Atelier Tanaka Important Notice

Important note:

I’ve taken down the chapter 10 part 1 entirely since Atelier Tanaka’s original translator just contacted me. He has already started working on chapter 10 but since he has been busy with his game project, he wasn’t able to find the time to post it up. However I will be working on chapter 11+ from now on  🙂

Do look forward to the chapter 10 on his site



27 thoughts on “Atelier Tanaka Important Notice

    1. Hopefully he gets a nice middle aged widowed woman with a young daughter who loves his kindness and awkwardness. If he goes for young bishoujos like mage girl or knight chick he’s going to get NTR’d.


  1. Yes! The little girl cabal and their patron return!

    And the female knight is just getting more and more pitiful, I’m starting to think she’s just delusional and ended up in jail because of it. (Which would make her a fun companion, since she’s still competent enough to somehow get armour and weapons.)


  2. xargalos

    just put those glorious Ossan MC :v
    very different in picture with MC facing the ogre

    I hope the premise of the story is good
    no R18 story and soon


  3. Putz

    Bhauth hasn’t posted since last year. Now that someone else is picking up the slack, he has the audacity to say “take it down, I’m working on this?” Just ignore that self entitled *******.


    1. No I was actually the one who decided to take it down and suggested to him to post his work up instead. He has already worked on chapter 10 but it was really time consuming since it is 65+ pages long and he’s also busy with his game project so he hasn’t got the time to post it up.

      Sorry for the confusion.

      He has posted up the first part of chapter 10 on his site though
      (An updated chapter there. He will be posting the second part soon)


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