Sonohi Sekai ga Kawatta – Episode 5

Vanilla chapter

The Fifth Story


Two months have passed since Shizuki became my sex slave.
Her training has been progressing smoothly and she is turning into an almost ideal sex slave.
When I gave her the permission to raise her voice, she started moaning like crazy with an ahegao look. On the contrary, when I asked her to keep quiet, she was able to suppress her voice almost completely.

Although, even though she was supressing her voice, she would not be able to hold back the pleasure so she ended up climaxing again and again, then fainted eventually.

What amazed me the most was that, she was able to obey my order obediently till the end, even after she fell unconscious. She never uttered out even a single sound.

The development of her erogenous zones was also making progress. She was able to reach an orgasm from just her anal, by giving me a blowjob, and even by playing only with her nipples.


Despite all that, I don’t think that Shizuki is really lecherous by nature.


It was indeed a fact that she was consumed by pleasure when she was toyed around by me but, I found out that the source of her pleasure was actually different.

Shizuki is drowned in the satisfaction of being demanded by me. She experiences pure bliss when she is desired by someone who was initially out of her reach like me.

Her appearance and body are close to my ideal girl. In addition, she is serious and obedient.

She is seriously a cute fellow in all respects.


The only thing that was troubling me was that, she was still trying to pay me the so-called compensation.

Shizuki who has a part-time job, could afford to do so financially and wanted to use the money to ‘buy’ the time with me.

I had never thought of parting with Shizuki. On the contrary, I had thought of giving her more ‘candies’ rather than ‘whips’. However, Shizuki never became impudent. “Please let me be your sex slave”. With that thought in mind, she wanted to pay a price so she can be cherished as a sex slave.

On the other hand, if I were to snap and ask her to stop it, Shizuki might enjoy the reaction instead. (TL: She’s a pure M now)

Precisely because I knew she wouldn’t be full of herself from this, I wanted to grant her something sweet. As such, I decided to go on a ‘toy date’ (玩具デート) with her today.


The time was around eight in the morning. I was standing in front of a fountain in the park facing the station, grinning from ear to ear in excitement. My dick hasn’t settled down at all ever since I woke up this morning.

“Ah, it’ll be fun.”  [Fujimura]

I muttered as I looked at the clock beside the fountain.

Our appointed time to meet was 11am but I have already arrived here at half past 7 in the morning. The main reason for this was to give Shizuki a punishment.

Since the person whom I will be meeting with is Shizuki, I was certain that she will arrive 2 hours before the appointed time. Hence I came here 3 hours earlier so I could punish her for keeping me waiting.

However, I was enjoying this too much that I ended up arriving 30 minutes earlier than originally planned.

“You seem to have some free time.”  [???]

“I don’t have any free time.”  [Fujimura]

Although an unknown woman called out to me, I replied back curtly.

I wonder how many times I have been encountering these reverse skirt-chasers (逆ナン gyaku nan suru) now. What I wanted to say was, stop applying such heavy makeup early in the morning.

My good mood is totally ruined now.
(逆ナン = reverse nampa. Details here if you’re interested)

“Are you meeting someone? I’ll treat you to anything so just leave the girl that you were waiting for.”  [???]

The reverse skirt-chaser this time seemed persistent.

From what I can see, she appears to be in her mid to upper twenties. She doesn’t seem to be wearing much makeup but she’s quite a beauty even in her conservative clothing. In reverse, that would only mean that she was considered to be quite ugly here.

Judging from the convenience store bag in her hand, she must be taking a stroll after shopping on Sunday morning. It was quite easy to figure out on how her life cycle was just from that. Although she was calling out to me with a calm composure, she was blushing so hard that even her ears were red. Moreover, her breathing was slightly rough and her body seemed to be trembling.

I guess it must be something like this. Since she is a serious natured OL (Office Lady) who never has any experience with a man, she decided that she will give it a try if she were to encounter any tremendously good-looking guy on her early morning walk in the park.

Her appearance is actually to my liking and she also has quite humongous boobs (kyonyuu). Although Shizuki has fairly big breasts as well, they are not to the degree of what I call humongous.

