Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (LN) V1 Extra (part 1/2)

❊This is a bonus story only from the Light Novel. It’s also the last chapter of Volume 1❊

Translator: Rinkage
Editors: tjelliott & The Blacksmith
Special thanks to: Solistia for contributing the Light Novel

Extra: I went to the sea (part 1/2)

“Seriously!? So you managed to take a day off?” [Youki]

“Yes. I have been working hard recently…… Also, Okaa-sama seemed to have pulled some strings behind to make it possible.” [Cecilia]

“Alright–!!!” [Youki]

I made a guts pose as my cries of delight echoed through Cecilia’s room.

What kind of situation is this? It was decided that we would be taking a trip to the sea for 5 days and 4 nights! Of course, the purpose of the trip wasn’t for fun but for a guild request.
I originally received the invitation from Raven but, after much persuasion, along with a mixture of an unreasonable demand, I finally received to permission to bring Cecilia along. Since the outing to the sea would take 5 days and 4 nights, I wasn’t sure if Cecilia was able to fit the trip into her schedule. Nevertheless, it seemed that she was able to make it somehow in the end.
Considering that we need to stay over for several nights, it is quite a troublesome request.
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In order to relay this news immediately, I made my way immediately to the knight’s headquarter where Raven was, skipping along the way.

“Raven, hear this. It’s about the request but, Cecilia will able to participate as well! She could arrange for the preparation of the carriage too.” [Youki]

“Eh? Cecilia!?”

“….Ge-!” [Youki]

Shit. As I was over the moon, I ended up committing a blunder by entering the room without first knocking and stating my business.
Even though it was supposed to be Raven’s workplace, Raven was not the only one inside. Yuuga was present there too for some reason.

“What do you mean by that? Cecilia would be participating too!? Are you all planning to go somewhere?” [Yuuga]

“No, well……” [Youki]

I turned my gaze to Raven, silently pleading with him for help. However, all he did was just shake his head, as though telling me indirectly that I should just give up on it. Certainly this was due to my own mistake but, I shouldn’t give up that easily.

“You did say that the carriage will be arranged too, didn’t you? So you guys are going somewhere, right!?” [Yuuga]

Yuuga kept pressing on without hesitation. He was being quite noisy there. Nevertheless, if I were to back down right now this guy will definitely come along with us. If that’s the case, then my plan to have fun once the request is over will be ruined.

Request….that’s right! Request!

“I-I’m sorry but, we’ll be going to the sea for a request. We’re not really going there to have fun or…..” [Youki]

“You’re even going to the sea!?” [Yuuga]

Yuuga’s eyes sparkled. Shit, I have blurted out something unnecessary.

“I mean, we are going to the sea but we’re not going there to have fun….” [Youki]

“Sea….sea is it. Alright, if Cecilia is going then I’ll go too! I’ll adjust my schedule immediately.” [Yuuga]

“Aa, wa-wait, wait……!” [Youki]

Yuuga dashed out of the room before I could even do anything. The only ones remaining in the room were, me, whose hand was still outstretched to door and, Raven who was heaving a small sigh.

“……Once Yuuga goes into that state, no one can stop him anymore.” [Raven]

“It’s a lie, isn’t it–!??” [Youki]

“…..It’s your fault for blurting out something important as soon as you came in.” [Raven]

Raven tapped my shoulder, telling me to give up. I wonder where my sense of euphoria earlier has disappeared to. I am currently overwhelmed with only sense of regret and despair.

“Damn. Even though it was a long awaited trip to the sea.” [Youki]

“……Youki, have you forgotten about the contents of the request? You might be able to complete it faster if Yuuga is around. If that happens then Youki will have much longer time to enjoy by the sea.” [Raven]

“The moment that guy comes into the picture, it’s already over!” [Youki]

Yuuga also likes Cecilia. If he ever notices me and Cecilia alone, he will definitely come in between us.

“…….When that happens, I will try my best to assist you.” [Raven]

“Really? As expected of Raven!” [Youki]

“…….If I don’t have anything else to do once the request is over, that is. I’ll keep Yuuga occupied.” [Raven]

He began taking out pen and papers from the desk as preparation. It would be troublesome to entertain Yuuga even through writing. Despite that, he was still doing all these. However, I will not give up on the chance to have fun with Cecilia by the sea as well. I should just accept Raven’s kindness obediently here.

