Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (LN) V2 Extra (part 1/2)

Translated by: Rinkage
Edited by: The Blacksmith
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Extra : I went to the festival  (1/2)

“Hah? Festival? Party?” [Youki]

I initially came to the guild to see if there were any requests I could accept, but I ended up receiving some unexpected information from Clayman. It seemed that there would be festival-like event organized for the hero’s party soon. Quite some time had passed since they defeated the Demon Lord, so there should have been enough parties and celebrations already.

So then, why were they organizing a festival now?

“Ou. I was told that some kind of big shots from another country will be visiting. After the Demon Lord was defeated, each country was preoccupied with their own celebrations and they also had to settle their own country affairs. So, now that everything has calmed down, don’t you think it is finally their opportunity to probe the secrets from respective countries?” [Clayman]

Although he said it in a listless manner, it wasn’t really off the mark.
In fact, I think what he said was spot-on.

“Hmm, will there be anything interesting?” [Youki]

“Beats me. I think there will be merchants coming to open stalls here…. which reminds me, there will be some kind of event where a famous so-and-so painter will be painting a picture of each of the hero’s party members.” [Clayman]

“Really?” [Youki]

Will he also paint a picture of Cecilia?
Since it would be painted by a famous painter, the picture would definitely capture the real beauty in Cecilia. It made me look forward to the festival.

“Well, if they’re going to throw a festival then they should throw a grand one. That means that there will be less people coming to the guild, so I’ll get to relax.” [Clayman]

“Will you not be taking the day off during the festival, Clayman?” [Youki]

The first time I met Clayman was during the parade.
If I remember correctly, all his co-workers took the day off, leaving him alone in the guild at that time.

“I’ll be the only one working in the guild this time as well. After all, there will be no one who would come for a guild request. So I’ll get to laze around.” [Clayman]

“Oioi. Don’t tell me that everyone else aside from you will be on vacation again?” [Youki]

“Ou. It seems that the rest of them want to see the hero. Of course, there are also people who are aiming for the other party members too… like that Aquarain young lady.” [Clayman]

“Wipe that smirk off your face!” [Youki]

Are you trying to pick a fight with me?
He was saying it like it was someone else’s problem.
It pissed me off. I wondered if there is a way for me to get even with him.

“I’m going to relay that statement from earlier to Sophia-san. Clayman was smirking when he told me that there will be a bunch of guys who will take advantage of the festival to get close to Cecilia.” [Youki]

“Oi, wait a minute. Don’t do that. Don’t you know what Sophia will do if she hears that?! Besides, you’ve distorted what I’ve said! I didn’t put it that way.” [Clayman]

“That’s all. I’ve got valuable information, too. I’ll not take up any request today. Later, Clayman.” [Youki]

I stood up from my seat and left after bidding farewell to Clayman.
I wasn’t sure if Clayman was going to protest about it, but rest assured.
Even though Cecilia might attract the vulgar gazes of many men, I wouldn’t be stupid enough to tell Sophia-san that just to spite Clayman.

“Even so, a picture, is it… It’s cool. I’m envious.” [Youki]

Only someone who had made remarkable accomplishment would have their picture painted by a famous painter.
Someone like Cecilia Aquarain, one of the party members who had defeated the Demon Lord would have their legend handed down from generation to generation.

“Alright. This is something to be celebrated!” [Youki]

I’d like to hear about the festival, too.
I immediately contacted Cecilia and made an appointment to meet her at a later date.
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On the promised day, I arrived at the mansion with a gift in hand.

“I heard that there’ll be a famous painter who’ll be painting your picture during the festival. That’s so cool. Ah, here’s a gift.” [Youki]

“No, it’s not really that big deal… Oh, thank you.” [Cecilia]

I handed Cecilia the bag of pastries and took a seat on the chair. Cecilia then prepared the tea for two people and readied the pastries for a quick tea time.

“It tastes good as usual.” [Youki]

“Fufufu, thank you very much.” [Cecilia]

I looked at Cecilia as she drank her tea elegantly. It was certainly a picturesque sight worthy of being made into a painting.

