Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: The smell of carnivorous women coming from the female mercenary

I got Hetty-san to return to the city by herself while Marina and I remained at the mansion. We made a promise to meet up at the inn tomorrow morning for the time being so it should be good for today. There were things that needed to be done here as well.

In any case, I need to first fix a lock on the door to the room with the mirror before the renovation starts. However, that door is the inside bolt type…….in other words, it can only be locked from the inside. It would be fine if I went back to the other side but, if I don’t properly lock it too when I come here………it wouldn’t even be a joke if my family and the other world people ended up meeting each other with, ‘konyanyachiwa’. 1

I asked Marina to wait in the room temporarily while I returned to the other side to fetch the gift that I have forgotten to pass to Shello-san. The gift was intended to be an expression of gratitude for all the help he had given me during the match with Jephthah. I had already given Rebecca-san the garnet ring the other day but I have not given anything to Shello-san yet so I decided on alcohol again. I have chosen and bought a Japanese rice wine (sake) this time for him.
If I go over to Shello-san’s house on the pretext of handing this to him and leave Marina in their custody at the same time, I might be able to work on my things on the other side for at least half day.

For that reason, I should bring Marina over there quickly with the sake that I brought back from the other side. It took us around 20 minutes by foot to reach Shello-san’s house from the mansion. It would actually take only a few minutes if we have a horse. Even though the house was deep in the forest, it felt reassuring to have someone we knew as our neighbour.

Rebecca-san was coincidentally drying her laundry outside when we reached there. Her attire has gone back to her usual casual wear, different than her dress-up appearance the other day. On noticing us trotting towards her, she waved her hand at us. Her previous look is fine too but, I think a boy would be healed more by her plain oneesan appearance instead.

“What’s wrong today? Did you suddenly miss me?” [Rebecca]

“Of course that is one of them too but, I have yet to give Shello-san his gift as my thanks for helping me out the other day.” [Jirou]

“Ara, there’s no need to be that considerate of us actually. He’s out hunting at the moment so I think he should be back after a while. Do you want to wait inside? By the way, where’s the other slave-chan today?” [Rebecca]

“It’s the elf’s that day for Diana today so she had to leave for a bit. Also, I have to go back to the house for a while because I have something that I need to attend to, hence…….could I leave Marina here until I return?” [Jirou]

“I don’t mind it but….are you sure? You bought that child as your guard, am I right? So, would it be fine not to bring her along?” [Rebecca]

“The house is just close by and, Marina is not capable of guarding me yet now……..Ah that’s right. I have thought of asking Shello-san and Rebecca-san to teach us how to fight soon so, would be all right for you?” [Jirou]

“Eh? Sure but, I’ll be strict.” [Rebecca]

I might get discouraged if the training becomes too severe but, my life’s at stake. I wasn’t sure how much the vocation, swordsman might affect the result but I would like to start training even just a little. Although, I haven’t got myself even a weapon yet.

I entrusted the sake to Marina for now and went back to the mansion. I would need to return here before dark so time is of the essence. Considering that I need to greet Shello-san and pick up Marina this time… would be safer to come back in about 2 and a half hours……




I confirmed the payment through internet banking for the successful bids the other day. Fortunately, all the payments were received so all that was left to do was just to ship the items out.
Overall I was happy with the money received since I did spend a considerable amount of money in the match against Jephthah. My livelihood aside, I have also bought slaves now so I have no other options than to earn more money from the net auction on a regular basis. I was also making plans to live by myself eventually……
That said, well, I’ll start this and that after the New Year since it’s a hassle to ship items out or confirm the payment during that time.

I loaded the items into the car and left the house. After posting the items out at the post office, I went straight to the DIY store.

Although I was able to vaguely visualize how the lock looks like in order to get the right fitting key for the room with the mirror, something like that is naturally not sold here. I wound up buying thick screws, latch and the biggest padlock I could find in the store. Honestly, this still looks delicate to me but, it was better than nothing for now.

Additionally, I went around the neighbourhood to several houses for the sake of purchasing things that will likely sell well in the other world’s flea market before returning to the house. The next would be the installation of the lock.

