My Beautiful Teacher – Chapter 257 Sword Battle

Chapter 257: Sword Battle

“Why did he save me? Is he also from a Devil Sect?”

Hu Lili’s imagination was running wild trying to infer the truth of the situation.

“It’s quite unlikely for that to be the case. The six Devil Sects may seem like a united group but they never get along with each other, resulting in endless open and hidden conflicts. Each of them tries to expand the scope of its power, constantly scheming to swallow up the other. Only when those Upright Sects initiate an attack against them, will they temperorarily abandon their struggles and unite together to resist them.”

“Maybe he’s a senior expert from the Demonic Beasts Sect, sent by mother to protect me from the shadows?”

“Who, who are you…?” Hu Lili couldn’t help but ask to get a sure answer out of him.

But the man in the black-scaled mask didn’t speak a word as he continued to dash ahead with all his might. His running speed was so fast that surprised voices could be heard from the places he passed on his way.

There was an escalator before him which was already jam-packed with people. The masked man jumped on the black handrail and ran downward along it, quickly arriving at the first floor.

“Chase them!” The two disciples from Shu Mountain Sect were different than ordinary people as they were Immortality practioners, and also moved at a very fast speed. They directly jumped past the guardrail and lightly landed on the ground below.

Then they again started running toward the direction the black figure fled.

It was at this time that Fang Wen came to herself and realized that her best friend had been abducted.

She took out her phone gnashing her teeth and dialed a number.

“Dad, someone kidnapped Lili, and I really need your help here!”

Let’s not go into detail about how her call went, and shift our attention toward that masked man. He ran so fast while holding Hu Lili that it made her seem like a weightless thing. In the blink of an eye, he had already gotten out of the big mall and ran to the center of the public square outside.

On the public square stood a statue of a stalwart man, said to be made by the founder of the mall. It was over five meters high and made of stone, giving off an ice-cold sensation to the onlookers.

There was a musical fountain beside the statue, and water was being sprayed out in various patterns according to the rhythm of the sounds around it. Right after getting out of the mall, the masked man had rushed over to the statue.

“Sinner, stop right there!” The two disciples had also came out of the mall by now. They took out their swords at the same time as soon as they caught sight of Qin Chao standing under the night sky.

“Rainbow as my Sword, launch forth like a shooting star. Appear, Rainbow Sword!” The two said the incantation aloud like a duet of a male and female. It did sound especially exquisite but its beautiful tone reeked of killing intent.

A broad and long sword and a slender and short sword turned into two rainbows as they launched an attack toward his direction.

As if he had already expected the incoming attack, the masked man moved sideways and entered inside the stream of the fountain.

He concealed his body relying on the stream and fog.

The two swords immediately lost their target and circled around his original location before floating aimlessly in mid-air.

“Junior Sister, time to use the second move of Guided Martial Sword technique.”

The Senior Brother gave his instructions and then made a sword sign with his fingers, changing the previous offense style.

The Junior sister very understandingly coordinated with her Senior Brother, immediately making a sword sign with her fingers too.

“Hundred Swords Transformation, blot out the sky and cover up the earth! Sword Clones!”

The two swords began to move until they were brought to the vertical position. Afterwards, they suddenly transformed into more than ten sword images, making whistling sound traveled past the distance required to reach the determined place, and the whole area around the fountain got covered by them.

Under the fierce attack of the sword images, more and more gaping holes appeared on the formerly perfectly fine statue and the rubble scattered around in a disorderly manner. However, things didn’t work out as the Senior Brother had planned as the attack didn’t succeed in forcing out the two.

Hu Lili was feeling quite anxious in her heart. Her body was tightly embraced by the masked man who was using his own body to bear the brunt of the whole attack.

Every time the sword images came in contact with his body it would produce a mettalic sound, as if it was an iron wall they were hitting on, unable to shake it even a bit.

Despite being embraced by the unknown person, Hu Lili could still sense the sharpness of the sword images. But at this moment, she felt very safe because of the person beside her.

It was the same thing she felt when Qin Chao had rushed to her side and saved her.

She found both of them really dependable… and their figures gradually started to overlap in her mind.

Suddenly, the man made his move. His body shifted to a side and lept up high enough to reach right over the statue, landing above its utterly broken head.

“Sir, I ask to state your identity!” The disciple from Shu Mountain Sect couldn’t help but change the expression on his face when he saw Qin Chao jumping so high and standing on the statue as if demonstrating his strength; there were also no injuries on his body after experiencing the onslaught of the sword images. It had such an impact on him that he deliberately chose a politer way to speak to him.

“Senior Brother, how is he still completely unharmed?!” The Junior Sister standing beside him was also slightly surprised by the unexpected outcome. Even if they were to look past the mighty power of their Shu Mountain Sect’s Guided Martial Sword technique, which was usually impossible to be blocked, their rare and powerful swords, ‘Crimson Sun’ and ‘Dark Moon’, were enough to deal a significant damage to the enemy.

It was also due to the task they were entrusted with this time that these swords were handed over to them by their master.

Initially, they were under the impression that with the help of such swords not only could they deal with an expert from Demonic Beasts Sect, even putting up a good fight against the old devil Rhodes was possible if he were to revive and appear before them.

But they never thought that their enemy would come out unscathed even under such a relentless attack. It was really hard for the brother and sister pair to accept the immense failure.

However, the person standing on the statue did nothing but coldly look at the two. Despite the fact that he had been pathetically running away from them just a while ago, he didn’t seem to care about them any more. Therefore, when the two asked him about his identity, the masked man didn’t say anything in reply.

Instead, he made a hand gesture with his thumb sticking up and then swiftly turned it downward while looking at Shu Mountain Sect’s male disciple.

