My Beautiful Teacher – Chapter 258 Wow, a Fairy!

Chapter 258: Wow, a Fairy!

Qin Chao had his reason to run over to this place after venturing out of his way to save Hu Lili right under the noses of the two disciples.

He wanted to find out how well he would fare against the two disciples with all the magical arts he had practiced so far.

Guiding Martial Sword technique would be a good choice for that purpose, but it would be meaningless to use here as his opponent was even more versed in it. Especially, the fourth move used by that Xu Renfeng was supplemented by flames, and had clearly displayed its formidable strength by repelling away his Rainbow Sword with slight effort.

“Traitor of Shu Mountain Sect, it’s time for your death!”

A cold smile appeared on Xu Renfeng’s face, watching his attack really working against the enemy.

Soon, the sword covered in blazing flames reached before Qin Chao.

Qin Chao didn’t pay it much mind, stretching his palms facing forward, and bringing them to their respective sides before his body. A faint golden light could be seen around his palms.

It was a magical art associated with the Diamond Sutra, Diamond Palms.

The ‘Streaming Fire Sword’ move possessed quite a might, and Qin Chao felt that he would certainly suffer internal injuries if he tried to resist it directly with his body.

But, after his breakthrough into the Foundation Construction realm, he was able to practice ‘Diamond Palms’, a magical art associated with the Diamond Sutra.

This art was a defensive palm technique. They say that “hands for defense, legs for offense” as the legs are much stronger, and hence more durable than hands, making them a lot more suitable to attack the opponent. However, after practicing Diamond Palm technique, the hands would become the hardest part of a person’s body.

“Look out!” Hu Lili had no idea that Qin Chao had a life-saving magical art up his sleeve. Her spiritual sense told her that the might of this new move was too strong to be resisted.

But Qin Chao didn’t show any response to her words. He thrusted out his left palm when the Crimson Sun sword arrived beside him, hardly hitting on its burning hot edge.

“Bang!” The flames around the sword exploded as it got slapped away and crashed into the rooftop beside the building they were on.


A red-colored mushroom cloud rose into the sky, and a deep pit appeared on the previously flat roof surface.

Witnessing the great power of the move, Qin Chao’s throat turned dry. “Are you kidding me?! How can you still call this a sword technique? This’s already a damn guided missile!”

The Crimson Sun sword appeared to have yet to discharge all of its energy, and shook in an unceasing manner while being stuck inside the pit. One could make out the intensely high temperature it generated by looking at the surrounding area which had completely burned black.

Qin Chao quickly put out the crimson flames spread around his palms. He didn’t receive any damage from the flames either, due to the physical protection bestowed to him by the Diamond Sutra.

“Impossible!” Xu Renfeng’s mind went blank for a second seeing the astonishing outcome. “What kind of palm technique have you practiced to be able to counter my Streaming Fire Sword attack so easily with your bare hand?!”

“Senior Brother, this devilish sinner is so strong!” Junior Sister Chen Yu’s face turned slightly pale, “What, what should we do now?”

“As Shu Mountain Disciples, we must exterminate the evil!” Being the Senior Brother he was, he felt it inappropriate to show fear at such a time. He let out a bellow and called his Crimson sword back into his hand.

Qin Chao’s pupils constricted on hearing their conversation, and he said in his heart, “I’ve had enough of your playing around. It’s my turn now to have some fun.”

“Evil Monarch’s Waning Moon Slash!” Qin Chao swung the Evil Monarch’s Sword forward, and a black crescent moon appeared out of thin air.

Looking at the black crescent moon, a visible change simultaneously emerged on the faces of the two Shu Mountain Sect disciples. They had never seen such a bizarre and strong offensive technique before!

Without any delay, they prepared their own swords to meet the attack, positioning them vertically before their bodies and continuously making sword sign with their fingers.

A golden sword image appeared, forming a dual-layered formation around them, and firmly withstood the blow of the black moon’s attack.

Qin Chao felt as if he had hit on something with the resilience of steel, and adding some more strength didn’t help in breaching through the barrier either. It was an expected result as the Waning Moon Slash had limited power in the first place.

Therefore, he changed the trajectory of the black moon with a wave of his hand, making it fly above into the sky.

