Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (LN) V2 Extra (part 2/2)

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Extra : I went to the festival  (2/2)

The following days after that, I spent my time completing guild requests, and preparing my clothing for the party. Before I knew it, the day of the festival finally arrived.

“It’s flamboyant.” [Youki]

When I strolled around Minerva by myself, I noticed that the surroundings looked different than usual.

“There’re a lot of people. There shouldn’t be any crimes… I mean, it should be safe, right?” [Youki]

Knights could be seen everywhere.
They had probably strengthened the patrol force today, due to the festival.

“There are several shops that have tightened the security in their own way, too.” [Youki]

A few adventures that seemed to be hired through the guild could be seen standing guard inside those shops.

“There are quite a number of visitors from other countries.” [Youki]

I had passed by peculiarly dressed people numerous times.

“Oniisan, oniisan.” [???]

“Hmm?” [Youki]

While I was observing the people and stalls around, someone called out to me.
Judging from his appearance, he should be one of the merchants from the stalls.

“Actually, there’s a bargain there. Come take a look.” [Merchant]

“I’m interested in unusual items.” [Youki]

Especially if they are items that would stimulate my chuuni’s heart.

“This way, please. The stall’s right there.” [Merchant]

It seemed to be a transportable type of stall using a rear car. (1)
It certainly did give one the feeling that he was selling unusual items.

“So, what do you recommend?” [Youki]

“Yes. Here they are.” [Merchant]

The item that the merchant took out was tea leaves.
Was this what the merchant considered interesting?

“Do I look like the kind of human who would drink tea?” [Youki]

‘You do drink tea, but you’re not really a human.’ It almost made me laugh when I retorted my own statement in my mind.

“No. Oniisan certainly doesn’t look like someone who usually drinks tea. Oniisan, you’re an adventurer, right?” [Merchant]

“Well, something like that.” [Youki]

Since I was dressed like one, it was blatantly obvious.

“These are from the purveyor who supplies tea leaves to Cecilia Aquarain, one of the members from the hero’s party.” [Merchant]

“Hah?!” [Youki]

What he said sounded suspicious to me.

“I certainly understand your doubts. But I was able to obtain the information through my network that these are the tea leaves that Cecilia-sama likes. Please give them a try. It’s different than the tea leaves from anywhere else.” [Merchant]

“…Hmm.” [Youki]

‘Did he prepare it in the rear car?’ I thought as he served me the tea. There shouldn’t be any poison inside, right?

“It’s fine. Here, look.” [Merchant]

The merchant took out a pot and cup from the rear car, poured the tea and drank it.

“I see. I’m sorry, but I’ll drink it from the pot, just in case.” [Youki]

“Oniisan, you’re being too wary.” [Merchant]

I poured the tea from the pot directly into my mouth.
The taste was indeed unusual.

“But this is different.” [Youki]

I could tell even though I wasn’t a tea connoisseur.
Cecilia never had this kind of tea before. Though, it seems that the taste of a tea depends on the skill of the person who brews it as well.

“Oniisan, hold on a second. Could you not find fault with me please?” [Merchant]

“No, it’s definitely not the same.” [Youki]

“Then do you even have proof that it’s different?” [Merchant]

The merchant’s attitude underwent a change. This might be a fraud.

“You don’t have proof that this is the same kind of tea that Cecilia’s drinking either.” [Youki]

“…That’s right. Sorry about that. Sales trust is important when we’re selling such things, so I don’t have the opportunity to sell anything to you this time.” [Merchant]

The merchant cleared everything up in a hurry, preparing to move to another location.

“Wait a minute. You’re changing location that soon?” [Youki]

“Yeah. I’ll have to constantly find a place where lots of people pass by. That’s why I made this into a rear car.” [Merchant]

This guy… He was trying to run away from me, wasn’t he?
However, since I didn’t have proof, I couldn’t detain him.
If I were to kick up a ruckus here, I would instantly draw the attention of the knights.

“This is not the tea leaves that Ojousama is using.” [???]



While I was having the conversation with the merchant, someone else interjected. When I turned around to see who interrupted, I noticed Sophia-san standing there. I didn’t know when she made her appearance.
The pot of tea that was supposed to be in the rear car had somehow made it into her hands, although I didn’t know how.

“I can tell by the smell even without drinking it. These tea leaves are from the northern side, right? They might be rare here, but since they’re popular in the northern side, they can be cheaply acquired there.” [Sophia]

“Sophia-san, that is amazing.” [Youki]

She could understand that much about that tea just by its smell?