Even someone like the Senior Brother could easily make out the humiliating nature of the hand gesture. The look on his face changed yet again as he spoke out in anger.

“Such a humiliating and disgracing behavior, just what you’d expect from someone practicing the ways of the devil. I, Xu Renfeng, will now use the sword in my hand to once again carry out our mission to slay the demons and exterminate the devils!”

He let his sword float before him while making a sword sign with his fingers.

“Skyfire Sword Body, Extensive Devil Eradicator! Streaming Fire Sword!” The ability of this Senior Brother appeared to be superb among the young generation of Shu Mountain Sect disciples. He drew out all the elemental aura stored within his body, intending to use the fourth move of the Guided Martial Sword technique.

But the masked man didn’t want to let things drag out any further because there were more and more people gathering around them. He waved his hand and said aloud in a deep and low voice.

“Driving the sword I ride the wind, flying past the vast sky!” The two disciple from Shu Mountain Sect could only look on dumbfoundedly as a black sword suddenly appeared under his feet as soon as he spoke out the words.

“Riding Wind Sword!”

Following his words, his body started to flow above, supported by the sword underneath him.

Soon after that, he flew away and disappeared without a trace, similar to a shooting star traveling across the night sky.

“We can’t have them disappear on us, commence the chase!” The Senior Brother felt something odd about the situation. He also used Riding Wind Sword technique and chased after the masked man along with his Junior Sister.

“This situation is getting increasingly unusual. The person we speculated to be an evildoer from Demonic Beasts Sect actually used a sword technique from Shu Mountain Sect.”

“Could this person be the traitor of Shu Mountain Sect?”

“It really might be the case!”

Xu Renfeng approved of his deduction in his heart. He felt that his guess could very likely turn out to be the truth.

“Today, I, Xu Renfeng will eliminate this traitor and potential future trouble for Shu Mountain Sect!”

“Junior Sister, we need to hurry up!” Xu Renfeng again made a sword sign with his fingers, employing his elemental aura to accelerate the speed of the flying sword.

His Junior Sister, Chen Yu, also made use of her not-so-ample elemental aura to firmly keep up pace with him.

“Humph, that person is bound to die after provoking Senior Brother to such an extent.”

“Although Senior Brother isn’t the most outstanding disciple among the young generation of Shu Mountain Sect, he’s one of the top three strongest disciples in the sect. Currently, the experts of Foundation Construction last phase are the only ones able to use even higher, the fifth move of Guided Martial Sword technique.”

“I guess eliminating that devil-arts practitioner is going to be a child’s play.”

Since ancient times, the evil had never been able to get a victory over the just and right. Chen Yu truly believed that so long as they caught up with the wretchedly fleeing guy, he would surely meet his death.

As for the man in question, his elemental aura didn’t seem to be particularly strong, and the speed at which he drove the sword wasn’t that fast either. It didn’t take them much time to catch up with the masked man, and kept on following behind him.

The man flew over the city’s skies for quite a long time but eventually slowed down, apparently realizing that it wasn’t possible to get away from them, and landed on a spacious and empty rooftop.

“Very good, looks like you finally decided on a suitable place for your burial.” Xu Renfeng controlled his sword and stopped in his tracks, coldly staring at the masked man before him.

For some inexplicable reason, he sensed a especially strong pressure coming from this man, causing him to feel faintly afraid in his heart.

“Senior Brother, kill this guy!” Chen Yu’s words didn’t carry the slightest hint of a maiden’s gentleness, and her whole body was emitting a killing aura.

But the masked person had no interest in responding to their words. He released Hu Lili from his embrace to let her hide to a side, so as to avoid getting her involved in the fight.

Then he thrusted out his hand, and the black sword rose up in the air before starting to circle around him in an unceasing manner.

At the same time, he used his other hand to make a pulling gesture. A black-colored small bell flew out and began to float beside Hu Lili. Just a glance was enough to make out that it was a very nice defensive magical object.

Looking at the scene before him, Xu Renfeng coveted for both the black sword and the black bell.

It was pretty obvious that they were no ordinary things. If he could have them in his possession, his strength would be certainly boosted by leaps and bounds.

They might play a crucial role in defeating the top two disciples and getting the title of the strongest in the Sword-Bestowal Tournament held by Shu Mountain Sect for the young generation.

The thought of such achievement undoubtedly brought happiness to him. He was all the more determined to succeed in this time’s evil extermination task.

“Sinner, prepare for your death!” Xu Renfeng made the Crimson Sun sword float before him once again as he said aloud the words to activate his sword technique.

“Skyfire Sword Body, Extensive Devil Eradicator!”

The moment he finished the incantation, the masked man felt a burning sensation from the air around him. The red glow on the Crimson Sun sword started to get bigger, and right after that an explosion sound rang out as intensely blazing flame erupted and covered the whole sword, making the space around it distort due to the extremely high temperature it possessed.

“Guided Martial Sword technique!” Chen Yu looked at her Senior Brother with eyes full of reverence. With her current practice, she could only barely use the Riding Wind Sword technique, and had a long way to go before she could use this fourth sword move .

She felt quite excited whenever she got the opportunity to watch the Senior Brother using the fourth sword move; as if it was her using it and not him.

The masked man’s eyes shrinked in response. Then, he also prepared his black sword for offense, making it float in the air and shoot ahead in his opponent’s direction.

“Rainbow as my Sword, launch forth like a shooting star. Appear, Rainbow Sword!”

“Streaming Fire Sword!”

Both of them almost shouted at the same time. The two swords streaked past the air before colliding against each other.

The black sword image got repelled sideways, but the red sword image continued to move forward carrying the blazing flame around it, bearing resemblance to a shooting star falling toward the masked man.

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