“…Is there something wrong?” [Cecilia]

She raised the question, probably because I was just staring at her without touching my tea. I would normally go into raptures over the snacks as I heartily tucked into the pastries and guzzled down the tea.

“No, I was thinking about how you look like a painting.” [Youki]

“Wha-!? Come on, please stop that…” [Cecilia]

Why did her face suddenly turn red? Was it something I said?

“Did I say something wrong?” [Youki]

“No, please don’t worry about it. However, it’s just as Youki-san said. We’ll have our portraits painted in the incoming festival. I’m actually nervous about it.” [Cecilia]

“Nervous?” [Youki]

“Yes. It’s my first time having my portrait painted.” [Cecilia]

“It’s surprising. My impression is that it is a common occurrence for nobles to have their portraits painted.” [Youki]

“I didn’t have an opportunity to have mine painted and I didn’t think of having one done either.” [Cecilia]

It was such a waste considering that fact that she’s so cute.
However, since this would be a picture left to posterity, it wouldn’t do for her to remain nervous. I’d rather have a picture of Cecilia looking relaxed and natural instead of all tensed up.

“Cecilia, let’s have a special training.” [Youki]

“Eh? Training?” [Cecilia]

“Yep. Let’s have a special model training so you’ll not get nervous during the real thing.” [Youki]

I dashed out of the mansion at once to buy the art supplies.

When I was done with my purchase, the store owner said, “You do your best, too.”
I wasn’t sure what he meant, but since I didn’t have the time to be bothered about it, I just left the store after telling him, “It’ll be alright. I think I can do it.”
Read the chapters at rinkagetranslation.com. The chapters for this series will NOT be posted anywhere else other than on that site itself. If you are reading this from somewhere else then this is chapter has been stolen.
“I’m back.” [Youki]

“You’re fast… That dynamism of yours always amazes me.” [Cecilia]

I believe in striking while the iron is hot. It wouldn’t do for me to be wishy-washy.
Even though it was a cool line, I couldn’t say it out loud in the current situation. It was likely that she would only smile bitterly upon hearing it.

“I bought these sheets thingy so I wouldn’t dirty the room.” [Youki]

“Okaa-sama told us to do it in the garden when I consulted her about it.” [Cecilia]

“Is that so? Yeah, I guess that’s true.” [Youki]

If, by chance, I were to make a mess of the room, I would only end up troubling Sophia-san.

“Shall we move to the garden?” [Cecilia]

“Yes.” [Youki]

We brought the newly purchased art supplies, along with the cups and the basket of pastries, to the garden. It was fortunate that the weather was fine, making it an ideal day for painting.

“All right. Shall we start then?” [Youki]

“What should I do?” [Cecilia]

“Let’s see. Can you take a seat? It will be tiring for you to stand.” [Youki]

The thought of making Cecilia stand the entire time as she modelled for me frightened me as I wouldn’t know what Sophia-san would do to me if she were to find out. Well, I had no intention of making her stand from the start, though.

“I understand.” [Cecilia]

“Of course, I won’t tell you not to move. You can just relax and move about if you want to.” [Youki]

“…Will you be able to paint then?” [Cecilia]

Cecilia looked at me anxiously. It will be alright. Nothing is impossible for me.
I gazed at her seriously and ran my brush over the sketchbook. Even though I had told her that it would be alright for her to move about freely, she remained still, possibly out of consideration for me.

Although it was supposed to be only a model practice for Cecilia, I ended up becoming serious.

“I will definitely produce a magnificent artwork.” [Youki]

“I’m looking forward to it, Youki-san.” [Cecilia]

When I first started painting, I thought that I would be able to pull it off for sure, but I had forgotten something important. There was a problem with my artistic sense.

After taking some time to finish my painting, I stared at my sketchbook. I thought it looked good. At least, that was what I felt, but something seemed different.

“Is this supposed to be Cecilia?” That was the feeling one would get at first glance.