“It’s easy to tell due to its unique fragrance. Ojousama’s tea leaves are supplied by a tea shop in the imperial capital. The owner is a trustworthy one, so there’s no way there’ll be any leakage of information.” [Sophia]

She asserted it, clearly.

“W-Who the heck are you? Why did you butt in all of a sudden? Please don’t interfere with someone’s business!” [Merchant]

“Apologies. That was rude of me. I’m Sophia. I’m currently serving Aquarain’s family as the head maid.” [Sophia]

She displayed a beautiful bow, as always.
The merchant’s face became pale.

“Damn it!” [Merchant]

“Ah, hold it!” [Youki]

Probably because the merchant realized that he was in an unfavourable situation, he ran away.
It was unforgivable that he had tried to make use of Cecilia’s name to swindle someone.

I was initially planning to chase after the merchant by activating 《Lightning Flash》, but after seeing that he was heading in the direction of the knights, I stopped.

“All right, all right. I’m stopping you here.” [Familiar-looking knight 1]

“Wha-! Goddamnit!” [Merchant]

“P-Please stop resisting!” [Familiar-looking knight 2]

Both knights, with whom I am well acquainted, restrained and incapacitated the merchant in a short time.

“Yo, thanks for your hard work.” [Youki]

“You’re acting quite high and mighty, ain’t ya? Well, whatever.” [Duke]

“Ah, g-g-good afternoon.” [Irene]

“Ah, Irene-san. Thanks for your hard work, too.” [Youki]

She got flustered as usual.

“Well, at any rate, you guys came at the right time.” [Youki]

“The maid-san over there alerted us.” [Duke]

“You serious?” [Youki]

Did Sophia-san notify them in advance?

“I will not forgive anyone who exploits Ojousama’s name before me.” [Sophia]

“O-Oh, she’s somehow cool, isn’t she?” [Duke]

“Y-Yes. Very much so. She’s somehow, cool.” [Irene]

I understood what Irene-san wanted to say, but she didn’t have to repeat the last part.

“By the way, Sophia-san. What about the mansion?” [Youki]

“Since today’s the long-awaited festival, I’ve assigned more servants to watch over the place. We’ll be working in shifts, so everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy the festival.” [Sophia]

“I see. Then, is it Sophia-san’s break time now?” [Youki]

“Yes… Well then, please excuse me.” [Sophia]

After giving me a beautiful bow, Sophia-san left.

“Eh? There’re not many stalls on that side, though. Isn’t she here to enjoy the festival?” [Duke]

“T-That’s true.” [Irene]

The two of them tilted their heads. Certainly, it might seem strange to them, but I knew the real reason.

“The guild’s on that side.” [Youki]

“Guild?… Don’t tell me, she’s going there for a guild mission?” [Duke]

“There’s no way that’s possible! Sophia-san’s husband’s working in the guild, so she must be going there to take a look.” [Youki]

Clayman was probably watching over the guild by himself.
Since it was noon at the moment, it was possible that she had bought something for him so they could have lunch together.

“So, the Head Maid-san is already married. W-Was her husband very proud to have married such a beautiful wife like her?” [Irene]

Her unexpected question amazed me.
As a girl, she might find this topic interesting, but there should be another way for her to ask something like this.

“Irene, don’t ask Head Maid-san and her husband such a question.” [Duke]

“W-Why is that?” [Irene]

“Just don’t ask it.” [Duke]

I guess Irene-san is not just someone who’s easily flustered. She’s dense as well. Duke must have a hard time, too.

“By the way, the answer to your question…” [Youki]

“You’re answering her?!” [Duke]

“I’m just kidding.” [Youki]

She should ask the person himself about such things. However, considering Clayman’s lackadaisical personality and Irene-san’s panicky behaviour, their conversation would just lead to a downward spiral.

“So, you were kidding. Then we’ll take this swindler back to the headquarter. Irene, I’ll leave this merchant to you.” [Duke]

“Eh? D-Duke-san?” [Irene]

“…I’ll be pulling this rear car. We have to seize these goods as evidence. Or, would you like to be the one to pull this?” [Duke]

“I-I’ll handle the merchec–.” [Irene]

“…You bit your tongue?” [Youki]

“Uuu…” [Irene]

“Alright, alright. Let’s go. See you then, Captain.” [Duke]

Irene-san, whose eyes were watery, hauled the swindler away, and Duke followed after her…. while pulling the rear car.