“I’m sorry. I’ll be counting on you then.” [Youki]

“…..Leave it to me.” [Raven]

Thus, thanks to the help of a trustworthy friend, I now have a plan to stop Yuuga. However, this was just the beginning of my trouble with Yuuga’s participation.
*******If you are reading this on a place other than rinkagetranslation.com, this chapter has been stolen and is neither the most recent or complete chapter.*******
“Hah?” [Youki]

It was the day after I had spoken to Raven. I was invited out by my three former subordinates for a meal together.

“That’s what I said. We will be coming along with Captain. You’ll be going to the sea, am I right?” [Duke]

“…..First.” [Happiness]

“I’m looking forward to it now~” [Sheik]

What they had wanted to say kept me wondering but, I have never expected them to come up with that declaration. Not only Yuuga yesterday but, them too? What on earth is happening?

“Or rather, from whom did you hear that from? The news about me going to the sea, that is.” [Youki]

“Raven was being unusually restless so I interrogated him.” [Duke]

“Raven…….” [Youki]

Why did you have to disclose it to this troublesome fully armoured guy? Haven’t you already witnessed the outcome after I blabbed it out by accident yesterday?

“Of course he tried evading the question at first. So I had to use my trump card.” [Duke]

“Trump card?” [Youki]

Duke shifted his gaze to Happiness. Although, the person herself seemed clueless about what’s happening.

“Could it be that….” [Youki]

“Fufufu…..well that’s how it is.” [Duke]

“RAVEN!!” [Youki]

I faced the sky and shouted the name of the friend who had fallen into the honey trap out loud.

“…..What?” [Happiness]

Happiness tilted her head in wonder, not knowing what was going on. She might have done what Duke had told her to do without understanding anything herself.

“Captain, you should share the fun around. Aren’t we good friends?” [Duke]

“….Un.” [Happiness]

“I want to have fun too~” [Sheik]

“Ugu…..” [Youki]

I was being backed into a corner by the three of them more and more. It was already beyond my control the moment those three joined forces. At this rate, it would be pointless to even go on.

“Captain.” [Duke]

“…..Captain.” [Happiness]

“Captain~” [Sheik]

“Ahh, I got it. If you want to come along then just do as you like!” [Youki]

I was the one who was defeated in the end. It was already decided that the three of them will be participating as well.

“We did it~” [Sheik]

Sheik started bouncing around in high spirits, probably because he was allowed to take part in it. I hope he hasn’t misunderstood that the main purpose of the trip. We are not going there for leisure.

“Oi, let me just inform you guys beforehand that we’re not going there to have fun. It’s for a request….” [Youki]

“Let’s prepare immediately. Let’s go, Happiness, Sheik.” [Duke]

“…..Of course.” [Happiness]

“….Yay.” [Sheik]

The three of them ran off before I could finish with what I was saying. You guys are deserting me after calling me out?

“We have yet to discuss about the request though. Well, Duke should be able to grasp the situation. Probably.” [Youki]

He did say that he interrogated Raven so he must have been informed of the contents of the request too.

“Well, the three of them hardly had any opportunity to leave the demon’s castle because of me. I guess it couldn’t be helped that this had put them all in a vacation mood.” [Youki]

Considering the contents of the request, the more people participating, the faster it would be accomplished. As long as I do something about Yuuga somehow, I would be able to have a date with Cecilia by the sea after that. I was thinking of such things optimistically.
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Several days later, in order to explain the reason why the number of participants have increased due to Raven, I went to the Aquarains’ residence.

“Umm, should I explain it honestly? No, if I were to think about it, Happiness should have told Cecilia by now. So there is no need for me to ponder about it so seriously.” [Youki]

I muttered to myself as I walked along the corridor. Upon reaching Cecilia’s room, I heard voices coming from inside. It seemed that someone else is here. Just as I was thinking of so, the door flew open and the witch, Mikana dashed out of the room.

“A-Anyway, I-I’ll be going too. Got it, Cleric!?” [Mikana]

Mikana ran off without even taking notice of my presence. What she said before she left made me really curious……..
As soon as I entered the half-open door, I found Cecilia with a worn out face standing there.