“Have you finished the painting?” [Cecilia]

Cecilia stood up from the chair and walked over to me.
When she looked at the picture on the sketchbook, she fell silent.
The deafening silence was torturous, so I wished she would stop that.

“Your reaction’s the same as Gai’s, that one time.” [Youki]

“U-Um… sorry.” [Cecilia]

The girl I like was being considerate of me, even though it was supposed to be a training session for her to ease her tension.

How did this awkward atmosphere come about?

“It’s not something that you need to apologize for, Cecilia. It’s just that I don’t have any artistic sense.” [Youki]

“That’s not it. Youki-san is just… unique.” [Cecilia]

“Guh-!?” [Youki]

I was stabbed by her words this time, causing me to choke and cough reflexively.

“Ugh, this is not the end. I will not let it end just like this.” [Youki]

I would not let it end just like that after showing Cecilia such a pathetic side. My chuuni switch was flipped.

“Ah, I have a feeling that Youki-san can’t be stopped anymore…” [Cecilia]

“Rest assured, Cecilia. I will not give up.” [Youki]

“What are you not giving up on? You’ve deviated from your main purpose already.” [Cecilia]

Despite looking seemingly weary, she still went along with me, so I had to show her a fitting result. I turned to a new page in the sketchbook and took up the brush.

“Visualization. I have to visualize it.” [Youki]

I tried recalling the moment when I had successfully moulded Gai using my earth magic. At that time, I had done it without taking much time and my mind had been free of obstructions.
Even so, I still needed a certain concept in mind before I start drawing Cecilia.
Since I failed in achieving realism, I went for the super-deformed (chibi) style.

I ran my brush over the sketchbook while still on my chuuni mode.
Cecilia, on the other hand, returned to her seat and watched over me until I completed my painting.
The time taken to finish this painting was half of last time.
What was drawn in my sketchbook was Cecilia in a cute chibi form.

“All right!” [Youki]

I cried out in satisfaction.
This level of work should be worthy of presentation to Cecilia.

“Did it come out well?” [Cecilia]

Was it because I was too engrossed in it? Or could it be that I was feeling too excited?
I didn’t realize that Cecilia had approached me.
She peeked at the sketchbook from behind me. I almost cried out in surprise, but no voice came out. My heart started racing at her close proximity.

“That’s me?! That’s such a cute drawing. I like it.” [Cecilia]

I was happy that she liked it, but I wished she would move back a little. (ED: Why do you want her to move away?!?!?)
The pleasant smell of her body caused my heart rate to accelerate to dangerous levels at that moment.

“T-Thank you…” [Youki]

I squeezed out my words of gratitude. My chuuni mode was completely switched off.
While I was desperately calming my heart, Cecilia moved away from me, leaving me slightly relieved, yet disappointed at the same time.
However, my heart throbbed with excitement once again when I recalled Cecilia’s happy smile.
…More. I would like to make her even happier.

“Alright. Let’s come up with the visuals for all the hero’s party members.” [Youki]

“Eh, you mean Hero-sama, Mikana and Raven-san?” [Cecilia]

“Yeah. I think I’ll try challenging myself and draw the others too.” [Youki]

I looked at the sketchbook with the brush in hand. The important thing was visualization.
First of all would be Yuuga, but seeing that it was that fellow, there was no need to spend so much time on the visualization of his image. After deciding on the theme, I finished his picture in a short time.

“Youki-san, who are the girls around Hero-sama?” [Cecilia]

“They’re just unimportant minor characters that I had drawn.” [Youki]

I came up with the drawing by visualizing Yuuga with a harem of girls. In other words, the theme for this was a harem.

“Then why is Hero-sama, the main character of this picture, so small?” [Cecilia]

“He’s in the center, so isn’t it fine?” [Youki]

Being in the center of the drawing would make him appear like the leader.

“The size of the girls around him is larger… but, it does give one the feeling that the main focus of this picture is Hero-sama.” [Cecilia]

“It does, doesn’t it?” [Youki]

It was something that I had simply drawn… no, it was an important piece of art that I had drawn with my skill. However, the one that stood out the most here was still Yuuga, regardless of how small the visual of him was.