“I guess I’ll stroll around.” [Youki]
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The festival was held throughout the kingdom.
I had still not seen quite a number of the stalls that were set up by the merchants from other countries, and there might be interesting events going on, too.
While I was contemplating where to begin exploring the festival, I heard a loud voice.
Was he hosting an event or something?
I followed the sound of the voice to the source and found myself in the plaza.

“Come on, everyone. Let’s have fun together! I’m Kihiro, your host for today!” [Kihiro]

It seemed to be quite a high-spirited host.
Surrounding the host were cloth-covered objects which resembled boxes. Looking at them made me wonder what kind of event it could be.

I tried asking the uncle who was among the spectators.

“Umm, excuse me. Is this some kind of event?” [Youki]

“Nn? Ah, kid. Are you here because of the commotion? This is an art competition.” [Uncle]

“Competition?” [Youki]

“Ou. You had probably applied for the ‘Hero’s Party’ theme, right?” [Uncle]

“Ah, come to think of it…” [Youki]

I think I had seen a poster about it in the guild. The words, “Assemble, Star of the Next Generation!” and some information I couldn’t really comprehend were written on it. Judging from the art supplies shop owner’s reaction previously, he might have mistaken me for the participant of the contest.

“I think the result of the competition will be announced now.” [Uncle]

“Heh, is that so?” [Youki]

“I have heard that if the artist’s work is highly evaluated by the judges, he would receive words of gratitude directly from the hero’s party.” [Uncle]

“Seriously?” [Youki]

Cecilia had not mentioned anything about that, though.

“Well, it was just a rumour. Ah, they seem to be revealing it now.” [Uncle]

“So it was just a rumour.” [Youki]

I wondered where that rumour came from.
Well, since I didn’t have anything to do, this event would be perfect to help me kill some time.

At the signal of that high-spirited host, they removed the cloth, unveiling the “box” beneath. It surprised me, though, as what I had thought to be a box was unexpectedly a painting.

“Erm, the artist of this artwork is Mireta-san who works at the florist. It seems that she has painted the image of Hero-sama proudly departing from the capital.” [Kihiro]

“It doesn’t interest me.” [Youki]

It must be one of Yuuga’s fans anyways.

“Rather, since the theme’s the ‘Hero’s party’, will they be unveiling the artwork of each member one by one?” [Youki]

“Looks like it. I wonder how many applicants are there.” [Uncle]

“They must have been flooded with them.” [Youki]

“I know, right?” [Uncle]

The uncle and I then laughed. He was quite a friendly old man.

“Then, the next is the painting of Mikana-sama.” [Kihiro]

They removed the cloth and unveil the painting like before.

“The artist of this, is the second son of Listerfur family. It’s the artwork of Wynn Listerfur.” [Kihiro]

Judging from the name, he should be a member of the nobility. Looking at his painting, he probably wouldn’t have needed to bribe the judges to make it as the finalist.

“It seems that Wynn-sama was saved by Mikana-sama before, so he had re-captured the scene, at that time, into this painting. It’s hot, Mikana-sama!” [Kihiro]

It was a painting of Mikana, casting fire magic with the staff in her hand.
It really does seem to resemble Mikana.

“I love that painting! It really captures the look of Mikana-sama!” [Uncle]

“Ossan, you’re getting too excited.” [Youki]

Probably because of the host, the spectators were enlivened each time the painting was unveiled, causing the tension in the plaza to be increased.

“Alright. Everyone is getting excited, right? The next is Cecilia-sama’s painting!” [Kihiro]

“I’m very interested in that!” [Youki]

Who was the artist and what kind of painting was it?
The host started explaining after removing the cloth.

“The artist of this painting is Furoa-san, who works at the bar. He was raised in an orphanage, so it seems in painting this, he wanted to convey his gratitude to Cecilia-sama, who often helps out in that orphanage. Let’s give a round of applause to Furoa-san and Cecilia-sama!” [Kihiro]

*clap clap*

Swayed by the mood, the spectators broke into applause.
I, too, was caught up in the enthusiasm.

“Umm, the painting of Cecilia-sama playing with the children looks amazing. The painting almost glowed with her kindheartedness.” [Uncle]

“Yeah.” [Youki]

When Cecilia sees that heart-warming painting, she should not have any doubts about his appreciation of her.