Taking out the tools from the storeroom, I went back to the room with the mirror for the installation.
Fortunately the door’s frame was made out of wood so the lock could be installed easily onto it. Well, this was good enough for the time being.

Seeing that I have yet to inspect this place thoroughly due to time constraints the other day, I took my time exploring the inside of the mansion after that.
If we will be living here soon, then it was something that I need to do. A life brain simulation. The mansion’s breadth is roughly 3LDK. One of the room is approximately 12 tatami mats in size while the other two rooms are about 8 tatami mats in size. There are another two smaller rooms but they are probably storerooms.
I wonder what I should do about the room assignments. If I were to assign a room to each of us, then the 12 tatami mats room would be mine while Diana and Marina would each have the 8 tatami mats room. Although, since I could go back to my room in Japan anytime instantly, do I actually need one for myself?
On the other hand, I could just use one of the 8 tatami mats room, leaving the bigger room for Diana and Marina instead. If that is the case then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make the remaining room into a guest room.

The living room is probably about 15 tatami mats in size. In fact, the space looks really spacious with only a large table and a flower stand here. The flooring seemed to be made out of beautiful precious wood. There is a small fireplace here too so it would likely be a nice place to relax once I place a sofa there. Let’s buy it the next time.

The most conspicuous thing to the eyes in the dining, or rather the kitchen was the stone oven. It was the typical type that you usually see used to make pizza or found in bakeries. It might taste really good if I were to use it to make pizza. Just the thought of it made me salivate.

The stone bath boiled by firewood in the bathroom is also quite huge, probably about 4 tatami mats in size. In addition to the botton benjo (it seems to be made out of metal, similar to a Western Style toilet, though without lid), there is also a well and stable outside the mansion. Although, the well and barn appear to be half-rotten.

Next will be the room with the mirror. Well, I could probably use this place as my own personal storeroom. There is nothing else apart from the mirror in this room so it might be a good idea to stash wine here.

The last place that I have yet to confirm would be the attic. Nonetheless I’m pushed for time now so let’s do it tomorrow. Argh, or once the contractors come tomorrow, I’ll just check from behind since it is really dusty.

Upon returning to Shello-san’s house after finishing my errand, I found Rebecca-san teaching Marina the methods of horse-riding. I wonder if Marina has requested for Rebecca-san’s help since her vocation’s a knight. I should ask her to teach me too the next time.

Marina didn’t seem to have noticed that I came back, appearing to be really concentrated. She might not have the skill to make the horse run yet but she was able to ride it alone as it walked.

Her boobs bounced when the horse walked.

Her boobs will bounce when the horse walks.

………I’ll keep observing her just like this.

After a few minutes, I called out to her when she took a break.

“Good job, Marina. You’ve done pretty well. At this rate, Marina might be able to teach me soon as well.” [Jirou]

“Ah my liege. Welcome back. Since Taichou-dono said she will be showing me the ropes, I am learning horse-riding from her. Riding a horse is really fun!” [Marina]
(Rinkage: Taichou = Captain)

Is that so. I’m glad.
By the way, did she just say Taichou-dono? Was she referring to Rebecca-san? Did she used to be called that?

“We were staying in the same room at the inn the other day, weren’t we? We had various kinds of 『talk』 at that time. But for some reason she ended up calling me Taichou since then.” [Rebecca]

「Talk」 was it?……….A really scary image somehow came to my mind on hearing that word but, that was probably just my imagination.

After thanking Rebecca-san for teaching Marina horse-riding, I received the sake back from Marina and hand it to Shello-san who has returned as appreciation for the help the other day.
“It’s alcohol!” As expected, Shello-san appeared to be dancing with joy as soon as he received the sake. This person is seriously a drinker.
Now then, it’s high time for me to go back since I have completed all my errands here.

“Rebecca-san, I would like to take my time slowly here but, it might be bad if we don’t return to the inn before it gets dark so we shall be leaving soon. Thank you very much for looking after Marina today.” [Jirou]

“Ara, you’re going back so soon? It’s fine even if you stay over.” [Rebecca]

It’s a really attractive suggestion but, Diana should have returned to the inn by now and I will be meeting up with Jephthah’s representative there tomorrow morning as well so I have to go back by today….. I will be dropping by here again the day after tomorrow.” [Jirou]

“Is that so—Then maybe I’ll come along with you–” [Rebecca]

“Eh? Eeeeh?” [Jirou]




Thus, the three of us wound up going back to the inn happily. How did it come to this?