“His presence is still overwhelming even though his size is small. As expected of a hero.” [Youki]

“I think the final impact of a drawing depends on Youki-san, though.” [Cecilia]

“That’s true.” I thought and laughed upon hearing Cecilia’s response.

I took a short break since I was tired of drawing.

“We’re supposed to be having a practice session, but I ended up getting sidetracked.” [Youki]

“I was able to experience how it feels, so it’s fine. Besides, it’s not good to get too used to it, too.” [Cecilia]

“You mean, it’s important to feel somewhat anxious about it?” [Youki]

We chatted while we partook of the pastries. In the first place, I was just fooling around, so it was natural that she wouldn’t feel nervous about it.

“Well, I’d like you to remember my painting during the real thing then. I think you’d feel more relaxed if you do.” [Youki]

“It’ll be fine if that’s all it does, but…” [Cecilia]

She cupped her hand over her mouth and averted her eyes from me.

“Aaah! You’re trying to say that it’d make you laugh instead?!” [Youki]

“…Sorry.” [Cecilia]

I wished she hadn’t given me such an apologetic look. I was pretty sure that people who received such mindful treatment didn’t usually go on to be more than just friends.

“No, no, no, no!” [Youki]

Would I lose in the end? That realization suddenly hit me like a stream of cold water. It wasn’t really about winning or losing, but I didn’t want to be just ‘an interesting guy’ to her. I should possess a certain other charm that could attract her!

“Is there something wrong?” [Cecilia]

“It’s nothing. Alright, break’s over. Let’s move on to the next person.” [Youki]

I picked up a pen and looked at the sketchbook.
I decided to draw Mikana next, so I started visualizing her image.
In short, she’s a tsundere who ended up liking a no-good asshole, I guess.
I had an image of her firing flashy looking magic, but I chose to take a different approach.
Cecilia seemed to be anticipating it as well, so I should try my best… no, I should go all out on this.
I wound up taking a longer time with it compared to the one I did of Yuuga earlier.

“How’s this?!” [Youki]

I turned the sketchbook around and dramatically displayed it to Cecilia, as though I were saying, “Ta-da!”

“That’s Mikana, right? She looks different in this drawing.” [Cecilia]

“Right? Right? I knew Cecilia would understand it.” [Youki]

The outlines of the sketch were thin, giving Mikana a fragile appearance. The drawing made her resemble a ‘literary girl’ from somewhere. The impression was similar to Tiel-chan when she was not around Gai.

“It might be rude to Mikana if you were to put it that way, though.” [Cecilia]

“Well, it’s just a picture, and I hadn’t said anything bad about her.” [Youki]

I was just portraying her image in a different way.
If I were to depict the usual Mikana, I would end up recalling the image of Tiel-chan when she was around Gai.

“I wonder what Hero-sama would say if he saw this…” [Cecilia]

“He might say, ‘Wow,’ followed by comments that are blunt and insensitive.” [Youki]

He’d probably say something about how the image resembled Mikana, yet it didn’t seem like Mikana.
I don’t think Yuuga is capable of softening his words.

“In the first place, they won’t have the chance to see this, so it should be fine.” [Youki]

“That’s true.” [Cecilia]

I turned to a new page in the sketchbook. The last one would be Raven.
I should change the style a bit, just like Mikana’s.

“The last one is Raven-san, isn’t it? Since he’s the captain of the knights, will you be drawing a picture of him with that kind of aura?” [Cecilia]

Cecilia came up with an opinion, probably because she was interested in my drawing.
Seeing that it was a great request, I decided to go for it.

“Alright. I’ve decided.” [Youki]

I freed my mind of all obstructive thoughts and instead focused on the theme of the drawing. I started my art.
In the end, I completed the painting, spending the most time on it out of all the ones I had done today.

“I’m, finally done…” [Youki]

I leaned back in my chair with exhaustion.

“Ah, you’ve finished it?” [Cecilia]

Cecilia closed the book she was reading.
Since I had told her that it would take some time, she had brought a few books from her room to read.

