My Beautiful Teacher – Chapter 259

Chapter 259: Misty Cloud-netted Sleeve

At the moment, he was facing an unprecedented crisis.

Qin Chao didn’t expect that his attempt to save Hu Lili would lead to so many things. But he didn’t regret making the choice to protect her, as it was the only way to ensure that he would continue to see her around even in the future.

“She didn’t do anything wrong, and being a fox demon doesn’t justify killing her!”

“So what if she’s a demon?! At least, demons honestly act on their desires. There are too many humans in this world that are much more fearful than demons.”

“They would smile at your face, but are always looking for the opportunity to stab at your back.”

No matter how things turned out, he wasn’t going to let Hu Lili die here. Not only that, he wasn’t planning to get himself killed either.

As it cut apart the Waning Moon Slash, the Rainbow Sword continued to fly ahead while making a whistling sound.

“Diamond Palms!” Qin Chao used every bit of his power and covered his both palms with golden light, as he thrust them ahead toward the approaching Rainbow Sword.

“Dong!” Following a sharp and clear explosion sound, Qin Chao was forced three-four meters backward by the enormous impact produced on collision. The white sword also got rebounded and returned back into the woman’s hand.

“Thud~thud~thud!” A slight change appeared on her face as she also had to retreat three steps back in order to cancel out the force of impact.

Her legs sunk in the concrete with every step she took backward, forming more and more pits on the already damaged roof.

She was evidently shocked due to the counterattack ability displayed by Qin Chao.

“The Diamond Sutra?”

Just as expected of an experienced and knowledgeable expert of Shu Mountain Sect, she instantly figured out the means Qin Chao had used to meet her attack.

“I’m quite surprised that you’ve also practised the Diamond Sutra. Looks like I really need to take you back to the Sect for carrying out a proper interrogation.” Said the woman, making sword sign with her fingers.

Qin Chao’s heart began to beat rapidly. “If I let her activate her move, I might really lose my life here. After all, even a simple move like Rainbow Sword almost exceeded my tolerance limit.” The area between his thumb and forefinger had also split open, and he could feel it slowly going numb from the intense pain.

The difference in their levels was so big that it wasn’t even funny.

Furthermore, this woman wasn’t a novice like Xu Renfeng and Chen Yu. She was possibly able to use seven or eight out of the eleven moves associated with Guided Martial Sword technique. If she were to use the two advanced techniques, he would die without even realizing what happened to him.

The urgent situation didn’t allow him to keep his trump cards hidden.

“Netherwordly Devil’s Palm!” Qin Chao turned his palm upward, and white flames sprang up above it before fusing inside.

A golden light at once flashed on his left hand, which turned spotlessly white like a jade and frighteningly strange.

Taking advantage of the fact that his opponent had yet to activate her move, Qin Chao let out a low shout and shoved his palm in her direction.

Immediately, a white palm image flew out of it, and whizzed toward the unearthly woman.

“Netherwordly Devil’s Palm?!” The woman’s expression changed once again as some fear flashed in her eyes! She unconsciously switched over to another move, making a white sword image appear before her body in protection.

“Bang!” The entire building shook as the gigantic palm fell down on it.

The Netherwordly Devil’s Palm was immensely powerful. Unfortunately, Qin Chao’s current practice wasn’t profound enough to bring out its true power. However, this time he hadn’t used it to attack his enemy, but as a delaying tactic.

“Netherworld’s Summoning Art, Hell’s Devil Dog!l

It was Qin Chao’s last trump card. “If even this doesn’t work against her, I might as well cut my throat with the Evil Monarch’s Sword and kick the bucket, as there’d be no way out for us anyway.”

“Aooo!” Following a faint howl of a wolf, a black-colored formation made of talismanic text, suddenly appeared on the roof. Soon after that, an enormous amount of Netherworld’s energy gushed out of the formation, and spread around the whole roof.

Qin Chao felt a bit excited. “So I was really able to summon a genuine thing from the netherworld after getting a sacrificial offering.”

“Aoo~aoo~aoo!” Everyone was stupefied when a three-headed fierce dog, big as an elephant, came out of the formation after a series of howls, and glared at the white-robed woman.

“It’s a Three-headed Giant Dog! Moreover, the power emanating from it is also many times stronger than the devil dog I summoned before.”

“Man, genuine things are really far superior to knockoffs!”

The six eyes on its three heads were looking covetously at the woman, dying to press her down to the ground.

Qin Chao suddenly recalled something. “It’s said that all the creatures of netherworld are very lewd by nature. Is this devil dog also thinking about pushing her down and go at it?!”

“Oh shoot! This Netherworld’s Summoning Art isn’t a decent thing, after all. I’m hardly in any position to blame others for regarding me as a devil follower.”

“Dirty creature, how dare you act unbridled in my presence!” The woman’s demeanor quickly returned to normal as a grim smile surfaced on her face. She stretched out her hand, and the white sword at once flew in its direction.

“Sword Clones!”

As soon as she spoke out the incantation, several hundred swords shot forth in an unceasing manner. At the same time, the three-headed fierce dog wide-opened its bloody mouths, and released its power toward the sword images in the air.

From the mouths of the three-headed dog, black flames, white ice and frost, and blue lightning were being sprayed out, respectively.

The three natural powers assaulted the swords falling on him, making them disperse in all directions, and not a single one was able to come in contact with the devil dog.

“Dirty creature, you do seem to have some ability.” Before Qin Chao could rejoice at the favorable result, the white-robed woman said with a cold smile. “Very well, this Chen Qing shall make you know your place.”

With that, her marvellous and graceful figure moved ahead like a lightning, and arrived before the devil dog.

