guangyuan School, she finally found out about Qin Chao’s whereabouts. “So this guy’s no more doing his job as a security guard, and instead running around to do advertisement?”

“Well, not that it matters. I’ve now got his phone number, after all.”

Still holding doubts in her heart, Ai Xiaoxue dialed Qin Chao’s number.

“Hello, who is it?” A man’s lazy voice transmitted from the other end of the phone. Upon hearing the voice, Ai Xiaoxue hesitated whether to really speak or not, maintaining silence for a long while.

“Hey, I’m gonna hang up if you don’t say anything.”

“No, don’t! It’s me, Ai Xiaoxue.” She couldn’t help but get flustered when she heard his warning, and promptly replied to him.

“Yo! It’s Police Officer Ai, huh!” The voice on the phone sounded a bit surprised. Ai Xiaoxue could even imagine Qin Chao’s expression at the moment; his eyebrows moving up and down in a playful manner.

“That’s right. Could it be that your phone number is only supposed to be used for some special purpose, and I shouldn’t be calling you this way?”

“There’s nothing like that. Police Officer Ai, you don’t have to take my words so seriously.” Qin Chao immediately gave his explanation, “I just felt quite odd to get a call from you, that’s it. So, you called to advise me to turn myself in or something?”

“I’d really like to ask that… forget it. How about we decide on a place to meet? I’ll fill you in the details over there..”

“Ha?” Qin Chao’s voice become even more playful, “Police Officer Ai, you want to go on a date with me?”

“Date your grandpa, damn’t!” Ai Xiaoxue couldn’t hold back herself from cursing out loud, “This gal wants your help with something! Come over to Starbucks cafe at 12 o’clock if you feel like it!”

A banging sound rang out from the other end, and then the call ended.

“Die, Qin Chao, you bastard! You really enjoy poking fun at me, right?! This time I’ll surely have you locked up as soon as I find an opportunity!”

Qin Chao pressed the end button on his phone with a wry smile on his face. “Is this the attitude of someone asking for a favor?”

Li Xue, who was standing before him, threw a gaze of suspicion toward him.

“A girl?” This woman’s ears were truly sharp. The sound coming from the phone wasn’t that loud at all, but she still caught the pleasing sound of a woman.

“It’s the Police woman we met when we caught that thief last time.” Qin Chao explained to her, “She wants to meet me, probably to ask about some clues.”

“A date with the police officer, is it?” Li Xue deliberately smiled as she felt slightly sour in her heart, “That woman is good, one of those so-called ‘pretty police woman’. But she seems to have a violent personality, which might be actually better to fix your character. Oh right! You mentioned earlier that you’ve a girlfriend. Is she the one you were talking about?”

“As if that’s possible!” Qin Chao’s expression wavered between laughing and crying, “Do I look so crazy that I’d become her boyfriend?! This violent woman is going to be single her whole life!”

“How can you be so sure about it?” Li Xue felt some inexplicable happiness on finding out that Ai Xiaoxue wasn’t his girlfriend. “With her beautiful looks, there are certainly a lot of men who like her.”

“Manager Li, there’s certainly something wrong with your aesthetic standards.” Qin Chao couldn’t help but curl his lips in disapproval.

“You have yet to tell me where did you run off to yesterday?” Li Due changed the subject to the one she had been wondering about since yesterday, staring at Qin Chao with her big, limpid eyes without even blinking for a second.

Although Qin Chao had faced many turbulent situations till now, being stared by such eyes made him lost for words for a moment, feeling an intense urge to tell everything that happened yesterday to Manager Li.

But fortunately, Qin Chao was no longer the inexperienced guy he was before, and regained his calm with his firm willpower.

“Ah, yesterday? Actually, one of my friends was in a pinch, so I went to lend them a hand.”

It was certainly not a lie to say so, as Hu Lili was a friend to him. Despite being a fox demon, that girl didn’t take the trouble to conceal her demonic aura, openly walking around in the public. As a result, some daoists, with noses as sensitive as a dog’s, sensed her faint demonic aura even from a very distant place.

“If I wasn’t there for her, she’d have been killed by Xu Renfeng.”

He nearly lost his own life too at the hands of that Chen Qing. “Come to think of it, she was indeed like a goddess, but her attacks were so fierce, without the slightest hint of mercy.”

Qin Chao wasn’t aware that Chen Qing was called one of the Seven Flowers of the Cultivation World, the Icy Glistening Fairy.

In the Cultivation World, there are some idle people that like to rank beautiful women. These SeveCultivationre the ones ranked on the final list of the most beautiful women in the Devil and Upright Sects.

Icy Glistening Fairy, with her features like a celestial being, absolutely ranked in the top three.

Usually, even some men of Cultivation World would find it tremendously hard to get a glimpse of a fairy like her. It was none other than Qin Chao’s good fortune that he was able to get the chance to look at her for such a long time.

“But all these beautiful women have ruthless hearts.”
His mouth twitched just thinking about it, “She as well as Police Officer Ai, both of them are violent and bad-tempered.”

“Ahchoo!” Ai Xiaoxue suddenly sneezed loudly, sitting at a table in the Starbucks cafe.

She rubbed her nose which had turned slightly red, “Is someone talking about me? Oh well, whatever.”

While speaking, she brought the black coffee on the table close to her. Afterwards, she took out a pepper sachet and sprinkled it on the coffee before mixing it properly with a spoon.