I was indeed curious on how it will feel like to massage that huge tits of hers to my heart’s content. I would like to try experiencing paizuri too since it was quite hard doing it with Shizuki’s breasts. Besides, there is also a sense of adventure if I were to fool around with an older woman.

However, her lack of experience with man was actually a problem. Since I knew myself well, I understood the consequences. If I were to put my hands on this woman, she will certainly end up being reliant on me. Shizuki alone is sufficient.

“I arrived earlier than the agreed time so I’m not actually waiting in vain.”  [Fujimura]

“I-Is that so. You’re kind, aren’t you? I think it’s wonderful too.”  [OL]

I replied her point-blank to drive her away. However, she didn’t seem to be fazed and continued on with her conversation as she stood beside me.

Should I just ignore her?

“Hey, do you have anything that you want? Oneesan here has considerable amount of savings so I can buy you anything you like. I-I’ll be able to give you plenty of pleasure too. You can continue dating your girlfriend as usual since I do not have plans in becoming a troublesome woman. So, it’s fine isn’t it? Won’t you play with me for a while?”  [OL]

Rather than backing down, she tried tempting me even more. In addition, she just suggested something extreme. Despite being someone who might not be familiar with men, she proposed the ridiculous idea. She might have lost her self-control or that her self-control wasn’t working anymore. What she said was a lie, wasn’t it? She would buy me whatever I want and she didn’t mind being a convenient woman who would be willing to offer her body to me? No, there was a possibility that she was serious but, she would definitely change her mind once I lay my hands on her.

The feelings of not wanting to part with something that I have already obtained would definitely drive this woman to madness. If that is the case then, I should steel my heart and refrain myself by every possible means. Otherwise, she might eventually suffer from mental illness and become a yandere.

Having such troublesome woman like Shizuki was more than enough for me.

“Seriously, just give me a break.”  [Fujimura]

Thinking that it wouldn’t be good to let this go on any longer, I glared at the woman, treating her coldly.

“I-Is oneesan not the type of girl that you like? I-It might be true, since oneesan’s not really pretty. I-Is your girlfriend cute? She should be cute. You’re so dreamy so you must be really popular among the cute girls, aren’t you? That should be it, I guess…..”  [OL]

Her voice seemed to be trembling and there was a forced smile on her face as she flustered. This is bad. There could be a possibility that this reverse skirt-chaser does not have any experience at all. In the first place, she might have not had a decent conversation with a man before. As a result, she didn’t know when to pull back.

“C-Could you give me just your contact then? If you were to give me a call or contact me, I will be able to meet you anytime. Oneesan has a car. If you’re hungry then I’ll treat you to a meal. I’ll pay for your friend’s share too since oneesan has quite an amount of savings.”  [OL]

Her pupils were dilating and her smile appeared to be twitching as she grabbed my arm in desperation. I was driven to my wit’s end by a reverse skirt-chaser. I had never expected that this day would come.

It would be a good idea to evacuate myself from here as soon as I could. As I thought so, I shook off the woman’s hand and tried to walk off.

At that moment, I caught sight of someone’s figure.

The small figure of that person could be seen running towards me.

On seeing the long black twin tails fluttering behind her as she ran, I immediately knew that it was Shizuki.

She came earlier than I expected but it was the worst time to come. It wouldn’t be good if this woman sees Shizuki now.

I should pull out from here at once.

“Hey, hey, come on!”  [OL]

The woman gripped my arm again even as I started walking away. I clicked my tongue and roughly shook her hand off.

“Enough of that or I’ll call the police.”  [Fujimura]

Due to my impatience, I ended up blurting out my innermost thoughts as I scowled at the woman.

“I-Is it because I’m not cute!? As I thought, is physical appearance everything!? Why are all men so cold to me!? Why do all of you have to be so cold to me just because I’m not cute!?”  [OL]

Could it be that she has been piling up resentments in her mind for some time? She started ranting like a crazy woman.

I do understand her feelings of pain though since it was the same for me. I’ve been given cold shoulders before due to my looks.

Even so, I don’t think she should be directing her anger at someone else just because her reverse skirt-chasing operation failed.

“Could you please give me a break? Otherwise I might really call the police.”  [Fujimura]

“If that’s the case then just do it! There isn’t anything good in my life anyway!” [OL]

Aa, what should I do? She seemed to have forgotten herself completely.