“I’m sorry for bothering you but……the one who just dashed out of the room was…” [Youki]

“……It was Mikana-san. She seemed to have sense something from Hero-sama who was preparing for the trip.” [Cecilia]

“Her intuition as his childhood friend can be scary.” [Youki]

Could it possibly be the power of her love? One should not make light of the power of a woman in love.

“No, it seemed that she happened upon Hero-sama when he was in the middle of choosing a swimwear. And, when Mikana-san suddenly paid a visit, I was also in the midst of packing……” [Cecilia]

“So when she noticed swimsuit among the clothes in Cecilia’s luggage, she became suspicious…..?” [Youki]

“….Yes. After that, it ended up becoming a situation whereby nothing can be concealed anymore.” [Cecilia]

Cecilia lowered her head apologetically. There was no need for her to apologize though. I was the one who responsible in the matter with regard to Yuuga in the first place. Anyway, I should first ask her to raise her head so I could relay the things about Duke and the rest to her.

“…..I see. So Duke-san and the rest too.” [Cecilia]

“The number of participants have increased more than the initial plan but……well, we might be able to complete our request sooner than expected too….” [Youki]

“I don’t mind it but, do the rest of the people know about the request?” [Cecilia]

“…….Duke and the rest should know about it.” [Youki]

“Then I shall confirm it with Hero-sama.” [Cecilia]

“I understand. I’ll leave it to you.” [Youki]

I was treated to tea after that, and we had a light, pleasant conversation before I returned to the inn.
*******If you are reading this on a place other than rinkagetranslation.com, this chapter has been stolen and is neither the most recent or complete chapter.*******
Seeing that I am almost done with my packing, I reported to Tiel-chan so she could come over. This is so Gai would not feel lonely when we are away for the request.

“Brat, you are totally ridiculing me, aren’t you!?” [Gai]

“No well~ It was just in case anything happens, you know? Since I have already requested for the permission from the innkeeper and was handed the duplicated key too.” [Youki]

“You’re doing something unnecessary….” [Gai]

His face grew angrier. The look on his face now is not something that can be shown to Tiel-chan. Hence, using Earth magic, I altered just Gai’s face, shaping it into something that doesn’t look scary.

“Brat, you’re changing my appearance again aren’t you?! What have you made me into this time…..?” [Gai]

“You can rest assured. It will be alright this time.” [Youki]

What I have improvised it into, is the knight painting that was displayed in the Knight’s Headquarter. According to Raven, that individual was the leader of the knights, and also a prominent looking figure who has created many legends from several generations ago. Not only was he strong, he possessed good looks that could captivate even men. Nevertheless, that painting is the only thing that is left of that distinguished figure now.

Well, I do think he looks cool from the painting but I was certainly not captivated by him. The reason being was obvious since I don’t swing that way from the start. Anyway, thereupon, Gai is now the owner of the coolest looking face. Tiel-chan should be glad with it too.

My pack up came to an end while I was doing such foolish things.
*******If you are reading this on a place other than rinkagetranslation.com, this chapter has been stolen and is neither the most recent or complete chapter.*******
Thus a few days passed after that, and it was finally the appointed day for the trip to the sea but……

“……Wait, why are the three of us the only ones gathered here?” [Youki]

The only ones assembled at Aquarain’s residence, the supposedly scheduled rendezvous location, were only me, Raven and Cecilia. Of course, the appointed meeting time has long passed.

“Cecilia, isn’t Happiness currently working as a live-in maid in your house? Also, Sheik was supposed to have been abducted by Celia-san too.” [Youki]

“Youki-san, please don’t label my mother as a kidnapper on your own accord……Based on what I have confirmed with Sophia-san, both of them have left after Duke-san came over last night to pick them up.” [Cecilia]

“I see…..So where is Duke then?” [Youki]

I turned my attention to Raven but he shook his head while showing me a memo. What written in the memo is, 『The head of the knight’s dorm witnessed him going out late at night. 』

“Those guys. They must have gone there ahead of us.” [Youki]

“I wonder why. I have already arranged the carriage for all of us though.” [Cecilia]

“They are probably trying to surprise us by arriving before us.” [Youki]

It was easy for me to read their thoughts seeing that I’ve known them for so long.