“Alright, now that I’ve brought everyone’s heart together, I shall present you the last piece of work… one of Raven-sama!” [Kihiro]

He removed the cloth and revealed the painting.

“Hah?!” [Youki]

The painting that was unveiled was the one I did of Raven; The supreme ruler of the century’s end.

While I was still stupefied by the sudden turn of events, the host proceeded to introduce the work, without any concern.

“The artist of this painting is Youki, who belongs to the guild in Minerva. A little boy representative entrusted this painting, along with a comment from Youki to me. Oh?… It seems that he had come up with this painting after visualizing Raven-sama’s image. It’s extremely cool!” [Kihiro]

Oi, I don’t know anything about that comment.
Rather, a little boy representative? That’s right, Sheik was the one who handed me my art supplies that day…

“He’s the oneeeeeeeee?!!!” [Youki]

I did not check my sketchbook when I returned.
Is he an idiot?! Why did he submit my painting to the contest without letting me know?!

“Kid, what’s wrong? What caused this outburst?” [Uncle]

“Ah, sorry. It’s nothing.” [Youki]

I had worried the uncle.
I guess that’s a given, if someone suddenly starts yelling like that.

“We’re done with the unveiling of the paintings. I, Kihiro, am your host until the end. The finalists of this art competition will, at a later date, receive the comments from the respective members of the hero’s party that they drew. That’s great, isn’t it?” [Kihiro]

That’s not great at all! How could I let Raven see a painting that portrayed him in such a light!
After bidding farewell to the uncle, I left the square so I could escape.

“That’s definitely bad, isn’t it?” [Youki]

Based on what the host said, Raven would see that painting of mine as well. If that were to be the case, I had a feeling that Raven might really appear before me, like the image depicted in my painting.
Since Cecilia said she would be busy for a week, maybe I should disappear from Minerva for about 10 days, too.


The culprit, who had caused all this trouble, ran towards me at that moment.

“Sheik!!! Don’t submit someone’s painting to the contest without permission!!!” [Youki]

“Captain got angry~” [Sheik]

As I ran towards Sheik, he turned on his heel and began to flee from me instead.
Unforgivable. I will definitely catch you.
I gradually narrowed our distance, and when Sheik entered an alley, I went in after him.
However, as I turned the corner, I ended up face-to-face with the last person I wanted to see.

“Y-Yo, Raven.” [Youki]

“…Let’s go.” [Raven]

Raven began to drag me behind him.

Cecilia, I might not be able to attend the party tonight.
Will I get out of this alive? Will I see Cecilia again?

Raven brought me deeper into the alley.
It seemed to be an inconspicuous area with few passersby.

“…I went to the square.” [Raven]

That means you’ve seen the painting.
He had probably wanted me for something else. That was what I had fervently hoped for, but my last grain of hope was dashed.

“I-Is that so?” [Youki]

“…Is that, me?” [Raven]

There was a note attached, under the painting I did with the following words: ‘An Excellent Painting of Raven-sama.’
He must have doubted his own eyes when he saw that.

“W-Who knows.” [Youki]

“…The name of the artist written there is Youki.” [Raven]

“…” [Youki]

I was at a loss for words, not knowing what to do in a situation like this.
Duke, please help me.
I silently prayed for the capable former subordinate of mine to come to my rescue.
At that moment, as if my prayer was answered, someone entered the alley.
I looked at that person expectantly.


The one who approached us was indeed my former subordinate, but it wasn’t Duke.
Seeing that she was dressed in maid clothing with several bags in her hands, it was possible that she was having a break.
It seemed that she was thoroughly enjoying the festival by going on a shopping spree.

“O-Ou, Happiness. Are you enjoying the festival?” [Youki]

“…Not really.” [Happiness]

Liar. Look at how many bags you have in your hands.

“You’re alone?” [Youki]

“…Sheik.” [Happiness]

“Ah, are you in charge of looking after him?” [Youki]

It must be hard, looking after a boisterous child like him.

“… Something happened?” [Happiness]

How should I go about explaining this?
Raven had become silent the moment Happiness approached us earlier.

“Happiness, let’s go to the square.” [Youki]

“Oi!!” [Raven]

Raven raised his voice in a fluster.

“Happiness likes interesting things, right?” [Youki]

“…Why now?” [Happiness]

Why are you asking me that at a time like this, you mean? Alright, I’ve decided.

