Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (LN) V1 Extra (part 2/2)

The last and final part. o/
With this we have completed volume 1. I’ll be moving to volume 2 next.

Translator: Rinkage
Editor: The Blacksmith
Special thanks to: Solistia for contributing the Light Novel

Extra: I went to the sea (part 2/2)

“Then, shall we go?” [Youki]

“Wa-wait, one more time…..” [Yuuga]

“We’ll be wasting more time if we were to do it again. It has already been decided, so just accept it if you’re a man.” [Duke]
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Duke turned Yuuga down flat when he suggested a do over. Though, if Duke hasn’t said that, I would’ve stopped him by saying the same thing.
The others might be thinking of something similar to Yuuga, but what Duke has just said probably stopped them. At any rate, no do overs are allowed. What we should discuss now is the task delegation to each group.

At the end of the discussion, Cecilia, Duke and I from the first group were assigned to the problem pertaining the high waves.
Mikana, Happiness and Raven from the second group were assigned to the issue relating to the heavy rain, while the other matter with regards to the storm was entrusted to the third group, Yuuga and Sheik.

“Then let’s start off immediately so we can have fun at the sea!” [Youki]

“Youki-san, please don’t forget about the request…..” [Cecilia]

“Aa, sorry. Then let’s start off…..” [Youki]

I felt a pinprick in my heart when Cecilia retorted in amazement. I issued the command once more in a different way so I wouldn’t end up in the same state again.

“Why is the Commoner the one leading us!?……Good grief, let’s just end this quickly.” [Mikana]

“….I got it.” [Happiness]

Group 2 then set off with Mikana in the lead.

“Then, I guess we should go too……” [Yuuga]

“Let’s go~” [Sheik]

The third group, consisting of Yuuga, who is experiencing low-tension even now, and Sheik, the innocent one who is at full throttle currently, also kicked off.

“We should go soon too.” [Duke]

“True, we shouldn’t fall behind them as well.” [Cecilia]

“Alright, let’s go!” [Youki]

From my point of view, our team has an outstanding sense of stability, so I was quite relieved. However we should never be negligent. I decided that in my heart as we headed towards our destination.

“…..So, how can we stop the high waves?” [Youki]

We have travelled all the way to the sea, but we still haven’t got a clue on what to do. To start with, we wouldn’t be able to begin this mission if we don’t first figure out the identity of perpetrator who caused these high waves.

“According to the request……in the recent years, there have been frequent occurrence whereby the tourists have been discarding garbage into the sea. As a result, the sea became polluted, so the Lord got angry. That is what was written here.” [Duke]

“They’re just reaping what they sow, aren’t they? If they have already found out the cause of it, then they should just deal with it themselves.” [Youki]

Picking up the trash is something that they should be able to do themselves. I don’t think it was even necessary to put up a request for this.

“They seemed to have tried doing it themselves but, the Lord appeared and said that they were a hindrance. That was written in the request.” [Duke]

“He must be angry because they were dumping garbage into the sea. So what could this mean?” [Cecilia]

“I don’t know. Anyway, there is a chance that He might appear if we were to try picking up the trash. Let’s try it.” [Youki]

We began picking up the garbage by the sea. For the time being, all the garbage collected by the three of us was accumulated in one place.

“Fuu, there’s quite a huge amount.” [Youki]

“That’s true. It would have been good if only each of them who uses these are more environmentally conscious.” [Cecilia]

“It’s just as what Cecilia has said……..Wait, it looks like the said Lord has finally made his appearance.” [Youki]

Something jumped out of the sea with great force. An enormous sea serpent?…..No, could it be a sea dragon?

“You humans are incorrigible. You came here to destroy my home again? You goddamn humans!” [Sea Dragon]

Just when I thought that its appearance was quite abrupt, it greeted us with a terrible manner of speaking. It seemed to be considerably angry with humans.

“Please wait. We’re here under the guild request. Could you at least listen to our sto….” [Cecilia]

“Shut up! I will not listen to anything humans say. Leave this place at once!” [Sea Dragon]

It didn’t seem to have the intention to listen to what Cecilia have to say at all. All it wanted was for us to leave the place.

“So you’ll not listen to what humans say….” [Duke]

“It’ll be ignoring what Cecilia said then. Regardless of how much its home was ruined by humans, it has too much blood rushing to its head. Shall I cool its head a little?” [Youki]

“Hmph! What do you humans plan to do with me!? Don’t tell me that you’re planning to fight me?” [Sea Dragon]

The Sea Dragon laughed through its nose. It was being completely cocky. Duke on the other hand appeared to have pulled out his sword, preparing for battle as well.