“Then, what about Hero-sama and Mikana-san…….” [Cecilia]

“My apologies for interrupting your conversation, but there is a letter for Ojou-sama from Yuuga-sama and Mikana-sama.” [Sophia]

Sophia-san appeared with a letter from the two of them all of a sudden when Cecilia raised a query. Cecilia quickly confirmed the contents of the letter.

“……It seems that, possibly because the two of them have recklessly made changes to their schedule, they have to head straight to their workplace.” [Cecilia]

“I see. So there will be no one coming even if we were to continue waiting here then.” [Youki]

“That pretty much sums it up.” [Cecilia]

“Then let us depart. It would be bad to keep Duke and the rest waiting for too long.” [Youki]

“True. Shall we go then?” [Cecilia]

『…Understood』 was what Raven wrote in the memo before going into the carriage. I don’t think a memo was needed for that actually.

“Have a safe trip, all of you.” [Sophia]

We began our journey to our destination after Sophia-san saw us off.
After leaving Aquarain’s residence and being swayed from side to side in the carriage, we arrived at our destination in what seemed like a blink of an eye.
*******If you are reading this on a place other than rinkagetranslation.com, this chapter has been stolen and is neither the most recent or complete chapter.*******
We were supposed to meet up with Yuuga and the gang in front of the seaside cottage, but…..

“Hold it! What the heck is this?!” [Mikana]

Mikana appeared to be extremely angry. No, it wasn’t just Mikana. Happiness and Sheik seemed disappointed, and Duke was just staring off into space. Yuuga was the sole person who looked happy, owing to Cecilia’s presence.

“Even if you were to ask me that……It is actually our job to do something about it as our request.” [Youki]

I replied to Mikana after looking around.

The sea is in high tide and a heavy storm is blowing. At such a time, a resort like this should be crowded with people, but….there wasn’t a single soul in sight. We were the only ones here.

“How are we supposed to solve something like this!?” [Mikana]

“Mikana-san, please calm down a little.” [Cecilia]

“Uu……” [Mikana]

Mikana instantly became quiet after Cecilia soothed her. I wasn’t sure of the reason but, it seemed convenient at a time like this. I can go through the contents of the request now.

“Listen up. Just as what I have said earlier, the purpose of this request is to do something about this situation. According to the employees from the seaside cottage, this doesn’t seem to be a natural calamity.” [Youki]

“Then, could this be the working of a demon?”

“Yes, that seems probable. That’s why, if we don’t do something about the present situation we will not be able to have fun on the beach.” [Youki]

“……First hearing it.” [Happiness]

Happiness looked at me, conveying her complaints indirectly with her eyes. Mikana didn’t seem convinced yet either. I could see veins popping out on her head. She was the one who had decided to come along on her own accord, so I would be troubled if she were to misdirect her anger instead. I have never attempted to deceive her into helping me with the request.

“…..Well I do understand the situation more or less now. It was our fault for not confirming the contents of the request before accepting it. So how about if we split the tasks so we can finish with this as soon as we can?” [Duke]

Duke concluded the explanation splendidly. There didn’t seem to be any objections to it. It would have been quite troublesome to continue our conversation in the storm whilst being pelted by the rain, so it was of great help when he brought the discussion to a certain direction.

“Then let’s go to the seaside cottage where our client is. I don’t want to get soaked any more than this.” [Youki]

The rest of the members then ran to the cottage to seek shelter after being prompted, along with all their luggage. Upon reaching there, we found someone, who might possibly be our client, waiting there. It was a slightly short spectacled man dressed in Hawaiian shirt with a straw hat over his head. He called out to us from the counter when he noticed us entering the place all of a sudden.

“……Welcome. It’s rare to have customers here. The sea’s condition is really bad right now, so I had not expected anyone to come.”

“Please excuse us. We’re actually here for a request. May I know if you are our said client?”

“Is that so? Pardon me. I was the one who issued that request. This is where we operate our business, but you have already seen the condition outside, haven’t you? At this rate we couldn’t even run anything here.” [Manager]

The manager of the seaside cottage sighed when he looked outside. Indeed. It is such a sad sight considering the potential of this resort. If this goes on he would go out of business.

“This is the peak season for customers so, I’d like to get to the bottom of this as soon as possible…..I’m sorry but I’ll be counting on you. There are many vacant rooms available so feel free to choose whichever rooms that you like.” [Manager]

Possibly because he has already relayed whatever that he wanted to, he disappeared behind the counter. I was suddenly reminded of someone when I watched the lonely form of his back. Don’t display that kind of state today, alright Raven?