“Let’s go, Happiness.” [Youki]

“…Got it.” [Happiness]

“…W-Wait!” [Raven]

I ran off with Happiness, disregarding Raven.

Happiness dashed through the crowds easily despite that she was dressed in maid clothing. Raven, on the other hand, could not go after us at full speed as he didn’t want to draw too much attention to himself due to his suit of armour. Moreover, it seemed that he had purposely taken the routes with less people.

“Alright. We got to the square before Raven. Happiness, what do you think of that painting?” [Youki]

After reaching the square, I pointed at the picture of Raven.

“…Captain, drew that?” [Happiness]

“Yeah. I’m the one who drew that. I never have the intention to enter the competition, but Sheik submitted the painting without letting me know.” [Youki]

“…Not bad.” [Happiness]

“Isn’t it?” [Youki]

Happiness seemed to have given it a high evaluation. If that were the case, then there might be a way out of this.

“I caught up… am I too late?” [Raven]

Raven finally got here after quite some time, but he looked sad when he realized that he was too late. Seeing him in such a state, Happiness began tugging at his sheath, as one might tug at someone’s sleeve. She usually does that when she wants that person to explain something to her.

“…It is good.” [Happiness]

“Do you mean that painting? Do I look like that? From Happiness’s point of view?” [Raven]

“…I think, it looks cool, you know.” [Happiness]

*twang, swish, woosh* It was like I could hear the sound of an arrow being shot right through Raven’s heart.

Raven seemed stunned by Happiness’s words, as he stood there motionless. Happiness waved her hand in front of Raven’s face, checking if he was still present.

I left the two of them alone to try to enjoy the festival myself.
However, regardless of where I went, all the stall items began to look the same, and I lost interest quickly.
“I suppose this is how it is when one walks around the festival alone.” [Youki]

I always find it more enjoyable to walk around a festival in a group. Having no one else to browse the stalls with, try out new food together, and share thoughts with, was a little…

“Taking a slow stroll around has helped me kill some time, I guess.” [Youki]

I returned to the inn to change into the clothing that I bought in a hurry yesterday. I had purchased a clothing that resembled a purple suit, but I had no idea if it was the right kind of attire, so I wore a basic white shirt inside, just in case.

The merry-making at the festival was still going strong while I was on my way to the mansion. I supposed it wasn’t strange at all, since the citizens could freely make a racket, using the festival as a pretext.

Normally, wearing an outfit like this in public would make me feel awkward. However, I was so excited at the moment that I decided I didn’t care what others think of me. I reached the mansion without noticing any strange gazes on me.

“Youki-san, good evening.” [Cecilia]

“O-Ou. Good evening, Cecilia. Great job today.” [Youki]

When I arrived at the mansion, Cecilia was surprisingly there to welcome me.
She was clad in a white dress and adorned with the necklace that I gave her.
Looking at it made me feel happy since she had worn my gift to her.(2)
It matches her dress perfectly, too. Just this alone was well worth it. I was glad to have come to this party.

“Thank you very much. Then let’s go inside. Everything is prepared.” [Cecilia]

“Got it.” [Youki]

Cecilia then led me inside the mansion.
It seemed that I was the first to arrive as I didn’t see anyone else in the hall.

“They have just finished with the preparations, so all the servants went to change their clothes.” [Cecilia]

“Where is Celia-san?” [Youki]

“I think mother will be here soon since she has told me that she was done changing.” [Cecilia]

“I see.” [Youki]

Somehow, it made me feel awkward to be alone with her in such a huge hall. I wondered what to do at a time like this.

“Youki-san, can you dance?” [Cecilia]

“Eh? Me? Not at all.” [Youki]

It was unfortunate, but I did not possess such a skill.
I didn’t think I was capable of dancing at all.

“If you don’t mind, I can teach you. No one else is here yet.” [Cecilia]

“Yes, please!” [Youki]

I made a deep bow. We were both wearing the appropriate clothing and the ambience seemed right, too, so I seized the opportunity while I could.

As I took Cecilia’s dance lesson, I reminded myself to not to step on her foot. She pointed out in detail the posture that I should take, my line of sight, the placement of my hands, and the steps.

When I started showing improvement, the other guests entered the hall.