“Haa, it’ll be useless even if I stop you all, won’t it?” [Cecilia]

Cecilia reluctantly took out her wand and adopted a battle stance too. She must have wanted to settle this peacefully through discussion.

“Captain, there’s nobody around, am I right?” [Duke]

“Nn? Hold on……I’ve just confirm it but there’s no one around.” [Youki]

By strengthening my sense of smell, I have confirmed that there was no one else around apart from us.

“Then I’ll be taking off my head now after a long time.” [Duke]

Duke unfastened the metal fitting that connected his head to the armour and held his head in one hand.
………..It did say that it would not listen to what humans say, right? If that’s the case, then what about demons?

“I think this is my first time seeing Duke-san removing his head……” [Cecilia]

“Well, since there was no opportunity for him to show you that.” [Youki]

He couldn’t possibly remove his head when he is living in the human society.

“So you’re actually a demon? Why is Dullahan together with humans?……” [Sea Dragon]

“Aa, I’m sorry but it would be better for you to stop such hypocritical act. Even though you refused to listen to what people have to say, you made them listen to your nonsensical blabbing instead. What you are doing will just make the person listening to you quite irritated.” [Duke]

“What did you say?…..” [Sea Dragon]

“To begin with, even though you were angry because of how humans had ruined your home, why did you create the high waves and drove off the humans who tried to clean up the trash here?………What are you up to? The sea will remain in a stormy condition because of the high waves you created. What you are doing will certainly cause difficulties for the living creatures in the sea, won’t it? Despite that, all you were doing was thinking of yourself, throwing a fit as you like, without considering the consequences. There’s a limit to how far you can go with your selfish ways!” [Duke]
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Duke’s barrage of verbal attacks appeared to have caused the Sea Dragon to shrink back as well. Maybe, we could convince it without needing to fight……..

“S-shut up! Don’t be full of yourself just because you’re a demon. If you’re bragging that much then prove it by showing me your ability instead!” [Sea Dragon]

The Sea Dragon roared, trying to intimidate us. As expected, the fight is inevitable.

“Cecilia, I’ll get serious too. An opponent is an opponent regardless. I would like to end this quick. Duke has wound up this way too.” [Youki]

“……..I understand. However, the Sea Dragon is also a victim in this. Can you try avoid injuring it as much as possible?” [Cecilia]

She still cared about that Sea Dragon in spite of the way she was treated by it earlier. As expected of Cecilia-san. She’s a really kind person.

“I got it. I’ll do it accordingly.” [Youki]

I regenerated my horn and wings then strengthened my muscle, changing into my demon mode. Balling up my hand into fist, I approached the Sea Dragon in a manner as if I was telling him “Please be prepared~” indirectly.

“Wha-! You’re a demon!? Not only the Dullahan there, but you too? Why….” [Sea Dragon]

“Fuu, it’s too late to regret it now! I’ll listen to your repentance later. Prepare yourself!” [Youki]

I went into full chuuni mode and flew towards the sea dragon by flapping my wings.

“Aa~ Captain has flipped his switch. Then I’ll get serious too.” [Duke]

Duke invoked his intermediate dark magic, 《Poltergeist》. It’s a magic that is able to make objects float and control it freely. Duke’s sword and head floated in the air.

“Iya, this feels nostalgic. I’ve been fighting with sword only recently.” [Duke]

“We’re not doing this for fun. Hurry up and bash this Sea Dragon!” [Youki]

“I got it!” [Duke]

Duke and I flew around, avoiding the Sea Dragon’s attack completely while boldly giving damage and occasionally launching straightforward attacks on it. Our perfect combinations caused my tension to skyrocket. It has been a long time since Duke unleashed his full strength too so he appeared to be having fun.
Gradually whisk in the heavy cream.
At the end of the battle, the Sea Dragon fell into the water with a huge splash, probably because it had reached its limit.

“Youki-san, have you forgotten what I’ve said earlier!?” [Cecilia]

Cecilia’s retorts resounded many times during the battle.

“Gunune, it’s my loss.” [Sea Dragon]

“Greatness is comparative. Even if you think that you’re great, there will always be someone out there who will be better than you.” [Duke]

“Will you listen to what we have to say now?” [Youki]

What we have done might make us look perfectly like a pair of villains now if anyone were to witness this scene from the sidelines. Even though I did understand that we should try settling this peacefully as much as possible, I ended up going overboard.