“It appears that we are free to use any rooms available here. For the time being let’s leave our luggage before continuing our discussion.” [Cecilia]

After Cecilia’s words, each of us went around selecting our own rooms to drop off our luggage before resuming our conversation from earlier.

“So, about what we should do from now……it is written in the request that we need to figure out the main reason to the high waves, storm and heavy rain happening. Since there are three factors here, I have thought of splitting ourselves into three groups.” [Youki]

“I’ll be in the same one with Cecilia–” [Yuuga]

“Commoner, you don’t need me to spell it out, right!?” [Mikana]

“I’ll be with Captain, Duke-ani, Happiness-ane, Cecilia-ane and…..” [Sheik]

“……Anyone is fine.” [Happiness]

Each of them began coming up with their own selfish suggestions as they pleased.
Well, I am guilty of it myself, since I wanted to be in the same group as Cecilia too. The occurrence, however, has left Cecilia and Duke in a state of astonishment that all they could do was just to watch over the happenings until it settled down.

Raven, on the other hand was……looking alternately between me, Duke and Happiness.
You’re sending the message with your eyes since you couldn’t voice your thoughts?
If he were to be in the same group as us, he could speak out without reservation. Could that be the reason?
…..No, it might be a different explanation when it comes to Happiness.

At this rate we will never reach a decision. Hence, I called Cecilia and Duke over and formed a circle.

“What should we do?” [Youki]

“Well, I think we would be wasting our time even if we were to go on with the discussion as is.” [Cecilia]

“All of them were just spouting off things as they pleased. It would be better to decide on the groups and complete the request as soon as we can. They can go frolic with whosoever their favourite member is after this is over.” [Duke]

What Cecilia and Duke said was justified. If this were to go on, I have a feeling that we would end up spending the entire day just on group allocation.

“Then let’s decide by drawing lots.” [Youki]

I suggested the fairest method. What Duke said was right. We can just have fun with the person we like after this is over. There is no other choice than to endure it regardless of whom I end up with.
……So, even if I were to end up in the same group as Yuuga and Mikana, I’ll just have to tough it out patiently.

“I agree.” [Cecilia]

“Me too.” [Duke]

“If Cecilia is fine with it, then I am too!” [Yuuga]

“Uu….it can’t be helped then.” [Mikana]

“That is fine~” [Sheik]

“…..Agree.” [Happiness]

Raven who was displaying his memo with the word 『Agree』 written, was also in agreement. Let’s draw the lots immediately!
To prevent foul play, the lots were made on the spot in the presence of everyone.
*******If you are reading this on a place other than rinkagetranslation.com, this chapter has been stolen and is neither the most recent or complete chapter.*******
Thus, the results of the impartial lots were…
*******If you are reading this on a place other than rinkagetranslation.com, this chapter has been stolen and is neither the most recent or complete chapter.*******
“I am honestly happy….” [Youki]

“There are some places that I am concerned about though…..” [Cecilia]

“Even if this is the result of the lots….is it fine?” [Duke]

Me, Cecilia and Duke, the three individuals who usually keep the tsukkomi under control ended up as the first group.
*******If you are reading this on a place other than rinkagetranslation.com, this chapter has been stolen and is neither the most recent or complete chapter.*******
“……Best regards.” [Happiness]

“…….I am separated from Yuuga.” [Mikana]

Raven was displaying a memo with the words, 『I look forward to working with you』 written. Although, his face appeared to be twitching, probably because of the growing anxiety within him.

From my point of view, as someone who knew about the circumstances between them, Mikana has now become the third wheel in the second group.
*******If you are reading this on a place other than rinkagetranslation.com, this chapter has been stolen and is neither the most recent or complete chapter.*******
“How could this be……Cecilia.” [Yuuga]

“Hmmm, so I’m not in the same group with Captain and the rest?…….Well it’s fine then. Best regards~ Do your best, kay~” [Sheik]

Sheik laughed as he slapped the back of Yuuga who was lamenting over the result of the lots.

Yuuga and Sheik, the two people with low mental age formed the third group.
……Ability wise, it shouldn’t be that one-sided though. On the surface, that is.

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