“Puff!” To avoid getting his Junior Sister injured, the Senior Brother had been the one resisting the majority of the energy transferred over from the black moon. Its sudden disappearance led to an immediate decrease in the pressure on him, and he couldn’t hold back himself from spraying out blood from his mouth as he kneeled down.

“Senior Brother, are you all right?!” Chen Yu was quite frightened to see him in such a state and promptly supported him by the arm. Looking at the pale complexion of her Senior Brother, flames of fury ignited in her heart; she forgot all fear and spoke in a loud voice.

“You damn sinners, why did you hurt my Senior Brother?!”

“Yeah, right!” Although Qin Chao didn’t say anything, Hu Lili wasn’t willing to follow suit. “Are your eyeballs just for decoration that you didn’t see what has been going on till now?! Right from the very beginning, it’s you guys trying to pester us, got it? I’ve been fed up of hearing you calling us sinners and your killing threats. Yeah, I’m a demon alright, but did I harm you, or anyone else for that matter?!” She stepped forward and spoke up her mind without any reservations.

“You… you!” Chen Yu had never been rebuked so harshly before. On the Shu Mountain, all fellow disciples would treat her with consideration. Facing such a contradiction, her face immediately lost its color, but she couldn’t find the words to speak in her defense.

“I disdain arguing with a shameless sinner like you!”

“Humph, disdain my foot! I think you don’t even have the grounds to argue with me!” Hu Lili had also gotten furious after being chased around by the two for no apparent reason. She stretched out her small and delicate hand, and dark green flames sprang up in it.

It was none other than ‘Fox fire’.

Qin Chao’s pupils shrinked at the revelation as he thought, “Oh my goodness! This girl’s truly a fox demon, huh! Why the heck did I never notice it? Anyway, even if she’s a fox demon, it doesn’t change the fact that she hasn’t harmed anyone, and doesn’t deserve to be treated like an evildoer.”

“Since we’re sinners in your opinion, we’ll act like one and make you taste the real bitterness.”

With that, Hu Lili threw the Fox fire in her hand at Chen Yu, without even giving Qin Chao the chance to show some reaction to her.

Hu Lili’s Fox fire wasn’t strong at all, and she was well aware about it too. Throwing such an ineffective thing was no more than a way to vent her anger.

To her surprise, Chen Yu started shouting and screaming, as if it wasn’t Fox fire but a bomb being thrown at her.

“What’s wrong with you?! Can you act any more exaggerated?!” Hu Lili was speechless at Chen Yu’s behavior. “Even I won’t receive a burn injury from a fire of that strength, so what are you crying out loud for?!” She thought to herself.

Just when the Fox fire was about to fall on Chen Yu, a clear voice rang out in the air.

“How dare you, wicked creature!”

It was an ice-cold female voice. Joyful looks surfaced on the faces of the two Shu Mountain Sect disciples as soon as they heard it.

Soon after that, a white thunderbolt fell from the sky and reached right before Chen Yu.

“Clang-Bang!” A dragon’s croon resounded throughout the area as a continuously vibrating white sword emerged at Chen Yu’s feet. The sword was enveloped in a powerful sword aura, giving rise to a small-scale tornado after falling down, and started sweeping away everything in its way ahead while making a sharp whistling sound. The frail Fox fire didn’t stand a chance against it, and got extinguished in an instant.

The next moment, Qin Chao was thoroughly stupefied by the scene before him.

He saw a woman lightly descending from the sky; dressed in a white robe and beautiful beyond words. It was the very picture of a fairy arriving at the mortal world to him.

The clouds in the sky served as a foil to her, slowly encircling around her body. Her exceptional beauty, graceful demeanor, lofty and unsullied temperament, everything about her from head to toe set her apart from the others, as if she never ate something grown or made in the mortal world.

Qin Chao was originally under the impression that Hua Niang already possessed the temperament of a fairy.

But upon seeing this woman, he finally realized what exactly is called a celestial being!

The white ribbons attached to the bottom corners of her robe floated around along with her descend, making her seem to be standing on white clouds.

However, an ice-cold light was flickering in her gleaming pupils at this time.

Sharing the same nature of coldness as that of the ice found deep inside a spring during the winters, her eyes held the power to freeze anyone glancing at them, and make them begin to shudder even in a very hot weather.