“It might be my top favourite one today. Mwahaha.” [Youki]

The chibi Cecilia was awesome, but this picture of Raven was ‘amazing’, too.
I could hardly keep myself from laughing, even though I was the one who had made the drawing, and should not have been amused or surprised. I clasped my left hand over my mouth as I handed the sketchbook to her.

“Eh?!” [Cecilia]

Cecilia looked at it with her eyes wide opened.
It seemed as if she was surprised by it instead.

“You can feel the aura coming from him, right?” [Youki]

“This is a different aura than the one I was thinking of…” [Cecilia]

The ‘aura’ Cecilia had in mind was probably something like the manner of a captain. However, the Raven I drew was out of her expectation.

It was a picture of Raven drawing his sword out while in his armour.
With his back to us, he turned his face to glance over his shoulder. Anger of sorrow mingled in his expression.
Dark clusters of thunderclouds dominated the sky above and his lone figure stood on the cracked earth. This image reminded me of a certain supreme ruler of the century’s end.(1)

“Don’t you think it’s extremely cool?” [Youki]

“I don’t think this one looks like Raven-san.” [Cecilia]

“It can’t be?!” [Youki]

As I thought, I shouldn’t have taken so much time on this. Nonetheless, it was something that I had come up with while I was on high spirits, so I wondered what was wrong with it.

“…I guess it is acceptable, if one were to see him as a warrior who had defeated the Demon Lord, here.” [Cecilia]

“Alright, then it’s good.” [Youki]

Since Cecilia said it was acceptable, it should be fine.

“Ojou-sama, it’s time for dinner.” [Sophia]

“Ah, I’m sorry to have troubled you to do this Sophia-san. I’m coming now.” [Cecilia]

“Eh! It’s that late already?!” [Youki]

The sky had turned crimson even though it was still blue a while ago. I might have not realized it if Sophia-san had not approached us to inform Cecilia.

“Could it be that you didn’t realize it?” [Cecilia]

“It’s scary when one loses themselves in something. Sorry.” [Youki]

I cleaned everything up in a hurry. I supposed it was impolite of me to have stayed at someone’s place until dinner time.

“Would you like to join us for dinner?” [Cecilia]

“Eh, really?! Is it alright?” [Youki]

“Yes. Sophia-san, it’s fine, isn’t it?” [Cecilia]

“…Yes. I will prepare it at once.” [Sophia]

After saying so, Sophia-san disappeared into the mansion. She could prepare another person’s share that easily?

“Then let us go, too.” [Cecilia]

“Eh, Sophia-san just went back inside the mansion, though.” [Youki]

“It’ll be fine. If we don’t hurry, the dishes will get cold. Besides, since Sophia-san had gone through the trouble to come inform us, it would be rude to make her wait any longer.” [Cecilia]

“Ah, okay. I got it. The art supplies…” [Youki]

“It’ll be fine if you leave them here. Let’s go.” [Cecilia]

Cecilia reached for my hand and pulled me inside the mansion.
I had not expected to be able to have dinner with her at her house. Not only could I have delicious food, I could eat them with Cecilia, too… it was a heaven.
Actually, the place where I would have dinner at that moment would be a heaven.
If you are reading this on any other place than rinkagetranslation.com, this chapter has been stolen and is neither the most recent or complete chapter.
Thus, the three of us, Celia-san, Cecilia, and I, had dinner together. It made me nervous to eat while being watched by the servants, but thanks to Celia-san’s teasing, my tension was eased, though I still felt bewildered. Upon noticing that I wasn’t anxious anymore, she then targeted Cecilia. The sight of Cecilia looking embarrassed as she was being teased by Celia-san was truly a feast for the eyes.

“Let’s eat~” [Sheik]

“You’re happy-go-lucky as usual.” [Youki]

While the three of us were in the middle of our meal, Sheik finally came in. It rendered me speechless though, when I saw Sheik eating in a marvelously well-mannered manner.