“Youki-san, Duke-san, you two have overdone it.” [Cecilia]

Cecilia used recovery magic on the Sea Dragon.

“Human. Why, did you use recovery magic on….” [Sea Dragon]

“No. It is still a fact that you’re the victim in this…….Didn’t I tell you two not to be so extreme in the fight.” [Cecilia]

Cecilia smiled wryly as she looked at me and Duke.

Duke was making an earnest apology while I was apologizing with all my strength.

I am currently reflecting on it. It was my fault for getting carried away and breaking what I have agreed with her.

“……..A promise is a promise. I’ll listen to what you have to say.” [Sea Dragon]

“Thank you very much! So…..” [Cecilia]

Cecilia then made her request to the sea dragon so he could quell the high waves. Of course, we promised that we would caution the tourists against dirtying the place and explained that there would be people cleaning up the sea and beach periodically from now on. Unlike what happened earlier, the Sea Dragon was listening to what Cecilia was saying intently.

“Then, clean up all the trash here for now. I’ll quell this wave once this place is all cleaned up……What that Dullahan there said was right. I might be causing problems for the creatures living in the sea too.” [Sea Dragon]

The Sea Dragon cast a glance at Duke as it agreed to the conditions in a somewhat reluctant way. After acknowledging the conditions proposed, Cecilia went off to inform the management in the matter with regard to the implementation of the rule to warn the tourists, and also about cleaning up of the sea while Duke and I collected the garbage around the area.
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It soon dawned on us that it was already night time after we grouped up with Cecilia and finished with the clean-up.

“I wouldn’t say that it’s completely clean now but….well, this should be fine. I will quell the waves for now but, I will be appearing once more if the sea becomes dirty again.” [Sea Dragon]

“If that happens, I’ll be your opponent again.” [Youki]

“That’s not it.” [Cecilia]


The sound reverberated inside my head as I held onto it. The feeling almost made me pass out in agony. I seemed to have received a hit from Cecilia’s wand as a retort.

“There’s no choice other than to let the people here know to take extra precautions so this does not happen again.” [Duke]

“Yes, that’s right.” [Cecilia]

“I’ll be going now. I would like it to be in a different way the next time we meet.” [Sea Dragon]

The Sea Dragon then disappeared into the vast sea after leaving such parting words. Thereupon, the violent sea waves became calm.

“……With this, we have cleared our quota, haven’t we?” [Duke]

“Aa, that’s right.” [Youki]

I had wanted to strike a cool pose but, the storm and heavy rain were getting in my way. We have done quite a lot today, to the extent of wearing even raincoats to pick up trash around. Nonetheless, the storm is still blowing and the heavy rain has yet to stop. Rather, I have the feeling that the storm and rain were even stronger than when we came over earlier.

“It appears that Raven and the rest were not able to clear it by the end of the day.” [Youki]

“……It seems so. We still have time for this so let’s go back to the seaside cottage for now.” [Cecilia]

“That’s true.” [Duke]
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Since there was no reason for us to be outside anymore, we returned to the seaside cottage but…..

“…..Did something happen?” [Youki]

As soon as we entered, Raven immediately lowered his head as he passed us a memo with the word 『Sorry』 written on it. We wouldn’t have any idea on what he meant without first listening to the circumstances so Duke and I pulled Raven to a suitable private room instead.

“We wouldn’t know what had happened even if you were to say 『Sorry』 all of a sudden…..Does it have something to do with the rain and storm becoming stronger?” [Duke]

“……..Yes. We are not able to stop it at all even though I was there.” [Raven]

“What really happened?” [Youki]

Raven began explaining the events that happened today after Duke and I probed him.

After we were divided into groups, Mikana pulled Raven and Happiness to the location experiencing the strongest winds.

Aren’t we in charge of the heavy rain issue? Why are we heading to the place experiencing the strongest wind instead? All those thoughts were going through Raven’s mind at that time, but since his papers got soaked by the rain, he wasn’t able to converse with her. Happiness had not said anything either, so they ended up being dragged off by Mikana to a place that seemed to be where the Spirit of Rain and Wind is.