As if adding pepper was not enough, she also poured some wasabi paste, and started to mix it into the solution that couldn’t be called a black coffee any more.

She still didn’t feel satisfied even after adding wasabi paste. Her hatred for Qin Chao was like a raging fire that was impossible to put out even after trying all means.

Therefore, she again took out a soy sauce sachet, and added its contents into the coffee.

The customers watching Ai Xiaoxue concocting this strange coffee from a side were completely stupefied by the scene.

Thankfully, it was black coffee, which had dark black color, making it infeasible to find out anything else in it.

Ai Xiaoxue felt quite satisfied looking at the coffee before her. She clapped her hands and put away everything back to their place.

“Humph! Qin Chao, there’s only a bad end waiting for you after treating me like that!”

“If it was possible, I’d have also liked to add some reprocessed sewer oil!”

Despite what others might say about him, Qin Chao was at least a punctual person. No sooner had she finished concocting the coffee when Qin Chao entered in the cafe, dressed in western-style clothes.

“Police Officer Ai, you got here so early?” Upon discovering that the beautiful woman was already sitting inside, he subconsciously looked at his wrist watch. “It’s just 11:50 right now. Don’t all women like to be late? How come there are special existences like her?”

“Oh, I know! How did I forget about it? She might look so beautiful, but her nature should be no different than a man’s.”

” It’s nothing. I thought of getting here earlier than you.” Ai Xiaoxue strangely smiled toward him. Then she pushed the cup of coffee in his direction, “It’s quite cold outside, isn’t it? How about having a cup of coffee and getting warmed up?”

“Tsk, tsk, Police Officer Ai, were you always such a considerate person?” Qin Chao expressed his surprise while sitting down on his seat, “Why do I get the feeling that there’s something fishy about this display of kindness?”

“If you don’t want to drink, I’ll just throw it away.” Ai Xiaoyue’s face turned cold as she moved her hand to pick up the cup.

“No need for that, I was only kidding.” Qin Chao at once grabbed her hand, “There’s no way I won’t drink the coffee offered by Police Officer Ai.”

As Qin Chao grabbed her slightly cold hand, a warmth flowed to every part of her body.

“This man has such a warm hand….”

For some reason, a very disgusting thought crossed her mind.

She immediately threw it at the back of her mind and looked at Qin Chao, watching him sip on the coffee she put in so much effort to concoct.

Having sipped on the coffee, he didn’t seem to be effected in any way as he swallowed it down without any problem.

“Nice. It’s my first time drinking coffee, but I find this flavor pretty appealing.” Qin Chao nodded his head as he spoke out his appraisal, “I heard people say that coffee tastes bitter, but it actually turned out to be good. Moreover, this aroma lingering in my mouth feels very pleasant.”

“What?” Ai Xiaoxue wrinkled her brows, “How is this possible? I clearly tampered with that coffee. Could it be that I mistakenly offered him the other cup in hurry?”

She immediately picked up her cup and had a sip.

“No, this one is definitely mine. It has no additional ‘seasoning’.”

“Don’t tell me the quantity was so less that their tastes got milded down by the bitter taste of coffee? God, you can’t do this to me! I missed a chance to harass him.”

Thinking up to here, she couldn’t hold back herself from taking back the cup of coffee in Qin Chao’s hand, and took a sip in order to find out how exactly it tastes after the additions.

Who would’ve thought as soon as the coffee entered her mouth, she instantly spit it out.

“The heck is this spicy and slimy thing?!”

Ai Xiaoxue spit out her saliva several times, her red tongue sticking out in disgust.

Qin Chao who was sitting before her laughed loudly like a bad boy.

“Man, it’s ridiculous how you fell for such a simple trick! Hahaha…”

Ai Xiaoxue was dying to shoot dead the hateful guy in front of her. “Why do I always fail in getting the upper hand?!”

“If you don’t stop laughing, I’ll kill you no matter the price!” Gnashing her teeth, she spoke while putting emphasis on her words.

“All right, I won’t laugh.” Qin Chao withdrew the smile on his face, but unexpectedly, just after a short moment he again burst into laughter.

“Oh no, when I recalled the scene of you spitting out the coffee, I couldn’t hold it in any longer. Hahaha, damn it, my stomach has started to hurt from laughing so much.”

Ai Xiaoxue didn’t realize that her face had started to turn red. She felt extremely vexed, “How can I be foolish enough to be get tricked by the likes of him!”

In the end, she lost control over her emotions. Taking advantage of Qin Chao laughing with his mouth wide open, she at once poured the coffee inside it.

“Pfff!” Qin Chao also spit it out, “What the heck?! I could’ve choked to death, you know?!”

“This world would be a much cleaner place if you’d have died.” Ai Xiaoxue coldly said.

Qin Chao stopped laughing, and asked looking at the seemingly embarrassed and furious police woman before him.

“Police Officer Ai, is there something you want to ask from me?”

“Yes, there’s one thing I want to ask.” Said Ai Xiaoxue, fixedly staring into Qin Chao’s eyes.

“Eh, well then, go ahead and ask.” Her eyes were really beautiful, and especially her eyelashes made her appear like a doll that had naturally grown up into a beautiful woman.

“Are you the one causing all those incidents around Guangyuan School?”

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