“Cecilia, it finally ended so I’m here!” [Yuuga]

“Sigh, I can finally relax. It was hard having to greet people here and there…” [Mikana]

Even though Mikana looked worn out, Yuuga seemed totally fine. Didn’t he go through the same thing as her?

Most importantly, I guessed these two people were the party guests, too.
Mikana was clad in a red dress that has quite a revealing chest area while Yuuga was wearing a blue-coloured suit. Judging from his attire, he must be quite accustomed to parties like this.

“Good evening. Great job today, Hero-sama, Mikana.” [Cecilia]

“Um… Eh, Youki-kun is here, too?” [Yuuga]

“Well, yeah.” [Youki]

“Can you dance well?” [Yuuga]

The question sounded like he was making fun of me at the same time.
Didn’t he know that I had been personally taught by Cecilia?
Couldn’t he tell after looking at the situation before his eyes?

“I will not step on someone’s foot.” [Youki]

“That is natural.” [Yuuga]

While I was exchanging retorts with him, someone tapped me on my shoulder.

“Ah. Raven, you’re here too?” [Youki]

Raven seemed accustomed to parties like this as well.
He wasn’t wearing his knight armour anymore, but a proper navy-blue suit.

“Isn’t it for relatives and close friends? All the members of the hero’s party are present now.” [Youki]

Would it be alright for me to be here?
I hoped someone else would come, quick.
As though my wish was fulfilled, the servants who had finished changing started entering the hall, one by one.
When Celia-san finally joined in as well, the party had already started.

I moved away from Cecilia temporarily and helped myself with the food and drinks.
I was slightly weary after the dance lesson, so I took a short break.

“The servants can dance as well…” [Youki]

“…Feeling incompetent?”

“Wah!? So it’s you, Happiness.” [Youki]

Didn’t I tell her not to approach me from behind without warning already?

Happiness was clad in a light blue dress while holding a plate in hand.
She was probably getting something to eat since it was a buffet party.

“I was given a short lesson a while ago… Care to dance with me?” [Youki]

“…You kid?” [Happiness]

“Don’t laugh through your nose! Then why don’t you go dance with someone! Like that knight-captain who looks pretty much available there.” [Youki]

There was only one person in this party who fits my description.

“…Un.” [Happiness]

Happiness headed towards Raven.
Escort her if you’re a man, Raven!

When I was dawdling around while keeping an eye on the two persons’ development, I stumbled across the one person I least expected.

“Ou. As I thought, you came.” [Clayman]

“Clayman, what about the guild?” [Youki]

“No, well. Since I was also watching over the guild by myself at night during the parade the last time, I was told to take it easy this time. So I left it to them.” [Clayman]

“Heh. So, Sophia-san brought you here?” [Youki]

“Yeah.” [Clayman]

He didn’t seem languid like usual.
Could it be that he was looking forward to the party? Or was there another reason?

“Then I’ll go dance with Sophia. I won’t be able to dance with her if not for an opportunity like this.” [Clayman]

“O-Ou. See ya.” [Youki]

Clayman headed in the direction of Sophia-san.
It was suspicious not seeing his usual listless manner.
Was it because he could dance with Sophia-san? Or was it so he would not be an embarrassment? In any case, it was definitely related to Sophia-san.

While I was wandering around, I heard a racket coming from Mikana and Yuuga.
I didn’t know what happened, but I wished they could keep their voices down.

“M-Mikana. When I went outside to the garden just now to enjoy the night breeze, I saw a girl. She was standing at the corner for a long time. But, when I asked her if there’s anything wrong, she got into a very bad mood. I wonder what happened.” [Yuuga]

“No idea. If it’s a girl, then it might be one of the servants. She is probably troubled by something, so she wants to be left alone.” [Mikana]

“I see. She is in bad mood because she is having some problems. I’ll go see if I can help her then.” [Yuuga]

“Yuuga… didn’t you hear what I said just now?” [Mikana]

I gulped down the drink in my hand, put the glass on the table. and went out to the garden.

“Tiel-chan, it’ll be suspicious if anyone comes, so please don’t move around by yourself.” [Youki]

“Isn’t it Youki-san? I was just releasing negative aura at the person who was disturbing my precious time alone with Guardian Deity-sama.” [Tiel]

I was at my wits end when I looked at Tiel-chan, who has nothing but Gai in her mind.