“Sheik-kun has been given a proper dining etiquette lesson before. I was actually surprised that he was able to remember it.” [Celia]

I had not expected Celia-san to be giving Sheik a lesson on table manners.
I wondered if he had said something like “I don’t wanna!” or “I’m tired!”. As his former captain, I was concerned about it.

“By the way, Cecilia. Will you be busy during the festival?” [Youki]

“Yes. I’ll have to greet the delegates from different countries. Then I was thinking of dropping by the nursing home, temple and orphanage, too.” [Cecilia]

“T-That must be tough…” [Youki]

I wished to be able to enjoy the festival with her, but that didn’t appear to be possible.
Well, it couldn’t be helped since the leading characters of the festival were of the hero’s party. It seemed that there would be a lot of events, too.
Better yet, they should just leave everything to Yuuga.

“True. It is likely that I’ll be busy for about a week from that day forward.” [Cecilia]

“That must be really tough…” [Youki]

Should I bring some kind of refreshments to her?

“Does Youki-kun have any plans on the festival night?” [Celia]

“No plans on the festival night.” [Youki]

It was because I had no plans that I tried to invite Cecilia out.
I would probably look for Clayman, who would be working alone in the guild that day.

“Actually, I thought of hosting a little party in the mansion.” [Celia]

“Party?” [Youki]

“Yes. Although, it will be just a small scale one for family and friends. Why don’t you join us?” [Celia]

“Will that be alright?” [Youki]

I had a feeling that I would feel out of place going to a high-end party held by nobility. I didn’t have any suitable clothes that I could wear either.

“It’s only among family and friends, so it’s fine. The servants from the mansion will also be joining us, too.” [Celia]

I glanced around. With exception of Sophia-san, I noticed that all the servants appeared unsettled, so I guessed not all of them would be joining us.
No, I didn’t hear that from Celia-san herself. It was just how it looked like.

“Okaa-sama. It was my first time hearing that, though.” [Cecilia]

“Is that so?” [Celia]

Celia-san seemed to be feigning ignorance, but I could tell from her eyes that she was serious. This person was seriously planning to throw a party.

“Madame, everyone is feeling unsettled now. Please tread lightly with your humour, for our sakes…” [Sophia]

“Ara, but I was serious about it…” [Celia]

“I understand. I will assemble the maids later for the planning of the party.” [Sophia]

“Please do.” [Celia]

“You just decided that there and then, didn’t you?” [Youki]

At this point, no one could stop her anymore.
The servants’ expression had reverted to normal. They were already in ‘working mode’. It amazed me that they could switch back that fast. Were they used to this already?

“Youki-san, will you be attending the party?” [Cecilia]

“Ah, yeah. I will.” [Youki]

“Then we will await your arrival on that day.” [Cecilia]

Even Cecilia and I seemed to have adapted to the situation quickly.
I would really end troubling them if I were to remain here any longer, so I decided to return to the inn after finishing my meal.

“Thank you very much for the splendid meal.” [Youki]

When I lowered my head at the servants, they were all startled.
Was it because they were all under Sophia-san’s direct tutelage? That might be the reason why they were unanimous in their expressions.

“Captain~ You forgot something~” [Sheik]

“Ah, sorry for the trouble.” [Youki]

I had forgotten about the art supplies I had left in the garden.
He didn’t have to go through the trouble of bringing them to me.

“Good boy. Onii-san will give you some pocket money.” [Youki]

“Youki-san, the way you say it sounds dodgy.” [Cecilia]

I gave Sheik some money so he could use it during the festival, enough for him to buy about 20 kushiyaki.

“Wai~ Captain, thank you~” [Sheik]

Sheik clutched the money in his hand and disappeared into the mansion.

“Well then, Youki-san, let’s meet on the festival night.” [Cecilia]

“Ah, okay. Well, see you then.” [Youki]

I bade Cecilia farewell and went back to the inn.


(1) I’m not sure if the author is talking about Roah from the ‘Fist of the North Star’ so I didn’t cap the name. I haven’t watched that anime before. The author uses 世紀末覇者 here.

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