“……There were two women floating in the sky having a heated argument.” [Raven]

“That must be frightening.” [Duke]

“They may be spirits but a quarrel between women is scary.” [Youki]

Raven who came to the conclusion that the heavy rain and storm were caused by the fight between the two spirits tried to stop them. Nonetheless neither spirits would listen at all.
It seemed that they had joined up with Yuuga and Sheik’s group when they were at a loss on what to do at that time. However, what baffled them was that the two of them appeared to be in a cheerful and euphoric state for some reason.

“……..Yuuga looked incredibly crestfallen when we took off earlier. So when we noticed him looking bright and chirpy, we were dumbfounded.” [Raven]

“That must be because of Sheik, isn’t it?” [Duke]

“Yeah it must be Sheik.” [Youki]

I’m sure Sheik’s cheerfulness must have been transmitted to him when they were together.
Seeing that their mental age is quite close, it might be possible that he was drawn by Sheik’s rhythm.

Anyway, that troublemaker, seemingly brave Yuuga then attempted to persuade the spirits.
At first, just like Raven and the rest, he was ignored by the two spirits.

Nonetheless, after he gradually displayed the speciality of a hero to the fullest, the end result was…..

“………Before we knew it, the two spirits began fighting for Yuuga instead and the brawl ended up becoming even more violent.” [Raven]

Our mouths were agape after we listened to Raven’s story.

It was just, too ridiculous. The original plan was to pacify them, so why did he intensify their fight?!

“So, eventually you returned without stopping the fight then? Did you even know what we have gone through?! Not only did we have to persuade the Sea Dragon, we have been picking up garbage the whole day!” [Duke]

“Calm down, Duke…….Raven, where’s the culprit who has increased the commotion?” [Youki]

“…….Everyone noticed it when Youki returned just now. So, he probably went to Cecilia’s place.” [Raven]

Upon hearing that, I ran out of the room as fast as I could. I strengthened my legs’ strength to the limit and ran towards the destination with all my might.
Since I had strengthened my body as well when I was collecting garbage earlier, I didn’t realize that all my body parts were already screaming in pain.

I cancelled my strengthening magic just before I reached the place and grasped my fist, preparing myself to strike him down. Just as what Raven has said, Yuuga was together with Cecilia.

“Youuu basstarrd!!” [Youki]

“Uwaaa~ wh-what!?” [Yuuga]

The straight right punch that I threw with all of my body was regrettably evaded. However, I wasn’t as kind to let it end just like this.
‘A game of tag’ then broke out when I started pursuing Yuuga as I wasn’t contented that my first hit missed him. But it finally ended after I was soothed by Cecilia. The first day eventually came to a close with the slapstick event.

The next day, Yuuga, who wanted to bear the responsibility alone, took off in an enthusiastic state to persuade the spirits once again.

Honestly, I have a bad feeling about this.

Nevertheless, everyone was already overwhelmed by fatigue after yesterday’s incidents and Yuuga had stubbornly refused to heed our words to the bitter end as well, taking off by himself.

Therefore, with exception of Yuuga, everyone got a day off and enjoyed their holiday respectively.

Cecilia was going around the places to discuss with the locals on the matter pertaining to the beach clean-up, as well as their plans from now on.

I guess it must be because she wanted to properly fulfil her promise with the Sea Dragon. When I suggested to come along with her, she gently declined me, asking me to take my time to rest today.

Mikana was worried about Yuuga hence she followed him in secret when he left earlier. Do your best so you’re not exposed!

Duke and Sheik had gone out to shop for souvenirs happily while Happiness and Raven, just the two of them, were just sitting in the corridor.
It was unclear as to whom was the one who took the initiative to invite the other party.
The wind chime resounded in the corridor, enabling one to feel the atmosphere…..not.
Since the wind outside was strong, it was actually causing the wind chime to produce an irritatingly loud noise, destroying the romantic ambience.
Who would be the one to initiate the conversation? I tried observing them but neither of them opened their mouths till the end.
Seeing that all I could hear was the sound of that irritatingly loud wind chime, I wandered away from the spot.

“Ah…..” [Youki]

Just as I was ambling around, wondering on what I should do, I ran into Kyou, the manager of the seaside cottage, and also the one who had helped with the lots preparation yesterday.

“It seems that the matter about the waves was resolved. Thank you.” [Kyou]

“Aa, the problems pertaining to the storm and heavy rain have yet to be resolved though.” [Youki]

“….If it’s you guys, I believe that you all can do it.” [Kyou]

For now, we’re depending on Yuuga for that. Kyou must have wanted this to be settled as soon as possible, in a management-like sense.
To make the syrup, stir together 1 cup sugar, boiling water, coffee and 1/4 cup rum.
Quickly persuade those spirits soon, Hero.