“Sorry, brat. I couldn’t do anything.” [Gai]

“Ah, it will be even more troublesome if Gai were to do so, so please don’t do anything.” [Youki]

I gave a warning to Gai, who was buried in soil.
Why was Gai here in the first place?
I started to remember the time when Tiel-chan came by the inn.
Since all the servants were allowed to participate in this party, she begged me to bring Gai to the mansion.
Gai and I had told her that it was impossible, but she refused to back down.
In the end, I had no choice but to give in to her. After I had brainstormed an amazing idea, I intruded upon the mansion and successfully sneaked Gai inside the garden… although it wasn’t really “intruding” since I had received Cecilia’s permission to do so.
Using my earth magic, I buried Gai in the garden from the neck down and moulded him into the shape of a curb.
The most exhilarating moment occurred after I had sneaked in during the middle of night. It was when I had made myself invisible as I dug a hole in the ground.

“Don’t do anything that stands out. Also, someone might come here later, so be careful.” [Youki]

“…I understand.” [Tiel]

“Um.” [Gai]

“Then, I’ll go back inside the mansion.” [Youki]

After parting from them, I pretended to go inside the mansion. I hid in a corner to observe them.

“Guardian Deity-sama, is it not cramped for you?” [Tiel]

“No, it’s fine.” [Gai]

“Really? I’m so sorry. You’re forced to accompany me because of my own selfishness.” [Tiel]

“D-Don’t mind it. I wanted to leave the room, too, occasionally.” [Gai]

“Is it true? Thank you very much. I’m really happy to be able to have lots of conversation with Guardian Deity-sama outside, too…” [Tiel]

“I-Is that so?” [Gai]

Listening to their exchange made me deeply regret eavesdropping them.
I went back to the hall for real while wishing in my mind that Gai would explode.

“Ah, Youki-san.”

I stumbled upon Cecilia on my way back.

“Did something happen?” [Youki]

“No, that’s not it. Can we talk a little bit?” [Cecilia]

“Sure. Rather, I would like it.” [Youki]

There was no way I would refuse Cecilia’s invitation.
After she led me to another place, I leaned my back against the wall.

“Come to think of it, how did it go with the modelling?” [Youki]

“It ended quickly without any trouble. I wonder if it’s the result of the practice.” [Cecilia]

She chuckled, probably because she had suddenly recalled the paintings I did.

“Sheik submitted the painting I did that day without my permission…” [Youki]

“When I went to the square, I was surprised to see the painting of Raven-san. It was the doings of Sheik-kun, wasn’t it?” [Cecilia]

Cecilia smiled wryly.
That picture of Raven had a strong impact, so she must be surprised to find it displayed in such a conspicuous place in the square.

“Seriously… Well, I’m glad the modelling for the painting ended smoothly. It must have been an amazing painting.” [Youki]

“True. I was startled when I saw the completed painting.” [Cecilia]

“I see.” [Youki]

She must have been more impressed by it compared to the one I did.
I knew I shouldn’t have felt that way, but it still made me feel disappointed.
Though, I supposed it was strange to compare myself with a professional.

“I like the one Youki-san did, too. I’ve kept it inside my room.” [Cecilia]

“Eh?” [Youki]

“Please wait a moment.” [Cecilia]

Cecilia trotted off somewhere.
I was supposed to have brought all the pictures in the sketchbook back with me, though.

“Captain, hey there.”

“So it’s Duke… your whole body’s in armour.” [Youki]

Duke was dressed like he usually does.
It might be unavoidable considering his circumstances, but he stuck out like a sore thumb.

‘Yeah. When I first came here, all of them screamed.” [Duke]

“Couldn’t you hide your neck portion with a necktie or something?” [Youki]

It wouldn’t look unnatural even if he were to wear a scarf, or bow tie in a party like this.

“Ah, I never thought of that. As expected of Captain. A master of disguise.” [Duke]

“That’s not a big deal. Did you come as Raven’s escort?” [Youki]

“Yup. Irene was dragged away, though…” [Duke]

I didn’t see Irene-san, who was usually seen tagging along with Duke.

“What’s happened?” [Youki]

“She came along with me in armour as well. Though when the servants saw her, they took her away.” [Duke]

“Ah, the ladies are probably…” [Youki]

I could just imagine the scene of Irene looking at Duke pleadingly while being taken away by the servants.
That was probable considering Irene-san’s personality.