Simultaneously, a faint white light glimmered on her hands, and she pointed her index finger and middle finger at the devil dog while making signs with her fingers.

“Person and Sword Unification, overrun every fortification. Doubly Propelled Sword!”

“The seventh move?!” Qin Chao felt like he broadened his horizons today, even getting the chance to witness the seventh move of Guided Martial Sword technique.

It was said that the seventh move was a watershed in this technique, and only after grasping the seventh move was one considered to have grasped the essentials of the Guided Martial Sword technique. A person must succeed in being able to use the seventh move, if they wanted to learn even advanced move.

After practising the Doubly Propelled Sword, the entire body of the user would become all-conquering like a mighty sword.

The devil dog also sensed the danger, but there was nothing it could do about it. The sword figures in the sky were still falling down on it, giving it no time to divert its attention.

The woman stabbed at its body with her left hand, and blood started flowing out of the gaping wound.

Her other hand made a slashing movement in the air, cutting open a very large wound on its body once again.

“Aooo!” Suffering from the severe pain, the devil dog suddenly turned into a ball of black flames, and rolled about in the air.

No matter how strong it was, its strength was eventually limited to the lowest level netherworld creature. It was no different than a trash before the formidable might of the Guided Martial Sword technique’s seventh move.

Qin Chao scowled at the scene before him, “There’s just one way left now.”

“Netherworld’s Summoning Art, Possession!” He retrieved the flame before stuffing it in his mouth and swallowing it down.

His strongest trump card had been activated.

However, Qin Chao thought of a pretty contrived issue all of a sudden. “No way! I’m not going to have three heads after swallowing this three-headed devil dog, right?”

“Oh my god! Anything but that! I’d look so damn ugly that I’ll kill myself hitting my head, oops ‘heads’ to death.”

As if responding to his wish, he really didn’t grow two more heads on his neck. But, Qin Chao was undergoing some other changes at this time.

Two fangs like that of a dog protruded out of the corners of his mouth. His originally crew-cut hair instantly grew very long, blowing from one side to another.

His palms turned into black-colored bestial claws, and a mark of a dog head appeared on its back.

Qin Chao’s black windbreaker began to flutter, as black flames unceasingly burned circling around his body.

He subconsciously protracted his claws, and saw ice and frost coiled around his left, and lightning coiled around his right claws.

Just as he thought, he was successful in inheriting the power of the three-headed devil dog. Right now, Qin Chao again recovered some confidence in being able to deal with the unearthly woman before him.

“Such magical arts that would make oneself turn ugly could only be associated with Rakshasa sect.” The woman said as a cold light flashed across her face. “So you’re the one emitting that aura of Rhodes we’ve been looking for these days. Well then, today you’ll be slayed by me, putting an ultimate end to any future troubles.”

“Rawr!” Qin Chao didn’t say anything, and instead responded to her words with a low roar. His body transformed into a black light and in the twinkling of an eye appeared right in front of the woman.

“Not bad, that’s quite a fast speed!” The woman didn’t show any extravagant reaction. She simply stretched her two fingers horizontally as sword aura wrap around them, and smashed them on Qin Chao’s left protracted claw.

The ice and frost blew open. His palm would’ve been most like pierced by her fingers if not for the hardness Diamond Body technique endowed to him.

He gasped in pain, retreating two steps sideways.

The hand used by the white-robed woman to attack Qin Chao was also covered in ice and frost. She wasn’t unharmed either after she exchanged blows with him.

But such a small injury barely had any effect on her, and soon afterwards, the ice and frost got dispelled by the woman.

Although Qin Chao’s strength was greatly boosted at the moment by letting the devil dog occupy his body, there was still a certain difference between his and the woman’s strengths.

His eyes began to rotate as he pondered over his next course of action, “Instead of thinking about defeating the enemy, I need to come up with a way to successfully run away from here.”

“Being possessed by a devil dog, I should be much more faster than her.”

Thinking of his superiority, a nice escaping plan formulated in his mind.

He took a deep breath, and then continuously waved his claws in the air.

Many claws made of ice and lightning appeared following his movements, before incessantly shooting forward and showering down on the woman.

The woman kept on smiling coldly. She constantly waved her hand, using her fingers like a sword to disintegrate the claw images.

However, the number of claw images increased by the second, bringing even more disorder to the attack pattern. As a result, some of the claw images fell on the ground, causing broken pieces of concrete and dust rise into the air.

Soon, the white-robed woman’s line of sight was shadowed by the rising dust.

“Time to run!” Qin Chao had been precisely waiting for this moment. Without the slightest hesitation he picked up Hu Lili, and quickly jumped from the roof of the building.

With a devil dog possessing his body, he was able to move at an extremely fast speed. Like a lightning, he continuously jumped from one roof to another, rapidly running away from his enemies.

“Martial Aunt, they’re fleeing!” Xu Renfeng promptly called her attention to it, watching everything from the side.

The white-robed woman also realized that she was duped by the sinner.

She waved her hand, blowing away the curtain of dust before her.

But by now, Qin Chao had already fled to a distant place. He looked no more than a black dot to the woman at this time.

“Riding Wind Sword!” The woman instantly made up her mind to chase after him.

Suddenly, a huge white sleeve covered the whole area around the roof, shutting it off from the outside.

After maintaining the status quo for a little while, the sleeve at once disappeared without a trace. Qin Chao had disappeared to some unknown place during the period the white-robed woman was made stand still in the air.

“Misty Cloud-netted Sleeve…” The woman said with a cold smile. “So even someone from the Misty Peak was mobilized, huh… I see… Feng’er and Yu’er, follow me back to the sect.”

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