Soon after reaching the ground, she indifferently looked at Qin Chao for a moment, in the similar fashion as one would look at a dead person.

“Martial Aunt Chen!” Seeing the woman in front of him, emotions of pleasant surprise, rejoice…. and even infatuation flashed in Xu Renfeng’s eyes! He might have some favorable feelings toward Chen Yu, but this was the woman he was seriously crazy about.

“Aunt!” Chen Yu was also overjoyed. Her aunt was a true expert, and with her presence here, it was no issue dealing with the two sinners before them.

“No way….” Even Hu Lili felt that their current situation was far from good. She sensed a very strong power from the inhumanly beautiful woman.

“Sinner, why was my Shu Mountain Sect’s disciple injured by you?” The words spoken by the woman were light as a floating cloud, and her voice was barely audible yet had a free and natural characteristic to it.

Qin Chao had a feeling that if this woman were to sing a song, her singing voice would surely sound as good as Faye Wong’s!

“They’re obviously the ones who provoked us first!” The fox demon displayed some really big guts. Knowing very well that the man in black-scaled mask has got her back, Hu Lili drummed up enough courage to shout back at the woman.

Who would have thought that hearing such a reply would make her gaze become sharp as a sword.

“You are a fox demon?” For some reason, the woman’s voice carried some anger. “All fox demons are ought to be annihilated! Feng’er and Yu’er, I’m quite pleased with your efforts. Be at ease for I’ll take care of things from here.”

She stretched out her hand and the white sword on the ground immediately flew up in the air before floating into her hand.

“Damn it! Who ever asked for a new member of team unreasonable?!”

But, Qin Chao didn’t want to fight with this woman, as he could also feel her frighteningly strong power.

“Seriously, what’s wrong with my luck these days, meeting so many strong enemies time and again?! Was that bald monk Fa Xiang not enough that now we’ve got a fairy from Shu Mountain Sect here.”

“If my fate is really so inclined on getting me killed, see how this Qin Chao puts up an even stronger fight against these unforeseen adversities.”

“Gotta run!” Qin Chao didn’t hesitate any further. He stepped on the Riding Wind Sword while tightly holding Hu Lili, and prepared to leave the place.

His current strength was far too lacking to confront this new opponent. Moreover, he had to take care of this girl beside him, so risking his life wouldn’t be the correct choice to make in this situation. Hence, he didn’t have any intention to fight at present.

“Where do you think you’re going?!” But, the woman wasn’t in the mood to let them slip away. With a jerk of her arm, the sword in her hand was sent flying high into the sky.

“Hundred Swords Transformation, blot out the sky and cover up the earth. Sword Clones!”

Following her words, the sword in the sky instantly split into over hundred images. Then the sword images surrounded the entire roof, sealing off every nook and cranny around the five people, and rendering Qin Chao’s escape infeasible.

The whole roof area effectively turned into a cage controlled by the Shu Mountain group.

“Is this for real?! Just how absurdly strong one has to become to be able to use so many sword clones at will?!”

Qin Chao turned around. He didn’t dare to let his back exposed to this beautiful yet fearful woman.

No matter what awaited him next, he couldn’t let anything happen to Hu Lili. Qin Chao put her down at a side and let the Yin-Yang Bell protect her once again.

Then he bent his body with the Evil Monarch’s Sword in his hand, and sprinted toward the woman.

“Since I can’t escape anyway, I won’t hold back anything and fight you head-on!”

“Evil Monarch’s Waning Moon Slash!”

The black crescent moon rolled forward in a swift attack; carrying the same impact and momentum as that of the protruding teeth of a fierce dog.

It was true that he was freely able to use the three Great Ultimate Techniques of the Evil Monarch’s Sword in the Small Multitudinous World, but it was no more than an illusion, after all. In the real world, he was still unable to use the Half-Moon and Full Moon Slash.

It was quite apparent that the Waning Moon Slash was completely useless as an attack against the other-wordly woman he was facing at the moment.

She slightly shook her hand, and her sword flew rapidly toward the approaching attack.

“Rainbow as my Sword, launch forth like a shooting star. Appear, Rainbow Sword!” It turned into the shape of a long rainbow, and Qin Chao could actually see a seven-colored light flash toward him. The next moment, his black moon was straight away cut into two halves, causing the materialization of his powerful technique quickly fade out of existence.

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