“By the way, what’s that?” [Youki]

Several life buoys could be seen installed in the vicinity of the seaside cottage’s entrance. Those weren’t there when we first came here.

“I believe that you guys would definitely be able to complete this request successfully so I’m preparing for the reopening.” [Kyou]

“No well, even if you said preparation…..how is it related to those life buoys?” [Youki]

“…..I can’t swim.” [Kyou]

Kyou has made an unexpected declaration.

“Are you serious?…..” [Youki]

“If any tourists were to be on the verge of drowning, I couldn’t help them even if I wanted to. So, all these life buoys are necessary.” [Kyou]

Kyou picked up one of the life buoys.

“You’re going to rescue the people by swimming using a life buoy?” [Youki]

“No…..I’ll throw this to the drowning tourists and pull them ashore. For that reason, I have been working out to build my muscle so I could throw it as far as I could. I have taken the impact of wind into consideration as well and practiced it over and over again. I have confidence that I would be able to throw this accurately even in this storm and heavy rain.” [Kyou]

“Instead of putting all those efforts in throwing the life buoys, you should just learn how to swim!” [Youki]

What kind of special skill is this? This is not a ring toss. 1So all those muscles hidden underneath his Hawaiian shirt were developed for the sake of throwing those life buoys?

“…….I, can’t swim.” [Kyou]

“…..I got it. My bad.” [Youki]

Since he was hanging his head, looking downcast, I apologized. As expected, the aura he emitted was similar to Raven’s.
I might be able to make an interesting discovery if I were to continue the conversation.
Possibly because Kyou was also looking for someone to talk to, we ended up chatting until Yuuga returned.
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“……I’m sorry, Cecilia. And everyone else too.” [Yuuga]

When Yuuga returned, he lowered his head as soon as all the members were gathered.
It seemed that he had failed. When I was checking the condition outside just a while ago, I realized that the storm and heavy rain have gotten even worse.

“Oi. You definitely added fuel to the fire, didn’t you?” [Youki]

“The condition outside is dangerous now. Rather, will this place be alright? I can hear an unpleasant creaking sound.” [Duke]

“…..Uneasy.” [Happiness]

“I think I was almost blown away by the wind when I was walking outside~” [Sheik]

Raven showed us a memo. 『The wind chime has become too noisy, so Kyou has taken it down.』 Considering the strength of the storm, that was natural. Actually, could it be that it was blown off by the wind instead?

“Hero-sama should stay back. We will be the one negotiating with them the next time.” [Cecilia]

“No way! I can’t allow Cecilia and the rest of you face something that dangerous.” [Yuuga]

I guess Yuuga has something that he couldn’t give in as well. It appears that he didn’t want to just leave everything to us. However, what this guy has done was just making it even more complicated.

“…….Alright, I got a good idea. I’ll be going there with Hero-kun tomorrow to persuade them.” [Youki]

“Hold it! Why are you addressing Yuuga as Hero-kun even though you’re just a Commoner?” [Mikana]

“You have already wasted one whole day. There’s nothing you can say about that, right?” [Youki]

I ignored Mikana and directed the question at Yuuga.

After showing a slight gesture as if he was giving it a thought, he nodded.

“……..I understand. Everyone might be thinking of the same thing but there’s a time limit for this. I’ll try staking it on you.” [Yuuga]

“Alright. So it’ll be tomorrow then.” [Youki]

Since Yuuga has agreed on it, Mikana wasn’t able to say anything anymore. The meeting then dissolved.

“…..Will it be alright?” [Cecilia]

Cecilia was still feeling uneasy about the idea that I have in mind.
…….Could you have some faith in me?
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The next day, after being guided by Yuuga, we finally reached the place where the Spirit of Rain and Wind is.

“Why do you always like the same thing as me!?” [Wind Spirit]

“…..That’s my line! Could you stop copying me?!” [Rain Spirit]

“Hah!? You’re the one copying me, aren’t you?!” [Wind Spirit]

“….That’s wrong. You’re the one!” [Rain Spirit]

There’s nothing scarier than a fight between women. The wind and rain became stronger each time they clashed with each other. This felt like a tempest.

“Alright. Now’s your turn. Just repeat what I’ve said to them.” [Youki]

“I-I got it.” [Yuuga]

The two spirits noticed it when Yuuga took a step towards them.