“How about if you go change into something else, too?” [Youki]

“I’ll pass. I prefer to watch than to dance.” [Duke]

Duke replied as he pointed at somewhere. In the direction of where Duke pointed, I could see Raven and Happiness dancing there, rigidly. Happiness was supposed to be a beginner, so it would be bad if Raven did not escort her. He was probably feeling tense as well, considering his awkward movements.
Both of their faces were tinted red, giving them really innocent looks.

“Certainly it might be fun to watch that. It’s a heart-warming sight, too.” [Youki]

“Isn’t it?” [Duke]

While we were conversing among ourselves as we laughed, Irene-san, who had finished changing, ran towards us. It was probably because she wasn’t used to wearing a dress, seeing as she almost tripped several times as she ran over.

“Duke-san, I’m done changing, hiyaa–!?” [Irene]

“Alright, I got you.” [Duke]

“Duke, nice catch!” [Youki]

Duke managed to catch Irene-san who almost tripped over herself.
As expected of an expert in support.

“Then see ya, Captain. I’m going to help Irene practice until she can walk properly.” [Duke]

“Ou, I got it.” [Youki]

“I’m being treated like I’m a baby…” [Irene]

Duke held Irene-san’s hands so as to support her in case she fell, and left the place with her.
It would be scary, since Irene-san seemed to be a klutz.
I didn’t want to hear something like glasses breaking or anything, though, it should be alright seeing as Duke was with her.

“Youki-san, sorry to keep you waiting.” [Cecilia]

“Welcome back. Eh, that…” [Youki]

What Cecilia was holding with both her hands was the painting that I drew.

“Sheik-kun retrieved the paintings that were submitted to the contest.” [Cecilia]

“That guy, he submitted all my drawings to the contest?!” [Youki]

Even if he did it as a joke, he should’ve send in just one painting, not every single one of them.
There should have been a limit to his prank.
The culprit himself didn’t seem to feel that he had done anything wrong. At the moment, Celia-san was wiping his mouth with a handkerchief.

“May I keep this?” [Cecilia]

“Please feel free to. I’m glad you like it.” [Youki]

“Thank you very much.” [Cecilia]

Cecilia took the painting to a cabinet nearby and kept it inside carefully, as if she were handling a treasure.
Would it be fine to keep it in there? Wasn’t it in her room?
Well, I suppose she could retrieve it later.

“Erm, would you care to dance with me?” [Youki]

As a guy, I should be the one to initiate the first step.
It would be too late if Yuuga were to invite her before me.

“Certainly.” [Cecilia]

“Don’t step on the foot. Don’t step on the foot.” [Youki]

As I started dancing, I murmured those words under my breath, as if I were chanting a spell.

“Youki-san, please don’t mind the gazes of the surrounding people and let’s just enjoy this.” [Cecilia]

“I-I got it.” [Youki]

I was guided by Cecilia.
I supposed there was no need to get agitated since it was only a dance.
When I looked around, I noticed that the pair that was dancing most elegantly was Sophia-san and Clayman.
It was strange, but Clayman gave the impression of a stud at that moment.

“Cecilia looks calm, somehow.” [Youki]

“That’s because I was given dance lessons by Sophia-san. It was a strict guidance, you know?” [Cecilia]

I see. So it was due to Sophia-san’s lesson.

“It’s fun today.” [Youki]

“Yes, it is. I’ve been really busy, but it is a fulfilling and great day.” [Cecilia]

“I also, enjoyed it… I have forgotten to tell you this. Your dress… You look great in that dress.” [Youki]

I thought she looked good when I first got here, but couldn’t say it out loud then. It wasn’t something that I would usually say, and it was hard to say it in this moment too. My face was probably beet red.

“T-Thank you very much…” [Cecilia]

Cecilia seemed embarrassed as well.

I use the word ‘seemed’ because I wasn’t really sure, but the compliment was a success.

After that, Yuuga came to ask Cecilia to a dance, but his attempt failed miserably.
Even though Irene-san had almost tripped several times as expected due to her dress, Sophia-san and Duke managed to prevent a catastrophe from happening, so it was overall an enjoyable party.
It will just be a little troublesome to bring Gai back with me later, though.


-END of Volume 2-


(1) Rear car or ‘riyakā’ (リヤカー), is a ‘wasei-eigo’ that derived from the combination of two English words; ‘rear’ + ‘car’. It’s a cart with two wheels usually towed behind a bicycle.
(2) It’s the necklace that Youki gave Cecilia in Vol 2 Chapter 4, in case you can’t remember.

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