Did I say something bad? I didn’t say anything bad in particular, right? I understand that her anger might have been accumulated throughout her ordeal after constantly being given the cold shoulders but, could you not lose your temper with a total stranger?

While I was completely at a loss as to what to do, I could hear a rough breathing nearby. Turning my gaze towards the source of the sound, I could see Shizuki standing there.

“What are you looking at? This is not a show.”  [OL]

The woman who noticed Shizuki at the same time, glared and scowled at her.

“T-T-T-T-T-T-That person is m-m-m-m-my goshujin-sama…….”  [Shizuki]

Shizuki became pale when the woman glared at her. Despite that, she declared out loud in a trembling voice.


“Hah?”  [OL]


On hearing Shizuki’s declaration, the woman tilted her head to one side.

This is bad. If the aesthetic sense in this world is in reverse, then the incredibly beautiful girl Shizuki is actually a horrifyingly ugly girl in this world. It was apparent that it would end up becoming troublesome if she found out that Shizuki is the other party.

The woman who was staring at Shizuki quietly then started laughing as she looked at me.

“Was it her? Is she your partner? It’s a lie, isn’t it? You’re kidding, right? She’s so much uglier than me.”  [OL]

The woman who was obviously insulting Shizuki pointed at her and laughed as she looked at me. On seeing that, I got irritated.

She might have been expecting to see a really beautiful woman so the fact that Shizuki was the other party whom I was waiting for must have been really unexpected to her.

She had never in her wildest dreams imagined seeing someone far uglier than her turning up.

However, regardless of how surprising it may be to her, that is never a good reason to insult someone.

“This is laughable.”  [Fujimura]

“Eh”  [OL]

The woman tilted her neck, looking puzzled.

“It’s painful to be snubbed due to your looks, am I right? And yet, why are you judging someone just by their appearance? Your inside is far uglier than your outward appearance.”  [Fujimura]

I sneered at her as I grinned broadly.

At my words, the woman opened her eyes wide and collapsed to her knees.

“I like Shizuki. Regardless of the reason, you do not have the right to criticise someone else.”  [Fujimura]

Taking Shizuki’s hand, I looked down at the woman and delivered my last words to her before leaving the place with Shizuki.





Shizuki and I were taking a walk in the park, hand in hand.

“I-I’m sorry.”  [Shizuki]

Shizuki who kept glancing at me, began to apologize timidly.

“Yeah it’s all your fault. Do you know how many reverse skirt-chasers have approached me before you came? It’s a basic common sense to come earlier than the appointed time.”  [Fujimura]

I voiced my complaint while keeping my eyes straight ahead as I walked.

“I-I’m sorry.”  [Shizuki]

She could only apologize again even though I was pushing the blame on her unreasonably.

“Is this something that can be solved just by apologizing? Stupid. Just take responsibility. I’ll be giving you the punishment. It’ll be a harsh one this time.”  [Fujimura]

I began pushing more unreasonable accusations at her while I was on the pretence of being moody.

“T-Thank you very much ♡”  [Shizuki]

Shizuki has actually done nothing wrong and yet she wound up thanking me when I was holding her responsible unjustly. Moreover, she looked extremely happy.

Why is she so pleased even though I was planning to give her a severe punishment? Is she a pure M? Oh well.  (M= masochist)

Frankly speaking, I wasn’t really in a bad mood.

Our appointed time was 11am but she actually arrived a little after 8am. She really did come three hours before our appointed time so she narrowly crossed the passing mark.

In addition, Shizuki managed to retort back despite being threatened by that woman. I think it was a job well done considering that she is actually someone who is timid. She barely crossed the passing mark here too.

In other words, I’m actually in quite a good mood. Although I did say that I would be giving her a severe punishment, I might have simply wanted to release my sexual urge.


11 thoughts on “Sonohi Sekai ga Kawatta – Episode 5

  1. Really liked this chapter, even though he was tempted he stayed strong for his girlfriend/pet/slave/dakimakura. Funny though that one of the reason he didn’t give in to the OL is because he smelled the yandere coming when he already has one in the person of Shizuki.
    I wonder if he’ll stay with shizuki only or if he’ll go some other route though, i mean all these beauties ripe for the harvest must be quite a temptation.


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