“Ara, did you come to see me again?” [Wind Spirit]

“…..You came to see me, right?” [Rain Spirit]

The look on their faces suddenly became of maidens in love. I guess I must be invisible to them. Yuuga is the only one in their eyes now. Alright, it’ll be a match from here. I whispered to Yuuga.

“I’m here to apologize to the both of you.” [Youki]

“I’m here to apologize to the both of you.” [Yuuga]

“”Eh?”” [Rain & Wind Spirit]

“It wasn’t possible for me to choose between you two.” [Youki]

“It wasn’t possible for me to choose between you two.” [Yuuga]

“Why is that? Are you saying that I’m the same rank as her?!” [Wind Spirit]

“….That’s mean.” [Rain Spirit]

The Wind Spirit was enraged while the Rain Spirit looked dejected.

It pains me to do this too but this is for the sake of the request. I continued whispering to Yuuga.

“That’s because I’m a hero so it wasn’t possible for me to choose just one person.” [Youki]

“That’s because I’m a hero so it wasn’t possible for me to choose just one person.” [Yuuga]

“So you are a hero then.” [Wind Spirit]

“….That is understandable.” [Rain Spirit]

“I know that it was inexcusable of me. I have stolen both of your hearts.” [Youki]

“I know that it was inexcusable of me. I have stolen both of your hearts.” [Yuuga]

Their faces became bright red. As expected of Yuuga. He was able to make them blush even with such terrible lines. But, it’s high time for me to finish this.

“So, I’ll take responsibility for it.” [Youki]

“So, I’ll take responsibility for it.” [Yuuga]

“T-That is of course.” [Wind Spirit]

“……….” [Rain Spirit]

The Wind Spirit turned her face away while the Rain Spirit was sending a gaze filled with anticipation in silence.

“I’m sorry for deceiving you two. Please feel free to hit me as much as you like!” [Youki]

“I’m sorry for deceiving you two. Please feel free to hit me as much as you like!……Eh!?” [Yuuga]

The place became engulfed in an unnatural silence. Why are the spirits stunned too?! The storm and rain suddenly stopped at that moment. Could it be that their souls have been pulled out of their body?

“Wait a minute! What did you just make me say?!” [Yuuga]

Yuuga tried to grab at me but I dodged him easily.

“No well, everything will be settled with this, right?” [Youki]

I was not expecting him to repeat after me without any hesitation.
Honestly, it was just a fifty-fifty probability to me so I didn’t think that he would really say it.

“No it’s not about it being settled or not!” [Yuuga]

“Oi, behind, behind you.” [Youki]

“Eh?…….” [Yuuga]

When Yuuga turned back, the pair of really furious Wind and Rain Spirits was standing behind him. I could feel a tremendous amount of magic power coming from them. Seeing that it’s Yuuga, he should be able to endure it. He’s a hero after all.

“Terrible, you’re terrible….” [Wind Spirit]

“…..Unforgivable.” [Rain Spirit]

I secretly snuck away from Yuuga so I wouldn’t get involved in it. Rest assured. Even if they beat the hell out of you, I could use my recovery magic to patch you up immediately.

“No, wait a minu-” [Yuuga]

Without waiting for Yuuga, who was still rooted to the spot to finish what he was saying, the magic from the two spirits were combined, becoming a small energy that held great power before turning into a tempest.

That enormous magic then hit Yuuga…… That was what I thought when it suddenly changed direction at the last moment.
The place where it was re-directed was where I am standing.

“It’s a lie isn’t, it!?” [Youki]

The moment I was hit by the tempest, a strong tornado built up, engulfing just my body. Then I was blown off.
As I wasn’t able to defend myself in time, I ended up receiving damage and then landed on the sandy beach in a pathetic way. When I looked up at Yuuga and the rest, they were somehow enveloped in a calm atmosphere.

“Why…..” [Yuuga]

“It should be the loss of the one who wound up falling in love so, attacking you might be going too far……” [Wind Spirit]

“…..Me too. I thought it was not right at the end.” [Rain Spirit]

“I see. You two are actually good friends, aren’t you? Otherwise, both of you wouldn’t be able to unleash that kind of attack.” [Yuuga]

The Wind and Rain Spirit exchanged look with each other. Then they turned towards Yuuga and nodded.