“I’ll be going off.” Even though Rebecca-san casually said that before leaving, Shello-san just saw us off with his usual smile. Is this all right? Is this considered common by the other world’s standard?

I shouldn’t think too much about it…..I am sure what we are doing is similar to going out for a drink with friends…….Well, in actual fact we did have dinner together before…..

Diana appeared to have returned to the room. She bowed at me, thanking me for today. Even though her face was beet red this morning, she looked normal now. I didn’t really understand it but I guessed she must have refreshed herself.

After that, we took dinner together, had a drink and went back to sleep in separate rooms. Erotic events will be postponed until the renovation of the mansion is done-nya.

When we came down to the lobby the next morning, we found Hetty-san already sitting in the lounge, sipping a cup of tea. Has she been waiting there for a long time? She could’ve just called us when she arrived.

“Good morning Hetty-san. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.” [Jirou]

“Good morning Jirou-san. I actually just came not long ago.” [Hetty]

Hetty-san stood up and greeted us gracefully. Despite being dressed in maid clothing, the same as yesterday, she didn’t really exude the elegance of a servant.

Come to think of it, this should be Diana and Rebecca-san’s first time meeting her. I had thought of introducing them to her so I turned to the back. However Rebecca-san, whose interest was likely piqued by the appearance of Hetty-san, made her move first.

“Nice meeting you for the first time. I am Rebe……… Hetty?” [Rebecca]

“Ara. Ara ara ara. Aren’t you Becky? So you’re still alive. I was certain that you had…” [Hetty]


“That’s my line!! To begin with, how did someone like you who has been referred to as Farley’s Battle Maiden become a maid!?” [Rebecca]

“It’s…how should I put it,…… was a change of job.” [Hetty]

“Even if someone were to place all three of Hetty’s vocation side by side, they are all still combat related so how is it possible for you to be a maid!? You would end up breaking all the dishes that you washed, wouldn’t you?” [Rebecca]

“That was impolite of you. Even without the vocations, I will be able to handle them as long as I am given a proper training. If this is the case then the same goes for Becky too………..Becky, I did not expect to meet you at a place like this but, what are you doing currently?……………Although, I have heard of the things about Isaac through the grapevine…..” [Hetty]

“……….I’m no longer working as a mercenary. The group broke up after leader died. I’m currently earning the living here by exterminating monsters.” [Rebecca]

“By yourself? It was regretful to have heard what happened to leader but, you’re still young.” [Hetty]

“Stop, Hetty. Besides, we’re in the same boat.” [Rebecca]

“………….Fuun. Well, I will not pry into it.” [Hetty]

After saying so, both of them looked at me.
My brain wasn’t able to keep up with the sudden development but, I guess they were acquaintance during their mercenary days. They seem to be getting along with each other though. I wonder if they are friends.
Rather, Hetty-san’s a battle maiden?…..I am really curious about her past job now…..

“Both of you are acquainted then? There might be plenty of things for you guys to catch up on so how about continuing it tonight? We’ll have a drink.” [Jirou]

Seriously am I an ossan?…..
But I was intrigued by the story about the times when Rebecca-san was still a mercenary and Hetty-san’s past piqued my interest too.

“Acquaintance….was it. Certainly you might consider it similar to knowing each other quite well I guess. Well, it wouldn’t be too bad to talk about the past sometimes.”

“Talk about the past……even though there’s not much things about the past that we can talk about.”

Somehow it didn’t look like they were against it so let’s make an arrangement to have dinner together. Although it would be fine to have our meal later at the inn, I asked Hetty-san to guide us to a recommended restaurant instead.

“”Nice meeting you for the first time.””
Hetty-san greeted Diana after that. However, it appears to be their first time meeting each other as well. I had initially expected them to know each other by sight but, that didn’t seem to be it.
Well, I guess something like this was possible too.


Rinkage’s Footnote

1. ‘konyanyachiwa’ (コニャニャチワ) is a coined phrase from Tensai Bakabon, a gag manga & anime by Fujio Akatsuka)


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