“I knew it. In other words, your relationship is actually close enough to argue with each other. But, there’s a limit to it so please reflect on yourselves. Both of you are powerful so your fight will impact the surrounding.” [Yuuga]

“….True.” [Wind Spirit]

“….I’m sorry.” [Rain Spirit]

“It’s good as long as you two understand it. Fighting amongst yourselves is fine but do it in moderation.” [Yuuga]

The Wind and Rain Spirit nodded and held hands with each other before flying up.

“You must come again, okay? We might fight again if you don’t!” [Wind Spirit]

“…..Come and play again.” [Rain Spirit]

“Un. I will come again. Definitely.” [Yuuga]

The scene unfolded before me resembles a certain, refreshingly youthful story that came to a beautiful end.
Rather, was I being neglected until the end? I should be able to recover once I cast recovery magic on myself but I ended up witnessing the course of events unintentionally.
The combination attack from the two spirits was stronger than I thought. I lost my consciousness at the point when Yuuga was waving at the spirits. 2
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“Wha?” [Youki]

When I came to, I found myself on a bed. What I last remember was me fainting on the beach. So why am I here?

“Finally, you woke up.”

Facing towards where the sound came from, I found Cecilia there, sitting on a chair. She seemed to be reading a book.

“Eh, I am……” [Youki]

“Hero-sama carried Youki-san back. He was angry, you know? 『He almost had me.』 That was what he said when he came back.” [Cecilia]

“Uge….” [Youki]

Well, I was prepared for it though. Rather, it was even more harsh for me to find out that Yuuga was the one who carried me back. I owe him now.

“Seriously, what I was concern about has indeed came true.” [Cecilia]

“…….Sorry.” [Youki]

It would be a good plan as long as it ends well…….that was what I wanted to say but, I couldn’t bring myself to say it under such atmosphere.

“But, we did safely complete the request thanks to Youki-san.” [Cecilia]

“Seriously? So….” [Youki]

I got up and made my way towards window in the room. The instant it was opened, I was immediately greeted by a pleasant view. A cloudless blue sky stretched into the distant horizon whilst the palpitating pulse of the sea was steady and peaceful.

“Alright-!!” [Youki]

The request was accomplished……In other words, I can have fun at the beach now!

“Youki-san, what’s wrong?……Why did you raise your voice all of a sudden.” [Cecilia]

“No, I was just thinking that we could have a whole day of fun now.” [Youki]

“……We’ll be going back tomorrow though?” [Cecilia]

“Eh?” [Youki]

“Youki-san has been sleeping the whole day since yesterday.” [Cecilia]

“You’re kidding, aren’t you…..” [Youki]

I collapsed into the bed. How much damage did I receive to have caused me to lose my consciousness for an entire day?!

However, if we will be going back tomorrow then Cecilia’s presence here could only mean one thing.

“Cecilia, were you here the entire time today?” [Youki]

“……Disregarding the method used, the one who completed this quest was Youki-san. So it’s not right to leave Youki-san here alone while I go enjoy myself. Well, Hero-sama has invited me countless times though.” [Cecilia]

“……What’s the time now?” [Youki]

“It’s already early afternoon……Is there anything wrong?” [Cecilia]

I jumped out of bed and rummaged through my luggage, taking out all the things that I had brought over for the purpose of having fun at the beach.

“Youki-san, could it be that…..” [Cecilia]

I turned towards Cecilia and laughed all of a sudden.

“Let’s go play now!” [Youki]

I grasped Cecilia’s hand and ran out of the room.

“Wai-, Youki-san, we’re going now? Not to mention, you have just woken up……” [Cecilia]

“It’ll be alright. Who do you think I am? Cecilia is actually looking forward to having fun at the beach as well, right? You’ve even prepared the swimsuit. Hurry up and go change.” [Youki]

“……I understand. I would like to cut loose for a bit too.” [Cecilia]

After changing, Cecilia and I put on our parkas and ran towards to beach.
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“Captain, you’re late.” [Duke]

“Morning Captain. You finally woke up~?” [Sheik]

Duke was wearing a wetsuit to hide his necks’ portion. Are you planning to go diving? The sight of his swimwear made me feel like making that remark.
Sheik on the other hand was wearing a parka to cover up his wings. It’s a trunks type swimwear.

“Ara, Commoner, so you’ve woken up? Tricking Yuuga is a heavy sin, you know.” [Mikana]

“Seriously…..” [Yuuga]

Mikana was wearing a bikini while Yuuga was wearing an ordinary swimming trunks. Seeing that they looked drenched, they must have swum in the sea already.

Happiness could be seen sitting on the beach, grasping her knees as she looked at the sea from under the parasol.
Following her line of sight, I could see Raven pleasantly doing a long-distance swimming.
……..You should just invite her for a swim together, Raven. No, it might be possible that they wouldn’t be able to endure the silence if he were to invite her.

“Are those tourists? There are people coming here every now and then though.” [Youki]

“They’re locals. It seems that they are here to enjoy themselves, considering that the problems with regard to the weather and waves have been resolved. There was a commotion in the beginning, but Kyou-san has brought the matter to a close.” [Cecilia]

“I see.” [Youki]

Kyou must have an unexpected influence among the locals.

“Help! There’s a child drowning–!!”

An adult’s cry for help could be heard all of a sudden.

Upon looking out over the sea, a boy could be seen struggling in the water to stay afloat. He had probably gotten a sudden cramp in his leg.
Yuuga and I began running that way to help but, before we could do so, something flew over our heads towards the drowning boy. It was…….a life buoy with a rope attached.

Where the life buoy was thrown was right on target, as it landed perfectly centered around the boy.

“Caught you!”

Kyou’s voice resounded. The boy clung to the life buoy as Kyou steadily pulled the rope and hauled him ashore, rescuing him safely. Possibly because all the locals were aware of it, they broke out in praise, “As expected of Kou-san!”
Aside from the locals, I was the only one who knew about it after listening to Kyou’s story. Cecilia and rest, however, had no information about it at all. All of them were stunned when they looked at Kyou.

“…….What just happened, a while ago?”

“Perhaps, an expert technique of quoit?”

It could only be seen as that by any bystanders. In a sense, it was actually more amazing than a swimming rescue.
*******If you are reading this on a place other than rinkagetranslation.com, this chapter has been stolen and is neither the most recent or complete chapter.*******
“You’ve finally woken up…….Thanks to you, I was able to avoid bankruptcy. I’m grateful to you. This is a service from me.” [Kyou]

Kyou who had finished his work dropped by with shaved ices3 for all of us.

“Ou, thank you.” 4 [Youki]

“Thank you very much.” [Cecilia]

“Wai~” [Sheik]

“Let’s eat!” [Duke]

“You’re not being tactful.” [Mikana]

“Cecilia, if you don’t mind, shall we eat it toge…..buwa-!?” [Yuuga]

I thrust all my shaved ice into Yuuga’s mouth since he was about to make a stupid suggestion. He held his head as he crouched down. It appeared that he was experiencing brain freeze.

By the way, Happiness took two of the shaved ices and waved her hand at Raven. Upon seeing that, Raven began swimming here in a hurry, but the distance that he needed to cover was quite far. Would Raven make it in time, or would the ices melt before he reached here?

“It’s my treat. Kyou, I’m sorry but could you give me another cup? I’ll be paying for that.” [Youki] 5

“Got it.” [Kyou]

Kyou returned to the seaside cottage and brought me a new shaved ice.

“Youki-san…..” [Cecilia]

“Well, with this we’ll be even now after yesterday’s event.” [Youki]

I finished my shaved ice at a pace whereby I would not get a brain freeze. Then I took Cecilia’s hand in mine and dashed towards the sea.
Yuuga who has recovered from his cold-stimulus headache could be seen chasing after us from behind with Mikana on his tail.

“Alright, we’ll be playing until nightfall-!” [Youki]

“Haa, I guess it can’t be helped. I’ll keep you company today for as long as my stamina permits.” [Cecilia]

On that day, I ended up having a barrel of fun, forgetting just about everything else.

Incidentally, I was greeted by another unexpected scene when I returned to the inn. I wasn’t sure if it was because of Gai’s altered appearance, but the yandere smile on Tiel-chan’s face sent chills down my spine. The coldness I experienced in my body was far worse than what the shaved ice had made me feel.
*******Read the chapters at rinkagetranslation.com. The chapters for this series will NOT be posted anywhere else other than on that site itself. If you are reading this from somewhere else then this is chapter has been stolen.*******

-END of Volume 1-


1. In case you don’t know what a ring toss is -> image
2. He had forgotten to heal himself so the impact finally kicked in.
3. Called Kakigoriかき氷= Japanese shaved ice dessert
4. This line is in English.
5. Youki had shoved his first shaved ice into Yuuga’s mouth.


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